Sugilite Is The Premier Love Stone!

Embodies The Violet Ray To Aid Healing


Sugilite is a crystal that offers you many gifts that may allow you to make your life better.

Jewelry shops sell it as 'the premier love stone', and it is one of the most important love stones.

It is also one of the strongest crystals to wear to give protection from negative entities, and its energy helps to remove negative attachments.

There are many other excellent qualities that this stone brings to you as well, as it is a violet flame crystal, it is a wonderful aid for healing.

If you have emotional problems it is an asset to use, as it is strongly nurturing. It assists you to let go of worry, and it stimulates positive feelings that help you to let go of stress.

These beautiful purple crystals accelerate positive feelings that aid the release of stress, and bring peace of mind, calmness and emotional healing.

Where Is It From? Sugilite Meaning

Most of the deposits of this violet stone come from South Africa, where there are large manganese mines. The original discovery was in Japan and this crystal is named after Ken Sugi, who was the geologist who discovered it.

It is within these mines that much of the worlds Sugilite is found. Sugilite, or Sugalite as it is sometimes called, has been found in Japan, Canada and South Africa. 

It's color may be pale lilac, pink, magenta, with lots of shades through to deep purple. It may be found in the massive form, as inclusions within quartz, inter-grown with manganese and is also found in a variety known as gel.

The gel variety is less common and is the gem quality type that is so prized. The pronunciation of this crystal confuses many people and there are a few pronunciations used.

The correct way to say its name is not one that is used much, but it should really be said the same way that the name of the person it was called after pronounces his name, which is soo-gi-lyt (with the g said as in geese)

For Healing and Spirituality

Sugilite is an exceptional asset to use as it has the capacity to bring through the violet ray energy. This ray is associated with spiritual growth, deep spiritual love and wisdom, and with the crown chakra.

This is the area where most spiritual development is birthed. Your chi enters the body here and makes its way down to the chakras below.


This crystal has powerful metaphysical properties that will enhance your growth.

This is one of the violet ray crystals, and it will teach you how to live authentically, and you may become aware of why you incarnated to earth at this time.

The crown chakra is located above the top of the head and is the top chakra of the body. 

This crystal will open the third eye chakra, crown chakra, soul star chakra, then right up to and including the fourteenth etheric chakra. 

As you become more spiritually advanced, the growth of your psychic powers and especially channeling abilities are aided by using Sugilite.

This stone may be helpful if you have been working on developing your spiritual or psychic gifts.

Using it may assist you with the development of the psychic gift of automatic writing

By doing daily journaling and using this stone you may open up this gift.

Why Would You Use It?


Sugilite is easy to buy and it may aid in treating dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

It is said to have been effective in some cases of autism treatment. 

Because of the amount of manganese within its makeup, it may aid the healing of headaches and other problems that originate in the head. 

Sugalite stone is particularly helpful to assist health issues in the area of the crown chakra. They work to relieve pain and the symptoms of flu or stomach problems, by transferring the pain into the stone itself.

So make sure that you cleanse them after use, and give them a break too. If they absorb too much of your pain, they could potentially end up breaking.

These purple crystals are powerful aids to use in the healing environment. They are reputed to have the capacity to attract healing power to them, so this is another useful reason for healers to use or wear them. 

It has a strong protective energy, so alchemical healers may also decide to wear these on their body. 


Sugilite crystals are also highly nurturing. 

The healing properties of this violet ray crystal may assist you, as they will aid you to free yourself from worry.

If you have been experiencing anxiety or stress, using the vibration of these crystals supplies you with a helpful way to relieve stress

Wearing Sugilite


Lovely Sugilite jewelry is easy to buy, and using violet flame crystal jewelry made from any of the violet flame group, has the potential to create amazing healing results.

Wearing a Sugilite ring or pendant keeps the energy on your body, and protects you from any negativity that may be attracted to your 'light'.

Many of you who are working on your spiritual development and are opening yourself up to the light may attract darker energy.

