Preseli Bluestone 

Shamanic Merlin Energy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Preseli Bluestone have a primordial vibration with an ancient energy. This is the type of stone that the ancient stone monoliths at Stonehenge are made from.

Their energy may assist in the development of psychic gifts and aid you to discover abilities such as dowsing and geomancy.

It is a powerful variety of stone that has a number of excellent attributes. 

These crystals are strong aids to enhance your spirituality, as they connect you to the mystical energy of Merlin and his magic.

Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone

Their vibration resonates strongly with the solar plexus chakra, to stimulate your willpower and inspire courage. 

Their metaphysical properties also relate to their action when used in meditation to travel back in time. 

This may help you to learn about past lives in ancient Celtic Britain and in ancient Egypt. They help to connect the throat, heart, higher heart and soma chakras. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use It?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use Preseli Dolerite stone including:

  • They are powerful stones to assist you to get in touch with the energy of past lives in Celtic Britain.
  • They help you to make a connection to the ancestors, and are useful to aid you to gain access to information from the distant past.

Bluestone Rocks are interesting healing crystals for you to experience, as they embody an ancient vibration.

They resonate strongly to support your action to link to a specific ancient energy that is associated with bygone times in Britain.

Stonehenge Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone will help you to make a deeper earth connection and are very useful to use if you are feeling ungrounded, as they may help to ground you.

These stones have a magical, even mystical energy that is well known to aid you to travel in time, and to help you to experience visions of past lives, not only in Celtic Britain but also in ancient Egypt.

Their energy may also create dreams that may help you to remember past lives in ancient Atlantis or if you spent time in the past as part of any Druidic culture.

They have a strong shamanistic energy that may assist in past life regression, helping you to travel back in time.

This may help you to discover aspects of past lives that may be holding you back in your current life.

They encourage the use of sound in healing, and sleeping with a small piece under your pillow may assist the development of gifts of dowsing and geomancy.

Acts Like An Anchor

The combination of minerals in the stone, and the presence of flint or chalk helps them to function like a battery.

This energy may boost your spiritual energy and power and your connection with the earth and the center of our galaxy.

This is a quite powerful energy, and I would suggest that you rest after using it, as it makes you feel quite spacey.  You may find the spaciness passes quite quickly.

If your spacy feeling continues, combine it with some of the other strong grounding stones, to help you to reconnect with the earth.

Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone

While these are beautiful stones with amazing energy, they can be tricky for many people to wear, as their energy can cause headaches.

It is common for a headache to occur because of the direction that the stone is facing.

You may need to turn it until it is facing in a different direction, and in particular they are said to work well when facing in an easterly direction.

The action of Preseli Bluestone is like an anchor that will help you to stay connected to the present during your travels. 

This can help you if you wish to aid the healing of the earth as it will boost your energy and aid you to travel to places where the earths grid needs healing.

I remember getting a headache when I walked with two in my hand, to put them away after meditating with them.

After meditation you may be more sensitive to their directional energy, so take care.

Who Should Use It?

It is easy to buy Stonehenge Bluestone Note: this is one stone where bigger is not necessarily better.

Keep large pieces out of the bedroom, or you may find that they disturb your sleep, as they are likely to over-excite your system.

Preseli Bluestone is easy to buy, and it is helpful to use one of these stones during times of earth changes.

This may ensure you have a strong connection to the earth, as their energy is very stabilizing. This attribute makes it a powerful grounding stone.

This variety of stone is said to have an unusual electromagnetic charge, and they are said to anchor you to the core of the earth.

Rough Preseli BluestoneRough Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone embody a useful vibration to enhance any situation in which they are used, as their energy is known to stimulate the highest good that is related to the situation.

In particular, when this stone is present it may help you to have a greater awareness of truth, and you may know whether others are speaking authentically.

Keep one in your hand to help you to discover if the words spoken by others are genuine.

It can be difficult sometimes if you are someone who prefers to think the best of others, to work out the meaning of the words that are spoken.

Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone

This stone can also help to provide clarity when required, about the real meaning of what is said.

This can be helpful when the person speaking is not good at communicating clearly what they really mean, but what they say may still be valuable to you.

How Will It Help You?

The energy of these stones may enhance your affinity with the heart of nature, and assist you to make contact with the goddess Asherah.

Other excellent attributes include their action to assist you to discover individuals who are soul friends, sometimes from past lives, and in other cases newly met soul friends.

These stones may help you to overcome problems, as they assist you to face difficulties and challenges with courage and serenity, or at least some degree of composure.

Natural Preseli BluestoneNatural Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone may also assist you to connect with the energy of crystals and become more aware of what they will do to assist you.

These are excellent stones to use boost your psychic gifts.

These gifts may be boosted by the vibration of this crystal, and you may begin to receive clearer messages from spirit.

In particular spiritual and psychic abilities such as clairvoyance which is also known as psychic visions and clairsentience, the gift of clear feeling.

How To Use It: Daily Meditation

As a healing stone they are helpful to aid the healing of small broken bones. They are also known to be helpful to heal the immune system, and they may assist health issues associated with the throat area.

These are powerful crystals to use in your daily meditation. For best results, sit facing towards the east, and start by holding one in each hand.

Visualize the energy moving down via the root or base chakra to the earth star chakra, you will find that they create an excellent connection to the earth.

If you can acquire more than one piece of crystal, it is very powerful to use two pieces of the crystal together. The energy moves between the two pieces, which is powerful to make a stronger experience.

Using them at the solar plexus or power chakra is powerful for anyone who lacks self esteem or confidence, as they may boost your will power and help you to feel more self assured.

