Hyalite Opal Meaning And Properties

Amplifies Intuition & Psychic Visions

➤ By Liz Oakes

The Hyalite Opal meaning and properties concern how it amplifies your ability to see psychic visions and its action to heighten your intuition.

It's powers may be helpful to those who are studying, as it fosters clearer thinking and is a highly beneficial crystal to deepen meditation.

The energy of these clear opals may be especially helpful when you need to do exhaustive investigation when researching.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

They are good healing stones that may also help allergies and relieve stress, and their energy is known to have a protective action.

It can be useful to use a clear shiny piece of this stone for scrying, as this may assist you to connect with beings in the Spiritual realms.

Using them may aid you to see visions specifically related to your own future, and their energy may help you to learn the value of cooperating with others. 

They are also beneficial healing crystals for you to utilize if you have problems with being too obstinate or pig headed for your own good.

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Hyalite Opal Meaning And Properties: Where Is It From?

These crystals have quite a few names some more common than others. The meaning of the most common name, Hyalite Opal, comes from the Greek word 'hyalos' meaning glass.

These stones are also known as Jalite, Water Opal or Mullers Glass, the last from the name of the person who discovered it, Franz-Joseph Muller von Reichenstein.

This type of Opal is most commonly a translucent opal with a transparent or clear appearance similar to glass. But it may also be milky and other minerals may be included in the stone.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

This stone is a silicon dioxide mineraloid with a high water content and is often found in the massive form on matrix rock.

Hyalite Opal is a colorless opal variety that has tiny bubbles all over it, that look like very little grapes.

They have a crystal structure that commonly occurs as botryoidal spherules, meaning that it looks like tiny grapes, as mentioned above.

They can sometimes be colored if they occur in areas where there are other minerals, like the orange-brown specimen below.

They are one of the lesser known opal varieties, that are known to become fluorescent when viewed under shortwave ultraviolet light.

They may also be known as green opal, as when under a UV light they appear to be a bright neon green color.

This mineral is found in north eastern Australia, in the central European countries of the Czech Republic and Hungary, in Iceland, the United Kingdom, Tanzania, Peru, Brazil, Mexico and in the north eastern region of the United States.

Using Hyalite Opal Meaning And Properties

Why would you use this clear opal variety and what are its benefits and powers?

Hyalite Opal stones have an excellent vibration to aid the mind and may assist you if you are studying, as they help to release blocks to clearer thinking.

In particular they are strong crown chakra crystals and are known as a powerful stone to stimulate a growth in the power of thought.

These clear crystals are an ideal stone to use to support you when you need to find solutions to situations in your life that are concerning you.

These powers also mean they are a beneficial aid if you are using a pendulum or reading the tarot and need help to decide on possible answers.

While they may be used in meditation, the best thing can sometimes be to simply sit and hold your stone and connect with its vibration.

They have excellent properties that may aid you to clear any fog in your thinking and gain clarity at these times.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

Their energy may also stimulate the growth of many different psychic powers that may be waiting to be discovered within you.

They have a good action to help you when you are working on enhancing your psychic abilities especially if you are unsure of what to work on.

In particular they are powerful crystals for developing stronger intuition which is also known as the sixth sense.

They are known to create a connection between the base and the crown chakra, and will stimulate your entire energy field if required.

They are helpful to bring on the gift of precognition and if used before sleeping may help you to experience prophetic dreams.

They have a number of excellent metaphysical properties that make them ideal to use when doing deep inner work.

How To Use Hyalite Opal? Good Meditation Crystals

Hyalite Opal is an ideal stone for meditation with a beneficial energy to use to aid you to connect your true self more easily to beings in the Spiritual realms.

The properties of crystals like these relate to their ability to aid you to experience visions, and commonly are known to occur like a bright luminous tunnel opening before you.

These visions may show you what you planned prior to being born, that you have forgotten now you are here.

Check out the article about Easy Meditation Techniques and Ideas if you need help to learn more about how to meditate.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

They are useful psychic protection stones that can help you to avoid attack from lower frequency beings during meditation.

You may find that they are helpful to use for gazing by staring into a clear stone, when Spirit may bring visions showing sights of past or future scenes that are of value to you.

These clear crystals have been used in the past for scrying, when they assist users to see psychic visions or views of important future events.

They are said to ensure that any messages or ideas that are communicated when using them is precise and clear, with no interference from your personal thinking.

Hyalite Opal Meaning And Properties: Warning Messages

These ideas or messages that you hear or see may suggest that you be cautious about a specific event or person, relating to the near future.

This is an unusual protective action as it is known to assist you to somehow be warned about risky events that may occur, allowing you to avoid them. 

Be alert to hearing or seeing messages that seem genuine. They may come as psychic visions as well as ideas that you may be intuitively aware of.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

Another way that this stone is known to help you, is to communicate warning messages that can assist you to avoid dangerous situations or people.

The Hyalite Opal meaning and properties relate to warnings that may be ideas that can be visually communicated to you, or implanted in your mind.

