Enhances Spiritual Clarity

Written By Liz Oakes

Ametrine are quartz crystals that help to enhance mental and spiritual clarity, while at the same time uniting masculine and feminine energies.

It has a strong healing energy that releases negativity from within the aura.

Their energy also aids weight loss, as well as helping you to release your addictions.

This is a type of quartz that is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine, both varieties of quartz crystal.

They will amplify the energy of the vibration of both of the stones that it is made up of.


These are useful healing crystals for you to benefit from as they embody the energy of both of the above crystals, which may help you if you are studying.

The vibration of these lovely stones is highly beneficial as they are a harmonious blend of the energies of both of the quartz varieties that they embody.

The Citrine energy within this stone helps you to stay focused, as well as using the Amethyst vibration within it, the higher energies of the crown chakra, for inspiration.

Where Is It From? Ametrine Meaning

The name of this crystal relates to a merging of the words Amethyst and Citrine, as this stone is alike both, and embodies the vibration of both of these quartz crystals.

This crystal is usually transparent, and its color is an interesting mixture of the golden yellow color of Citrine blended with the lovely purple color of Amethyst Crystals.

Natural Ametrine specimens exhibit varying attributes of the two stones, in differing color combinations, some with more purple and others with lovely golden patterns through them.

It is fairly easy to find these stones, even though they are not as widespread as either Yellow Citrine or Purple Amethyst Crystals.

Most sources come from South America, from Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia.

Unites Masculine & Feminine Energy

Ametrine is a quartz crystal variety, so like all quartz, is a strong amplifier of energy.

They have within them the vibration of Citrine Crystals, which is the energy of the solar plexus chakra and the 'will'.

When you combine this vibration with the 'knowing' from the crown chakra via the Amethyst Crystals energy, the resulting mixture is a powerful energetic vibration.

Yet the energy of this crystal is altogether different to either of the other stones. Ametrine crystals provide a connection between the higher energies of the crown, and the energy of the physical, from the solar plexus chakra.

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This connection will aid you to bring your thinking from the physical day to day realm, into the spiritual realm.

This will enhance mental and spiritual clarity, as well as uniting masculine and feminine energies.

A connection with Divine guidance is very beneficial for anyone, but particularly so for healers.

This is a beneficial crystal for professional healers. It enables the healer to make decisions based on higher guidance, and aligned with Divine Will.

Why Would You Use It?

There are a number of reason why you might choose to use these crystals including:

  • It is an extremely useful tool for those in the healing profession to utilize, and it is also very helpful for the average person to use, to work on themselves at home.
  • If you are working on losing weight, the energy of one of these quartz crystals will aid you, as they are crystals that aid weight loss.
  • Like Amethyst crystals they are useful if you have addictions, as they will help you to let go of the compulsions associated with them.

It will clear stress and tension from the head, and will bring excess energy down into the physical for use or release.

Its Citrine energy will enhance your will, and the Amethyst vibration helps you to break self-defeating habits, that may be holding you back. Their energy is also said to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress. 

The Citrine Crystal vibration helps you to boost your creativity, and its connection with the crown, the highest chakra in the body may assist psychic artists in their work.

How To Use It: Wearing These Stones

Learn an easy way to meditate, as via its action in meditation, it will aid you to link to the spiritual realms. Use it to do a daily crystal meditation.

Once you have connected to its energy, keep this crystal on you all day, as it will aid you overall in your life.

Ametrine Amethyst & CitrineAmetrine Amethyst & Citrine Pendant

Using this crystal to make a spiritual connection is powerful, as once a connection is made it will align the solar plexus with the crown chakra. 

This may help you to enhance both your mental and spiritual clarity, and plan to live life from a perspective of Divine Will. 

It is easy to buy jewelry made from this stone including lovely pendants.

It is easy and useful to keep a piece of this crystal within your aura, for as long as possible during each day.

It often has quite striking golden yellow colors within the purple, and these stones are very attractive and have excellent metaphysical properties.

These lovely stones are on the list of zodiac birthstones, and wearing an Ametrine pendant or a lovely ring made from one of these stone, is one way to keep this lovely crystal within your aura.

Wearing Ametrine jewelrmay be helpful to you, and may provide you with ways to let go of stress, as they help to create peace and inner harmony.

Who Should Use It? How Will It Help You?

They are a Libra as well as a Pisces birthstone, and it is easy to buy Ametrine jewelry. Gorgeous Ametrine birthstone jewelry is available and is quite beautiful.

These quartz crystals have many excellent qualities, that they will bring through into your life. They are excellent crystals to use in meditation.

After you have traveled to the higher realms with its aid, it will assist you to bring the energy back down to earth.

This may help you to take action at the physical level using solar plexus energy and the will, and based on Divine guidance, their vibration may aid you to make powerful changes in your life.


The main thing is to keep it close to you, so even a tumblestone or rough stone will be helpful.

If you prefer, it is easy to slip one of these stones under your pillow, or a small one in your pocket.

Some ladies keep a few stones in their bras, especially if they are working on any of the chakras from the solar plexus up. These stones are a beautiful and useful tool to use in your life.

It will assist you to connect with your higher self, and use the strength of your will to carry through what you learned from Divine sources.

Using It With Other Stones

Ametrine stones combine well with other quartz crystals, and blend particularly well with the beautiful yellow Citrine Crystals and Amethyst as this may accentuate these energies within the stones.

Combining it with Rose quartz brings the heart into play, and your actions become more heart based.

This blend is powerful, as having your brain connecting to your heart, is very desirable.

It blends well with the lovely Pink Rose Quartz, as it brings through the strong energy of love, from the heart chakra.

This combination is important, as this quartz variety holds the energy of the solar plexus chakra, the seat of the will. It also combines well with other stones that are closely related to it.

This includes a number of varieties of quartz, including Purple Amethyst Crystals or Chevron Amethyst, Amegreen or Fire Quartz.

Also use it with the high vibration crystal energy stones, including Blue Kyanite, Phenacite, Moldavite and Stellar Beam Calcite. 

Moldavite is powerful in combination with it, as it will magnify the energy of this stone.

It combines well with some of the other solar plexus chakra stones.

This does depend on how much of the golden solar colors that your actual Ametrine gemstone has within it.

The energies of golden stones like the beautiful yellow Citrine Crystals, Heliodor, Golden Apatite, Golden Chrysoberyl and Golden Rutilated Quartz combine well with it.

Golden ChrysoberylGolden Chrysoberyl

More Pictures Of This Stone

Ametrine Gemstone PendantAmetrine Gemstone Pendant with a rainbow in it
AmetrineNatural Ametrine

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