Rainbow Moonstone

Vibrations Heighten Psychic Gifts

➤ By Liz Oakes

Rainbow Moonstone has a potent spiritual vibration that intensifies your feminine 'Goddess' energy! 

It holds within it the deep seated nature of feminine energy, and also has a powerful vibration that may heighten psychic abilities.

It is a stone that enhances your feelings and encourages fervent desires, eager expectation and heartfelt resolve.

Moonstones have a highly spiritual nature that aids spiritual healing, and you may benefit by putting this vibration to work in your life.

Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone

Their energy will help to balance the masculine-feminine vibrations within your body and will nurture your spirit.

They are wonderful healing crystals for you make use of to assist aid you to embrace your gifts. 

They have a vibration that will assist women to recognize and embrace their innate personal power. 

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Crystal Tip: These beautiful crystals reflect within them the magical healing qualities of the vibrations of the moon.

Within men, its energy may influence your brain and aid you to become more emotionally balanced, as the right side of your brain is stimulated to become more creative.

Why Would You Use Rainbow Moonstone?

There are a good number of reasons why you might choose to use these beautiful stones including how it reflects within it the magical healing energy of the moon!

These crystals are strong stones of the feminine principle, and may teach you many lessons about how you may choose to live your life.

The Spiritual meaning of Rainbow Moonstone relates to how they connect to the embodiment of the energy of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess.

Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone

This powerful spiritual energy may soothe overly aggressive women, and help you to feel confidence and serenity within your life.

Their frequency allows you to feel heartfelt joy and happiness, that flows out into your auric field.

They are beneficial crystals to boost happiness in your life and are strong stones to use to enhance your intuition.

You may feel a profound sense of deep inner awareness and recognition of your destiny, as the vibrations of the Moonstone fills you.

They have a unique resonance that is known to raise your psychic gifts particularly if you hold it while doing a psychic meditation.

Increase Synchronicity

Once you begin to have this crystal within your auric field, you may find that you begin to experience a greater number of synchronistic or serendipitous situations.

Coincidence, synchronicity and serendipity are all powerful aids to move your life in a new direction.

If you open your mind to the prospects that these situations bring into your life, new possibilities for manifesting what you desire may emerge. 

Within women in particular, it may stimulate the gift of psychic visions or clairvoyance.

It is strong stone to enhance your intuition, and its unique resonance may raise your psychic gifts if you hold it while doing a psychic meditation.

Their frequency allows you to feel heartfelt joy and happiness that flows out into your auric field.

You may feel a profound sense of deep inner awareness and recognition of your destiny, as the vibrations of the Moonstone fills you.

Cycles Of The Moon

Some women find that they react to the energy of the full moon and the new moon, and many women find that the vibration of Rainbow Moonstone is of benefit to them at these times in the moon's cycle.

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Rainbow Moonstone RawNatural Rainbow Moonstone

The vibration of Moonstones bring both sexes into resonance with the energy of the moon, and with the cycles of the planet.

At this time it has a strong action to aid you to lucid dream, so keep it under your pillow during the full moon if you'd like to experience lucid dreaming.

This vibration is obvious as we look at the way animals react strangely at the time of the full moon. 

Who isn't aware of the term 'howling at the moon', which comes from the behavior of members of the dog family at full moon?

How To Use The Moonstone

Using a Moonstone may teach you that you need to be aware that your life has patterns, and to watch these patterns and be patient.

The energy of the Rainbow Moonstone may aid you in many ways, and is an excellent stone to wear if you are under-going past life regressions.

It may help you to recognize lessons you may need to learn to move your life to a place where you can embrace your potential.

Rainbow Moonstone is easy to buy, and using this stone may herald new beginnings in your life. 

Because it may awaken psychic gifts within you, this potent stone may aid you to intuitively take action at the right time, within the cycle of your life.

Rainbow Moonstone earrings with Peridot are wonderful to wear, as they keep the energy quite close to both the third eye and crown chakra.

