21 Best Crystals For Overthinking

Stopping Mental Chatter

➤ By Liz Oakes

How can crystals for overthinking help you? What are the benefits to using specific stones that may help you to deal with thoughts that just won't stop?

It can be hard to free your mind from obsessive thoughts, negative self-talk and mental chatter that continuously fills your mind, so a new approach may be required.

You may need some extra help when you are finding it hard to stop thinking about something specific, when it is in your mind too often and lasts for too long.

Crystals For OverthinkingYou Can Use Fluorite Crystals For Overthinking

If you experience repetitive thinking to the degree that you are constantly preoccupied with some area of your life that is concerning you, this can be hard to deal with.

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Crystals For Overthinking

Do you wake up in the night and find that your thoughts won't stop and negative ideas just keep filling your mind? 

While this can happen at any time of the day, when it is dark there may be nothing to distract you, so the the mental chatter can take over.

If you haven't got anything else to think about, it is common for ruminating to happen, and it is at night when it can become a problem. 

What is ruminating? Ruminating is when you keep thinking about the same thing over and over, and this can be a negative thought pattern caused by worrying about something.

If this type of overthinking happens at night it can prevent you from getting back to sleep, especially if it is something stressful that is bothering you.

The middle of the night is one of the most common times for ruminating and toxic overthinking to happen.

When this occurs any negative energy can take hold and it can take a long time for you to stop brooding on what is bothering you and get back to sleep.

This is when crystals for overthinking may be put to use, and they may be used in combination with the use of crystals for sleep, that may help you to get back to sleep.

Constant overthinking often relates to past events or even to current events that make you feel worried, frightened or just concerned.


Although ruminating about a particular thing can happen during the day, it is often in the middle of the night that it becomes difficult to deal with.

Finding Ways To Free Your Mind From Overthinking

Simply holding one of the best crystals for overthinking in your hand can help you to stop obsessing about the issue that has been on your mind.

Many of these crystals have a soothing and calming energy and their vibration may help to lessen the level of overthinking that you experience.

Amazonite StoneAmazonite Stone

If you are constantly preoccupied with thoughts of the same thing it is valuable to find a way to put a stop to these intrusive thoughts that are troubling you.

Once you stop obsessing about what is bothering you, and start to focus on positive ideas and actions, you may be able to move forward in your life.

If the idea of meditation is difficult for you as you find that ongoing mind chatter stops you, there are specific crystals for deep meditation to help you too. 

Ways To Use Crystals For Overthinking

As overthinking often happens in the night, you may find that it is beneficial to keep one or more of the crystals for overthinking under the pillow.

This is the same principle as using crystals for sleep as they are beneficial to keep close by, so that when you find it hard to sleep you can use them.

When you start to ruminate it can often be in the night, but of course it can happen at any time that you are not concentrating on anything else.

Amethyst PendantAmethyst Pendant

When you mind is free to simply think, this can be when ruminating occurs.

You may find it is useful to keep crystals that help fear nearby as well, if you are feeling worried or fearful about something in particular and need help with this.

Wearing jewelry made from the following stones may also be helpful. Even if you are not ruminating at the time, their energy can be effective to stop it before it happens.

Many of the following stones are excellent used in meditation, and in particular some of them are strong stones to create deeper, stronger meditation.

More About The Top 21 Crystals For Overthinking

If you know that you may benefit from finding ways to stop overthinking and to calm your mind and stop repetitive thinking, using the crystals below may be helpful.

To start with there are nine crystals that are the most powerful to prevent overthinking, with another 12 below that and all will help you to deal with this problem.

The top nine crystals each have an individual section that outlines most of the best ways that each of these individual stones may help you.

Below the top stones there are pictures of even more crystals, with links to their in-depth page where applicable as they have some good properties to help calm you and prevent overthinking.

These stones work in different ways and may help to stop stress and relieve anxious thoughts causing tension or may even trigger old emotional wounds.

To discover the complete guide to each individual stone, click through to their in-depth article to learn more. 


Fluorite is most well known for the potent action it has to stimulate you mentally. Their energy acts a bit like a vacuum clear, sucking up unwanted thoughts!

This makes them powerful crystals for overthinking, as they help to stop those ideas filling your head, especially if they are causing mental confusion.

Another excellent action they have is to help you to be more organized. This is both mental organization as well as relating to organizing things.

They are good crystals to aid the removal of negativity, are helpful to aid stress and have many powerful healing properties.

Shop here for Fluorite. By the way there are two pages about Fluorite.

There is one that talks about the many properties of this amazing crystal that are the same regardless of the color.

