Aquamarine Crystal

Aids Courage & Communication

➤ Written By Liz Oakes

Aquamarine is a beautiful crystal with an energy that heightens courage.

It's energy assists you to release anger and reduce stress and aids clearer communication with the Divine source of all that is.


This crystals energy may encourage you to embrace change and may help you to make positive changes in your life.

It has strong powers that increase your ability to handle grief, by granting you the courage to go on.

Beautiful raw or natural pieces like the one shown above are easy to buy as they are a March birthstone.

You will finding them selling as beautifully polished stones, made into beautiful gemstone jewelry.

These rocks have strong metaphysical properties that help you to let go of old emotional issues you may be holding on to.

These lovely stones are powerful to assist self healing, and they are useful healing crystals for you to use to help to relieve stress. 

They are excellent crystals for emotional healing and their vibration will also aid you to reduce the tension around a specific issue. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click to learn more.

Where Is It From? Aquamarine Meaning

If you are interested in the meaning of this crystal's name, the word Aquamarine originates in ancient times and derives from the Latin words, meaning 'water of the sea'.

Ancient lore says that the name Aquamarine is related to them being used by mermaids to keep sailors safe at sea.

The most common form of this rock that you'll find selling are the natural or raw specimens. You can also get tumbled stones and lovely polished crystals as well.

These rocks are easy to obtain, with the largest number of natural Aquamarine crystal coming from Brazil.

Suppliers of this stone also acquire them from Burma, Mexico, Ireland, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Australia and the United States.

As a healer it is always an advantage to use the natural crystals for healing if you can.

It is easy to get natural or raw pieces of this crystal and this may be helpful, as the healing qualities of the natural stones may be superior.

Color Of Aquamarine

It is possible to get milky aquamarine gemstones, and both the clearer stones and opaque crystals are very popular.

They are particularly prized as they make beautiful fine quality jewelry.

Their color relates to various minerals included in the Beryl stone, and the blue color is very popular.

Aquamarine StoneAquamarine

Its easy to obtain natural crystals and even the large sizes will be less expensive than cut gems.

Stones that have the a greater amount of iron included will be a more green color, as the iron causes yellow to mix with the blue shade within the stones.

As the blue tones are popular, sellers are known to manipulate their color using heat treatment.

Many of these greenish blue colored gemstones are heat treated to remove the yellow color and accentuate the blue hues.

How To Use Aquamarine Stones

This lovely pale blue-green Beryl is powerful to assist those who are going through the process of grief and loss.

Often grief is accompanied by anger, and the feeling of "why me?" These crystals are a powerful aid at these times, to use for self healing.

The vibration of these beautiful gemstones will calm your grief, and dilute your feelings of anger.

Natural Aquamarine CrystalNatural Aquamarine Crystal

The word 'aqua' means water, so when you consider its name, you are aware that it has a lot of the water element vibration within it.

This means these lovely rocks will have powers that assist you to better handle your emotions. 

They are good crystals to aid emotional healing, and the main thing is to keep it within your aura for as long as possible during the day for best results.

Whatever your choice is whether wearing jewelry of any type or keeping a stone in your pocket will benefit you.

Jewelry made from these crystals comes in many lovely styles, including being mixed with other first-rate crystals, and are available at a variety of prices.

You will pay premium prices for top quality gemstones including faceted Aquamarine jewelry for everyday wear.

But if you are using it for healing, and are most interested in its physical properties smaller stones will work well.

Did You Know Aquamarine Is Blue Beryl?

When you go to buy Aquamarine stones, which are a member of the beryl family, most of the stones are in the color range from pale blue to medium blue, with only a few bluish green stones.

Some of the most popular stones for metaphysical purposes are a variety of Beryl.

They are highly favored both due to their healing attributes and because they make lovely crystal gemstones, that are made into jewelry.

Aquamarine Meanings Properties Powers & Uses

The Beryl group of crystals includes this blue stone as well as these others.

Bixbite is the rare raspberry red variety of beryl, and Morganite crystals are pink, purple-pink or peach.

