Morado Opal

Also Called Mexican Violet Flame Opal

➤ By Liz Oakes

Morado Opal has strong metaphysical properties that aid the opening of your third eye and crown chakras to help you to develop new psychic abilities.

They are also called Mexican Opal, Purple Opal or Opal Royale.

Use them in meditation to more easily connect with Saint Germain and to utilize this powerful healing vibration.

They may also assist you to make a deeper connection to your guides, spirit teachers and your guardian angels.

Morado OpalMorado Opal

These stones are commonly known as Violet Flame Opal and this relates to the powerful violet flame healing energy embodied within them. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Morado Opal has an energy that powerfully stimulates the third eye chakra and brings Spiritual healing.

It's highly stimulating energy creates a strong connection up through the crown to Spirit and also brings energy down into the two highest chakras in the body.

The movement of this powerful spiritual vibration into the crown chakra helps to stimulate the brain, bringing light and learning from the higher realms to aid you.

How Will Morado Opal Help You? 

Violet Flame Opal resonates within the base or root chakra, as well as within the third eye and the crown chakra.

Their third eye chakra energy can trigger a powerful result in many people that will assist the growth of stronger visioning abilities.

The vibration of these purple opals may stimulate the birth of rather splendid and beautiful images, and will aid you to experience quite clear radiant insights.

These purple crystals have quite powerful metaphysical properties that commonly enhance psychic visions or clairvoyant ability.

Morado OpalMorado Opal

While its energy within the higher chakras may seem to be one of the most desirable characteristics of this purple opal, it's energy at the root chakra may also assist you.

Their energy there may improve the release of negative thoughts and it is both calming and soothing due to also having a strong base chakra energy

Use Violet Flame Opal In Meditation

Using Violet Flame Opal in meditation is highly beneficial as it has a powerful action to help you to make a connection up into the higher Spiritual chakras.

It's resonance may help the small still voice within to be heard more easily, aiding you to be more fully aware within your being of communication from Spirit or your spirit guides.

Morado Opal may heighten the gift of clairsentience, or feeling psychically, and can assist you to hear and feel Spiritual guidance within your being.

Taking notice of your inner voice can aid you to more readily contact specific Spirit teachers who are waiting to work with you.

This communication may assist you to gain access to higher knowledge that will aid you to better understand your life path going forward.

This stones energy may also assist you to initiate a deeper connection with your guardian angel or to contact other angelic beings.

Why Would You Use It? Powerful Spiritual Connection

These crystals are powerful crown chakra crystals that have a strong resonance within the highest chakra in the body located at the top of the head.

Its vibration within the crown chakra has a number of excellent properties, and they are particularly known to aid you to more easily connect with Spirit.

There are a number of ways you can use them to assist your Spiritual healing, and using this purple stone in meditation may increase spiritual clarity.

In addition to using them in meditation, keep them near to where you spend the most time or wear them on your body.

Morado Opal also called Violet Flame OpalMorado Opal also called Violet Flame Opal

They also enhance your intuition, boost both mental clarity and potential and may help you to more easily make a strong spiritual connection.

They are also known to aid your connection to the star people of Pleione, which is one of the stars in the Pleiades, and this connection may assist you to understand how the universe truly works. 

It can be highly beneficial to connect with the people of Pleione, as they can help you to understand energy transfer and energy balance. Reach out to them in meditation to make this connection.

Violet Flame Healing Benefits

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use as they embody the energy of the violet flame.

The common name Violet Flame Opal would have already given you a clue as to how the energy will work to benefit your health. 

Violet flame healing is extremely powerful and easy to do. It's all about making a connection to Saint Germaine and utilizing the energy.

Violet Flame Opal embodies this powerful energy. Its major role is the transmutation of negative energies within the body to assist you to heal.

Violet Flame OpalViolet Flame Opal

They are just one of the group of violet flame crystals so read more about the other stones in this group in the article about them, link below.

All of these powerful crystals can be combined to boost the healing vibration of the Morado Opals you may be utilizing.

If you are a healer and would like to utilize violet flame energy to assist those that you are helping to heal, read more about this energy on its specific page.