There is another article that covers the many colors of Fluorite and how each color works in its own way to help you.

Purple Fluorite is a powerful stone that resonates within the third eye chakra and help to assist clear thinking, so may help when you need clarity about a problem.

They are good to use if what you keep thinking about is actually irrelevant to the issue that you want to resolve. 

When your thinking is muddled and you are quite disturbed by a particular problem, this is when holding a piece of fluorite can assist you. 

All colors of Fluorite are good crystals to boost mental clarity, and may aid your concentration and help to remove confusion from your thinking so are good when you are studying.

This aspect may be helpful when you have been overthinking as it can assist you to think clearly about what have been causing you to overanalyze the situation.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper are good crystals for overthinking as they help you to let go of  obsessive thoughts that have been going round and round in your head.

Their action may assist you to release worry, distress and any other type of negative thinking, and they are excellent crystals to help you to sleep better.

These stones are helpful to use in meditation as they encourage the growth of peace and inner harmony and help to relieve stress. 

Ocean Jasper are good crystals for women, as they assist the healing of the reproductive organs and may help PMS and are said to increase fertility.

Other healing properties they are known for includes aiding your digestion, including bloating, and are also helpful to aid the skin, including eczema.

They work within a number of chakras, and they have a positive energy that enhances joy and happiness and improves confidence and self esteem.

Their energy stimulates the throat chakra and helps to assist with loving communication so may calm your thoughts.


Rhodonite has a calming energy that works to assist you emotionally when traumatic events create a need for you to feel settled and soothed.

When distressing events happen in your life, often you cannot stop thinking about them, and it's easy to ruminate about them without finding a solution.

This is when these crystals for overthinking may help you, as they help you to feel more peaceful and allow calming thoughts to fill your mind instead.

Rhodonite Crystals are helpful to use when you find that meditation is hard because you keep thinking about other things and can't relax and let go.

Once you begin to let go of any worrying thoughts, you can get into meditation and allow yourself to heal. 

These crystals also help to clear stress caused by relationship problems and are especially useful when you are finding it hard to cope with this type of problem.

They are good crystals for assisting you to overcome fear, and they are known as a good first aid stone during upsetting situations that cause trauma or panic attacks.

Black Tourmaline Or Schorl

Black Tourmaline is a highly protective stone that resonates within the base or root chakra and is known for its action to assist psychic attack.

They are powerful crystals for home protection that have a potent protective energy as well as being strong grounding stones.

When you are troubled about some specific aspect of your life and find it hard to allow yourself to let go of worry or despair about it, using this stone may help.

They are excellent crystals for inner peace as their energy produces a soothing and calming area around you.

This wonderful stone stimulates your energy fields which may stop the constant barrage of distress that fills your mind.

Schorl are strong crystals for overthinking, as they help you to replace upsetting or negative thoughts with optimistic ideas.

This is an excellent crystal to have on the bedside when you have found that you ruminate in the middle of the night.

Holding it can help to stop those nagging thoughts that will not easily go away. In addition they embody powerful protection.

They are excellent grounding stones and there are a lot of other good reasons for having them nearby, as they have many healing properties.

If you have had a traumatic situation unfold in your life, they may also bring harmony and inner peace while you work out solutions.

It's easy to buy Black Tourmaline.

They are some of the most popular stones that you can use in your daily life, and they have a number of healing properties that may assist your physical health.


Amazonite is an excellent stone to use during stressful situations as it helps to ease stress and tension and it is well known for its action to soothe and calm your mind.

This makes them beneficial crystals for overthinking, especially when you find your mind keeps returning to issues that you need to let go of.

If you wake in the night and find that your thoughts just won't stop, you might find that holding a piece of this stone is a great way to settle you.  

They are strong heart chakra stones that have a lovely gentle energy that helps to boost feeling of inner peace and harmony.

At times when negative self-talk and obsessive mind chatter is bothering you night after night, put a piece under your pillow as their gentle vibrations may help to calm you.

Simply being there, its energy may enhance inner strength and stop the overthinking.

But if it doesn't you can hold it when you start ruminating, to help you to stop thinking and quickly get back to sleep.

Amazonite is one of the crystals for emf protection, and the article about EMF protection also talks about the symptoms of electrical sensitivity too, so if you need to know more check it out.

If you have electrosensitivity and need some help, you might find it advantageous to keep a piece on your body.

You can get jewelry made from this stone, but if that's not in your budget an easy alternative is to buy a macrame crystal holder which makes it simple to keep  one of these stones on your body.


