Elestial Citrine

 Has Potent Spiritual Energy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Elestial Citrine has a stunningly beautiful energy with an impressive healing action. They have a strong energy to bring change to your life on all levels.

Holding them in your hand makes a powerful Spiritual connection.

Also called Skeletal Quartz, it aids physical mental, spiritual and emotional healing.

They are extremely high vibration crystals that embody both the Citrine energy as well as the Spiritual vibration of the elestial formation.

You can use these stones to bring this potent light vibration down into the body during meditation.

Elestial CitrineElestial Citrine

While the way they look is a little different to other types of Citrine it is the quite unique energy that makes them so special.

Their energy may enhance your ability to more easily connect to the golden light of the higher realms.

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Crystal Tip: Their energy assists you to connect up to the highest spiritual chakras, including the soul star and higher transpersonal chakras.

Once you have made this connection you can channel this potent golden light and energy down via the crown into the body for Spiritual healing.

Why Would You Use Elestial Citrine?

These lovely stones are a high vibration crystal with a strong spiritual energy that you will become aware of as soon as you hold one of them.

You may find that by simply connecting with the images hereprior to meditation you can use them for this purpose. 

The quite potent energy of this formation makes them a wonderful aid to improve your life and to assist the growth of your spirituality.

In addition, all types of Citrine enhance feelings of happiness, joy and positive emotions which are powerful to enrich your life. 

Elestial Citrine Spiritual Meanings & UsesElestial Citrine

This energy also helps you to release any deep fear and anxiety you could be experiencing.

Citrine itself is powerful to use in meditation regardless of what formation it occurs in, but Elestial Citrine makes them even more powerful when you are meditating.

Check out my article on crystal meditation if you are not sure how to meditate. Then come back and read more about the special attributes of these crystals.

 Powerful Healing Crystals: How Will It Help You?

The elestial formation is now being found in more and more types or colors of quartz crystal.

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use if you are finding that life has made you lose faith.

The unearthing of these crystals is a powerful way that Spirit is aiding us, as there is such a need for them in the world today to assist our healing.

The energy of Elestial Citrine is especially helpful to bring emotional healing to aid the loss so many people have been feeling.

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Bright yellow Elestial CitrineBright yellow Elestial Citrine

Not just the loss of loved ones, although this is important, but also the loss of the way of life we lived in the past.

Many of you may find that you have lost faith and have stepped away from your spiritual connection, because you feel a deep loss of hope. 

The elestial crystals of all types may be used to assist you to make a stronger spiritual connection and to aid you to heal emotionally.

They are excellent crystals for change, as they allow the release of old negative thinking and may assist you to move forward with making the changes to your life that are needed right now.

Best Way To Use Them? Use In Meditation

What is the best way to use them? Using Elestial Citrine in meditation is the most powerful use for them.

But in addition it would be beneficial to keep your piece in the area where you spend the most time.

They are quite stimulating, so I suggest that you don't keep them in the bedroom.

There are a number of pages on this site where you can read about meditation if you are unsure about how to meditate, see link above. 

If you are not sure how to proceed, simply hold them in your hand, close your eyes and allow yourself to be led by the energy within these crystals.

Citrine is powerful to assist with thinking clearly and can boost spiritual visions.

When it occurs in this formation it may aid you to go deeper and higher than you might experience with normal Citrine.

Elestial CitrineElestial Citrine

Once you have immersed yourself in its energy, allow it to take you up to the region above your head, above where the crown chakra is located.

Relax and allow yourself to travel to the area within the higher realms where the golden light is located.

Allow yourself to see a sphere of golden light and connect to this energy.

The vibration of these crystals will assist you to bring this beautiful golden light down through soul star chakra and the crown to the third eye chakra where it may enhance the growth of psychic powers.

Brings Down The Golden Light

Bring the golden light down to your heart where it will then spread out throughout your entire chakra system, bringing both spiritual and physical healing where needed.

The presence of this spiritual light will enhance your ability to travel the higher realms and to make connections with beings there.

These gingery orange crystals have layers and elevated areas on the stone, and it may benefit you to gently stroke the raised areas as you run your fingers over them. 

If you feel led to pause at a particular spot on the crystal, do so then softly press on the area where your finger has stopped. 

Allow yourself to be at peace as you allow the information that the crystal is showing you to be absorbed.

Their energy can help you to connect with your spirit guide, which can be helpful if you haven't previously made contact with your guides.

In addition it may also assist you to make contact with new guides or teachers in spirit who are waiting to help you.

All types of Elestial quartz are known for their action to stimulate the growth of clairaudience or psychic hearing.

So expect to find that this gift may be elevated after using these crystals, as well as increased intuitive ability.

As Citrine stimulates the birth of psychic visions you may also find that clairvoyant gifts are boosted.

If you have been working on discovering more about past lives, their action to boost visionary ability may assist you to see or experience past life memories. 

How Will It Help You? 

These beautiful yellow crystals also embody all of the properties of Citrine including:

The solar plexus energy within Citrine aids with manifestation of abundance and prosperity and an increase of wealth in various forms including manifesting money.

Citrine ElestialCitrine Elestial
  • The sacral chakra energy may assist you in a number of ways, including boosting creativity.
  • The higher vibration of Elestial Citrine works within all of the chakras above the heart in addition to the sacral and solar plexus areas.

You may discover that your imagination is boosted, both from the stimulation in the sacral, as well as from the powerful energy within the higher chakras including the soul star chakra.

Elestial Citrine Meaning

The meaning of Elestial Citrine relates to it being a natural quartz formation where golden yellow Citrine crystals occur in the quite unusual elestial form. 

