Emerald Stones

Emit Green Ray Of Nature Itself

➤ By Liz Oakes

Emerald stones energy stimulates infinite patience, brings balance and clarity of thought and boosts manifestation of wealth.

They are primarily known as a stone of successful and abundant love, and are highly beneficial as they embody a powerful heart chakra based energy. 

They emit the green ray, a vibration that will open the heart chakra and and help to draw love into your life. 

Emerald StoneEmerald Stone

By helping you to let go of negativity, these crystals create positive actions and outcomes and they are strong pain relief stones.

They are highly sought after as one of the most valued stones, as from within them emerges the purest form of green ray energy. 

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Emerald Stone Properties And Benefits

They are beautiful healing crystals for you to use, and they also assist you to develop psychic abilities.

These lovely green stones are powerful to increase the level of wealth, abundance, prosperity and growth in your life, including the growth of money.

Their vibration may stimulate growth in many areas but is known to be especially potent to stimulate increased love, prosperity, abundance, wealth and the growth of money.

How Will Emerald Stones Help You?

These natural green crystals boost your strength to overcome problems in your life. 

The metaphysical meaning of this stone has historically been associated with growth and improvement of your life.

In particular its energy may heighten the growth of love, wealth and prosperity and may aid the growth of psychic powers including clairvoyance.

Emerald Stones Meanings Properties & Uses

The green color of Emerald stones relates to its powerful green ray energy. 

You will see the green of nature in the plants and the grass and the trees, so you can see this clear green color and the energy of the green ray all around you.

The energy of nature itself is embodied within stones that carry the green ray, like these green stones. 

Heightens Good Fortune

Emerald stones are also known to heighten good fortune and may increase good luck.

These lovely stones has many excellent metaphysical qualities, which is why they were chosen to be a birthstone for the month of May.


This is a well known precious gem that is commonly used in engagement rings, as it has a strong loving vibration.

Their energy has an excellent effect on the way you think, bringing balance and clarity of thought, and may enhance your self confidence and self esteem.

They are stones of boundless patience, assisting you to feel more patient when things are going awry and may boost the intensity of loving energy in your life.

Embodies Deep Loving Energy

The loving energy of these crystals is needed more and more by all of us to enhance our lives.

They are wonderful to use in meditation, as they aid Spiritual healing, as they encourage you to live life from a spiritual, heart based perspective. 

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EmeraldEmerald Stone

They may help to calm upset emotions and may create positive vibrations, to help you bypass blocks that are holding you back from your potential good.

Bring this beautiful green heart chakra and thymus or higher heart chakra stone into your life.

It teaches you the value of all of the loving attributes that are epitomized by its energy.

Beneficial For Helping Pain And Stress

Using these green crystals is an excellent stress relief method and help to encourage clearer thinking, insight and greater understanding.

These stones are known to improve your memory and may boost your ability to recall details when required.

They are good crystals for pain that are known to help to bring relief from pain in muscles and joints.


Natural crystals can be used to aid you, and they are beneficial if you desire to bring any of their loving attributes into their life.

Benefits Of Emeralds

There are a large number of Emerald benefits, and in particular they have strong metaphysical properties that help to improve relationships.

If you feel that you could benefit by a more loving relationship, and all of us could, keep a piece of this crystal in the area where you spend the most time.

You will also find that if you meditate with green Emerald stones you may receive answers about what steps to take to improve your relationships. 

Emerald Tumblestone

The raw stones are easy to obtain and they bring many benefits. 

Using these lovely green crystals will encourage the abundance of loving energies to flow through you. 

You are all Divine Beings in a physical body, yet many of you have blocks to living an abundant life. 

Emerald Stone Meaning

The name Emerald has been in use for thousands of years so there are a few theories about the meaning of the name.

The name of this green crystal is said to come from an old middle English and French word esmeraude.

The word Emerald was first used in a dictionary at the end of the middle ages in the 14th century.

Some sources say it came from the Greek word meaning green stone. 

They are the green variety of Beryl and the natural stones are popular stones for jewelry.

Ancient cultures recognized it as a symbol of eternal life, and it is said that it was one of the four precious stones given to King Solomon.

Where Is It From? Emerald Color

In ancient times there were emerald mines in Egypt and the stone was mined by the ancient Egyptians up until deposits were found in Colombia.

Colombian Emeralds are a most valuable gemstone and are one of the most valued on the market.

This may possibly be because these gorgeous green Emeralds are reputed to be high quality stones and make beautiful gemstone jewelry.

Deposits of this green variety of beryl have been found in India, Russia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Egypt and Austria.

They also are found in a number of places in the United States and Brazil and of course in Columbia in South America where the finest quality gems come from.

Emerald Stones Meanings Properties & UsesEmerald Stone

The color of this green beryl variety comes in various shades of green, but although some are dark green and others a little lighter, all of these gemstones have a lovely clear natural green color.

