Mahogany Obsidian Stone

Prevents Psychic Attack, Boosts Creativity & Grounding

Written By Liz Oakes

Mahogany Obsidian is a lovely reddish brown and black type of Obsidian, that helps to balance the yin and yang energy of the body and works within the solar plexus to boost your personal power. 

They also resonate within the sacral chakra, where their energy aids you to release any negativity within this area that may be blocking the flow of your creative energies.

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

They are helpful to use to shield you from psychic attack and also have a strong grounding energy which resonates at the base chakra and earth chakra, helping to open and cleanse your grounding channel.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use to assist the overall health of the body. Use them when you need help to make a decision, and to relieve stress and tension.

Where Is It From? Mahogany Obsidian Meaning

Mahogany Obsidian is a black stone and brown stone, with the brown being a lovely reddish mahogany brown color. These reddish brown patches are said to be either Magnetite or Hematite.

Like all Obsidian stone, this is a type of naturally occurring colored glass that was birthed from within a volcano. Obsidian can be found in any area that has had volcanic activity in the past.

Some areas such as a number of locations in the USA seem to have more of the stone than others, due to the mineral make-up of the area, and it is from those places that most stone for sale comes from.

I have read that there is a limit on the amount that can be collected by any one person in the USA, in order to prevent the areas where it occurs from being depleted. This will not be the case in other places outside the US.

This color of Obsidian is found in South America, Mexico, China, Afghanistan, Japan and India, as well as in quite a few places in the USA including in Arizona, California, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico.

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

The meaning of the name of this stone comes firstly from its beautiful reddish brown color which is similar to mahogany wood. They are also known as Mountain Obsidian.

The meaning of the name Obsidian is extremely old and there are a number of possible meanings for this name, but as it was written about in ancient roman texts, its name may well be related to a Roman place or person.

 Why Would You Use It?

These crystals are well known for their action to assist anyone who feels they are being impacted by any type of psychic attack, and are known to be useful to assist the removal of psychic implants. 

They are quite stimulating to the area of the sacral chakra. Their vibration is powerful to cleanse negativity and any harmful energy that has been stuck in that region from old trauma in that locality.

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

Their vibration is well known to help with grounding and their energy is known to take excess energy down through the base and earth star chakra to the earth itself, cleansing your grounding channel as it goes.

These brown and black crystals embody within them the energy of dark and light, which is known to be helpful to balance the yin and yang energy of the body.

Use at the solar plexus, also called the power chakra, to boost the energy of this chakra and to help you to reclaim your personal power, and to correct the spin of both the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

They are beneficial stress relief crystals and may help you are suffering with both stress and tension and need help to rrelieve these issues. They are said to strengthen a weakened aura, and they are also known to be beneficial to use for ancestral healing.

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

These crystals have many beneficial healing properties that are known to be very supportive to deal with problems in a number of ways, and are useful to assist an abundance of health issues.

They bring an increase in your overall comfort and physical health, and are beneficial to aid many areas of the body, with a particularly good healing action within the lower three chakras.

Their vibration is said to have a useful effect to assist those who have an enlarged prostate, and they are known for their action to help anyone who is suffering with pain related to the circulation. 

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian Pendulum

They are known to help detoxification and digestive issues and their energy is said to help blockages in the digestive system.

They are also known to assist where you have injuries that have caused bleeding, and to specifically assist issues in the liver and kidneys by helping with the release of poisons and toxins. 

They are said to be advantageous to keep on your body if you are suffering pain, including pain caused by cramps or arthritis and may help joint pain. 

Wearing Mahogany Obsidian

These crystals are fairly easy to obtain and you can buy them as natural stones, as tumblestones and made into jewelry. They are on the zodiac birthstones list as they are a Libra birthstone.

You will probably find it easy to obtain jewelry made from this crystal, and they are very attractive stones with a lovely color that makes beautiful pendants and beads.

Wearing them on the body will be beneficial, especially if you have been suffering with any of the health problems listed in the section about healing properties.