Hyalite Opal Meaning And Properties: Healing Properties

Hyalite Opal is an excellent stone to use to assist the physical body and may be particularly advantageous to you if you suffer with an allergy to pollens.

They are known to both protect you during everyday life from bad reactions as well as being known to help to prevent allergies.

They have a good action to assist female problems such as issues with the female hormones, the reproductive organs and with PMS.

They are purported to help problems related to menopause and are said to helpful to have nearby during childbirth.

They are excellent crystals for stress and tension, and will help to calm the emotional body and are known to be helpful to stabilize moods and may assist those with Parkinson's.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

These clear stones are known to have a good action to aid the immune system, and may help infections and fevers.

They are purported to help to regulate insulin, are said to help to purify the blood, may assist the health of the ears, eyes, skin and hair.

As they have a high water content this is said to help the kidneys and may help dehydration and water retention by regulating the body’s water content.

Crystal healers may find them especially helpful as they are beneficial to assist healers to determine the cause of ailments, and they are helpful to assist the treatment of cuts or lacerations.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

These clear crystals are a quite protective stone for meditation and are useful crystals to use for gazing or scrying.

They are a powerful stone to use to boost intuitive gifts and are known to stimulate the birth of psychic abilities yet to be discovered.

Place them close by within your energy field and silently sit with them to aid you to discover the direction you might choose to go in.

They are beneficial stones for good luck that are also known to encourage an increase of success and good fortune.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

In summary: the energy of these crystals within the heart chakra helps to bring an increase of positive emotions that can assist you during difficult situations.

For those who have a serious illness, they may be kept nearby at the time when you or someone else is making their transition to spirit, to give them emotional support.

They are a powerful stone to assist the release of negative energy which may ease stress and tension and boost your overall emotional state.

This is an excellent crystal to assist you to find greater clarity when you are exploring or studying new ideas.

They may be especially helpful if your work requires exploration of new ideas and when it involves extensive research and evaluation of what you are studying.

Hyalite Opal Meaning And Properties: The Opal Types 

The Hyalite Opal meaning and properties can also relate to the way that the various opal types and varieties vary.

You may probably know that there are quite a few types of Opal and all of them have a similar but different mineral make-up.

The various opals are classified as either precious opal or common opal, and Hyalite Opal is in the common opal group classification.

The reason for this is that it does not have bright flashes of color within it, like the beautiful Black Opals, which are quite expensive as they are very beautiful.

The quite lovely Ethiopian Opal is also one of the precious opals, but many opals do not have this coloration so are called common opal.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

All of the opal varieties have a similar make-up in that they embody the mineral silica which makes up all quartz crystals.

This means that they can be programmed as they have the quartz properties. This is helpful as this aspect can benefit you.

When you view any sort of Opal under an electron microscope, you will be able to see tiny silica spheres.

These silica spheres may be orderly, and in that case this creates the bright sparkling coloration of the precious opals.

Other opals contain disorderly spheres, and when they do not have an orderly size or type of stacking they are known as common opal.

There are quite a few types of common opal and this includes this clear opal type as well as a number of other opals.

The group of common opals includes Peruvian Pink Opal, Peruvian Blue Opal and the purple Morado Opal also called Violet Flame Opal, as well as a few others.

Best Crystals To Use With Hyalite Opal

What are the best crystals to use with Hyalite Opal?

These are good stones to assist you to think more clearly so it may be worthwhile to use a piece if you are studying.

If you feel you could do with better clearer thinking you may choose to use it along with other stones that boost clarity of thought.

Specific stones you may choose includes Thomsonite, Citrine, Pietersite and Azurite as they are all good stones to help you to think more clearly.

Although these stones have a good energy to assist you to overcome allergies, it may be beneficial to combine them with other crystals that also assist allergies.

This includes Shungite, Black Tourmaline and Fuchsite. Purple Scapolite may also be helpful as it is known to head off the development of allergic conditions.

These crystals have a good energy to assist the healing of stress and anxiety.

But if you need extra help with this, use them in combination with any of the other stones that have a good energy to calm stress and tension. 

There are a number of choices you might make. You can read more about which ones may help you for this purpose in my article about crystals to help stress.

Some of the stones for this purpose includes Scolecite, Lithium Quartz,  Snakeskin Agate or Kambaba Jasper or Stone.

This lovely clear opal variety is known for its action to assist you to experience beautiful clear visions of possible future events in your life.

While this is not really precognition as such, it is to a large degree. Combining this crystals with stones that boost precognition may stimulate the strength of this aspect of its energy.

Use it with crystals for this purpose in meditation, to enable you to heighten precognitive visions.

Stones you might choose to use with it to strengthen precognitive visions includes Prophecy Stone, Dream Quartz, Mariposite or Green Prehnite.

Use it with Lamprophyllite to gain understanding of ideas or doubts that come up related to these visions and with Kauri Gum to understand the totality of what is being experienced.

More Pictures Of This Stone

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal
Hyalite Opal aids you to experience visionsHyalite Opal aids you to experience visions showing what was planned before birth

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