Clears Negative Energy, Highly Protective

➤ By Liz Oakes

Hanksite has a good vibration that is highly protective and helps to clear negative energy and toxins that are causing illness and foggy thinking.

It aids Spiritual healing and supports the growth of balanced and clearer thinking, peace of mind and greater inner strength.

This is a useful healing stone that aids water retention and detoxification and can aid weight loss.

This is a unique stone that has an excellent energy spiritually and has many other beneficial properties, yet it is not well known.


It can be used at any of the chakras from the crown chakra right through to the earth star chakra where it aids you to connect with Mother Gaia. 

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Boosts Intuition & Psychic Visions, Connects To Divine

Used in meditation at the third eye it may boost intuition and psychic visions and help you to make a stronger connection to Divine energies.

It forms a protective shield that prevents psychic attack and is a powerful stone to use in meditation.


Use it to aid you to access memories from past lives in Atlantis or Lemuria, as it may help you to understand how to utilize the information you gain.

Hanksite helps emotional healing and may enhance creativity and can assist you to better understand the meaning of truth. A powerful stone that can help you in so many ways!

Why Would You Use It? Hanksite Crystal Meanings

The crystal meanings of this stone relate powerfully to its action as a stone of protection.

Its action as an effective psychic protector is one of the more compelling ways that these crystals can help you.

It is a protective stone that helps to prevent psychic attack by helping to remove any type of negative spirit attachment from your energy field.

Depending on your reason for using them you may choose to concentrate on any of the chakras when using them.

Used within the higher chakras, such as the crown and third eye chakras, they may boost your spirituality and bring spiritual growth and healing.


Their crown chakra energy assists aids Spiritual healing and aids mental clarity by clearing negativity preventing you from thinking clearly.

Hanksite crystals are a powerful tool to use improve your disposition and may be helpful to prevent mood swings.

They are useful crystals for emotional healing as they enhance inner peace and encourage the growth of positive energy.

This powerful crystal works within the emotional body to strengthen inner balance and to assist the healing of old emotional issues.

How To Use It: Strong Meditation Stone

This is a great stone to use in meditation to connect to beings in the higher dimensions and for astral travel.

Check out my article that outlines an easy way to do meditation if you are not sure how to meditate.

These stones can help to release blockages that have made it difficult to connect with Divine energy within the spiritual realms during meditation.


These unusual crystals have a beneficial energy to stimulate any or all of the chakras, which makes it beneficial to use for meditation.

They make a good connection to the earth star chakra, which helps you to clear negativity and toxins that are causing you harm and may make you feel closed off from others.

They resonate within the third eye which may enhance your visionary ability.

This may help to activate your intuition and psychic abilities including the growth of clairvoyance and psychic visions.

They are a stone of courage and a good stone to boost inner strength, aiding you to have a clear sense of self and greater knowledge of who you really are.

They are beneficial solar plexus chakra stones that assist the growth of your personal power.

Where Is It From? Hanksite Meaning

The meaning of the name of this stone comes from it being named after Henry Garber Hanks who was the first state mineralogist of California.

It was named for him when it was found back in 1883-84. Hanksite is only found in arid areas of San Bernardino County in Southern California in the United States. 

It's crystal structure can be hexagonal prismatic crystals, tabular, as quartzoids, and sometimes with pyramidal terminations.

Hanksite are salt based stones that form in evaporite deposits and are usually found just below the surface embedded in mud.

This is why these rare crystals sometimes contain inclusions of clay. This is a sulphate mineral and its mineral make-up is a mixture of borax and halite.

Although its color is commonly shades of yellow, including yellowish green, it may also be brown, colorless, green, grey-green or black, depending on what minerals are present in the specimen.  

Past Lives In Lemuria

Many of you may have lived during the ancient times of Lemuria or Atlantis and may embody deep within your soul the ancient wisdom from these lives.

Hanksite crystals are known to assist you to make a clear connection with Spirits that may share powerful knowledge that occurred in past lives.

Their energy may help heal issues in the cellular memory brought down through your family line and may also support the resolution of past life issues.

How Will Hanksite Help You?

