Almandine Garnet

Is A Stone Of Tangible Truth

➤ By Liz Oakes

Almandine Garnet is known as a stone of tangible truth.

It has a strong action to manifest a clear unmistakable and realistic explanation of the reality of the world you live in.

These red garnets have powerful metaphysical properties that boost clarity and certainty in those who feel vague or unsettled about life.

It has a strong grounding energy that can bring anyone who is a bit 'airy fairy' back down to earth.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

This connection brings with it the gift of feelings of security and safety, and it is a highly beneficial healing stone.

It is a spiritual stone that may stimulate the arousal of the kundalini energies that reside at the base of the spine where the base chakra is located. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

This red garnet variety creates a strong connection with the natural world so is an excellent grounding and protection stone.

It has a deep resonance within both the earth and base chakras and also makes a strong connection upwards uniting the base and the crown chakras.

Why Would You Use The Stone Of Tangible Truth?

This red member of the garnet family embodies powerful metaphysical properties to assist you to better bring a realistic approach to how you view the world and your place in it.

It's energy is helpful for anyone who is inclined to be a bit 'airy fairy' or impractical and who needs to recognize the tangible truth of your reality and be more sensible in how you approach life.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

Most first chakra stones are powerful tools with an excellent energy to aid grounding by creating a strong link to mother earth to release negative energy.

Almandine Garnet are strong protection stones that also have a powerful base or root chakra energy. This can create a good action for grounding the physical body.

Is It Reality or The Imagination  At Work?

Many of you may be inclined to imagine what you desire in order to manifest it into reality, and this can work.

But you do also need to be realistic and recognize that reality and imagination are quite different.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

The power of imagination is very impressive and there are a large number of crystals that aid the use of your imagination.

Imagination can be used as a force for good as long as you understand the difference between imagination and reality.

Almandine Garnet is helpful to bring you back to earth if you have made up mental stories in your head than are not really truthful and need to see things in a less romantic way.

These red stones also resonate within the solar plexus chakra which may help you to be more confident about your choices as they boost self confidence.

The metaphysical properties of garnet bring an increase of positive energy into your life, and with the help of this stone you may see different ways to approach issues.

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

It's easy to buy Almandine Garnet and these red stones are purported to have a number of excellent healing properties.

They may bring a helping hand to crystal healers, and their energy is particularly beneficial to aid the health of the organs within the base chakra, the solar plexus and the heart chakra.

Almandine Garnet is a strong stone for good health and emotional healing, as its heart based energy resonates within the heart and may also aid the organs of nearby areas. 

Almandine Garnet

In ancient times their physical properties were said to help issues a number of health problems which we still are aware of today.

Using a piece of this beautiful crystals was purported in ancient traditions to be able to prevent nightmares or bad dreams.

These deep red crystals were regarded as a healing stone in the middle ages and in Victorian times as it was believed to eliminate evil spirits, as well as helping to prevent negative emotions.

These days it is a beneficial crystal healing stone that is purported to help a large number of health problems.

Almandine stone is known to help in a number of ways, as it balances energy flow and aids the release of body toxins that may cause inflammatory diseases.

Almandine Garnet

The energy of this stone is said to boost the immune system and can aid the assimilation of vitamins, the absorption of iron.

It is thought to improve blood flow, and is said to help issues such as diseases of the blood, anxiety and depression.

How to Use Almandine Garnet: Kundalini Activation

This red variety of garnet is known as a sacred stone as it is a powerful tool to use for kundalini awakening and spiritual healing.

It embodies powerful spiritual properties. The action of this red crystal to trigger the rise of the kundalini can affect people in a different ways.

Working with kundalini energy is one of the spiritual practices that is well known, but it does need some thought before you decide if you should do this.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

The way that kundalini awakening works is related to how the energy is stimulated within the chakra column, located within the spine.

A number of stones can activate this energy, including this powerful stone, but you might consider using it in combination with other stones that also do this.

Once activated, the kundalini energy rises up the spine from the base or root chakra, moving up the chakra column, stimulating chakra healing as it moves through each of the chakras.

