Attracts Powerful Magic & Good Luck

Written By Liz Oakes


Merlinite is a stone that attracts powerful magic and good luck into your life.

They are known to stimulate deep intuition, psychic knowing and spiritual mediumship.

The vibration of this stone is very shamanistic, as it allows you to access the energy of the natural world and communicate with elemental beings.

It may also help you to make contact with guides and teachers in the higher realms. 

It a stone of harmony that aids the birth of creativity and clear psychic visions.

It will aid you to access higher spiritual energy, and is said to conjure the memories of alchemists and wizards, such as the wizard Merlin from Arthurian times. 

This is a stone of duality, of black and white, light and dark, magic, good luck and dark night of the soul.  

But it is not only a stone for the light, as it may allow you to experience 'dark night of the soul' aspects of your higher-self.

It may also take you to places where you make contact with the deeper, darker parts of yourself.

Where Does Merlinite Come From?

Merlinite is black and white, although its black color ranges from dark grey to bluish-black.

This stone currently comes from only one mine in New Mexico, and this is a trade name for a specific variety of stone that comes from this one mine.

Experts are divided about what Merlinite actually is. Many say that this stone is a variety of Dendritic Opal, as it commonly has an opalescent sheen.

Others say that it is Dendritic Agate, which is a type of chalcedony which is in the quartz family.

What is Merlinite?

What is Merlinite?

  • This crystal may contain a blend of white chalcedony or white quartz, black dendritic inclusions and black Psilomelane, depending on the individual stone.
  • The black may be Psilomelane or it can also be Romanechite, or it may be Black Dendritic inclusions within the stone.
  • These dendritic inclusions resemble a leafy plant, similar to a fern and are easy to spot.
  • Psilomelane is a black mineral that is a manganese oxide.
MerliniteMerlinite Crystal

Please Note: This is not the same stone that they are calling Mystic Merlinite. When you look at the pictures of it you will see it looks quite different.

Sound complicated? That's because it is simply crystal sellers using different names for stones, see more on the Indigo Gabbro page.

Mystic Merlinite is a different stone altogether from the stone that I am talking about here, although they do have some attributes in common.

The proper name for the stone selling as Mystic Merlinite is Indigo Gabbro and you can discover more about Indigo Gabbro here.

Why Would You Use Merlinite?

There are a number of reasons why you might use Merlinite as this beautiful stone has a vibration that helps to promote spiritual growth.

It has strong spiritual powers that blend heavenly and earthly energy, and it helps you to remain open and approachable.

It assists you to embrace things that happen, that are different to your normal way of living your life.

MerliniteLarge Merlinite Piece

It is a strong spiritual stone with the vibration of duality.

This means that it will help you to balance the masculine and feminine energy within yourself, and better understand the aspects of God and the Goddess.

These stones resonate strongly within the third eye chakra, and are helpful to use to aid your spiritual growth.

Their spiritual powers are highly beneficial as they allow spirit teachers to come through to this plane to work with you.

It's energy will allow you to access the spirit world, and it is known to aid the development of mediumistic abilities and psychic knowing.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to encourage you to make contact with the spirit of those on the other side of the veil. 

It may aid you to access the Akashic records, and to bring messages back for living relatives.

These stones are particularly useful to use to boost the energy of other stones of a lower vibration.

Merlinite is known to stimulate clairvoyance, clairsentience and automatic writing.

How Will It Help You?

Merlinite will help you in a number of ways such as:

  • They are powerful stones to aid investigation of past lives
  • In particular they will encourage you to experience old unhappy past life memories.
  • This is important as sometimes what you experience can show you images that may be negative and very disturbing.
  • The quite amazing images that these stone has the potential to allow you to bring through, are not always easy to experience.
  • These stones also increase the occurrence of coincidences and synchronicity, so this could help you to work out the meaning of what you see.
MerliniteDendritic Opal also called Merlinite Crystal

Using the knowledge of both light and dark to bring total understanding of who you are, is the source of enlightenment.

These stones are dualistic in nature, and may take you on a journey to the deeper and darker aspects of yourself.

As they help you to have a more approachable outlook, this may aid you to handle the experience.

They bring Spiritual healing by aiding you to learn to use the lower energies to balance yourself as you integrate them into total being.

The dark night of the soul experiences that this stone evokes may be vivid and quite graphic.

Fortunately Merlinite stones will aid you to master yourself, and to remain objective.