There is more information about how to use this powerful healing energy in the article on violet flame healing here.

Wearing Purple Morado Opal Jewelry

The lovely purple shades of Violet Flame Opal makes beautiful jewelry, and it is usually easy to get pieces of this stone set in sterling silver.

Wearing a piece of this one of these unusual stones including a beautiful Morado Opal pendant like the one shown here may be advantageous.

By keeping it on your body, it may assist you to experience a greater number of coincidences or synchronicities, a powerful energy to assist your life.

Morado Opal PendantMorado Opal Pendant

The energy of these purple opals helps you to be more organized, so if you are inclined to be disorganized, wearing them may help you to sort out your life.

Their metaphysical properties also relate to how they stimulate emotional healing which is extremely helpful, so keep them on your body to assist with this.

Using Mexican Opal jewelry such as a lovely Morado opal pendant is an easy way to keep it on your body, or alternatively carry a piece in your pocket.

If you can't get jewelry or it's outside your budget, an easy way to use them is to wear them in a macrame crystal holder.

Wearing them on your body may also assist your relationships by bringing an increase in feelings of loyalty, commitment and faithfulness towards your partner.

Macrame crystal holders are easy to buy, and this makes it simple to wear them every day, and you can change the stone in them if you wish to work with something else.

 Healing Properties: Who Should Use It?

Morado Opal enhances feelings of tranquility and peace as it has a calming energy that assists you to release negative thoughts related to old ways of thinking.

They are excellent crystals for emotional healing, and are also known as a stone of tranquility due to their action to bring serenity to your life.

These purple crystals assist the transmutation of negative energies related to past situations in your current life or in past lives that have created negative effects.

Purple OpalPurple Opal

They are also known to have a rather unusual action as they may help you if you feel a fear of the color purple which is known as porphyrophobia.

Its resonance within the crown and third eye, will allow you to more easily perceive the bright spiritual purple color and this can aid you to release any fear related to this color.

More Healing Properties

Their vibration brings inner tranquility and helps the healing of emotional wounds and aids you to be more emotionally balanced overall.

They are beneficial crystals for stress, and they have a soothing energy that helps you to release negative nervous energy.

They also aid you to release negative thoughts, especially those related to past events and may help you to heal old negative emotions you may be holding onto.

Morado OpalMexican Purple Opal also called Violet Flame Opal

They are also beneficial to help you after the loss of a loved one, as their vibration brings peace and helps the release of sorrow when you are mourning.

Their action to aid healing within the physical body is said to help those with diabetes and may also assist you if you have an addiction to alcohol.

Their energy may aid you to be more open to eating foods that contain nutrients that you need but that you haven't been eating.

They are known to help muscular disorders particularly in the legs, and may aid you when you have problems that have made walking difficult or have caused you to limp or falter due to muscular issues.

Where Is It From? Morado Opal Meaning

Morado Opal is a variety of purple and white opal that was discovered in Central Mexico in 2011. 

The color of this Mexican Opal is various shades from deep purple through to a lighter violet or lavender color along with white patches, and they occur in a range of variations.

The meaning of the name Morado Opal comes from a Spanish word 'morado' meaning purple, so that makes a lot of sense. 

Natural Morado OpalNatural Morado Opal Specimen

It has a number of other names including Violet Flame Opal, Mexican Opal, Purple Opal or Opal Royale. Yes, I know the different names can make it confusing.

But do remember the various names to make it easier to find when you are buying it, as crystal sellers are likely to use any of the above names.  

Highly Beneficial Crystal Properties

Whether they are polished gemstones, tumblestones or natural stones they all are quite beautiful and have highly beneficial crystal properties.

Opals are silicate minerals with their mineral makeup basically white silica with the addition of various other minerals including tiny fluorite inclusions.

Opal RoyaleOpal Royale

These purple opals are commonly found in a matrix of chalcedony or quartz. 

While they are primarily white quartz with purple fluorite, there are usually only minor amounts of fluorite, yet it creates much of the purple color in these stones.

