Aurora Quartz

A High Vibration Rainbow Quartz Crystal

➤ By Liz Oakes

Aurora Quartz is high vibration quartz crystal that is a type of Rainbow Quartz

The resonance of these crystals is very strong, and they have a beautiful energy that has been described as blissful and I have to agree with this description!

These lovely crystals are high crystal energy stones with an easily recognized vibration, because the energy comes through so strongly.

Aurora QuartzAurora Quartz

When you immerse yourself in this stones vibration, you will truly discover an energy that you may not have previously experienced.

It is also known as Iris Quartz or Anandalite, and in some places this stone is spelled Anandolyte. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Interesting Fact: Anandamide is a naturally occurring neurotransmitter known as 'the bliss molecule'.

Some interesting information you may not know: Anandamide is naturally found in raw cacao used to make chocolate.

It may be this ingredient that makes chocolate so desirable. So if you bliss out over chocolate, you may like this stones energy.

Why Would You Use It?

These crystals have an extremely high vibration and there are a number of reasons why you might choose to use them including:

  • If you have been working with crystals and are sensitive to crystal energy, sit and hold these lovely stones.

You will more than likely feel their quite potent vibration in a number of areas of the body.

In particular, they have an amazing resonance in the heart and higher heart or thymus chakra.

Aurora Quartz are potent healing crystals for you to add to your collection as they have a lovely heart based energy, but they bring you so much more than the average heart chakra stones.

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Aurora QuartzAurora Quartz also called Iris Quartz or Anandalite

When you hold them in your hand close to the heart, you truly receive a blissful charge from them.

The vibration of these stones feels to me like a rush of pure pleasure, inner delight and love, that wells up within you and energizes your heart.

Many of you will find that using Aurora Quartz will bring feelings of joy and happiness, and a sense of what can almost be described as inner rapture, truly beautiful!

This variety of quartz will also stimulate the higher chakras and are powerful to use in meditation. 

They are known to be a safe stone to stimulate kundalini awakening, and are now being recognized as one of the most powerful stones to use to aid you to awaken your inner serpent.

Where Is It From?

Aurora Quartz is a type of natural quartz crystal from India, that naturally exhibits gorgeous flashes of luminescence or rainbow colors on the stones.

Due to its metaphysical resonance, it said to have been registered under the name 'Anandalite', which is said to mean 'Divine Bliss', and it is true to that name.

Aurora Quartz

This stone is also known as Iris Quartz and is called Anandolyte by Judy Hall's publishers, although that could be a spelling mistake.

There are different colors of this crystal available and some Amethyst Anandalite is now making its way onto the market.

The color of these crystals may be clear white like the ones I have here, which were the color of the stones that first came onto the market.

There are also other colors now available, and their color may be white, grey or lavender, and many have yellowish brown patches in the stone.

You can get pieces of these stones that do not exhibit as much of the color play on the surface of the stones, yet they still have a high vibration, and are powerful metaphysically.

Aurora Quartz is made by nature, and has completely natural rainbows on external parts of the crystals, rather than inside them.

Although this crystal is also known as Rainbow Quartz, it is not the same as the quartz pieces which have a rainbow inside the structure of the crystals.

Internal rainbows are caused by fractures that are inside the crystals.  These quartz formations are different, as they have rainbows on the outside.

Unlike that type of Rainbow quartz, Aurora quartz crystals exhibit an amazing play of colors or luminescence.

You can see this on the surfaces of these stones, when they are held in the light at certain angles. This is said to be caused by an inclusion of rhodium in these quartz crystals.

The play of colors looks a little like the colors seen on man made rainbow crystals, like the lovely Angel Aura crystals and Aqua Aura Quartz, which are created by humankind by bonding minerals to clear quartz crystals.

How Will It Help You?

As mentioned above, this quartz crystal has an amazing energy at the heart chakra, and is also powerful to open the higher chakras from the heart up.

As the energy surges through the higher chakras there are a number of different types of experiences that you may have.

Each of us are different and no experience is more right than another.

If you wish to develop stronger psychic powers, this stone may commonly help to open up new psychic gifts. 

Aurora QuartzAurora Quartz aka Iris Quartz

Its action may include experiencing the birth of psychic visions also known as clairvoyant abilities.

It is a strong healing stone, and this may work to aid many health issues.

By clearing any discordant or stagnant energy in your auric field, this crystal opens the way for ascension, spiritual awakening and growth.

Enjoy simply using Aurora Quartz in meditation, as after a while you may find a growth in many spiritual areas of your life. 

If you have been doing spiritual work to aid you with contact your spirit guide, this may happen quite naturally.

