Black Amethyst

Strong Grounding & Protection

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Black Amethyst are powerful to aid both emotional and spiritual healing, and are also helpful grounding and psychic protection crystals.

These black stones are beneficial when you have difficulty sleeping as they have a calming restful vibration.

It not well known but is worth finding due to its excellent energy. It has many properties in common with the purple Amethyst that is so loved.

The inclusion of Hematite in them boosts the memory and assists you if you are studying.

Black AmethystBlack Amethyst

The inclusion of Hematite in them boosts the memory and assists you if you are studying.

Their energy also assists your ability to study difficult topics such as mathematics and some science subjects.

They aid the release of negativity and are excellent violet flame healing crystals and can also help you to release addictions to substances. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Benefits Of Black Amethyst

These crystals embody the same energy as the Purple Amethyst Crystals, but have the extra benefits that come from the added Hematite and iron minerals. 

These dark stones also embody some of the powerful Amethyst Crystal properties. 

Amethyst has powerful properties to stimulate an increase in spiritual healing. 

They are strong crystals to use to prevent negative thinking and their vibration helps to soothe you and quieten negativity..

Druzy Black AmethystDruzy Black Amethyst

They are excellent stones to help insomnia as they enhance restful sleep and may increase pleasant dreams.

The combination of energy for both protection and grounding makes them an excellent stone to keep nearby if you are using stones with potent energy.

Why Would You Use It? Good For Meditation 

Black Amethyst crystals are advantageous to use in meditation as they are powerful psychic protection stones that resonate within the higher chakras.

They are effective meditation crystals due to the combination of their action to stimulate the higher chakras while also protecting and grounding you.

They are strong third eye chakra stones that are known for their action to stimulate psychic gifts.

This is because part of the third eye is the pineal gland, located in the brain behind it this area.

Black Amethyst GeodeBlack Amethyst Geode

Use them in meditation in a similar way to other types of Amethyst. Their vibration may help to awaken psychic visions or clairvoyant gifts.

They have a quite dynamic energy that resonates within the third eye chakra, as well as the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the etheric chakras right up to the fourteenth chakra. 

Opening your psychic powers is commonly a result of the use of these stones due to their powerful third eye energy. 

What Is Black Amethyst? Aids Sadness and Grief

You may be wondering what is Black Amethyst, especially if you haven't heard of this amethyst variety before.

Basically it has a similar mineral makeup to the Purple Amethyst stones except it has additional minerals that give it extra metaphysical properties. 

Some pieces are very dark colored and seem really black but others are simply a very dark purple color that looks close to black in color.

Black AmethystBlack Amethyst

Aid Sadness and Grief: They are especially beneficial at times of loss of a loved one, as they help you to look after your emotional health as you deal with your sadness and grief.

Their energy assists the release of any anxiety, fear and anger related to what has happened.

Like the purple amethyst, the Black Amethyst helps you to deal with feelings from the past and can assist you with healing the inner child.

In addition they help with any old accumulated feelings of depression or misery related to things from the past.

How To Use It? Strong Grounding Energy

This Amethyst variety is a strong grounding stone, due to the addition of the minerals iron and Hematite.

This may prevent you from becoming ungrounded and it may also assist you through its action to stimulate the third eye chakra.

Black Amethyst GeodeSmall Black Amethyst Geode

If you have been meditating with strong high vibration crystals, keep a piece of Black Amethyst stone nearby while you meditate.

Their grounding action helps to take any strong excess energy or negativity down via the base chakra to the earth to dissipate. 

They can be used for meditation in their own right of course, and as they contain a similar energy to the purple amethyst are definitely useful for this purpose.

Healing Properties Of Black Amethyst

The crystal properties of Black Amethyst makes them excellent healing stones, that help rejuvenate your entire system.

They are known to assist headaches and may help to relieve the discomfort and and pain related to physical issues of the spine.

Due to the inclusion of Hematite in them, they may also assist health problems related to the blood and may help inflammation.

Natural Black Amethyst GeodeNatural Black Amethyst Geode

This is a helpful stone for healers to use on days when you have perhaps done to much and need to pick up and replenish your energy.

They are also said to be useful crystals for women to use to help any issues related to reproduction and the menstrual cycle, including menstrual disorders.

