Witches Finger Crystal

Releases Fear, Boosts Tact & Diplomacy

Written By Liz Oakes

Witches Finger Quartz Crystal is definitely not what you would call a pretty stone.

In fact it looks somewhat bizarre! 

Yet at the same time it has a rather striking appearance that gets your attention.

The unique mix of minerals in these stones helps your communication by aiding the growth of tactful, diplomatic speech.

Funnily enough I quite like how they look, as it reminds me of the fact that human beings are also not all alike or even good looking.

Witches FingerDouble Terminated Witches Finger Quartz

Regardless of  the look of people, or crystals, they can have so much to offer! Fortunately these crystals also have some useful metaphysical properties.

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So why would you use them? As they are a type of quartz they embody all of the energy of quartz. Quartz has a strong action to amplify the vibration of the many minerals that are part of their make-up.

Their vibration may be advantageous to use in meditation, as they may attract helpful spirit guides and teachers that are needed for your ongoing life journey.

The energy of these stones may challenge you to take the bull by the horns and embrace all that life may offer, without fear, allowing your real self to step forward and live life!

Where Is It From? Witches Finger Meaning

The meaning of their name comes from a couple of interesting attributes that makes them resemble what children might have thought a Witches Finger could look like.

These crystals are a weird looking type of quartz that have strange gnarly bumps on them, and they most often occur in a shape that is similar to fingers.

Witches Finger Quartz Crystal Meanings & Use

They are made from quartz and many have well formed and easily recognized faces, and can occur in some of the common quartz formations.

Many are double terminated with clearly defined points, but it is the many inclusions of minerals that make them look quite unusual and unlike other types of quartz crystals.

There are a number of minerals that are known to be included in these strange looking stones, some included inside, some only partially included and others that sit on the outside.

There are quite a large number of minerals that may be embodied in these stones. Some of these are fairly well known but there are a few less common ones as well.

These include rutile, muscovite, feldspar, zircon, mica, calcite, sphalerite, hematite, actinolite, iron, zinnwaldite and magnetite.

Some pieces may have threads of actinolite or rutile clearly visible and these crystals are also known as Hair Of Venus stone.

They come from a mine in Zambia in Africa which is now said to be closed. They are also available in some places as tumblestones, selling under the trade name Magdalena Stone. 

Due to the mine closure, they are now not as common as they once were. But there are still quite a few in the hands of wholesalers so it should be possible to obtain some.

Why Would You Use Witches Finger Quartz?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use Witches Finger Quartz including:

  • These unusual looking crystals have an interesting energy that may assist you to understand the reason behind events that happen in your daily life.
  • They help you to easily grasp the meaning of incidents that occur, and aid you to understand how this could assist with the manifestation of something that you desire.
  • They have an energy that can also help you when you manifest the opposite of what you desire.
  • This can be helpful, as this knowledge can help you to correct the cause and so create a new and better outcome.
  • They may help you if you work in a job where it is important that you speak diplomatically to clients.
  • You may benefit by the way that the energy can assist you to speak in a more sensitive or subtle manner.
  • Their vibration may assist you to be more tactful, and can assist with the growth of discretion, and can aid you to communicate in a more delicate and careful way.
Witches Finger QuartzWitches Finger Quartz

At the same time they have an energy that encourages you to be yourself, and to have the courage to live life on your own terms.

They are also helpful to assist you to release fear, and through this be able to be your authentic self.

Their vibration can be very helpful when you are traveling in areas that you haven't been to before, and which may need particular attention when navigating.

Their vibration is useful to assist you to safely reach your destination without getting lost.

Also Called Magdalena Stone: How To Use It

Use them in meditation to cleanse and activate any or all of your chakras, allowing the release of any negative or sluggish energy from your auric field.

As this stone is a variety of quartz, it will be easy to program if you wish. If you need information on how to program quartz crystals there is more information on its specific page.

Witches FingerWitches Finger

They resonate within all of the chakras, with a strong action within the higher chakras to boost spiritual growth.

They help you to reach a deep meditative state, where they may assist you to make contact with spirit beings, teachers or guides who might assist you, and provide answers to questions you have.

These unusual stones are useful used in meditation, and they have a strong mystical or magical vibration that may assist shamanic journeying.

For those who are not sure what shamanic journeying is, this relates to first going deep into a meditative state, where you allow yourself to reach an altered state of consciousness.

Witches Finger CrystalDouble Terminated Witches Finger Crystal

Many people do this type of inner journey when listening to music with a regular beat, such as drumming, which helps to maintain the connection to the outer world, and guides you back.

The energy of these stones is also known to stretch time.

You may discover that this attribute has manifested when you do what you thought was a very long meditation, only to discover you were barely away for a couple of minutes on the clock.

This may be very helpful to aid you to make great strides in your spiritual growth.

How Will It Help You? My Final Thoughts

These crystals are also said to have some unusual characteristics, that are known to assist cooks, wine-makers and beers brewers with their craft.

So if you work in any of those industries you may benefit by using them.

Witches Finger Quartz Crystal Meanings & UseWitches Finger with Silvery Mica Inclusion

In summary: some Witches Finger quartz crystals have obvious inclusions of minerals that you might recognize.

If you can identify a specific mineral check the metaphysical properties and meaning of these stones to see how that inclusion might be helpful. 

Inclusions of Red Muscovite are very common as is mica of other colors, including sparkly silver mica inclusions.

Best Crystals To Use With Witches Finger Quartz

What are the best crystals to use with Witches Finger also called Magdalena Stone?

There are a number below that combine well with them. Witches Fingers have a helpful energy to assist you to let go of fear and to live life on your own terms.

In order to decrease feelings of panic, dread or trepidation, use it with other stones that help to release fear.

Specific stones for this purpose includes Rhodonite, Tigers Eye, Black Jade or Watermelon Tourmaline.

If you feel that your ability to speak tactfully might benefit by being boosted a little, you could use it with other stones that bring an increase in tact and discretion.

Other stones that aid your communication to be more tactful includes  Howlite, Watermelon Tourmaline and Aurichalcite.

To aid you to speak more diplomatically, combine it with other stones that help you to speak in a more sensitive and diplomatic way. Stones for this purpose includes Mariposite or Nunderite.

Witches Finger
Witches Finger Quartz Crystal Meanings & UseWitches Finger Quartz Crystal Meanings & Use

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing, remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Conventional medicine may say that crystal healing is just the placebo effect, but crystal experts who use it do find it is beneficial.

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So always seek out medical treatment and get professional help for any worrying health issue.

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