Mt Hay Thundereggs also called Amulet Stone

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Mt Hay Thundereggs have a powerful vibration that relates to the fact that these stones were created by volcanic action.

Embodied within them is the volcanic energy from the time of their creation, making them extremely useful to lift you when you feel in need.

Mt Hay ThundereggMt Hay Thunderegg aka Amulet Stone

The deep pulse of their connection with the earth may be felt, especially when you use them in meditation.

They embody a powerful and harmonious vibration, and are important healing and grounding stones.

Their energy is useful to use to boost you when you are feeling unwell, out of sorts or even just lacking the vitality or stamina to get on with your day.

They form a protective barrier around the body, so are an excellent stone to keep on you, especially if you feel you are being overwhelmed by the energy of others in any way.

Where Are They From? Mt Hay Thundereggs Meaning

The meaning of the name of these crystals relates to Mt Hay which is the place where these stones are found, although thundereggs are also found in other places in the world.

The specific ones discussed here are the ones found in the Mt Hay region, which is located near the city of Rockhampton in Queensland Australia.

You will notice when you look at the pictures on this page, that they come in a range of colors.

They are commonly darker on the outside, with the color being brown or black or intermediate dark shades. There are a few specific types or structures in the stones that are more common.

They often have a section in the center, like a small window, which is often star shaped, which is why they are also called Star Agate. Some pieces have smaller thin veins rather than a large window in them.

Amazing Stones Created By Volcanic Action

Mt Hay Thundereggs are quite amazing stones created by volcanic action, where gasses containing minerals were part of a volcanic lava flow.

Thundereggs formed when this gas-mineral mix was ejected from the flow as spherical stones. 

The make-up of these stones is a mixture of minerals such as various types of feldspar, quartz, mica, hornblende and assorted other minerals.

Star AgateAlso Known As Star Agate

These stones are a variety of Agate, with many containing Opal and the whole contained in a quite strong silica based shell.

What makes many of them so attractive is the area of the stone where they are open, including sections with a larger center window or as veins.

They can glow when held up to the light, and the colors of these stones are quite diverse, although many have some green or brown in them.

Amulet Stone is another name for Mt Hay Thunderegg, and you will also see it selling as Star Agate. These are the names that they may be sold as in Europe and in some parts of the USA.

There are also other types of thundereggs that are found in the USA in Oregon. 

As I know this is confusing I have mentioned this straight up, so you can more easily know what to look for when you wish to buy a piece of this stone.

Why Would You Use Mt Hay Thundereggs?

Their energy helps you to ground yourself, and to create a strong connection with the earth and Mother Gaia.

You may find it helpful to use these grounding stones when you have been working with high vibration crystals.

Mt Hay ThundereggMt Hay Thunderegg Specimen, also known as Star Agate or Amulet Stone

Mt Hay Thundereggs are also highly protective, encasing you within a bubble of protective energy somewhat like the strong casing of these stones.

So it is not surprising that these stones were traditionally utilized by the Aboriginal people of the area where they are found, to make amulets. They were used both for protection and to bring increased luck.

They are powerful earth chakra stones that may be used to help you if you are being impacted by earth changes.

They help you to make a connection with Mother Gaia and the earth's energy, and are powerful stones to use for earth healing, and may be used in earth healing practices.

You may find that when you first touch them, that its is quite easy to make an earth connection. Many people experience a deep pulsing sensation when they hold them.

Who Should Use It? How To Use It

These stones are excellent when used in a group with a number of people meditating together.

This is said to be the way that they were used by the people of the area where they are found, with the people using them in dreamtime celebration rituals, to unite the group.

Mt Hay Thunderegg

Their energy can stimulate deep meditation,  as they assist you to attain deep measured breathing, which helps you to go deeper into a state where you release awareness of the everyday world.

On many of the pages about specific stones I suggest that meditation with crystals is of value. If you are not quite sure about how to do meditation, look at my easy meditation tips to get you started.

Allow yourself to connect with the stone and to feel the deep pulsing sensation that Mt Hay Thundereggs emit. Flow with the pulse and allow it to take you deeper into the meditative state.

Two Halves Mt Hay ThundereggsTwo Halves Mt Hay Thundereggs - Cut In Half

Use the vibration of these stones to aid you to make contact with specific teachers or spirit guides in the higher realms.

The beings you make contact with may give you guidance about ways to release blocks to developing your creative gifts if this is an issue that you are experiencing.

They are also known to be helpful to assist you if you have old thought patterns that you have had difficulty in releasing.

