Spirit Quartz 

Moves Spiritual Growth To Next Level

➤ By Liz Oakes

Spirit Quartz formation is commonly a center crystal surrounded by many tiny crystals

Each tiny crystal radiates energy with all the little crystals working in harmony to radiate a very strong vibration. This makes a single piece a quite powerful stone. 

Many people think the Amethyst colored stones are the most desirable variety, and this may possibly relate to the lovely lilac color of the stone. 

Spirit QuartzSpirit Quartz

It is an unusual quartz that has many very small crystals growing on a central stone. 

These crystals come in a variety of colors and are a powerful quartz variety. 

All colors of these stones have powerful metaphysical properties that make them excellent stones to aid spiritual growth.

It is the most common and as it is a type of Amethyst it has the coloring of Amethyst and many of its attributes as well.

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What Is It? Why Would You Use It?

Spirit Quartz carries the vibration of universal love. It may assist you to let go of issues you have been holding onto, and forgive both yourself and the other person.

These crystals radiate a very high vibration, and they may align and purify the entire chakra system. 

They may open the third eye, the crown chakra and the higher crown chakra or soul star chakra.  

Spirit QuartzSpirit Quartz

They have the ability to align the lower self with the higher spiritual self, and manifest into your life those spiritual attributes.

Spirit Quartz are powerful stones to heighten metaphysical abilities. These are stones that will assist you with your ascension process, and they may activate the Lightbody.

Each of the different colors will resonate strongly with different chakras and this is useful as you may choose which area spiritually you wish to work on. 

All types are highly spiritual, but each has its own specific vibration.

Where Is It From? Spirit Quartz Meaning

It is found only in the Boekenhout region in South Africa, where the women of the tribe who live there are responsible for mining the stone.

The women of the tribe find and clean the stone, and take great care with doing this.

The reason it was named Spirit Quartz was not because of its link to spirit, but because many of these stones were the color of a specific purple spirit used for cleaning in South Africa.

It is also known as Cactus Quartz, Pineapple Quartz or Porcupine Quartz.

The interesting thing is that the qualities of the stone do in fact reflect the name. Although they are not as common, you may obtain this stone in other colors.

There are varieties that are made up of Citrine Crystal, White Quartz or Smokey Quartz crystals, as well as clear, pink and greenish stones.

Some of these stones have quite defined crystals, and others have a very fine crystalline structure known as Druzy quartz.

This fine Drusy quartz structure is just as powerful as the stones with the more defined crystal structure. 

Some retailers sell it as Cactus Quartz Crystal because of the way it looks.

Amplifies The Energy Of Other Stones

Spirit Quartz or Cactus Quartz is certainly a stone that is worth having in your collection.

If you are on a spiritual journey this lovely crystal may assist you to move forward more quickly.

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Amethyst Spirit QuartzAmethyst Spirit Quartz

Doing a crystal meditation with this lovely crystal is one of the best ways to use it. It will allow you to let go of fear and aid you to feel peace of mind.

Depending on the actual variety you choose it may assist you to let go of issues that may have been holding back your overall growth and healing.

As it is a variety of quartz crystal, it may amplify the energy of other stones that you use with it.

If you use it with the variety of quartz that it closely resembles, such as Yellow Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz crystals or Purple Amethyst Crystals, this may magnify your overall result.

How To Use Spirit Quartz

Use this crystal to make contact with your higher self and to heal any old issues you have previously been unable to release. 

Old issues from past lives may come to your attention while using this stone.

If they do this stone may be used to aid you to let them go. Purple Spirit Quartz is also known as Amethyst Spirit Quartz.

Spirit QuartzLavender Spirit Quartz Crystals

It is a stone for that is particularly helpful to assist anyone who may be facing death, and the best way to use a piece of this crystal, is by placing a piece in the room.

It may aid the journey of the spirit of the dying, helping them to make their way more easily to those waiting on the other side. 

For the family or friends left behind, it may provide comfort and ease their anguish. Using the Amethyst spirit quartz will supply support to your higher spiritual aspirations. 

It will aid you to work with the higher chakras, those above and including the third eye chakra.

How Will It Help You?

Spirit Quartz will aid you in your overall development of your spirituality and health.

The higher self often has parts that are not currently within our awareness as they are not from this incarnation.

If you become aware of them while using spirit quartz this is a good thing, as you can work to alleviate these negative attributes and move yourself forward on your overall journey.

Magenta Deep Purple Spirit QuartzMagenta Deep Purple Spirit Quartz

If your etheric body has any gaps or voids within it, spirit quartz may assist in healing these.

This is an excellent reason why anyone who does healing with quartz crystals would have one of these stones in their collection.

Buy a piece and put it under your pillow, to help your nights sleep to be more peaceful.

It is a good crystal for dreaming as it has the ability to intensify and increase positive dreaming.