The elestial configuration is a fairly uncommon structure and shape, and it is unusual for this color of quartz to occur in this formation.

While the yellow Elestial Citrine crystals are said to be fairly rare, they can be obtained from specialist crystal suppliers.

They are unique in that they incorporate all the properties of normal Citrine along with the impressive energy related to their distinctive elestial formation. 

Also called Skeletal Quartz, most of them are not the bright yellow of other Citrine crystals but are more commonly a deeper gold color.

Many of these beautiful crystals also embody darker gingery yellow shades and many are also combination crystals with an addition of a light brown Smoky Quartz coloration in some parts of them.

The crystals with Smoky highlights may have some other properties related to the Smoky Quartz energy within them.

Where Is Elestial Citrine Found? 

Elestial Citrine is primarily found in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil and may be golden yellow, a more gingery shade or a Smoky Citrine blend.

Also known as Golden Dream Citrine Elestial Crystals, it is reported that many of these also contain record keepers, an additional powerful energy.

The record keepers can be quite small and hard to spot in images.

Elestials of various colors have also been found in a number of places other than Brazil, including in Australia, Madagascar, Africa, Mongolia and the United States.

Ginger Elestial CitrineGinger Elestial Citrine

Note: the colors of quartz relates to the specific minerals they contain. Quartz is primarily a silica based mineral with the addition of various minerals that create their color.

In the case of Elestial Citrine it is primarily the inclusion of iron which creates both the color and the principle attributes of these crystals.

There is an in-depth page about the beautiful Citrine crystals where you can read more about them and their properties.

The Elestial Citrine embodies all of the properties of normal Citrine but the form it occurs in boosts its energy to a very high Spiritual level.

Benefits & Healing Properties

These crystals have a number of healing properties as their energy resonates within the navel chakra area where many important organs are located.

They are known to assist issues such as constipation and digestion, as well as aiding the kidneys, urinary tract and gall bladder.

These yellow crystals may assist weight loss and are known to aid the reduction of cellulite.

These crystals encourage a stronger flow of energy throughout the body, and this may help with the release of toxic substances within the body.

It is easy to program quartz crystals, and it can be beneficial to add a program into your quartz to aid your healing, although for elestial quartz this is not as important.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

Elestial Citrine are powerful crystals for happiness as they have an amazing energy to increase feelings of happiness and joy.

They also help to release fear so this a powerful reason to use them.

They have a good energy to particularly stimulate the third eye chakra as well as the sacral and solar plexus.

This may help to manifest money and may produce an increase in wealth. They also aid imaginative thinking and enhance creativity.

In summary: the highest and best use of Elestial Citrine is for meditation, as it is a powerful crystal to aid you to bring through the golden light during meditation.

The energy of these stones is known for its action to stimulate the birth of psychic powers and may aid contact with Spiritual teachers and your spirit guides.

They are beneficial crystals for emotional healing and may particularly aid those who are having difficulty coping due to the current events playing out right now in the world.

If you wish to learn more about the general qualities of the Elestial Quartz formation, there is an in-depth page about Elestials here.

Combine With Other Elestial Quartz Types or Colors

If you have any other type of Elestial Quartz they will combine well with them.

There are many elestials now becoming available so you have now got more choices than previously.

Some Elestials that have come into my life recently includes a quite lovely deep purple Amethyst Elestial but Amethyst Elestial can also be a lighter purple color.

Amethyst ElestialAmethyst Elestial
Dark Amethyst ElestialDark Amethyst Elestial

You could choose to use them with any other elestial quartz, such as Smoky Elestial, which is the most common and very easy to obtain.

Other elestial varieties includes Rose Quartz Elestial, Lodalite Elestial Quartz, Black Elestial, Clear Elestial Quartz and Mango Quartz in an elestial formation.

Clear Elestial QuartzClear Elestial Quartz
Black Elestial QuartzBlack Elestial Quartz
Lodolite Quartz ElestialLodolite Quartz Elestial
Elestial Mango QuartzElestial Mango Quartz

Best Crystals To Use With Elestial Citrine

What are the best crystals to use with Elestial Citrine?  

There are a number of crystals and stones below that combine well with them. Many of the soul star chakra crystals are of a high vibration.

Using them with any of the high vibration crystals is powerful, but you may find it helpful to combine them with other soul star chakra stones.

Specific stones that might be beneficial to use them with includes Satyaloka Quartz, Stellar Beam Calcite, Libyan Desert Glass, Selenite or Natrolite.

But do check out the list of crystals on the soul star chakra article referenced above as you might have others that you prefer to use.

Any type of Elestial Quartz has a good energy to assist you when you feel the desire to change your life and need help to do this.

Moldavite is one of most well known and powerful crystals to assist you when you are navigating change, but there are also a number of other crystals for change that you may choose to use them with.

Other stones for this purpose includes Labradorite, Malachite and Bastnasite.  

If you are particularly interested in boosting your imagination, use them in combination with any of the crystals that are known to increase imaginative thinking.

In particular you might choose to use them with Herkimer Diamonds, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Tangerine Quartz or Pyrite.

Many of you may wish to utilize them to create increased wealth, or to improve the level of abundance and prosperity of any type in your life.

There are quite a few excellent stones for abundance and many of these will be powerful when used with these yellow crystals.

Note: because they have a strong Spiritual energy they will bring abundance in alignment with Divine Will, so how this works out may surprise you!

Stones for this purpose includes Libyan Desert Glass, Peridot, Heliodor or Golden Yellow Topaz.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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