Natural or raw emerald is easy to buy, and is some of the most common emerald sold for crystals healers as it has excellent metaphysical properties.

Britain's royal family often wear fine emerald jewelry, including a stunning emerald necklace and tiara, seen on the current Princess Of Wales.

Use For Manifestation Of Abundance, Prosperity & Wealth

Emerald stones have an excellent vibration and powerful metaphysical properties that increase abundance, prosperity and money. 

They are well known stones of manifestation that stimulate the growth of wealth and their energy is powerful to improve your life.

These green stones have powerful metaphysical properties to manifest abundance in many other areas as well as money.

You all know that of course money is necessary in life, and the expansion of wealth in your life benefits you in many ways.

Natural Emerald StoneNatural Emerald Stone

Although today's society seems to concentrate on the attributes of manifesting things, including money, this stone also brings through much more. 

You may desire to use an Emerald crystal to help you to manifest loving attributes.

This includes improved relationships, good health and a peaceful, loving and harmonious existence.

If wish to learn how to stay happy, you might like to have this stone in your life.

Boost Prosperity

An increase of prosperity in your life on all levels, may be the natural result of having the energy of these green crystals in your life.

Wealth can also relate to having plenty in other areas of life and these crystals can assist you with the manifestation of this ideal. 

Their action to boost your patience is also quite powerful.

They are strong crystals for patience that may boost your ability to persist if you are frustrated by how long things are taking to manifest.

Who Should Use It? The Green Ray Within Your Life

The green ray is embodied within these lovely stones, and it's beautiful green color encourages you to have respect for all life and all of creation.

As you feel this respect within you, it may prompt you to live life in a more loving way.

You may find that your love and emotions begin to resonate with Divine Love.

This is the purest and highest form of love in existence, and you begin living your life from a spiritual, heart based perspective.

Emerald StoneEmerald Stone

I love emerald gemstones but for their metaphysical attributes to benefit you don't need an expensive stone.

An excellent alternative is to use natural emerald stones, as one that isn't cleaned up and polished will work as well as the polished ones.

Feelings such as compassion, hope, loyalty, encouragement, reassurance, gentleness, kindness, goodness and of course unconditional love are embodied within them.

Many highly beneficial attributes are connected with these emotions, and with all the blessings that are in your life.

Using Natural Emeralds

Emerald stones are easy to buy, and you can buy natural stone pieces quite easily. 

If you wish, another easy way is to buy beads made from these green stones. They may be mixed with other crystal beads for different metaphysical effects. 

These could be gem quality, but even if they are not, they are easy to make into lovely bead necklaces.

Some people assume that this stone will be expensive, so they ignore its attributes. 

The important thing to realize, is to keep whatever variety of crystal within your aura for as long as possible.

All types of natural stones, including rough or natural pieces like the ones shown here, emit this energy and have an effect on the emotions that are within you.

It will still give you the powerful metaphysical properties that are embodied in this stone but at a lower cost.

Natural Stone Is Usually Inexpensive

Some of you who are on the Spiritual path may be less interested in acquiring material possessions but you can obtain inexpensive natural stone to use.

Your spiritual journey may benefit from the vibration of these beautiful green stones that will also aid the release of negative energies.

These green crystals embody a quite beautiful and potent energy, and a spiritual power that is highly beneficial to assist you.

Emerald Healing Properties

Natural emerald stones are not expensive and if you are using them for healing they have powerful metaphysical and healing properties.

The more time it has to affect you, the more beneficial will be the influence it can produce within your entire system.

This stone has a number of helpful healing attributes.

This includes helping to improve health problems causing infertility and they are known to relieve issues in the eyes.

Raw EmeraldRaw Emerald

They are also helpful crystals to keep on the body to ease issues in the spine, the bones and muscular system and may also help disorders of the lungs.

These heart based stones not only are known for helping to soothe and calm emotionally related issues and may assist your memory.

In addition they may also help physical issues in the physical heart and lung area including high blood pressure.

They are purported to enhance the immune system and are said to be helpful to assist you to recover from infectious illness and may increase energy levels.

How To Use The Stone Of Successful Love

If ever you get to choose a love token ring, like an engagement ring, a genuine emerald gemstone ring is a beautiful choice.

An emerald ring symbolizes deep love and commitment to your lover and you will benefit from wearing this lovely gemstone every day.

These precious stones embody the energy of infinite love and truth, and are powerful gemstones to gift a loved one, especially if you have a strong spiritual connection between you. 

Genuine emeralds are a traditional birthstone for May, so this stone is on the birthstone list by month

Blessings that they bring to your relationship includes increased loyalty, honesty and integrity.

This green gemstone is a powerful aid to utilize if you are searching for a way to improve the flow of true love between you and your partner.

Wearing Emeralds

Emerald stone jewelry is availableand there are some quite unique and beautiful pieces being sold at reasonable prices.

