Orange Kyanite

High Vibration, Enhances Creativity

➤ By Liz Oakes

Orange Kyanite is a high vibration crystal that resonates within all of the chakras bringing energy down through the crown to stimulate Spiritual growth.

While it works within all chakras it has a powerful action within the the sacral or navel chakra to stimulate your creativity.

It has a good action within the solar plexus chakra also known as the power chakra as it helps will power and enhances confidence and self regard.

Orange KyaniteOrange Kyanite

It also has a good energy to help you to keep your attention on your plans and ideas.

It has a unique action that accelerates the conversion of high vibration energy from Spirit into a form that enhances its integration into the energy field of the body.

This creates a dynamic action that can bring impressive results that can create powerful changes in your life and may alter your future for the better. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Orange Kyanite? Use To Reshape Your Life

Are you wondering why you might choose to use Orange Kyanite?

Over and above anything else, its action to enhance the flow of high vibration energy from the higher chakras is its most potent property.

The energy of high crystals energy stones has a number of ways that it can help you and they are powerful to boost your spirituality.

It has a powerful effect to aid you to visualize the way you wish your life to be and to assist you to make changes to help it to happen.

Orange KyaniteOrange Kyanite

It has a strong influence that boosts Spiritual manifestation of transformative life changes that bring changed circumstances that may reshape your life.

The color orange is of course a blend of yellow and red so it has a good action within all of the lower chakras: base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

The action of this orange stone resonates within the base chakra can help you in a number of ways.

It helps to strengthen the life force of the body by clearing stagnant energy and this may aid healing of any issues that have been hard to clear. 

Like other colors of Kyanite, it clears blockages and negativity that may have been caused by accidents or similar events in the past.

How Will It Help You? Boosts Clairsentience

Like most high vibration crystals,this a an excellent choice to use in meditation, as it may boost your intuition and strengthen clairsentient gifts.

The psychic gift of clairsentience is not as well known as other abilities and relates to being able to feel psychically.

Clairsentience is quite similar to intuition in many ways as both enable you to recognize the feelings of others and to be aware of what they are communicating on a spiritual level.

Orange KyaniteOrange Kyanite

These crystals also have a good role to assist you when your work requires tact and diplomacy when communicating with others.

This energy helps your communications to be friendly and harmonious, and by encouraging a good natured dialogue with others may make for a more peaceful interaction.

Using this powerful orange stone within this area has a strong ability to help to bring through new talents and abilities that you may not have been aware of.

Who Should Use It? Enhances Creativity

Orange Kyanite has a strong energy that works within the sacral or navel chakra, where they are a powerful tool for clearing dysfunctional energies within the sexual organs.

This may aid relationships by boosting desire for your partner and enhancing intimacy and pleasure in close encounters.

The role of this stone at the second chakra helps to intensify and enhance your creativity, as the navel chakra is the area where creativity emerges from.

They are excellent crystals for creativity that have the potential to stimulate artistic and creative writing skills and to boost motivation.

Orange KyaniteOrange Kyanite

It is beneficial to use this crystal in meditation to help you to better understand the past both in this life and past lives.

Its vibration may assist you to find damage to your inner being that you were not aware of, and it may help to clear blockages that heal wounding from the past.

It may also help you to discover periods in your current life or a past life which may have caused issues that have held you back from achieving your desires.

Use Orange Kyanite in combination with Black Kyanite to sever ties to people and places in the past that may have caused you hurt.

Orange Kyanite Meaning: Where Is It Found?

The Orange Kyanite meaning has two parts with the first being the color Orange which is easy to understand.

The second part of the name is the word is Kyanite and this word's meaning comes from a Greek word meaning blue stone.

This name was used at the time as Kyanite was known primarily as a blue mineral, with other colors of the mineral being found later.

Orange KyaniteOrange Kyanite

Orange Kyanite is said to only come from Tanzania and forms in long slim blades like the pieces shown here.

While at present this is the only location where it is found it is possible that it will be discovered in other places. 

This color of Kyanite is now reasonably readily available although until recently it was labeled as a 'rare stone'.

While it is labeled as orange kyanite its color varies from a bright Tangerine color through to a dark orangey brown shade and a lighter yellowish kyanite.

Its exact color relates to how much of the mineral manganese is included in an individual stone.

All colors of kyanite have a similar mineral structure and are in the same family as Sillimanite and Andalusite stones.

They are sometimes made into jewelry but they are not common.

My Final Thoughts

My final thoughts: This is a powerful stone to assist manifestation and to boost your personal power and to enhance your self esteem and feelings of self worth.

This solar plexus chakra stone has a strong action within this area of your being, where it works to enhance manifestation of your dreams and desires.

Orange Kyanite

In summary: Using Orange Kyanite with Blue Kyanite, will link the heart chakra and the sacral chakra clearing the energy throughout both areas.

Use it in meditation to encourage you to gain a better understanding of the past and to move forward on the path to discovering  

Best Crystals To Use With Orange Kyanite

What are the best crystals to use with Orange Kyanite?

There are a number of crystals and stones below that combine well with them.

Orange Kyanite may assist the growth of creativity and may help those that are working on developing an aptitude for new creative gifts.

It can be beneficial to combine these orange stones with other crystals for developing creativity, as this can boost the growth of specific gifts that you'd like to develop.

There are a number of excellent stones to aid you to develop creativity in a general way. This includes golden or orange sacral chakra crystals such as Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Stilbite or Orange Spessartine Garnet.

You may find that it is beneficial to combine this stone with any of the other high vibration stones to bring the energy of both stones up a notch.

Specific stones that you might choose to pair with it includes Petalite, Trolleite, Citrine Elestial Quartz or Amethyst Elestial.

These crystals have a good action to assist your self esteem and may boost your personal power through their energy within the solar plexus chakra.

If you wish to boost this energy use them with other crystals that enhance your personal power such as Rainforest Jasper, Citrine, Ocean Jasper and Gold Sheen Obsidian.

Pair this stone with other crystals that boost clairsentient gifts if you wish to enhance how clairsentience works for you.

There are not a lot of crystals for clairsentience, but some that might be helpful to combine with this stone includes Grape Chalcedony, Trolleite, Amber, Prehnite or any color or type of Elestial Quartz.

If your main aim is to particularly stimulate your artistic creative abilities you may like to combine the orange crystals with other stones that boost artistic gifts.

This includes Picasso Stone also called Picasso Marble, Powellite, Aurichalcite or Covellite.

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