Mt Hay Thundereggs are also said to assist anyone who has been brainwashed into having beliefs that may not be in their best interest.

After meditation with these lovely crystals you may also discover that you are able to more easily see auras.

Wearing Mt Hay Thundereggs

These stones are effective to keep on your body to increase your energy when you are lacking vitality or just feeling tired. They are an Aquarius birthstone as well as a potent healing stone.

As they also provide a bubble of protective energy around the person who wears them, this can also be very helpful.

Jewelry made from these stones is useful to give as a gift to anyone who is an invalid or is recovering from any type of ongoing illness.

Mt Hay Thunderegg PendantMt Hay Thunderegg Pendant

Use the stone you wish to gift to another in meditation, and ask the guides you makes contact with to infuse the stone with an increase of the natural energy that they embody.

Mt Hay Thundereggs are powerful stones that will hold positive energy in order to help the person that you give it to.

If you have need of protection they are lovely stones to wear for this reason and for the other useful metaphysical attributes that they embody.

How Will It Help You? Healing Attributes

They will particularly assist the healing of issues of the organs relating to the lower chakras, in particular within the sacral or navel chakra and the base or root chakra.

Crystal healers can use them as a store for healing power that can be gradually released to assist the unwell person.

Amulet StoneAlso Known As Amulet Stone

These crystals create a strong connection at the heart chakra, which may assist issues within the lungs and is known to aid emotional healing.

Mt Hay Thundereggs may assist the healing of physical issues by stimulating the desire for survival.

They are excellent used for crystal healing. It may be beneficial to place them either on the body or around the body.

The healing attributes of these stones are well known, as they have a lovely way of boosting you if you are feeling low.

The energy within these stones has been stored in them since the time of their creation within the volcano that they came from.

Amulet Stone

You may like to use these crystals if you or your loved ones are looking for stress relief.

If you have been experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, their energy can elevate your spirits and help to improve how you feel.

They help rejuvenation especially for those of you who may have been suffering long term illness that has brought you down emotionally as well as physically.

Keeping one of these stones on the body is highly beneficial for anyone who has an ongoing illness.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." Albert Einstein.

Combining It With Other Stones

Mt Hay Thundereggs may assist you to adapt more easily to the energy of high vibration stones. So you may benefit by using this stone with high energy crystals when you work with them.

Some high vibration stones that they may be helpful used with includes Phenacite, Moldavite, Selenite and Herderite to help you to adjust to the stronger energy of high vibration stones.

There are quite a few good grounding stones that you may choose to combine with this stone.

If you already have some other grounding stones you may combine them with this stone.

You may keep a combination of grounding stones on your body during meditation, or simply have them in the location where you spend the most time.

Any of the stronger grounding crystals will be effective combined with these crystals.

Stones such as Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian Stone, Black Diopside or Black Spinel are all helpful grounding stones.

This stone has a powerful action to assist you if you wish to experience deeper meditation.

While it is very effective when used alone, it may be beneficial to use it with other stones that help to take you deeper into the meditative state.

Some stones you may choose to use to aid you to go deeper into meditation includes Blue Apatite, Magnesite, Stilbite, Prehnite, Mordenite, Mariposite, Lithium Quartz, Chrysoprase, Kyanite, Azurite and Lilac Lepidolite.

All of these meditation crystals have their own in-depth page where you can read about their other properties.

If your reason for using it is to aid the healing of the earth around your location, it will be highly beneficial to utilize it in a grid with other stones known to assist with healing of the earth.

Stones to choose for this purpose could be Rainforest Jasper, Green Tourmaline, Preseli Bluestone,  Chrysocolla or Blue Sapphire.

These are strong crystals to relieve stress and anxiety. They may be used on their own for this purpose, but their effectiveness may be boosted by combining them with other calming stones.

There are a number of soothing and calming stones you may choose to use with them such as Scolecite, Rose Quartz, Lithium Quartz, Lilac Lepidolite, Amazonite, Mangano Calcite, Eucryptite, Bronzite, Sillimanite or Vivianite.

If you feel you need more help against the possibility of psychic attack you may choose to combine this crystal with other stones that can create a barrier of protection around you.

Specific stones that create a protective barrier includes Aegirine, Pyrolusite, Muscovite, Kimberlite, Cookeite and Fire Agate.


Photos Of Mt Hay Thundereggs...
Also Known As Star Agate or Amulet Stone

Mt Hay ThundereggsAka Amulet Stone or Star Agate
Mt Hay ThundereggsAka Amulet Stone or Star Agate
Mt Hay ThundereggsMt Hay Thundereggs

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