Hanksite has a good energy within the higher chakras but particularly within the throat chakra to assist you to better understand the energy of truth.

They have a good energy to help you to see when someone else may be speaking lies and they help you to be aware of when you are being untruthful.

Crystals for truth can be beneficial when you or someone close to you prefers to pretend that things are fine, rather than facing up to reality.

Truth is not always clear to many people and sometimes many of you may wish to fool yourself, which can be said to be lying to yourself.

Once you are more aware of of the energy of truth you can move forward, and either accept situations or change them, but it may help you to know inside yourself what the truth is.


Hanksite is a mixture of borax and halite and many of the stone properties relate to the energy of Halite. Their energy strongly stimulates the heart and and solar plexus chakras. 

Halite is a wonderful stone of forgiveness as it has strong metaphysical properties that resonate within both the higher heart chakra and the heart chakra.

The strong vibration of unconditional love that resonates from them may aid you to feel greater self love and forgiveness towards others.

Healing Properties Of Hanksite

Hanksite is well known to be beneficial to use for crystal healing particularly within the physical body.

As this is a salt based stone it is not surprising to hear that the healing properties of this stone are known to help health issues related to water retention.

This sulphate mineral is a versatile healing stone that has a strong energy to clear negative energy causing health problems.

In particular, as it is known for its action to aid water retention, and this may make it a helpful stone to use with other crystals for weight loss.


It is known to be an excellent stone to aid the immune system and can assist those who may have been breathing toxic air for a long time. 

It is purported to help colds when excess mucus is causing issues with breathing, and is said to generally aid the respiratory system as well as the nervous system.

It's action to clear negative energies is known to be useful for detoxification, which may boost the metabolism.

It is also said to be a crystal for inflammation that may help problems of the skin and aid intestinal issues.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

Placing a piece of this stone within your physical reality, may aid past life healing from lives lived in Lemuria or Atlantis.

It is a good psychic protection stone, and may prevent the attack of evil spirits especially during meditation.

They are helpful meditation stones that can boost psychic powers and may aid spiritual growth.


In summary: They resonate within all of the chakras, with a loving heart based energy that is powerful to assist self healing.

They are stone of love for self that stabilizes your emotions and encourages forgiveness and emotional healing.

For best results it is a good idea to place a piece of Hanksite in ones environment, as it has strong healing properties to clear negative energy causing health issues.

This is also a stone of creativity that may also encourage good luck and fortunate occurrences as well as  helping to enhance personal growth.

Best Crystals To Use With Hanksite

What are the best crystals to combine with Hanksite?

To accentuate this stones energy to assist forgiveness use it with other stones that also aid you to forgive others.

Specific stones for forgiveness to use for this purpose includes Nunderite, Ussingite, Sugilite and Apache Tears.


Hanksite are highly beneficial crystals to use to assist with emotional healing, but if you feel the need to strengthen this energy use them with other stones that may also heal the emotions.  

Other crystals for emotional healing that you could choose includes Blue Calcite, Pink Amethyst, Red Aventurine and all colors of Aragonite including White or Blue Aragonite and Aragonite Star Clusters also called Orange or Brown Aragonite. 

These crystals embody a strong energy to assist you to understand the energy of truth and to work to ensure that you embrace being truthful.  

There are a few other crystals for truth that will combine well with these stones, including Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Glendonite and Kammererite.

These strong crown chakra crystals can be used alone, but combining them with other crystals that stimulate the crown chakra may strengthen the energy.

The crown chakra properties of Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds, Clear Quartz Crystal and the rare Satyaloka Quartz crystals may be helpful when used with them. 

These stones have a good energy to help with psychic protection. If you are using them for this reason, you may like to combine them with other protective stones.

There are a number of excellent psychic protection stones that you could use with them including Black Amethyst, Hematite or Hematoid Quartz, Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline.

To enhance your creative gifts, it may be helpful to combine these crystals with other stones that are known to enhance creativity.

Orange sacral chakra stones are often helpful for this purpose. Crystals you could use includes Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Pecos Diamonds or Tangerine Quartz.

Hanksite Meaning, Healing Properties And PowersHanksite Meaning, Healing Properties And Powers

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