Rainbow Moonstone Earrings with PeridotPeridot Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

Rainbow Moonstone jewelry like these can be worn within the higher chakras, where the vibration of these stones resonate the most powerfully.

Wearing Rainbow Moonstone earrings in particular will aid this process.

The combination of wearing other stones with Moonstones, like Green Peridot, will intensify the vibration, particularly when both stones have a common energy.

Both of these beautiful stones embody a powerful vibration, that is useful for psychic protection.

Rainbow Moonstone Information: Spiritual Healing

This is a very special and highly spiritual stone that connects both sexes to the vibration of Mother Gaia, and her energy, and is powerful to bring spiritual healing.

You see these cycles reflected strongly in the life of every woman, and the pull of the tides strongly effects every being on this planet.

Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone Pendant

You may benefit from wearing a Rainbow Moonstone pendant or other type of jewelry, if you feel feeling stressed and anxious or are hyperactive.

Its calming nature also aids you to understand how to be happy.

It is said that if you wear Moonstone as a pendant it encourages you to accept your psychic gifts or powers.

Rainbow Moonstones are the most common, and the most popular color of Moonstone.

These lovely stones are a Cancer birthstone and a Libra and Scorpio birthstone, and you will find moonstone in various colors and styles.

Rainbow Moonstone is the stone of the Divine feminine, so this is a stone that will benefit all women.

Wearing Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry comes in so many different types and styles, with so many really beautiful pieces available, that it is easy to choose one to suit you.

These gorgeous stones are lovely healing crystals for you to wear, and are quite easy to find made into jewelry, with a range of beautiful styles available.

Rainbow Moonstone PendantRainbow Moonstone Pendant

Moonstones are on the birthstone list by month, as they are both a June and July birthstone, and are powerful stones that are highly beneficial to keep on the body.

Wearing one of the beautiful range of different Rainbow Moonstone pendants, or lovely rings or earrings will be extremely helpful to you as they possess many excellent qualities.

Moonstone necklaces are easy to buy and by wearing it you will benefit immensely, as it resonates a calming energy, as well as being a strong stone for psychic protection.

These beautiful crystals are on the zodiac birthstones list, so it should be easy to buy a piece of jewelry, made using any of the colors of this stone.

Moonstone Meaning

These gorgeous crystals come in variety of colors, with the moonstone colors ranging from the milky white stones, to yellow, peach, green, pink, gray, dark gray black, blue and the Rainbow Moonstone.

The meaning of this stones name relates to how they look, as they were named because of the shiny reflective quality or sheen found within the stones of all colors.

The beautiful blue-white color of many stones reminded people of the way the moon looks. This sheen is created by its unique structure.

Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone

Although it can be seen in most stones it is particularly prominent in Rainbow Moonstones.

The Rainbow colored stone is the most highly regarded, due to its many special qualities.

When you move these stones around often you will see beautiful colors reflected back at you, including scintillating shades of blue and purple.

This superb stone has been found in quite a few locations, including India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia and the United States.

These stones have been in use for a very long time, and have been found in pieces dating back over 2000 years, both in Oriental countries and in Moonstone jewelry from the Roman empire.

Their energy brings you into line with the cycles of nature, if you allow yourself to synchronize with these cycles.

They aid you to release unnecessary clutter, and this refers to both physical and energetic clutter, caused by old emotional issues.

Natural Rainbow MoonstoneNatural Rainbow Moonstone

The people of India, view the Moonstone as a sacred stone, with particular virtue and importance for lovers.

It is often given as a wedding gift, and this is believed to bring harmony, and create a more loving relationship.

This is true for anyone in any place in the world, as the energy of these crystals have a strong love vibration.

Discover Other Colors Of Moonstone

Green Moonstone Attributes

The Green Moonstone carries similar qualities to other Moonstones, as well as having within it the vibration of the heart chakra.

Although Moonstones of this color are not as common as the other colors of this stone, you can see by its sheen that it is one of the Moonstone family.

