Helpful Crystals For Bad Dreams 

That Help To Prevent Nightmares

➤ By Liz Oakes

Using crystals for bad dreams may be helpful if you are finding that you continually experience nightmares that disturb your sleep.

Keeping one of these stones near to you may be a helpful way that you can ensure that you get a good night's sleep.

There are a few different crystals that have a peaceful energy that are helpful for children who may be experiencing night terrors, which we know are hard to break out of.

Crystals For Bad Dreams wide Mangano Calcite: Crystals For Bad Dreams and Nightmares

The top stones listed here have a calming energy that brings peace of mind and serenity, and may help to gently lull you into a good night’s sleep.

The vibration of some sleep crystals have a good action to release emotional tension, calming and soothing you and yours, as they ease you into a relaxed state ready for a good night's sleep. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Many stones that help to relieve bad dreams have a good action to improve sleep as they assist stress, tension and anxiety, which are emotional states that can cause nightmares.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Bad Dreams?

Getting help to improve the quality of your sleep is beneficial, especially if the severity of nightmares you are experiencing has made life difficult.

There are a number of types of crystals for bad dreams that can help to improve your sleep quality and create better sleep as well as stopping night terrors.

If you need to know how to stop nightmares, you might find it helpful to make use of crystals and healing stones that are known to stop bad dreams.

Dream QuartzDream Quartz are powerful crystals for bad dreams.

These stones can also be beneficial for other reasons, and using stones to bring peaceful feelings, good dreams and deep sleep may also aid you.

Utilizing the help of crystals for nightmares is a good idea that many people are becoming aware of, as they can bring sound sleep free from dreams causing emotional trauma.

To get a good night’s sleep that is free from bad dreams, you may choose to use a stone of peace, that embodies an energy that allays night terrors and eases any difficult or negative, vivid dreams.

How Will Crystals For Nightmares Help You?

The various crystals for bad dreams will help in different ways.

Each of the stones for this purpose have a seperate section explaining their role as one of the best crystals to assist you. 

You can read about each powerful stone that is listed below and you can discover other benefits that might make it a good choice to stop your bad dreams.

Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite

If you are having trouble sleeping, have insomnia or are a light sleeper, there are also some powerful crystals that can aid you.

For those who have sleep disorders preventing good sleep, but not related to nightmares or bad dreams, check out my article on crystals for sleep.

Top Crystals For Bad Dreams or Nightmares

All of the top crystals for bad dreams or nightmares have an individual section below where there is information about each one, outlining how it works to help you, and its other metaphysical properties as well.

Under each of the images is a link that you can click on, that will take you to its in-depth page where you can learn more about its other crystal properties.


Arfvedsonite is one of my favorite stones to help to get rid of nightmares.

In addition to assisting bad dreams, these crystals have other excellent properties to benefit you.

They have a strong energy to assist joy and light to flow in your life, and they are known for their action to create a clear path ahead.

You can use them to ease into sleep with a joyful and positive mindset.

They may help to guide you to take the right action so that you select the way your life plays out.

These crystals for bad dreams are one of the best crystals to eliminate nightmares, and can give you a good night's sleep by aiding you to release fear related to your past dreams.

They help you to proceed from being awake, aiding you to move through the REM state, of rapid eye movement, to the state of deep restful sleep.

Once your being has harmonized with their energy their other powerful properties may be used to bring a range of benefits to your life, including a better night’s sleep.

Shop for Arfvedsonite: Their action to eliminate negative energy that causes you to have ongoing negative thoughts is extremely helpful.

Arfvedsonite stimulate positive energy that can also assist you to release bad habits that could be creating a negative dream world and nightmares.

They have a strong energy that is best integrated slowly into your energy system so as to not overwhelm you  and make you feel ungrounded.

Use one of the strong grounding stones with them to assist you to fully ground yourself before sleeping. Their energy can also assist you to understand the meaning of your dreams.

Crystal Tip Visions Of The Future: Arfvedsonite are well known for their action to help you to experience specific psychic visions that could predict the future, especially aiding you to gain knowledge about your own path ahead.

Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz crystals are well known for their action to assist you to experience lucid dreaming states, and their action to aid dream work is the main reason for their name.

These quartz crystals are well known as stones that create a peaceful dream state and many people are not aware that they are beneficial crystals for bad dreams.

For anyone who is having unpleasant dreams, they are an excellent stone to enhance restful sleep and using them is great way to improve your sleep quality.

They may be advantageous to decrease the severity of nightmares, both for adults as well as for children. 

Often children may have trouble sleeping due to experiencing nightmares, and it can be hard for parents to know what to do when night terrors disturb their sleep.

So if your children have this problem, for best results put a piece of this dream stone on the bedside table.

You may find that your and your children sleep better if you put a piece of this crystal nearby at night.