It moves up through the entire body, via the spinal column and then emerges at the crown chakra, the highest bodily chakra.

If you are sure you really wish to do this, the article on kundalini awakening shares information on how it all works and the best way to use crystals as part of the process.

This page gives you more information about its effects, including how it can affect your sex drive and its role to aid spiritual transformation.

 Wearing Almandine Garnet Gemstones

These dark red stones are one of the most popular of the garnet group and are used by the gem trade to make precious jewelry.

Garnet, and in particular red garnet was chosen by the International Gem Society to be the January birthstone. But a few other stones are also associated with January.

Almandine Garnet is the most admired and well known of the red garnets so is one of the most popular January birthstones on the birthstone list.

The red gems are cut in a special way when used for making precious garnet jewelry to make them look brighter, and it's easy to buy jewelry made of garnet gemstones.

The deep red Almandine Garnet is a common and well known garnet due to its beauty, but it is not normally the garnet variety that is used for jewelry.

Almandine Garnet

These stones come in a range of colors including beautiful medium red stones as well as the beautiful gemstones that are darker red stones and are the most popular.

They are popular stones to give as a gift to your lover as they embody the energy of deep love and profound heartfelt desire towards your partner.

If you are looking for that special someone, it is said that wearing Almandine Garnet may attract your soulmate.

It known as a stone of commitment that encourages feelings of profound love to flow within your relationship which may also improve your love life.  

These red garnets are extremely popular for jewelry makers to fashion into beautiful red garnet gemstone jewelry.

They are popular Virgo birthstones that have been in use since ancient times, and are well known to aid those born under both Scorpio and Virgo starsigns.

Almandine Garnet crystal jewelry has a strong action within the heart chakra, which creates an increase of loving energy and also resonates within the solar plexus chakra, so it is beneficial to wear it.

They are one of the more popular types of garnet that were used by ancient people. These days gem-quality stones are sold in a variety of colors or shades of red.

These beautiful stones were used in the middle ages as they were known as a very protective stone, so they became a traditional zodiac stone.

Check out the zodiac birthstone list to discover more.

My Final Thoughts About Almandine Garnet

Almandine Garnet is known as a stone of tangible truth as it has a strong action to assist you to create a clear, unambiguous and rational idea of your personal circumstances.

These beautiful red stones are said to bring good luck, and may aid you to more realistically approach the manifestation of your chosen reality.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and this will make it simple to wear a piece of this stone on your body.

You can learn about the range of other types of garnet in a special section below.

There are a number of garnet varieties and they occur in a range of colors and they all have strong metaphysical and healing properties.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet also called Almandite Garnet

In summary: Their strong base chakra energy is a strong help on the physical plane to boost your survival instinct and they are excellent grounding stones.

They are powerful protection stones and even small garnets are a great help to release negative energies.

More than any other reason, gorgeous Almandine crystals are one of the best crystals to give as a gift of a love stone to someone you deeply appreciate.

They have a powerful action to stimulate an improvement in your relationship, and their action as a lucky stone may also improve other areas of your life.

Almandine Garnet Meaning 

The meaning of their name relates to them being named after a town called Alabanda in the ancient area of Caria in Asia Minor, in the current region of Turkey and Greece.

Also known as Almandite Garnet, writings done by Pliny the Elder in medieval times spoke about this stone, and called it 'alabandicus'.

Over time the name gradually changed until they were called by the current name.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

The word garnet comes from the Latin word 'granatum' which means pomegranate as many of these stones were thought to resemble pomegranate seeds.

In Greek mythology the pomegranate was connected with eternity, and garnet crystals became associated with endless and undying love.

The fact that these red garnets had a strong loving vibration, also meant that it became well known as a stone of eternal love.

Almandine Garnet Mineral Make-Up

Almandine Garnet is one of the most important gemstones in use as it the hardest form of garnet.

These silicate minerals are generally a deep red color, which is quite beautiful.

This variety is said to be the most common of the garnet stones, and while there are a few different red garnet varieties their chemical composition is not the same.