Green MoonstoneGreen Moonstone

Its vibration is emotionally balancing, and like the other Moonstones carries the energy of love, with the addition of a strong nurturing vibration.

Its energy will aid you to feel more compassion towards others, as well as elevating your self worth and encouraging your sense of personal well-being.

Most green stones resonate within the heart chakra, and it is excellent to use this stone in combination with other green heart chakra stones, such as Green Variscite, another stone that aids you to feel love and compassion.

Black Moonstone Properties

It is interesting how many beautiful colors of this crystal there are.

Although this article is about Rainbow Moonstone, you might also like to know a little bit about other varieties of Moonstone.

Black MoonstoneBlack Moonstone

Black Moonstone is from India and Madagascar, and has many attributes in common with other colors of this crystal.

Although it is Black it looks quite different when you move the stone, as you see flashes of the gorgeous silvery grey color.

Read more about Black Moonstone in its own in-depth page.

Apricot or Peach Moonstone: Who Should Use It?

Both the Apricot and the Peach Moonstone work within the sacral or navel chakra.

They are excellent stones to enhance your creativity and this applies to both men and women.

Apricot Moonstone is an asset to the health of women and its special gift is to enhance the number of synchronistic or serendipitous events in your life.

This means once you begin to use it you never know what wonderful surprises to expect in your life!

Apricot MoonstoneApricot Moonstone

They are excellent orange crystals that are powerful to utilize during the full moon, as their vibration can help you to tune in to the subtle cycles of life.

This may help you to understand what you require to ensure that your body remains healthy.

If you have are having issues with stress or anxiety, these lovely apricot crystals will soothe you, making you feel more serene and peaceful, which may help to relieve stress.

Peach MoonstonePeach Moonstone

Their energy resonates very strongly within the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, and it may aid you to learn how to be psychic, including to develop your intuition.

Peach Moonstone in particular is very helpful for disorders of the digestive tract, and it may also solve menstrual related problems.

Use it in your crystal meditation, as it is an excellent stone that may help and inspire you to contact your spirit guides.

Books For Developing Psychic Gifts

Sonia Choquette books are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic gifts.

This also includes your intuition, a closely related ability. 

I particularly enjoyed her book 'Ask Your Guides', as it was very useful to aid you to learn more about working with spirit guides.

Green MoonstoneGreen Moonstone

Sonia has been working in psychic employment as a reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years.

In her book 'Diary of a Psychic', you can read the story of how Sonia developed her gifts, and how to develop yours.

Best Crystals To Use With The Moonstone

What are the best crystals to use with Rainbow Moonstone?

There are a number below that combine well with them.

There are a number of stones will also aid you to enhance your psychic abilities, and particularly the psychic gift of clairvoyance.

Using it with stones such as Charoite, Blue Sapphire, Sugilite, Lapis Lazuli or Prasiolite may be helpful for this purpose.

To boost its energy to stimulate lucid dreaming combine it with other stones that aid lucid dreams. 

This includes Dream Quartz, Amphibole Quartz aka Angel Phantom Quartz, Angelite and Staurolite Fairy Crosses.

The strong psychic protection abilities of the Moonstone will be enhanced by combining it with Black Tourmaline, Amber, Black Jade or Jet.

Merlinite is a magical and mystical stone, that accentuates the magical qualities of Rainbow Moonstone and will also help you to balance the masculine and feminine energy within yourself.

The strong male tone of the clear Golden Yellow Labradorite is excellent used in combination with Moonstone.

It is highly desirable to use them together, either in jewelry or during meditation, to bring your male and female energies into balance.

An alternative to use to balance your male-female energies are sparkling orange Sunstones. 

Used with the Sunstone or Iolite Sunstone, this is an excellent combination that brings through a very balancing and harmonious energy.

To get answers about how to utilize your psychic gifts, they may be used in combination with Pietersite, Labradorite, Hollandite Quartz or Moldavite.

Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone
rainbow moonstone wide 1
Rainbow Moonstone Meaning Properties  Powers And UsesRainbow Moonstone Meaning Properties Powers And Uses

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