Therefore using a strong protective stone is recommended. This lovely violet crystal is on the monthly birthstone list as it is a January birthstone. 

Who Should Use Its Healing Properties?

These gorgeous stones are on the zodiac birthstones list, and it may be helpful to keep a piece within your aura during the day, and under your pillow at night.

Doing this may assist you to make a significant movement forward in your spirituality.

Many of you came here right now, at this time, for a purpose, and this crystal has the capacity to aid you to discover your purpose here. 

If you wish to explore past life healing, using this lovely lilac stone may be of benefit. Use this crystal along with Tanzanite, Purpurite and Amethyst Crystals, including the lovely Vera Cruz Amethyst crystals.

They are recognized as ways through which the violet flame may be brought into your body, and may be used for healing yourself.

Having it within your aura during this work may protect you from any spiritual shocks from this type of journey, and it is also a spiritual grounding stone. 

If you have been wondering what direction you should head towards, try using this lovely stone, as it may help you to find the answers.

 How To Use It

It is possible to purchase lovely jewelry made from this stone, as well as tumblestones, and rough stones can also sometimes be found, though less commonly.

SugiliteSugilite Pendant

It can be found in quite a few different forms, and depending on what your budget is, it may be available in a variety to suit you.

Delightful jewelry made from this stone is easy to find, as they are a Virgo birthstone

So it is possible to easily find beautiful Sugilite gemstones made into lovely quality birthstone jewelry.

Sometimes Sugilite stones are combined with one of the others of the 'violet flame' group, and using the energy of others in the group. 

Use them with stones such as Purple Amethyst, as this is a potent protective combination, and is highly beneficial.

They may also be mixed with any of the other psychic protection stones and they are potent used in these combinations.

How Will It Help You?

Sugilite is also a powerful stone for dreaming and may help you to remember important dreams. Using it may create lucid dreams if you place a piece under your pillow. Any healer who may be aiding clients to release negative energy, should protect themselves.


Protection from psychic attack is very important, and this crystal is an excellent solution for this reason, as it creates a shield of protection around you.

By meditating with one of these stones you may become aware of amazing scenes that may aid your overall transformation.

It has the capacity to open up your visionary abilities, and set free your imagination.

This stone is one of the most powerful members of the violet flame group, and this may be part of the reason that it is reputed to be such a powerful healing stone.

Wearing Sugilite jewelry is an excellent way to keep this stone on your body, but if you are unable to do this, get either a rough Sugilite stone or tumblestone instead.

This violet crystal has the ability to aid you to improve your health, and is highly protective. Overall it is one stone that is a must-have within your collection.

"Wisdom and goodness are twin-born, one heart must hold both sisters, never seen apart." William Cowper.

Combining It With Other Stones

To boost this stone's healing qualities, combine it with Seraphinite and/or Stichtite. If you combine it with Amethyst, which is also a quite potent third eye chakra and crown chakra stone, it will strengthen the level of protection offered. This combination is also efficient at aiding you to overcome addictions.

Iolite is another of the violet ray crystals, and may also be added to the combination, for aiding you to let go of your addictions.

You may also use it with Unakite, Dravite Tourmaline, Staurolite, Hematite, Datolite and Thulite, as they are other stones that are very effective for helping to beat addictions.

Hematite may be combined with it to aid you to feel more grounded, as it will aid stronger spiritual grounding through the earth star chakra.

Another strong grounding aid you may combine with it is Gabbro, also known as Blizzard Stone, as it not only assists grounding, but is helpful to magnify this stones energy.

Use it in combination with Tourmilated Quartz to strengthen the level of psychic protection. If you are working on developing your channeling abilities, other stones to use for this purpose that you might like to combine with it are Quantum Quattro, Yttrium Fluorite, Ajoite, Shattuckite and Blue Hemimorphite.

It is useful to combine it with high crystal energy stones such as Herderite, Phenacite, Datolite, Scolecite, and Natrolite, or with the most potent stone for transformation, Moldavite.

More Pictures of Sugilite


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