Magical Black Onyx Stone

Aids Grief, Stress & Past Life Trauma

Black Onyx has long been known as a magical stone, that was utilized in magical practices as well as being used to carve into magical stone amulets to wear on the body.

It has an advantageous energy to assist you when you are doing past life investigation as it is helpful to assist the healing of old injuries that have their roots in past life trauma.

Black OnyxBlack Onyx

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use as they create a strong connection through the earth chakra to aid grounding. They also help you to deal with feelings of grief and can assist stress.

They have a soothing vibration that is useful used in meditation as it  may stimulate the psychic gift of psychometry or clairsentience. They may help you when you are studying as they have a good effect on the brain.

Where Is It From? Black Onyx Meaning

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony which is also a type of quartz with a hexagonal crystal system with parallel bands or stripes in it. 

While Black Onyx is quite common, in many cases it is possible that the color of the stone is not natural.

Deep black stone may not be natural as lighter colored grey striped Onyx is often dyed, and it may be hard to tell if its color is genuine. 

The meaning of the name Onyx comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning 'a nail or a claw' as the original stone that was found was yellow and resembled the appearance of a finger nail, and also had lines in it like your fingernail.

They are commonly a very dark color, and may occur with parallel stripes or banding in the stone.

They are found in a number of places, including in Madagascar,  Algeria, Afghanistan, China, India, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Canada, Mexico and in the USA.

Why Would You Use Black Onyx? 

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use Black Onyx. For those of you who work with magic, these stones have been in use for hundreds of years, carved into magical amulets as the stone is very hard which makes it easy to carve.

The influence of its vibration helps you to focus your thoughts and its presence also ensures that all that you do is for the highest good of all involved in the process.  

Black Onyx

They may help you when you are studying for a few reasons including:

  • Firstly: they are known for the way they can help with concentration.
  • Secondly: they known to help you to keep your attention on what you are working on and not get side tracked.
  • Thirdly: they have a stimulating effect on the brain which can improve your memory.

The effect of their energy may aid perseverance, help you to release bad habits and they have an excellent energy to assist you to make better decisions.

Their action to enhance decision making can help in many areas of life, and by assisting you to keep focused on what you need to do, they can help you to achieve your goals

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties...

These crystals may assist you when you are investigating past life issues as they may help you to gain an awareness that some of your current physical problems may relate to past life trauma.

They have good healing properties and may be used by placing them on the body, which may help you to become aware of places where you may have sustained injuries in a past life.

Doing this can lead you to discover the answer behind physical ailments that seems to be unrelated to your current life.

Black OnyxBlack Onyx

They have good metaphysical properties that may heal old grief or sorrow from this life or past lives, and their vibration will assist you to feel calm if you are stressed or anxious.

Black Onyx is also said to balance your yin-yang energy and is known to help the bones and teeth, and may help health issues within the blood.

The vibration of this black stone provides a feeling of strength, and will assist those going through stressful circumstances, as it has a good energy to help you to deal with stress or anxiety.

They are beneficial weight loss crystals due to their action to aid self discipline. This may additionally assist you in other parts of your life as it helps those with scattered energy to to feel more centered.

Who Should Use It? How To Use It...

These black stones has a good energy to boost psychometry which is related to the psychic gift of clairsentience or clear feeling.

Psychometry specifically relates to you picking up ideas via your sense of touch, and works in a similar way to how intuition works.

Using it in meditation may assist you to develop psychometry and clairsentience or clear feeling as both gifts are similar.

If you wish to develop this gift combine them with some of the others stones that boost this psychic ability... see the section below.

Black OnyxBlack Onyx

They are highly beneficial stones for meditation, especially if you are using high vibration stones that assist you to travel in the higher realms where its easy to get ungrounded.

They make a good connection through the earth chakra which makes them quite beneficial grounding stones that are advantageous to use in meditation.

Black OnyxBlack Onyx

It is easy to go quite high during meditation, especially when you are using any of the more powerful crystals, and you may feel unwell afterwards due to the need to ground yourself.

There are some fairly well known symptoms that you might experience if you become ungrounded, so if you are unsure if this relates to you, check out this page... Are You Ungrounded?

Wearing This Crystal? My Final Thoughts...