Amethyst is popular to use for crystal healing that has a number of powerful healing properties, including helping you to sleep better and to have peaceful dreams.

They are helpful crystals for overthinking as they have a soothing energy that helps to calm your mind and they are good crystals for pain relief too.

This a powerful crystal that helps to block overthinking by stopping thoughts that are troubling you, which may also help you to let go of worry.

These crown chakra crystals are known to boost your patience and they bring stability and spiritual balance to your life.

Shop here for Amethyst. They are helpful crystals to calm your mind, unwind and loosen up.

They help to release negative energies and can aid you to release tension and stress and encourage you to relax and let go of what's worrying you.

Amethyst crystal comes in a large number of types and configurations and are very easy to buy and can be found in most places of the world.

These purple crystals have been known since ancient times to help addictions, especially for anyone addicted to alcohol and they are known to assist you to lose weight.

As they are quartz crystals, they are easy to program and this aspect can be used to help your life in many ways.

They are a powerful tool as they embody the violet flame healing vibration and this means they are some of the best healing crystals you might use.

They can be used in meditation and they easily connect with Spirit and with guides and teachers in the higher realms which can boost spiritual growth.

They are a beautiful crystal that comes in a range of shades, colors and types and they are easy to obtain, so check out their properties to see how else they can assist you.


Sodalite have a good action to help you to think clearly and they encourage a logical and sensible approach to thinking ideas through.

They are good crystals for overthinking as they encourage rational thought and help you to calmly and logically look at what is worrying you without letting your imagination take over.

They are good crystals for truth and idealism, so keep nearby if you need help knowing the truth about a situation.

They are strong throat chakra stones that encourage calmness and composure, calm social anxiety and help you to understand difficult situations.

If you use them in regular meditation they will enhance intuitive thinking as well as encouraging the growth of psychic abilities such as psychic visions or clairvoyant abilities.

Sodalite crystals are easy to buy. They enhance focus and concentration and have a good action to improve verbal communication in order to avoid being unclear when speaking with others.

This may help you to avoid situations that cause you to repetitively give attention to views that are not what you truly believe.

These blue crystals help you to see patterns in your thinking and this can be helpful if you are a tarot reader who needs this in your work.

In addition, when you can see the repeated ways of thinking that keep causing your thoughts to get out of control, you can take action to change this.


Stilbite has a powerful action to calm a chattering mind and this is advantageous if you find it hard to relax into meditation.

This is a one of the top stones for deep meditation as they assist you to let go of any thoughts that keep coming into your mind and causing you to be unable to let go.

This is the same reason why they are excellent crystals for overthinking, as they stop the inner voices that so often intrude at inconvenient times.

While it can be when you want to meditate that your thoughts won't stop, overthinking can also happen when you settle down to go to sleep at night.

As mentioned above, this is called ruminating, and relates to when your mind is constantly going over issues without finding a solution.

Stilbite crystals have a very supportive vibration for meditation, as once you allow the energy of the crystal to soothe and calm you, they can boost deep meditation.

They are strong healing crystals to improve your mental health and can be used by crystal healers to assist the healing of problems within the muscles or ligaments and they aid insomnia.


Mordenite are strong crystals for overthinking that are well known to help you when you are trying to meditate and can't stop your constant thoughts.

They help you to release unpleasant or unwelcome ideas that have upset you, especially when you begin to ruminate on them and they keep filling your mind.

They are also good crystals for inner peace that will assist you to let go of issues related to situations in your life that have made you feel stressed and have stimulated negative emotions.

These crystals bring emotional balance and help you to release negativity and their energy can stop you from allowing the negative energy to overcome you.

More Crystals For Overthinking

There are a number of other crystals that are helpful for overthinking. If an image below has a link under the picture, you can read more about them.

Ways that they may help you is by stopping negative thoughts from taking hold, or perhaps bringing peace of mind and enhancing optimism.

Quartz crystals such as Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst or Rose Quartz may be programmed to calm your thinking so you might find this helpful.

Some have a lovely calming energy and stop negative self talk, preventing intrusive thoughts from constantly causing you to overthink, or may aid emotional healing. 

This includes Lepidolite, Peruvian Pink Opal, Citrine, Covellite and Axinite.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for aiding clear thinking so they may also be helpful.

Calming crystals that may be helpful includes Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Howlite, Celestite and Crazy Lace Agate.

If you need to know anything more about any of the stones on this page, use the links to click through and get more details. I trust you will find that they help to prevent overthinking.

Fluorite Crystals For OverthinkingUse Fluorite Crystals For Overthinking

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