It may be easier to make contact with your spirit guides after using this lovely stone.

This may happen on its own as you meditate with one of these lovely stones.

These are truly lovely stones to use in meditation and they will connect you quite easily to the higher realms. 

Most people who use them find that they quickly take you into a very deep inner awareness.

Once there you will not want to come back until you have fully experienced all that will be offered to you.

Aurora QuartzAurora Quartz

Holding a piece of Aurora Quartz at the heart or placed on the body near the heart ignites a strong surge of energy.

This energy quickly moves up from your heart, up through the throat and third eye chakras to the crown chakra.

This is a lovely, quite pleasurable surge of energy, that moves up from the heart into the higher heart or thymus chakra, bringing this loving energy as it goes higher.

You are transported so quickly and so easily to a place of blissful spiritual awakening, where you make a connection with your higher self and open yourself up to the Divine and the awakening of your inner being.

It commonly opens up the crown chakra and takes you up through soul star chakra and the stellar gateway, to journey within the higher transpersonal chakras.

How To Use This Crystal To Awaken Kundalini

The practice of kundalini awakening is associated with the idea of 'enlightenment', so it is a highly spiritual process.

If you use these high vibration crystal stones to awaken your kundalini, you will activate all of the chakras.

This energy moves all the way up the chakric column from the root chakra through to the soul star chakra, which is located in the etheric body above the crown chakra.

One of the ways that is suggested to use this stone to awaken your kundalini, requires getting a friend to help you. You will need two pieces of Aurora quartz to do it this way.

The way it is used is to have one piece of Aurora Quartz in each of your hands, with the crystals facing towards the body.

Iris QuartzIris Quartz

Ask the person being treated to stand in front of you. Allow your intuition to guide you about whether to start at the bottom or at the top.

My preferred place to begin is at the feet, as this will also clear any stagnant energy in the legs. If you prefer you can begin at the base or root chakra.

You start by holding each crystal about 12 inches from the persons body and slowly move up the body. If you feel an energy surge at any point, pause and allow the crystals to give the area extra energy.

In all likelihood you may also experience the energy as you do this, but concentrate on the other person and do not allow your own experience to distract you.

It is easy to find yourself reacting to the energy as you use it on someone else, so it may be a good idea to meditate with it yourself before using it to treat someone else.

Powerful Spiritual Experience

Keep going until you have reached the top of the body and finish around a foot above the head, then allow the person to sit down quietly and absorb the energy.

If you are wondering what you can expect to experience, there are many different ways that the energy of this stone can impact you.


This can range from a complete kundalini experience, through to many other types of spiritual experiences.

Most people find that it is a quite powerful, yet quite delightful, loving and joyous connection with spirit and your higher self.

As the energy moves up through various chakras, it is common to feel a strong surge of pulsating energy. It is typical to see images of various sorts, as you make a connection with the source.

Most people find that they feel a strong energy of love and joy, that merges into a profound spiritual depth of feeling that almost takes your breath away with its strength and breadth.

Many people find it is quite unlike anything they have felt before as it is changing your energy patterns and helping you to anchor and ground your lightbody to Mother Gaia.

My Final Thoughts: Helpful To Aid Spiritual Growth

Aurora Quartz or Anandalite crystals have an easily felt vibration, and the energy comes through quite strongly.

Put it under your pillow to aid sound sleep, and to help you to journey to the spirit world during your sleep as well as aiding you to sleep better. It may also help to stimulate creative inspiration.

You will enjoy using these lovely crystals, as they have a potent level of crystal energy and their vibration is helpful to aid spiritual growth.

The vibration of these crystals is exquisite, with a gorgeous energy that has been described as blissful. I have to agree with this description!

When you immerse yourself in this stones vibration, you will truly discover an energy that you may not have previously experienced and powerful inner growth may be the result.

Best Crystals To Use With Aurora Quartz

What are the best crystals to combine with Aurora Quartz also called Anandalite or Iris Quartz?

This lovely stone may be used with any other stone if you want to boost the vibration of the other stone.

Any of the high crystal energy stones will combine well with Aurora Quartz, and in particular any of the stones that aid the ascension process.

Combine it with any of the high vibration stones to accelerate your spiritual growth.

You may choose to use it with crystals such as Natrolite, Moldavite, Phenacite, Herkimer Diamonds or Libyan Desert Glass also known as Libyan Gold Tektite.

There are a number of other stones that work well to aid ascension, and will benefit by being used with this crystal. 

Crystals that will be helpful for this purpose include stones such as Yttrium Fluorite, Ascension Stones, Blue Hemimorphite or  Shamanite which is Black Calcite.

Aurora QuartzAurora Quartz

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