Emerald stones are green, Heliodor is yellow to yellow-green, and the colorless Beryl is Goshenite, also known as White Beryl.

Use To Help Grief & Aid Emotional Healing

Both healers and anyone who just loves crystals and is using this blue rock for self healing, may want to think about the type of stone you wish to purchase.

Aquamarine is easy to buy, and natural this stone occurs as both green-blue stones and the pale blue gemstones you commonly see sold.

Aquamarine Gemstone PendantAquamarine Gemstone Pendant, set in silver

You can see that these lovely stones make beautiful jewelry, but if you are unable to obtain some, simply use a piece of this crystal. 

The main thing to ensure that their powers will benefit you, is to place them close to the right area.

At night you may also like to put one under your pillow, so that it will aid you while you sleep.

Using either a rough crystal or a tumbled piece will have the same powers as gemstones, as their vibration has a potent action to help with healing.

It is easy to buy Aquamarine jewelry, and this is an easy way to keep it on your body.

But another method is to put them in a small cloth bag in your pocket (to make sure you don't lose them).

Using Aquamarine In Meditation

The best use for Aquamarine stones is to meditate with them, and it is also an excellent way to relax yourself. 

As you go deeper into the relaxed meditative state, keep in mind the qualities that you would like to integrate, that this stones energy may accentuate.

Aquamarine may help you to find your spirit guide and to connect with your higher self.

Their energy may also help you when you are developing psychic gifts.

Natural Raw AquamarineNatural Raw Aquamarine

To get maximum benefit from this stones unique vibration, either wear it on your body or hold one of the Aquamarine stones in your hand.

Having one of these crystals somewhere within your energy field or aura is valuable. This applies to any stone you use for meditation.

Keeping them close to your throat chakra and your thymus or higher heart chakra is helpful.

If there is a specific attribute of these crystals that you know you need, keep this in your mind as you go deeper into relaxed inner awareness.

Meditation with this lovely crystal can begin by you seeing yourself standing before a pool of clear aquamarine water.

You may find that negative emotions come into your mind at this point, for clearing, and this is okay, especially if you know you have have been feeling them for some time.

Allow any of these hurtful emotions  that are now being brought into your mind to release into the water.

As they float away, you feel the water purifying you. Allow yourself to let go of any disharmony that you have been experiencing.

This is an excellent way to aid stress and anxiety, and will also help your health to improve overall.

Aquamarine Facts: Wearing Aquamarine Stones

The pendant pictured below has this crystal used along with Pink Morganite and Blue Topaz. This is a beautiful piece of jewelry, that is a pleasure to wear.

As Morganite is another beryl variety that has a deep heart based vibration. 

One of the Aquamarine facts for you to consider, if you are thinking about using this crystal, is about the color of the stone.

The color of Aquamarine stones is a mixture of both blue and green, which makes it a stone for the heart chakra, the higher heart chakra and the throat chakra.

Aquamarine NecklaceBlue Topaz, Morganite and Aquamarine Necklace

You will find Aquamarine stones included on the list of birthstones by month.

The Gemological Institute of America has chosen them as the traditional birthstone for the month of March, but it is energetically also a February and October birthstone.

This is an advantage when shopping for jewellery, as you should easily be able to purchase either a pendant or an Aquamarine ring.

Beautiful gemstones made from this stone are available and pieces with a vitreous luster and high clarity are popular with jewelry makers.

Beautiful emerald cut pieces are made into stunning rings. Keeping them on the body is especially valuable when you are working on integrating any of its specific healing qualities.

It is also one of the birthstones for the zodiac, and it is quite popular as it is known to help those born under a number of astrological signs.

Even though it is a blue stone, the green within Aquamarine stones makes them a stone for both the heart chakra and the throat chakra.

Wearing this blue-green stone as either a pendant or earrings, keeps it in the general area. 

This is a good spot to place any heart chakra or throat chakra stones, for maximum vibrational effect.

It is a well-known Aries, Pisces and Gemini birthstoneSo you can imagine that this gemstone is popular, and is often available in various qualities at a price to suit most people.

