Pecos Diamond

Uplifting Energy Inspires Happiness

➤ By Liz Oakes

Pecos Diamonhave an uplifting energy that inspires happiness and aids you to feel that life is a pleasure to live. 

Their vibration encourages you to enjoy life, and to have fun where possible.

They resonate within the throat and third eye chakras which may boost intuition and psychic abilities such as the gift of prophecy. 

They are a type of quartz from Mexico that resonates with a strong heart based loving vibration that helps to heal emotional problems. 

Pecos DiamondPecos Diamond

Like most orange crystals they resonate strongly within the sacral chakra, and this makes them excellent stones for enhancing creativity.

The healing properties of crystals like these relates to how they assist the area of the stomach relating to the area governed by the sacral or navel chakra. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Where Is It From? Pecos Diamond Meaning

The name of Pecos Diamond relates to the place where they are found, in the Pecos River Valley within outcrops of the Permian Rivers formation near Roswell in New Mexico.

They are an iron rich variety of quartz crystal, and it is the iron in them which gives these colorful quartz crystals their color.

They form inside gypsum deposits in the outcrops of the permian seven rivers formation, and rockhounds exploring this area look for places where the gypsum has crumbled away.

Pecos DiamondPecos Diamond

In areas where the gypsum crumbles, when they see the orange "diamonds" peeking out of the gypsum, it is common to find quite a few stones together in each spot.

They are usually quite small crystals, and occur in a few different colors, but all in the shades of orangey pink.

Their color can range from a deep orange peach color through to a lovely pale apricot shade.

They commonly form as floaters and as double terminated crystals, as well as in clusters with many terminations.

Pecos Valley Diamonds are closely related to Rose Quartz, but as such you can't say that they are a type of Rose Quartz.

They have many metaphysical properties in common with Rose Quartz and while they are known by the name diamond they are not precious stones.

Why Would You Use Pecos Diamond?

These lovely orange crystals resonate within the navel or sacral chakra the area where creativity originates.

This makes them an excellent crystal for creative people to use, as it has a strong action to boost creative expression.

It not only aids creativity but also boosts intuition and by bringing the two energies together creates a fresh new outlook on what you are doing.

Pecos DiamondPecos Diamond

These stones energize the three lowest chakras and are also a good confidence builder that assists personal expression when required.

This is a great stone for the solar plexus chakra, the area related to personal growth, personal power and self esteem.

The solar plexus chakra is also quite well known for its action to aid manifestation and bring good luck.

Who Should Use It? Use For Meditation

Pecos Diamond are beneficial crystals for meditation as their energy stimulates  the higher chakras including the third eye.

This can assist you to slip more easily into the serene state needed to achieve a relaxed meditation experience.

They resonate within the throat chakra and the third eye and its energy there is well known for its action to stimulate your psychic ability.

Pecos DiamondPecos Diamond

These orange crystals are lovely to use in meditation as their energy vibrates quite strongly within the three lowest chakras and within the heart chakra.

Their vibration helps to create balance between these three chakras and the higher chakras.

How Will It Help You? 

Within the crown chakra, these quartz crystals work to enhance your mental power and may improve stability and mental balance.

They assist the release of any negative energy, also stopping the growth of negative thinking that is not in your interest.

They are a good stone for mental clarity that may also boost spiritual growth and strengthen spiritual awareness. 

Double Terminated Pecos DiamondDouble Terminated Pecos Diamond

Their energy of universal love resounds within the heart chakra, helping to create harmony and emotional balance.

This may aid the flow of unconditional love, which includes both love for others as well as self love. 

These stones assist the growth of emotional stability and boost common sense. They gently calm hysteria and anxiety that may be caused by stress or tension.

Their action at the throat chakra improves communication especially between couples and helping both of you to be open to allow open expression of emotional needs you hadn't discussed.

Another beneficial way that they can help you is to stimulate the growth of the gift of prophecy and they may also assist you have prophetic dreams.

Pecos Diamond Healing Properties

Pecos Diamond is beneficial for crystal healing, as it works within the physical body to create increased overall good health.

It is known to help your immune system and are also said to be helpful to aid high blood pressure and to assist healing of the nervous system.

This is a good crystal for relief of stresstension and anxiety, and they are purported to aid manic depression and hysteria.

Double Terminated Pecos DiamondDouble Terminated Pecos Diamond

They are said to particularly help the organs within the three lowest chakras of the body.

Within the base or root chakra it has a good healing action to assist problems related to sensuality and procreation.  

Within both the sacral and base chakras it has a good healing action for pregnant women as it is known to assist the procreative organs.

Their energy helps to bring inner peace, and they are said to assist you to have healthy hair and strong legs.

By releasing negative energies held in the body can help you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

Past Life Exploration

This is an excellent stone to use for past life exploration with a good action to help with past life recall. 

Many people find that past life work can be challenging, and some people are unsure if past memories are valid.

Using these crystals can activate the third eye and this may stimulate the birth of clairvoyance and encourage stronger psychic visions.

This energy aids the psychic self to receive accurate visions that help you to have confidence in what you have seen.

Be awake and aware of information coming through to you that necessitates the need for you to consider important changes to your life.

This may be the best way to discover past life issues that can lead to resolving problems in your current life.

How To Use It: My Final Thoughts

Pecos Diamond may be helpful if wish to boost your precognitive abilities as they are also good crystals for precognition and prophecy and may also boost prophetic dreaming. 

Keep one under your pillow to help you to experience dreams that may assist you in your explorations.

They should be used with an open mind, allowing your inner self to assist you to find answers to questions that concern you.

Pecos Diamond

In summary: Pecos Diamond is a stone that embodies a positive energy that helps you to deal with emotional issues that may arise.

They are also said to be a protective stone and in addition they are known to be a lucky money stone that brings an increase of good fortune.

They aid the expression of emotional needs, boost psychic powers or abilities and assist with the release of negative thoughts and bad habits that are holding you back.

Best Crystals To Use With Pecos Diamond

What are the best crystals to combine with Pecos Diamond?

These peach colored crystals have a good energy to stimulate the energy within the sacral or navel chakra and enhance healing of organs in that area.

Use the healing energy of other stones for the navel chakra. This area governs many of the organs for digestion.

So if you feel you need more help with this combine them with other sacral or navel chakra stones, such as Mt Hay Thundereggs, Botswana Agate, Bronzite and Yellow Apatite.

These crystals have a lovely energy that can stimulate feelings of joy and happiness, and may be beneficial to use with other crystals for happiness.

Some beneficial stones that also boost these positive emotions include Citrine Crystals, Peridot, Peacock Ore and Polychrome Jasper.

These crystals also combine well with other types of quartz crystal and particularly Clear Quartz which is known as the master healer.

Some of the other quartz types you might choose to use with them includes Golden Rutilated Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Kundalini Quartz which is a type of Citrine.  

These crystals have a strong energy to boost the healing of emotional problems, and using them with other crystals for emotional healing may benefit you.

This includes crystals such as Apache Tears, Rainbow Obsidian, Black Tourmaline and Aquamarine stone.

These crystals have a strong heart based energy that is powerful to bring an increase of loving energy into your life.

Specific stones that will be powerful used with them includes Rhodochrosite, Green Calcite, Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase the green chalcedony.

These lovely crystals have a good vibration that assist the growth of your creative abilities.

To boost this you may choose to use them with stones for this purpose including Picasso Marble, Eudialyte, Rutilated Quartz and Yellow Apatite.

Pecos DiamondPecos Diamond

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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