The purple inclusions may be various sizes, including quite minute in size, and this inclusion of fluorite is said to be what creates the violet, purple and lavender colored areas of these stones.

Classes Of Opal

All types of opal is classed as either common opal or precious opal.

Morado Opal is in the group known as common opals as the name precious opal is used when referring to opal with bright flashes of color in, such as the lovely Ethiopian Opal, which you can read about on its own page.

You can learn about the name Opal, and why Opal types are classified into various categories in a special section in my article about Peruvian Pink Opal.

Click here for Information About Opal: What Is Opal?

Mexican Opal is a unique variety of common opal with a beautiful coloration and naturally occurring designs on many of the stones.

While many of the markings are quite subtle, others have quite exceptional and beautiful swirling patterns on them. 

Jewelry makers say that Mexican purple opal stone is easy to work with so they are often polished and used as precious stones for making beautiful jewelry.

The beautiful jewelry that they create may be sold under a range of names including Morado Opal, Mexican Opal or occasionally as Violet Flame Opal.

Note: this is not the same stones as Tiffany Stone, which is another purple opal, found only in the United States not Mexico.

Tiffany Stone has different metaphysical properties as it contains the mineral Bertrandite.

How To Use This Purple Opal: My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts: This Purple Opal is an extremely advantageous crystal to use to benefit your life for a number of very important reasons.

Their strong Spiritual violet flame energy and their action to aid contact with spirit guides, spirit teachers and guardian angels makes them highly beneficial to utilize.

They have a good energy to assist you to be more organized and we can all use this aspect of their energy.

Wear this stone or keep a piece in the area where you spend the most time, to strengthen its action to enhance your life.

Violet Flame or Morado OpalViolet Flame or Morado Opal

In summary: more than anything else its action to bring brightness and light through during crystal meditation makes it a powerful aid in your life.

Through its action to stimulate psychic gifts, including the ability to see brighter more powerful visions, your Spiritual growth may be enhanced.

Using the violet flame energy is powerful to heal you both physically and spiritually as well assisting emotional healing.

Use its ability to attract positive coincidences or synchronistic events into your life, by keeping a piece where ever you spend the most time, to bring this powerful energy into play in your life.

Best Crystals To Pair With Morado Opal

What are the most beneficial crystals to use with Violet Flame Opal or Morado Opal?

The violet flame healing energy of these stones is covered in a specific page about it, and this page lists the various violet flame crystals.

Any of these crystals will combine extremely well to aid you to bring through the violet flame energy.

Specific crystals that are powerful for this purpose includes purple Amethyst, the high vibration Vera Cruz Amethyst, Brandberg Amethyst or Amethyst Cacoxenite.

These crystals have an excellent energy when combined with Kimberlite stone in meditation and may bring through an even stronger Spiritual energy. 

You may also like to use them with other crystals for grief and there are a number of stones for this purpose.

Specific crystals to combine with them to aid the release of feelings of grief, includes Aquamarine, Jet or Danburite.

Natural KimberliteNatural Kimberlite

These stones combine well with other third eye chakra crystals.

There are quite a few crystals that stimulate this area, that will work well in combination with these purple opals.

Specific stones you might find helpful to use with them includes Linarite, Hackmanite, Indigo Gabbro, Golden Healer Quartz or Howlite.

If you are using these crystals to assist emotional healing, you may benefit by combining them with other stones that assist you to feel emotionally balanced.

There are a number of excellent stones for emotional healing that can be combined with this Purple Opal.

Some crystals that have a powerful action when used with them includes the lovely Rose Quartz Crystal, HanksiteVivianite or Rainbow Obsidian.

If you are working on expanding your ability to see psychic visions during meditation you might find it helpful to use them with other crystals for clairvoyance.

Some of the crystals that would work well with them includes Tsavorite Garnet, Magnesite, Indigo Gabbro or Prasiolite.

The action of these crystals to aid you to communicate with angels is beneficial, and using them in combination with other angel crystals would be helpful.

This includes stones such as Celestite, Seraphinite, Herkimer Diamond or Prehnite.

Morado OpalMorado Opal

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Violet Flame OpalViolet Flame Opal

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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