How To Use It: Wearing Merlinite

By wearing Aquarius birthstone jewelry made from this stone, this will help you to benefit from this vibration on a day to day basis.

You will find it listed on the zodiac birthstone list.

These crystals are potent tools for learning more about your purpose in this life, and it is getting easier to find lovely birthstone jewelry made from this stone.

Merlinite jewelry has a lovely look and is powerful to wear, to move your growth forward more quickly, and it may enhance your organizational ability. 

Merlinite PendantMerlinite Pendant

Be aware that some pieces of jewelry made from this stone may be sold as Dendritic quartz or Dendritic opal, as these are names that this stone is known as.

Merlinite will allow you to take journeys to past lives in the times when Merlin and King Arthur lived. 

By opening up your clairvoyant abilities it allows you to see clear psychic visions.

Note: You need to specifically direct your journey for it to be successful.

If you wish to get you to where you want to go, simply hoping for the best will not make you succeed.

It takes specific in-depth working with this stone for this type of journey to be successful. Make sure you keep psychic protection stones on you while you are doing this work.

Who Should Use It?

Working within the solar plexus or power chakra, these stones help to stimulate your creativity and it also stimulates your intuition, psychic knowing and spiritual mediumship.

They will aid you to access higher spiritual energy and they also help you to develop an open and approachable way of seeing life.

This stones energy vibrates strongly within the sacral or navel chakra.

This is the area of the body where you can develop the gifts of clairsentience or clear seeing and where you can help to create stronger intuitive gifts.

Dendritic Opal PendantDendritic Opal Pendant

It will balance the masculine and feminine energy within yourself, and help you to better understand the aspects of the duality of God and the Goddess. 

These are positive stones to aid you to enhance your creativity, and they will boost your organizational abilities.

Merlinite or Dendritic Opal stones may attract magic and good luck into your life, but it may also take you to places where you make contact with the darker aspects of yourself.

It may take you on a voyage to the dark night of the soul, and allow you to understand the darker aspects of your soul-self and specific past life experiences.

My Final Thoughts: Keep In Mind The End Result

Merlinite is easy to buy, and this is a stone that aids travel out of the body and vision quests of a shamanistic nature.

It may take you to specific location and to visit people there that relate to your spiritual journey.

This crystal was named after the wizard Merlin, because of its specific attributes to attract magical and mystical experiences into your life.


If you sleep with one of these stones under your pillow, you may find that you have more restful sleep.

You may also experience vivid dreams of past lives, especially those you experienced in the Arthurian times. 

By keeping in mind the end result, you may help your higher self to let go of karmic situations.

Once you have cleared the accumulated negativity, use them regularly to keep yourself clear, and wear them on your body for best results.

In summary: if they can be used with a positive frame of mind, they may allow you to clear negativity.

This will help you to rid yourself of deep past life problems and karma that you have been unable to release any other way.

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Best Crystals To Use With Merlinite Stones

What are the best crystals to combine with Merlinite?

These crystals have the potential to aid you to communicate with nature spirits.

By combining them with other stones that also have these qualities, this  may help to strengthen this aspect.

For this purpose, use it with stones such as Moss Agate, Seraphinite, Fuchsite and Prasiolite to boost this energy.

Both Amethyst and Sugilite will also boost its ability to stimulate psychic gifts. 

If your aim is use this stone to aid you to access to the Akashic records, use it in combination with Chiastolite, Axinite or Goethite.

To boost your magical gifts combine this stone with other crystals that enhance mystical and magical abilities, such as Labradorite, Maori Greenstone also called Bowenite, Nuummite or Black Onyx.

For increasing intuition you may choose to combine this stone with strong stones to help to strengthen your intuition.

Stones such as Wavellite, Clear Quartz Crystals, Mookaite Jasper or Rainbow Moonstone are good choices.

Shungite is a potent stone to aid you to bring through the wizard Merlin, as it resonates with ancient spiritual energies.

Another potent stone that you may like to use to aid you to access past lives in Celtic Britain is Preseli Bluestone.

If you are using these stones specifically for shamanic journeying, other stones to combine with them include Shaman Stones, Iolite, Fulgurite and Covellite.

Use it with Moldavite to raise this stone's vibration even higher.

Because these are strong stones for doing past life work, where you may need psychic protection, it is best to always combine this stone with psychic protection stones.

Protection stones that combine well are Sugilite, Amethyst Crystals, Obsidian Stone or Black Tourmaline.


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