It is possible to buy jewelry made from natural emerald stones, like the one pictured above. 

The pendant above is made of natural Emerald stone intergrown with beautiful pale pink Rose Quartz Crystal

Emerald with Rose QuartzEmerald Stone naturally intergrown with Rose Quartz. Quite Unique

This green stone is highly beneficial to help relationships and may benefit your love life. In addition its overall energy has many strong and useful qualities. 

The energy of this crystal as a love stone is so well-known, that men's gemstone rings made from this stone can now be bought at good jewelers.  

Emerald gemstones are made into a range of lovely bracelets and rings, including birthstone rings.

It is a Gemini birthstone, as well as a Taurus, Leo and an Aries birthstone.

Emit Energy Of Unconditional Abundant Love

emerald wide 2

Emerald stones have a beautiful energy of unconditional abundant love that helps you to release negativity and will help to boost patience.

They embody the green ray, and this emits a loving heart based energy into your life and brings emotional balance.

Once you have a piece of this stone within your aura and feel its abundant and loving energy, you will be grateful that you made an excellent choice to add this green stone to your life.

Many of you may live busy stress filled lives, so making the time to stop and meditate each day is of value.

Holding a piece of this stone while you meditate may aid you to increase the level of loving energy in your life and may also assist the birth of new psychic gifts.

Emerald Uses 

I have a few small cloth bags, and these are good because I can use them to hold any of my tumblestones or rough crystals. I can even put it under my pillow at night. 

It's good to hold stones that I have in my pocket during the day, so I don't lose them.

Many people use this method, as it allows you to change the variety of crystal you feel you need more easily. 

Raw Emerald StoneRaw Emerald Stone

It's easy to carry a rough piece of this stone on your body every day using this method. 

Alternatively use a macrame crystal holder to wear the stone on your body with ease.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder. They come in a range of sizes and colors and it's easy to change the stone too, when you want to work with something else.

 My Final Thoughts

In summary: as mentioned above there are quite a few Emerald uses. 

Specific ways to use it in addition to wearing it is to hold it in your hand during meditation as it may assist the birth of psychic abilities including psychic visions.

Put it on the bedside at night to bring its loving energy to your relationship. Keep it in a position close to where you spend time so you can benefit from its loving energy.

These lovely green stones are birthstones for a number of signs, so you will see them on the zodiac birthstone list.

Emerald jewelry is beautiful to wear, and the loving energy of this stone worn constantly will be highly beneficial.

They are one of the crystals for mental clarity and are known as a stone of wisdom and discernment.

Best Crystals To Use With Emerald Stones 

What are the most beneficial crystals to use with Emerald Gemstones?

There are a number of crystals below that combine well with these gorgeous green stones.

Pale Green Hiddenite has a lovely energy and like some of the other green stones will combine well with Emeralds to aid emotional healing.

Other stones that may also assist your emotional healing, and that can be combined with Emeralds include Mangano Calcite and Lepidolite.

Within the heart chakra stones there are many good combinations, if you wish to use other green colored stones in combination with Emerald stones.

This includes Green Aventurine, Variscite, Moldavite and Green Amethyst.

You may also choose to combine it with any of the pink heart chakra stones as this will be beneficial as they all work well together.

These stones include Tugtupite, Strawberry Quartz, Kunzite, and Rose Quartz Crystal, and another beryl variety with a loving energy, the lovely Pink Morganite.

Pair With Other Crystals For Patience

These green gemstones or crystals are known as stones of infinite patience, and this can be highly beneficial if you are a person who finds it hard to calmly wait for something to happen.

There are a number of other crystals for patience that you could also combine with these green stones to help you.

This includes Vatican Stone which is also called Frosterley Marble, Colemanite, Petrified Wood and Dumortierite. 

If you have problems with pain in your muscles this green stones may be helpful.

To increase the action to relieve pain you might like to use it with some of the stones known to relieve pain in your muscles and joints.

Other stones that will help diminish the pain of muscular problems includes Malachite, Spessartine Garnet, Blue Calcite and Kammererite.

If you want to use this stone to enhance your memory, use it with one or more of the stones that are known as crystals that stimulate your memory.

Other stones that produce a good result to improve your memory includes Diaspore, Herderite, Azurite and Hematite.

Combine With Other Types Of Beryl

It may be beneficial to use Emerald stones with other members of the Beryl family such as the colorless or White Beryl called Goshenite which is known to aid you to be more truthful.

You may combine any of the other varieties of Beryl with this stone, including the lovely Pink or Peach Morganite.

Bixbite is an uncommon sometimes rare raspberry red beryl and the yellow to yellow green beryl is Heliodor and the blue to blue-green stone is called Aquamarine.

Emerald Stones Meaning Properties Powers & UseEmerald Stones Meaning Properties Powers & Use

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