These crystals for bad dreams work by their action to clear negative energies from the room, and can also be helpful for adults for the same reason.

Depending on the age of the child there are a couple of ways that you can use these stones to relieve bad dreams or nightmares that are worrying your child.

Dream QuartzDream Quartz

Put a piece nearby for small children, just ensure they can't reach it in the night. The energy will flow quite a distance from where they are located.

For older kids, you can explain what it is for and tell them to place it under their pillow or under the mattress as this may work well.

As Dream Quartz is a quartz crystal you may program the stone to assist it to resonate a message or affirmation to the person who is having nightmares while they are sleeping. 

This applies to both children and to adults, and you may make up your own affirmation for this purpose, see the article mentioned above to learn how to program your quartz crystal.

Crystal Tip: An affirmation for creating good dreams may be something like the ones below, but you can make up your own affirmation.

Your children may also wish to make up their own, but here are some examples of possible wording:

  • As I go into sleep, calming feelings fill my dreams.
  • My dreams are filled with positive pleasant thoughts and images.
  • I sleep soundly and wake feeling happy and contented.


Lepidolite has an excellent calming energy and this can help you in quite a few ways, including helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

This purple crystal is the perfect stone to use if you suffer from restless sleep and need to calm your nervous system to bring good sleep.

It is a great crystal for nightmares as it is particularly helpful for those who need to stop the inner voices to help you to attain a peaceful dream state.

It also is effective to help meditation if you need help to get into deep meditation due to those little voices in your head that refuse to stop.

Lepidolite is well known for its action to improve your sleep quality and helps to bring restful sleep, and is helpful to ease the stress around nightmares.

It has good healing properties that makes it a beneficial stone to use for crystal healing as it aids inflammation and assists the relief of pain.

These crystals for bad dreams contain the mineral lithium, which has a calming vibration that helps to settle an overactive mind. 

LepidoliteNatural Lepidolite

Lepidolite is easy to buy and is an excellent crystal for emotional healing that helps to release negative energy from your auric field.

It helps those being healed to let go of shock and distress that can be released when you are receiving healing.

Other ways that Lepidolite can help you includes using it in meditation, as it facilitates astral travel. They are good crown chakra crystals that aid spiritual growth and healing.

Black Andradite Garnet

Black Andradite Garnet are quite potent grounding stones with an action that makes a deep connection to the earth via the base or root chakra.

This helps you to receive vital healing energy from Mother Gaia. 

In addition they are a highly protective stone with an energy that seals your aura and creates a strong energetic shield around your auric field.

They are excellent crystals for bad dreams, and part of why it prevents you from having ongoing nightmares may be its action as an energetic shield.

They are excellent crystals to help children's nightmares and may aid night terrors which can be really hard as it often happens in the middle of the night.

These black crystals are also known as Melanite Garnet, and have quite a few other powerful metaphysical properties that will benefit you.

It's easy to buy Melanite Garnet.

Their vibration may boost your creativity and they are good crystals to assist with setting goals, and are highly beneficial to use for meditation.

Black Andradite Garnet are strong psychic protection stones, and this makes them beneficial when you are sleeping, as it protects you from attack by malevolent beings.

Black Andradite GarnetBlack Andradite Garnet

Use them in meditation to assist you to go deep into the higher realms where you can connect with the akashic records and discover information on past lives.

In addition these black crystals assist you to develop psychic powers such as clairvoyance, and may assist you if you have an addiction to substances that you need help with.

Mangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite has a strong heart based energy that is calming and soothing and helps to release tension and stress.

They are excellent crystals for bad dreams and they are known as stones that help to prevent nightmares and it may be beneficial to keep it on the bedside table.

They are helpful crystals for fear, and this may be advantageous if ongoing bad dreams have made you or your children fearful when going to sleep.

They are a great stone to assist sound sleep, as they put a stop to ongoing nightmares and help to normalize your sleep patterns and improve the quality of your sleep.

Shop for this pink calcite, as it can help you in other ways as well, and is a strong heart based stone that helps to improve relationships.

They are excellent used in meditation as they resonate within the higher chakras, and are excellent crown and third eye chakra stones.

Mangano Calcite are good crystals for emotional healing and are powerful to assist you when you have low self esteem and need to boost self love.


Sugilite is most well known as 'the premier love stone' as this label is used by crystal stores, as this beautiful crystal has a strong action to improve personal relationships.

Many of you may not be aware of its action as one of the crystals for bad dreams, so it may benefit you to learn more about this aspect of its energy.

It's easy to buy Sugilite, and these stones help to prevent nightmares and can help with dream recall and may create a more peaceful dream state.

They work through their action to increase feelings of serenity and peace, and are known for their action to assist lucid dreaming.

They are good crystals for improving sleep and work by warding off negative energy and stop you from worrying about situations that cause bad dreams.