Mahogany Obsidian PendantMahogany Obsidian Pendant

For most crystals it is generally most helpful when you wear them as close as possible to the chakras where they resonate most strongly. Of course this is not always possible.

Having any crystals or stones anywhere on your body will have a positive effect on your entire auric field, but many people find it is helpful to wear their crystals close to the areas that the energy assists.

If you need help to heal any sort of issue related to any of the three lower chakras, having a piece near or in that area may be helpful, and even having one in your pocket may be beneficial.

If you are a Libran you may be interested to discover that they are on the Libra Birthstones List, so take a look as there are lots of lovely stones as well as this one.

 Who Should Use It? 

When used within the lower chakras they are helpful to bring an improvement to your interactions in the bedroom, bringing increased sensuality and boosting passion. 

Use at the base chakra to motivate you to discuss personal relationships with your partner, as by clearing old issues, may bring increased enjoyment and expression of your love.

The energy of these crystals have a strong resonance within all of the three chakras that govern the stomach areas, namely the solar plexus, the sacral or navel chakra and the root or base chakra.

It will energize all of those areas and may also help you to release distress related to fear about the future and worry about survival in these difficult times.

They are also helpful crystals to boost creativity, so if you need help with this, use in meditation and ask your guides for advice on the best way to bring improvement to this area of your life.

If you are also worried about psychic attack during meditation, these stones are also powerful psychic protection stones that will not only act as a barrier but are helpful to remove psychic implants from situations in the past.

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

They may boost your confidence in your ability to manifest enough for your needs and help you to release past issues that you have been holding onto.

Use it to assist you to feel more confident (solar plexus energy) and to end your worry about the possibilities of a lack of the day to day things you require, including not having enough money. 

How To Use It? My Final Thoughts...

These crystals have excellent metaphysical properties that make them advantageous to use when you are working on making a decision and need help. Their energy resonates on all etheric levels.

They stimulate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual areas, and this makes them advantageous crystals to aid decision making, as they encourage you to see things from a range of perspectives. 

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

In summary: these crystals are very effective within the sacral chakra to stimulate an improvement in your creative ability. So if you feel you need to boost your creativity keep a piece close to you.

It could be helpful to leave it somewhere where you spend the most time. If you are worried about psychic attack and feel you could do with protection, keeping a piece nearby may be helpful.

Many people worry about attack happening at night, so if this concerns you place a piece on your bedside table so you can sleep peacefully. It also helps stress and tension so this may also help you to sleep better.

Combining It With Other Stones

If you feel extra help with grounding, you may choose to combine it with any of the other grounding stones, including Ilvaite, Black Diopside or Black Spinel.

Mahogany Obsidian is an excellent stone that embodies a good energy for psychic protection and to act as a barrier to prevent psychic or energy attacks. This can be very frightening as is best prevented as soon as it starts.

Specific stones that can help to block psychic attack includes Fire Agate, which sends negative energy back, Aegirine which helps to break the attachment of negative beings and Tantalite, as it produces a strong barrier to protect you from negative beings.

These stones resonate strongly at the sacral chakra, where they help to remove energy blockages that may be causing health issues in that area of the stomach.

Combine them with other sacral or navel chakra stones to boost their action if you have any health problems that are related to that area of your body.

Specific sacral chakra stones include Carnelian, Orange Kyanite or Amber which is well known for its strong healing action.

More Pictures Of Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

Pictures Of Other Types Of Obsidian Stone

There are a number of other type and colors of Obsidian Stone and all of them have powerful properties to help you. They have a range of metaphysical properties so it is beneficial to discover more about them and decide if you feel that using them together will benefit you.

Check out the pictures below, and see if their name is highlighted with a link. If so this means there is a page about them already written. If not perhaps it will be written in the future. Enjoy!

Snowflake ObsidianSnowflake Obsidian
Rainbow ObsidianRainbow Obsidian
Blue ObsidianBlue Obsidian
Midnight Lace ObsidianMidnight Lace Obsidian

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When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently.

But knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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