Almandine is an iron aluminum silicate that is found in metamorphic rocks such as in a mica schist matrix and occurs in a variety of shapes.

The mica schist matrix may break down over time to reveal beautifully formed symmetrical crystals in dodecahedron or trapexohedra shapes.

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Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet

They are a common type of garnet that is extremely popular for jewelry makers to fashion into beautiful red garnet gemstone jewelry.

Although they are red, their color can vary from an orange red to a quite deep red hue and in shades of violet or purple and some quite dark brownish black shades.

These red garnets have a high aluminium content along with various amounts of iron, and their exact color will depend on exactly how much of these minerals each individual stone contains.

Where Is Almandine Garnet Found? 

Almandine Garnet has been found in a number of places in the world.

This includes in the Northern Territory and Victoria in Australia, in Myanmar, Rwanda and Tanzania in East Africa, as well as Turkey, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic in Europe.

They have been found in various areas of the United States, with garnet deposits in Alaska, North Carolina and in New York which is said to have one of the world's biggest garnet mines.

Almandine GarnetNatural Almandine Garnet Crystals

Rare Star Garnets have been found only in Idaho in The United States and in India. 

There are deposits of Almandine known as Indian Garnets that are found in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

Other types of red garnet include Red Spessartine Garnet also called Spessartite Garnet and Pyrope Garnet, which is said to be hard to distinguish from pure Almandine Garnet.

Types of Garnets: Garnet Varieties

Garnet is a common mineral, and it is interesting how many different varieties of garnet there are, and you might like to use them together if you have them.

Members of the garnet family are associated with them all having a similar crystal structure even though they occur in a range of different colors.

The most common garnet crystal structure is cubic, so they are easily recognized.

I have a number of different garnet species and they work well when you combine them for healing or for metaphysical purposes.

If you wish to know more about the types of garnet that are pictured, when they have an in-depth page you will see their name highlighted with a link.

If you have other red garnets you might like to combine them with this variety of garnet to accentuate the healing energy of both stones.

This includes Rhodolite Garnet which is another deep red stone, Pyrope Garnet and Spessartine Garnet, also called Spessartite Garnets, which can be either red or orange in color.

Rhodolite GarnetRhodolite Garnet
Green Andradite GarnetGreen Andradite Garnet

Garnet comes in a wide range of colors, including both the orange and red garnet stone mentioned above.

In addition there is the yellowish green Grossular Garnet which can occur in a range of shades from pale yellow through to a light greenish yellow.

Hessonite Garnet can be yellow or red and there are both green and Black Andradite Garnet as well as quite a few types of green garnet.

The beautiful green garnets are less common and may be harder to obtain.

There are also different types of garnet in the green group, but if you can get them they are excellent healing stones.

You can read about the Green Garnets on a special page outlining the differences including Uvarovite Garnet, Green Tsavorite Garnets, Demantoid and Green Andradite.

Some Grossular Garnets may be green but they are usually a more greenish yellow.

Grossular GarnetGrossular Garnet

Best Crystals To Use With Almandine Garnet

What are the best crystals to combine with Almandine Garnet?

These stones have a strong energy within the base chakra, that is known to stimulate the awakening of the kundalini.

If you are interested in doing this, please make sure you read about it first. There is information on a specific in-depth page regarding kundalini awakening.

There are quite a few stones listed on that page that also aid kundalini activation and this includes Serpentine Stone, Brookite, Cuprite and Shiva Lingam.

These red garnets are strong base or root chakra stones and will combine well with crystals that stimulate this chakra.

You may find it beneficial to utilize them with some of the other red crystals, in particular the red base chakra stones.

Specific red stones includes Red Spinel, Polychrome Jasper, Red Tourmaline and Red Zircon Crystals. 

They are also strong earth chakra crystals that make a good connection to assist you to connect with mother Gaia.

They combine well with a number of other earth star chakra stones including Zircon, Luxullianite, Black Obsidian, Tiger Iron and Limonite.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet
Light Red AlmandineLight Red Almandine
Almandine Garnet Meaning Properties And PowersAlmandine Garnet Meaning Properties And Powers

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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