Emerald Stones... 

Emit the Green Ray Of Nature Itself

EmeraldNatural Emerald Stone

Emerald stones are one of the most valued stones, as from within them emerges the purest form of green ray energy.

This heart chakra based energy makes them known as a stone of successful and abundant love.

By helping you to let go of negativity, natural Emerald crystals will create positive actions and outcomes, and give you the strength to overcome any problems in your life.

Within all of nature, in the plants and the grass and the trees you can see this clear green color, and the energy of the green ray.

The energy of nature itself is embodied within stones that carry the green ray, like Emerald stones. These beautiful crystals emit the green ray, a vibration that will open the heart chakra and draw love into your life.

This lovely stone has many excellent qualities, which is why it was chosen to be a May birthstone and is commonly used in engagement rings, as it has a strong loving vibration.

Where Is It From? Emerald Meaning

The name of this green crystal is said to come from the Greek word meaning green stone. They are the green variety of Beryl and natural Emerald stones are popular stones for jewelry. 

Deposits of Emerald stones have been found in India, Russia, Zimbabwe, Africa, Egypt, Austria, Brazil and Columbia.


Columbian emerald is one of the most valued stones on the market, possibly because they are reputed to be high quality emeralds.

Their color is Emerald green, of various shades, but all have a lovely clear natural green color.

Others in the same family are the colorless or White Beryl called Goshenite, the lovely Pink or Peach Morganite, sometimes called Pink Emerald.

Bixbite is an uncommon sometimes rare raspberry red stone, the yellow to yellow green beryl is Heliodor and the blue to blue-green stone is called Aquamarine.

Who Should Use It?

You are all Divine Beings, in a physical body. Yet many of you have blocks to living an abundant life and allowing the abundance of loving energies to flow through you.

EmeraldEmerald Stone

Many of you may live busy stress filled lives, so making the time to stop and meditate each day is of value.

These stones will calm upset emotions and create positive vibrations, to help you bypass blocks that are holding you back from your potential good.

They are wonderful to use in meditation, and their loving energy is needed more and more by all of us.

If you feel that you could benefit by a more loving relationship, and all of us could, meditate with Emerald stones of some type.

Bringing this beautiful green heart chakra and thymus or higher heart chakra stone into your life, teaches you the value of all of the loving attributes that are epitomized by its energy.

Natural Emeralds could be used to aid you, and they are beneficial if you desire to bring any of their loving attributes into their life.

How Will It Help You?

Using these green crystals is an excellent stress relief method, and Emerald stones are known to improve your memory and give you clarity and greater understanding.

Emerald stone

They are stones of manifestation, and although today's society seems to concentrate on the attributes of manifesting things, including money, this stone brings through much more.

If you desire to use this stone to help you to manifest loving attributes, good health and a peaceful, loving and harmonious existence, or to learn how to stay happy, you might like to have this stone in your life.

Of course it will manifest abundance as well as money, and you all know that of course money is necessary in life.

An increase of prosperity in your life on all levels, may be the natural result of having the energy of Emerald crystals in your life.

The Green Ray Within Your Life

The green ray is embodied within these lovely stones, and it encourages you to have respect for all life and all of creation.

As you feel this respect within you, it may prompt you to live life in a more loving way.

You may find that your love and emotions begin to resonate with Divine Love.

This is the purest and highest form of love in existence, and you begin living your life from a spiritual, heart based perspective.

Feelings such as compassion, hope, loyalty, encouragement, reassurance, gentleness, kindness, goodness and of course unconditional love, are connected with these emotions, and with all the blessings that are in your life.


I love emerald gemstones and wear one in my engagement ring every day, but for their metaphysical attributes to benefit you don't need an expensive stone.

An excellent alternative is to use natural emerald stones, one that isn't cleaned up and polished will work as well as the polished ones.

All Emerald stones, including rough or natural pieces like the ones shown here, emit this energy and have an effect on the emotions that are within you.

It will still give you the powerful metaphysical properties that are embodied in this stone but at a lower cost.

Using Natural Emeralds... Healing Attributes


Emerald stones are easy to buy, and you can buy natural stone, if you wish, another easy way is to buy emerald bead crystals.