It is a crown chakra stone and so may assist you to heal this area and may aid you in development of the many abilities relating to this chakra.

It is also a helpful crystal for patience, as it assists you to feel calm while you wait for the desired outcome.

Amethyst Spirit Quartz Moves Your Spiritual Growth

Amethyst Spirit Quartz is the most commonly available variety and it is a very beneficial stone. 

This lilac variety of this stone opens the higher crown chakra or soul star chakra, aiding with transmutation of prior misuse of spiritual power.

Pinkish Purple Spirit QuartzLavender Pink Spirit Quartz

Those drawn to use this stone have an opportunity within their current journey on earth to heal these issues from past lives.

It helps you to work with your spirit guides, and to communicate better with them. 

Using the strength of your will, it allows you to be more decisive in your decisions about your spiritual journey.

This lovely lilac stone is very cleansing to the aura, and is a powerful stone for psychic protection.

It has the ability to repel negative attachments or entities, and will bring you freedom from any fear you may feel, when thinking about the problem of psychic attack.

This purple crystal is also a protective stone of your home, specifically in the area of electromagnetic build up. 

Amethyst Spirit QuartzAmethyst Spirit Quartz

Its energy also aids those living in the home to resolve conflict and live peacefully.

It may restore self esteem and is also an excellent stone for healing on the physical level.

This variety assists you to truly stand in your own power, and has the ability to ground you through to the earth star chakra.

Citrine Spirit Quartz

The gorgeous yellow type, like the one pictured here, has similar attributes to Yellow Citrine Crystals, resonating at the solar plexus or power chakra.

If the yellow colored Spirit Quartz interests you, you may benefit from reading my article about Citrine Crystals.

Some of the yellow crystals are like the one further down the page, and can have both purple and yellow within the one crystal, which makes for a very attractive stone.

Citrine Spirit quartzCitrine Spirit Quartz

The bright golden yellow coating on the stone also makes these stones embody the energy of Golden Healer Quartz.

This makes these yellow crystals very helpful to aid your spiritual growth.

Citrine or Golden Healer Spirit Quartz has a similar energy to Citrine crystals, and using this form of the stone will also bring a strong manifestation ability into your life and may boost creative gifts.

Spiritually the solar plexus chakra is the source of the will, and in a spiritual sense this stone aids you in acting from the will of the higher self.

Citrine Amethyst Spirit QuartzCitrine Amethyst Spirit Quartz

This is abundance in its truest sense, as it aids you in letting go of dependence on material things and on the desire to acquire more "things". 

In a spiritual sense it will aid you in manifesting those spiritual aspects that you find desirable.

Smoky Spirit Quartz

The variety that most closely resembles Smoky Quartz, activates and aligns the base or root chakra with the third eye.

The result of this is that it will ground you, while it furthers your appreciation of spiritual matters within everyday life.

Spirit QuartzSpirit Quartz Smoky Citrine Color

Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz, will support you in releasing old strongly held beliefs that no longer benefit you. 

It creates emotional balance, as it stabilizes and cleanses within the etheric body.

Best Crystals To Use With Spirit Quartz

What are the best crystals to combine with Spirt Quartz?

These stones resonate strongly within the Soul Star Chakra which brings through spiritual energy and light into the body.

They are excellent crystals to combine with other Soul Star stones to boost this spiritual flow of energy.

Other crystals for this chakra includes Libyan Desert Glass, Selenite, Moldavite and Beryllonite. 

These are excellent psychic protection stones that combine well with many of the other protectives stones to boost the energy of both crystals.

Specific quartz crystals that would combine well with them includes Rutilated Quartz, Black Amethyst, Tourmilated Quartz or Smoky Quartz.

Smoky QuartzSmoky Quartz
Black AmethystBlack Amethyst

Spirit Quartz will assist with the release of fear, and while they work well for this purpose, combining with other stones that help you to let go of fear can be helpful.

Specific crystals that can work well with them includes Tigers Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Prehnite, Red Spinel or Staurolite also called the cross stone.

In addition to the metaphysical properties that are talked about above, the various colors also resonate with the energy of the basic quartz type that they are made of.

This includes Citrine, Purple Amethyst Smoky Quartz and Golden Healer Quartz. The stones below are all powerful stones to combine well with Spirit Quartz.

More Photos Of This Quartz Crystal

Amethyst Spirit QuartzAmethyst Spirit Quartz
Golden Yellow Spirit QuartzGolden Healer Spirit Quartz
Lavender Purple Spirit QuartzPurple Spirit Quartz
Druzy Spirit QuartzWhite Spirit Quartz
Spirit Quartz also called Cactus Quartz aids spiritual growthSpirit Quartz also called Cactus Quartz aids spiritual growth
Spirit Quartz Meaning Properties & Powers

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