It is purported to balance the meridians in the body and may help to stabilize the nervous system.

How Will It Help You? 

Although they do not seem to be violet colored, they still embody within them the energy of the violet flame which helps with physical healing. 

They are known to increase peace and harmony and boost emotional healing, and are helpful to assist absent-mindedness or the inability to recall details of things.

Black AmethystBlack Amethyst

If you are suffering with tension or stress, keep a piece nearby to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

They are good crystals for addiction so if you are working on changing old habits, such as an addiction to smoking, drinking or drug use, having a piece nearby may assist you.

Where Is It Found? Black Amethyst Meaning

Black Amethyst is the name given to a type of crystal that looks black at first glance even though it can be very dark purple, rather than matte black.

They are known as Black Amethyst as some of these crystals look like they are black but they may not be.

Often they are a quite beautiful very deep purple black shade, or you may notice a violet purple undertone in the black. 

Some are quite black, yet others are not so black but have a quite obvious deep purple coloration.

Most of what is known as Black Amethyst comes from Uruguay and Brazil.

You may notice that many pieces pictured are geodes and they commonly occur as clusters or small geodes.

In addition there is a variety found in India that has white quartz mixed with the Black Amethyst and may have visible red hematite inclusions, see image below.

Black Amethyst Mineral Makeup

Like all types of Amethyst they are a variety of quartz, meaning they are a silica based crystal, with various minerals included that create the coloration.

Many of these occur in a similar formation to purple Amethyst in natural raw clusters, but you commonly see them as standing clusters or caves.

They also occur as druzy geodes, meaning there are lots of tiny crystals that point outwards, and they occur on a matrix stone.

Many Black Amethyst geodes have quite tiny crystals, but others have a slightly bigger crystals formation.

Sometimes tumblestones that are this color can be found selling, but they are not common and are often simply dark purple stones.

Black Amethyst in White Quartz Pyramid  from IndiaBlack Amethyst in White Quartz Pyramid from India

The color of most of the darker stones is related to the inclusion of good amounts of the minerals hematite and iron.

The inclusion of these minerals also means that they have some extra different metaphysical properties to the purple stone.

The combination of the Hematite properties mixed with the properties of Amethyst makes them a unique and powerful crystal to utilize.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

These black crystals are powerful as they embody so many different and helpful attributes due to the mix of minerals they embody.

Their action to aid grounding as well as their highly protective vibration, makes them extremely valuable to utilize in your life.

Their calming energy that helps emotional healing as well as aiding you to sleep better, makes them beneficial to keep nearby.

Purple and Black Amethyst FlowerPurple and Black Amethyst Flower

In summary: If you have issues with remembering important things, it may help you to keep a piece in the vicinity to boost your memory.

They are also beneficial to help you if you are studying as they contain Hematite which aid you to understand difficult concepts such as maths and science subjects. 

In common with other types of Amethyst, they assist with the release of addictive behavior, by ameliorating your feelings of desire for the substance.

Best Crystals To Use With Black Amethyst 

What are the best, most beneficial crystals to use with Black Amethyst?

There are a number of crystals and stones below that combine well with them. 

They have a good energy for psychic protection and will combine well with many of the other protection stones. This includes Malachite, Shattuckite, Rutile or Smoky Quartz.

If you are using them for helping addiction, either for yourself or someone close to you, there are a number of other stones that can help with this.

Any other amethyst variety will help you to deal with addiction and there are quite a few types you could choose.

You could also combine them with Dumortierite, Black Obsidian, Unakite or Astrophyllite.

Pair With Other Grounding Stones

These crystals have an excellent energy to aid grounding, due to the presence of good amounts of Hematite and iron in them.

Use them with other grounding crystals if you feel the need to boost the grounding energy. There are a large number of excellent grounding stones.

Specific ones you may like to combine with them includes Black Tourmaline, Augite, Black Onyx or Rainbow Obsidian.

These crystals have a strong earth star chakra energy, that helps to bring excess energy down through the base chakra to the earth for release.

To boost this energy combine them with other strong earth chakra stones, such as Jet Stone, Black Diopside, Tiger Iron or Smokey Quartz Crystals.

Smokey QuartzSmokey Quartz

Black Amethyst Meanings Properties & UsesBlack Amethyst Meanings Properties & Uses

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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