It is also a strong stress relief crystal, that also aids tension and anxiety, and can be used for crystal healing as it is also a violet flame healing stone.

It has a protective energy, that prevents you from being impacted by evil spirits attracted to your increased light.

It strongly resonates within the higher chakras, where it may stimulate psychic powers, such as clairvoyance and channeling ability.

Sugilite is also a good pain relief crystal, but be aware that it works by absorbing the pain, so you need to cleanse it often if you are using it for pain relief.


Prehnite is most well known as a stone of magic that helps you to be prepared in advance before something happens. 

This is because it's energy enhances precognition or prior knowledge of an event. Its energy resonates within both the heart and solar plexus chakra.

This is a good healing crystal that heightens your physical energy and boosts inner strength.

Shop here for Prehnite stone. They are good sleep crystals as they quieten a chattering mind to soothe you and prepare you for a good night's sleep.

These green crystals are good crystals for bad dreams as they prevent nightmares through their action to release fear.

Fear can cause you to have unpleasant dreams or severe nightmares that cause night terrors.

Shop for Prehnite at Exquisite Crystals: The use of crystals like these in the bedroom can be helpful.

This is because they help to release fear that relates to issues that may be karmic in nature, such as from a past life.

Other ways to use them is in meditation, to assist the development of clairsentience and to enhance the gift of prophecy or precognition.

Keeping Prehnite on you during the day could be beneficial for that purpose, but for better sleep place it on your bedside table at night so that its energy can benefit you.

Dalmatian Jasper

Dalmatian Jasper is a crystal that enhances good luck and positive ideas as well as encouraging the growth of happiness and joy to flow into your life.

They are good crystals for nightmares and they are known for their action to stop bad dreams and may generally help you to sleep better.

Shop Here For Dalmatian Jasper: They have a calming energy which relieves stress, and by increasing the level of inner peace and harmonious feelings may help to encourage better sleep.

One of the ways that both of these stones can assist you is by enhancing the level of protection from evil spirits that they embody.

This is a stone of protection that is known to assist psychic protection as well as EMF protection, so is powerful to help you when you are having trouble getting a good night rest.

Any fear you may feel related to thoughts about evil spirits who may be attacking you, can also flow through into the dream state and cause bad dreams.

The black spots are said to be Black Tourmaline, which is a potent stone in its own right to assist you in a great many ways, and they are powerful grounding stones.

Dalmatian Jasper are good crystals for bad dreams that are also strong healing stones. They are also known for their action to help to relieve pain and to boost the immune system.

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Elestial Quartz

Elestial Quartz of all colors have a good action as crystals for nightmares, but in particular the Smoky Elestial Quartz is helpful to stop bad dreams.

Smokey or Smoky Quartz Crystals are also helpful crystals for bad dreams and when this comes together in one stone this makes an excellent stone for aiding you. 

They are a high vibrational stone that is a member of the quartz family and are most well known for the strong spiritual energy embodied within them.

These high crystal energy stones make a strong connection with the spiritual realm, and have many potent qualities that relates primarily to the elestial formation.

While they are helpful crystals for nightmares, some members of the quartz family may be a problem when left in the bedroom at night.

So it is best to place it in a room that you spend time in, but do not sleep in, or they may keep you awake, as they can be very stimulating.

Did you know that Elestials form in various colors and this includes Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine (see picture above for link to the specific article) and Rose Quartz Elestials.

There are also other types or varieties of Elestial Quartz and while Smoky Quartz is the most well known variety, new colors and types are now coming to light.

Pictures of many of the new types are featured in the Elestial Quartz article.

Best Use Of Crystals For Bad Dreams

What are the best ways to use crystals to prevent bad dreams or nightmares?

A great way to use any type of crystal is in a crystal grid. It may be beneficial to combine any of the crystals for bad dreams that are mentioned above, in the grid.

By using a special combination of stones that are known to stop nightmares, you might get a faster result than by just using one alone.

Place the grid in the part of the house where you spend the most time, and in many cases this is in the room where the television is situated.

Prehnite PendantPrehnite Pendant: set in silver

While you can place the stones you are using in the bedroom, be careful about putting too many quartz types together.

Wearing them during the day can also be helpful so if you have jewelry made from any of these stones, keep them on your body to create a faster result.

If you are using any of the above crystals for bad dreams long term, make sure that you also cleanse them regularly to keep their energy high.

Other Crystals For Bad Dreams

There are a number of other stones that can also assist you if you are experiencing bad dreams or if you or your children experience nightmares.

Any of these stones may be helpful to use in be combination with any of the above stones to help you to sleep more peacefully.

Other crystals for bad dreams not mentioned above include Almandine Garnet, Galaxyite, Flint, Lake Superior Agate, Pyrite and Amphibole Quartz.

Sugilite is one of the Crystals For Bad Dreams and NightmaresSugilite is one of the Crystals For Bad Dreams and Nightmares

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