Preseli Bluestone

They have an energy that will both calm you and energize you and this will depend on your needs at the time.

These stones have an excellent energy to balance the meridians and can help you to feel energized.

They can restore your ability to know what direction you need to take your life in, as they encourage clarity of thought.

They are known to be a supportive stone for kinesiologists to use, but ensure that the location where the stone is placed is facing east.

Creates An Earth Connection

This is a quite different grounding experience, as they don't just ground you but create a strong connection to Mother Gaia's energy and the heartbeat of the planet.

They carry an electromagnetic vibration that aligns you with the earths core energy, and with the energy of the Galactic center.

They may connect you with sacred sites and powerful energetic vortexes nearby.

Once you are aware of that feeling of connection to the earth, just ask the energy to travel back up through your body.

Stonehenge BluestoneStonehenge Bluestone

You may find at that point, that by placing one of the crystals at the sacral or navel chakra and one on the solar plexus chakra, that the energy moves quite quickly up the body, like it is being pulled up from the earth.

Once you feel the energy resonating at your third eye chakra, at that point you may like to move your stone from the sacral up to your throat chakra area.

Having your piece of Preseli Bluestone at the throat chakra is quite powerful.

The energy moves into the areas nearby, including out to the base of the skull and flows out into the thymus or higher heart and to the heart chakra.

I have read that placing a piece either on your soma chakra or at the base of the skull, on your alta major, is helpful to aid the movement of energy up through the body.

It is said that if you place one at the base of the skull that it will harmonize the brainstem and activate the hippocampus.

The hippo campus is the part of the brain which is your inner compass, that serves to orient you in the physical world.

The vibration of this stone in that area is easily felt, so it is probably working in this way.

Regardless of where you situate the stones, you will most likely experience energy resonating within the soma chakra quite quickly.

This chakra is located between the crown chakra and third eye chakras, and their energy will resonate there even when you have your piece placed lower on the body.

Where Is Preseli Bluestone From?

The stone is spotted Dolerite which contains feldspar, with inclusions of Illmenite or Hematite, inter-grown with titanium oxides.

Many pieces are quite beautiful, and resemble stars in the night sky.

The natural rough pieces can be a more blue grey color, with the tumbled or polished pieces being a green color.

Stonehenge BluestoneStonehenge Bluestone

As mentioned above, this crystal is made from the same type of material that the amazing Stonehenge stone circle is made from.

This is a well known sacred circle, located in the United Kingdom, in the Wiltshire countryside, made up of nineteen large pieces of Preseli Dolerite stone.

Preseli Bluestone Meaning: Also called Stonehenge Bluestone

The meaning of their name relates to the area where the stone originates, as they come from the Preseli Mountains in Wales.

So they are also called Preseli Dolerite and are known as Bluestone Rock.

The name is sometimes a bit confusing because this crystal is not always very blue, and quite a bit of the polished stone looks more green or greenish-grey in color.

Also known as Stonehenge Bluestone, most stones have inclusions of white minerals, such as quartz or white chalk in them.

A number of these English heritage stones have a mottled appearance, some have yellow inclusions, and most contain tiny flecks of white chalk or white quartz within them.

The large and well known stones at Stonehenge which are made from this stone, are said to be aligned with the summer solstice.

The amazing Stonehenge monoliths are thought to have been brought to where they are now located around 2100 BC.

Some stories say that Merlin used magic to bring them to where they now stand in Wiltshire, a distance of around 200 miles.

This Stone Originates In The Mountains Of Wales

It is interesting that Preseli Bluestone does not originate in the area around Stonehenge.

Although there is no way of knowing exactly how those enormous stones got to where they are now, it is known that this crystal originates in the mountains of Wales.

Preseli BluestonePreseli Bluestone

These are powerful stones that will take you on a journey to learn more about your past lives as well as learning more about yourself.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use to stimulate courage and may strengthen your willpower if you use them at the solar plexus.

They have an easily felt vibration within the throat chakra and the soma chakras.

If you wish to develop gifts such as dowsing or geomancy or are interested in healing the earth, their energy will assist you. Use them to connect to the energy of sacred sites and reconnect to the earth herself.

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Preseli Bluestone embodies deep mystical earth energyPreseli Bluestone embodies deep mystical earth energy

Best Crystals To Use With Preseli Bluestone

What are the best crystals to combine with Preseli Bluestone?

These stones have a strong Merlin energy, that may be emphasized by combining it with Shungite or with Merlinite or stones with a strong mystical energy such as Petoskey Stone or Hypersthene.

Other magical stones you may choose to use it with includes Labradorite or Jet Stone and you may also like to use it with any color of Mookaite Jasper.

You may choose to pair it with deep orange Vanadinite as they are strong stones to aid you to make a connection with earth energy.

Strong truth stones to use with it, to boost its energy as a truth telling stone, include Sunstones, which are a well known truth detector, Okenite, Arfvedsonite and Euclase.

Its action to aid your willpower may be helped by combining it with Dumortierite, Carnelian, Malachite and Libyan Desert Glass, and by using them together at the solar plexus chakra.

Use it paired with specific throat chakra stones, which is the area governing communication, as this may be beneficial for the truth aspect too.

In particular using it with blue stones such as Lapis Lazuli Stone, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Amazonite or Turquoise may benefit you, and help you to recognize when others are being genuine in their communication with you.

To stimulate greater courage, you may like to combine them with Hematite Crystals, Bloodstone, Tigers Eye or Tiger Iron.

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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