Grants You Courage While Calming Your Emotions

As they are excellent crystals for emotional healing, wear them in the area of your heart chakra to be most effective to aid emotional healing.

The flowing vibration of these crystals grants you courage, while calming your emotions and aiding you to live a better life.

Raw Aquamarine

Aquamarine stones are wonderful stones to wear, and are now quite commonly available. This means that it is possible to buy lovely crystal jewelry made from these stones.

Whether you buy natural crystals or use heat treated stones, the vibration of these beautiful gemstones will benefit your overall communication abilities.

 Why Would You Use It? My Final Thoughts

My Final Thoughts: A benefit of using this crystal is that it aids you to let go of emotional issues from your past that you have been holding on to.

As they are higher heart chakra stones, the energy of this lovely crystal is very powerful to assist you to release old issues related to this area.

This may assist you to let go of problems that have been with you and that you have been unable to let go of.

They may help you if you are inclined to be over critical or to judge others too easily, and their energy may assist you to be more accepting and tolerant of others at these times.

Aquamarine TumblestoneAquamarine Tumblestone

In summary: these blue crystals emit a flowing, soothing, compassionate energy yet strangely some people find this an uncomfortable stone to work with.

So do it gradually, using them for a little while each day.

They have numerous benefits so are worth persevering with, as they have powerful metaphysical properties and powers that support communication.

They are beneficial healing crystals to help stress, anxiety and tension, and are powerful throat chakra stones that will enhance communication with the Goddess.

Their energy helps to improve your overall spiritual communication, which may change your life for the better.

Best Crystals To Use With Aquamarine

Wondering what are the best crystals to use with Aquamarine?

There are a few combination of stones below that work well when used with them.

To ensure that the good energy of your Aquamarine gemstones continue, after you have been using them, make sure that you cleanse them on a regular basis.

Use it with Stellerite to aid you to handle negative emotions you may be feeling, or with Aqua Aura Quartz or Montebrasite to enhance the truthfulness of your communication.

You may choose to blend it with Moldavite, as this combination energizes Aquamarine, and the Aquamarine soothes the high energy of Moldavite.

They are strong stones to aid communication on a day to day basis, so you may like to combine this stone with other blue throat chakra stones.

Choose blue crystals such as Blue Aragonite, Amazonite, Sodalite or Ajoite for the most powerful results.

Other throat chakra stones that are not blue, that this stone will combine well with includes Kornerupine, Larvikite, Septaria or Thulite.


For improved communication with the Goddess, you may like to use it with other stones that have a good energy to connect with the Divine Feminine.

Specific stones you may choose to use includes Rainbow Moonstone, Seraphinite, Boli Stone, Larimar, Morganite, Lemurian Jade or Cuprite.

Lemurian JadeShadow Lemurian Jade

Using Aquamarine crystals is known to enhance the gift of intuition, so use it if you are working on your intuitive gifts.

If you wish to obtain psychic employment, where communicating psychically may be required, combine this lovely stone with crystals that may help you with developing your other psychic gifts.

Labradorite, Lavender Purple Iolite, Dumortierite and Blue Apatite are all psychic crystals.

If you are having problems handling feelings of grief, you may wish to combine this crystal with other stones that have a good energy to help grief.

This includes stones such as Apache Tears, Strombolite also known as Spurrite, Blue Cavansite or Pink Tugtupite.

All members of the Beryl family combine well, and can be used together, see pictures below.

The lovely pink Morganite crystals blend well with most other varieties of Beryl, and they may help to enhance love and compassion.

Use Aquamarine with Emeralds which are the lovely green Beryl to boost the level of love in your life.

You may also like to combine these blue stones with Bixbite the dark reddish pink stone, Heliodor the bright yellow Beryl and Goshenite, also called White Beryl.

It is always useful to experiment with mixing different crystals to together, as the resulting energies are often more powerful than a particular stone used on its own.

Natural Aquamarine Crystal

Raw Aquamarine Rock
Aquamarine Meaning Properties & PowersAquamarine Meaning Properties & Powers

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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