These could be gem quality, but even if they are not, they are lovely to make into emerald bead necklaces.

They may be mixed with other crystal beads for different metaphysical effects. 

Some people assume that this stone will be expensive, so they ignore its attributes.

The important thing to realize, is to keep whatever variety of crystal within your aura for as long as possible. The more time it has, the more beneficent effects it can produce within you.

This stone has a number of helpful healing attributes. They are known to relieve issues in the eyes, and are also helpful to keep on the body to ease issues in the spine and muscular system.

These heart based stones not only are known for helping to soothe and calm emotionally related issues, but may also help physical issues in the heart and lung area.

How To Use It ... Wearing Emeralds

Emerald stones are a May birthstone, so it is on the birthstone list by month. If ever you get to choose a love token ring, like an engagement ring, a genuine emerald gemstone ring is a beautiful choice.


I was blessed by being given an Emerald and diamond engagement ring, and benefit from wearing this lovely gemstone every day.

These lovely green stones are birthstones for a number of signs, so you will see them on the zodiac birthstone list.

Emerald jewelry is beautiful to wear, and the loving energy of this stone worn constantly will be highly beneficial.

It is highly beneficial to help relationships and this may benefit your love life. In addition its overall energy has many strong and useful qualities. The energy of this crystal as a love stone is so well-known, that men's emerald rings can now be bought at good jewelers.  

Emerald gemstones are made into a range of lovely Emerald bracelets and rings, including birthstone rings. It is a Gemini birthstone, as well as a Taurus, Leo and an Aries birthstone.

Emit Energy Of Unconditional Abundant Love

Emerald stone

Emerald stones have a beautiful energy, that helps you to release negativity. They embody the green ray, and this emits a loving heart based energy into your life.

Once you have a piece of this stone within your aura and feel its abundant and loving energy, you will be grateful that you made an excellent choice to add this green stone to your life.

I have a few small cloth bags, and these are good because I can use them to hold any of my tumblestones or rough crystals. I can even put it under my pillow at night. Its good to hold stones that I have in my pocket during the day, so I don't lose them.

Many people use this method, as it allows you to change the variety of crystal you feel you need more easily. Its easy to carry a rough piece of this stone on your body every day using this method.

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

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Flower of life pendant - gold
Egyptian Lotus ring silver

Combining It With Other Stones

Hiddenite CrystalHiddenite Crystal

You may combine any other varieties of Beryl with the Blue Beryl, called Aquamarine, and White Beryl, also known as Goshenite, to aid you to be more truthful.

Pale Green Hiddenite, seen in the image on the right, has a lovely energy and like some of the other green stones will combine well with Emeralds to aid emotional healing.

Other stones that may also assist your emotional healing, and that can be combined with Emerald Stones include Green Apophyllite, Pink Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite and Lilac Lepidolite.

Within the heart chakra stones there are many good combinations, if you wish to use other green toned stones in combination with Emerald stones.

This includes Dioptase, Green Aventurine, Variscite, Moldavite and Green Amethyst.

You may also choose to combine it with any of the pink heart chakra stones as this will be beneficial as they all work well together.

These stones include Tugtupite, Pink Kunzite and Rose Quartz Crystal, and another beryl variety with a loving energy that is sometimes called Pink Emerald, the lovely Pink Morganite.

If you have problems with your muscles this green stones may be helpful, but if you would like to increase the action to relieve pain you might like to use it with some of the stones known to relive pain in your muscles and joints.

Other stones that will help diminish the pain of muscular problems, includes Black Tourmaline, Malachite, Blue Calcite, Lilac Lepidolite, Creedite,  Euclase, Orthocerus, Jet Stone, Gyrolite, Cookeite and Kammererite.

Lilac LepidoliteLilac Lepidolite

If you want to use this stone to enhance your memory, use it with other crystals that also stimulate your memory.

Other stones that produce a good result to improve your memory includes Baryte, Datolite, Azurite, Axinite, Diaspore, Herderite, Green Calcite, Thenardite, Albite, Ascension Stones and Hematite.

Green CalciteGreen Calcite

Natural Emerald Stone


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New Crystals Or Stones...

When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones.

To begin with, it is best to combine various stones for short periods, as each individual may react differently.

Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.