These black crystals are powerful psychic protection stones that absorb negative energy. These black stones make a good earth star chakra and base chakra connection.

They embody beneficial healing properties, with their vibration helping to increase your vitality when you are tired and are known to have a strong action to boost energy, strength and stamina.

Within the areas encompassed by the base and earth chakras, their resonance is known to assist the healing of issues in the feet as well as helping the reproductive system and the digestion.

Black Onyx Jewelry

They may assist you to feel contented and comfortable in your approach to life so wearing this stone may be helpful. Pieces of jewelry or magical talismans made Black Onyx stone are fairly easy to obtain as

They are Leo Birthstones so keep an eye out for birthstone jewelry made from this stone. It can be advantageous to keep a piece of this stone on your body when meditating, and as mentioned above can help you to ground you after you have finished meditating.

If you can't get jewelry made from it, its easy to simply buy a macrame crystal holder, which makes it simple for you to wear a piece of this stone or any other crystal on your body.

Black OnyxBlack Onyx Pendant

In summary: the energy of Black Onyx may assist the growth of your magical gifts and may help to stimulate the psychic gift of psychometry, so it can be beneficial to keep a piece on your body.

Their energy can also help anyone who is studying as they enhance concentration and can boost your memory, and may also help you to persevere when you are finding it difficult to keep going.

They have an energy that may assist you to keep secrets, so don't be surprised if you have found it difficult in the past not to share what you know, that you may find it easier to keep what you know to yourself once you start using this stone.

They will also help you in a number of other ways, including giving you relief from stress and aiding grief and make a good earth chakra connection that helps with grounding.

They are also useful when you are investigating past life situations, and may help to bring to light past life situations that have caused health issues in this life.

Books About The Akashic Records...

Combining It With Other Stones

The magical vibration of these stones is quite powerful to help you if you are working with your magical gifts, and may help to boost your gifts if you are new to working with magic.

Please note that magic is sometimes misunderstood, and is a force for good not evil. If you'd like to boost magical gifts use this stone with other magical stones such as  Labradorite, Chalcopyrite and Blue Barite.

This black crystal has an excellent action to increase the psychic gift of clear feeling also known as clairsentience, as well as aiding you to feel psychically, related to objects you may be touching, which is known as psychometry.

If this is your predominant psychic gift and you'd like boost your ability to utilize this gift, there are a number of other powerful stones mentioned in the article referenced above. Other stones that commonly are known to help with this includes Moldavite, Blue Apatite and Lavender Quartz.

Lavender QuartzLavender Quartz

If you need help to keep your attention on what you are working on, or if you need help to assist you to keep going when you are finding it difficult to do so, you might like to combine this stone with other crystals for perseverance.

While there are not a lot of stones that stimulate your ability to persevere, there are a few including Spirit Quartz, Treasure Agate, Indigo Kyanite and Picasso Marble also called Picasso Jasper.

Black Onyx has an excellent action to ground you and is a very popular crystal for this reason. They are excellent grounding stones that may be combined with any other crystals to boost the level of energy available to ground you. 

All of the crystals pictured below are advantageous to assist grounding. If you'd like to combine it with other grounding stones there are a number of other powerful crystals for this purpose.

The list of specific grounding crystals includes Black Diopside, Black Spinel, Black Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Black Jade or Ilvaite.

If you are using this stone for past life work, there are some other helpful stone that may assist you to discover more about experiences you may have had in past lives. This includes Ankerite, Dioptase, Prophecy Stone and Cerussite.

If you have been feeling stressed and are using this stone to assist you, it may be beneficial to combine it with other stones that can help you to release stressful feelings.

Some of the other excellent stress relief crystals that you could use includes Lilac Lepidolite, Howlite,  Mt Hay Thunderegg or Lithium Quartz.

If you have an awareness that you are still experiencing feelings of grief from events in the past that you have not yet dealt with, perhaps you need some extra help to deal with it.

There are a number of excellent crystals that are known to assist you to heal grief, and these may be used in combination with these black crystals.

Specific stones that may help you with this includes Stilbite, Lilac Lepidolite, Aquamarine, Morganite or Jeremjevite.

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 More Pictures Of Black Onyx

Black Onyx
Black OnyxBlack Onyx

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When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently.

But knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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