Black Spinel

Grounding Crystals, Boost Inspiration

➤ By Liz Oakes

Black Spinel crystals are known for their action to stimulate inspiring thought.

They may also help you to release any built up anger, fear or resentment triggered by situations occurring in your life.

Their action will aid the release of excess high vibration energy to the earth. This makes them beneficial to use after working with high vibration crystals.

Black SpinelBlack Spinel

These black stones embody a strong grounding action and powerful metaphysical properties. 

They can help to reinvigorate you if you are feeling exhausted, and their vibration may boost your physical energy, aiding you to more easily recover from fatigue.

They are powerful psychic protection stones and and and their energy may help your recovery if you have been experiencing grief.

Because they have metaphysical properties that will aid you to release issues from the past. 

It is an advantageous crystal to help you to improve relationships that have difficulties. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Black Spinel? Sparks Inspiration

Black Spinel is said to be one of the top crystals for inspiration that can stimulate both inspiration and innovation without any struggle required.

They have a quite positive energy that may also encourage creative thinking and assist you to find new directions in which to take your life.

Their vibration is known to attract fresh ideas, new areas of interest and may encourage you to develop new talents.

These black crystals may assist you to discover a new path in which to move forward in life.

Black SpinelBlack Spinel

Inspiration is a powerful aid to benefit you and although it is often associated with imagination it commonly comes from a higher source.

Use these black crystals for boosting inspiration when you are doing meditation, to help you to discover new innovative ideas, and stimulating and challenging paths forward in life.

It is known to be a more soul based, spiritual energy that may spark mental impressions without any effort being required.

Receive Answers From The Higher Realms

Their energy may help you to receive answers from beings in the higher realms, that aid you to decide upon actions that can move you towards what your soul may have planned before your birth.

Black SpinelBlack Spinel

Shop Black Spinel. These stones are well known for their strong action to ground you deeply to the earth.

This can be highly advantageous to help you if you have been impacted from working with high crystal energy stones. 

Many people find they get quite ungrounded after they have been working with the powerful high vibration stones that stimulate the higher chakras.

So its good to use a stone that can quickly bring you back to earth.

How To Use It's Properties: How Will It Help You?

These crystals have a number of excellent metaphysical properties that are highly supportive to help you to rebuild relationships that may have become discordant.

They can bring optimism and hope at times when you are working on reconciling differences with family or loved ones.

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Raw Black SpinelRaw Black Spinel

They are helpful healing crystals for you to use if you need assistance to release anger, resentment, fear and negative thinking that may have been triggered by family issues.

Family occasions related to the death of a loved one may stimulate feelings of regret as well as an inability to let go of deep grief.

These circumstances can also arouse feeling of deep bitterness or resentment towards others that may need dealing with.

The energy of these stones may be helpful if you get caught up in a situation where feelings related to the past are difficult to escape.

It also helps when issues from the past may be holding you back from moving forward in your life.

  What Are Its Healing Properties? 

They can help to reinvigorate you if you are feeling extremely tired, and will give you the stamina to keep going.

Their vibration may improve your physical energy, assisting you to more easily recuperate when you are suffering debilitating exhaustion or fatigue.

Black Spinel Meaning Properties & PowersBlack Spinel Meaning Properties & Powers

This stone is well known for its action as a good healing stone that may be particularly helpful to aid detoxification of the intestines and are known to help the organs in the lower abdomen to work better.

Their vibration specifically has a good action within the three lower chakras.

Used there it helps the body to heal issues within the stomach and procreative organs of the body, including the prostate and lymphatic system.

Wearing This Crystal: Who Should Use It? 

Keep a piece of Black Spinel on your body, as their energy can assist you to release your grief.

Their vibration may help you to release emotions related to old family issues that may be triggering anger or resentment that you need to let go of so that you can be happy.

This stone is usually fairly easy to obtain as jewelry as they are on the zodiac birthstones list. They are often made into pendants or rings which is an easy way to keep them on your body.

Black Spinel Gemstone PendantBlack Spinel Gemstone Pendant

They are useful to wear on your body if you feel that you need protection as they are strong psychic protection stones as well as being powerful aids to assist grounding.

They are a Taurus birthstone but of course will benefit anyone from any zodiac sign, and wearing them can be beneficial to assist you to feel clearer mentally while allowing the birth of new talents and ideas.

Where Is It From? Spinel Meaning

The meaning of the name of this stone comes from a Latin word 'spinella' meaning spine.

This relates to when it was discovered, as the stones were formed in needle like formations.

This mineral occurs in a variety of colors including the more well known red colored stones.

Spinel may also be colored black, blue, green, violet, yellow, purple, brown, orange and some less common colors as well.

Spinel stone is found in a few locations, including in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Africa, India, Thailand, Australia, Russia and a few places in the United States.

Spinel occurs containing a range of different minerals depending on where it comes from.

It may also be made of zinc aluminum oxide (known as Gahnite), as iron aluminum oxide (known as Hercynite) or as manganese aluminum oxide (known as Galaxite) which also may contain iron and magnesium.

Spinel commonly forms as octahedral crystals and can occur as lovely perfectly shaped octahedrons.

Some stones have visible etching on their surface as well as parallel layered growth.

Natural Rough Black SpinelNatural Black Spinel

These stones are found in various formations such as clusters and as twinned crystals.

They can occur in a rather unique formation known as the macle, which is when twins form in a strange flattened arrangement, but this is more commonly found in the red variety.

They come in various qualities, including gem-grade crystals and the lower quality pebble shaped stones.

Their mineral make-up varies, but the most common minerals occurring in these stones is magnesium aluminum oxide.

Interesting Fact: the stone Galaxyite is a member of the same family as Labradorite.

The dark sparkly Galaxyite is sometimes spelled Galaxite which as incorrect, as Galaxite is a member of the Spinel family. A little confusing!

 My Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, Black Spinel are strong crystals for inspiration and are powerful stones to inspire you.

They are helpful crystals for meditation as they may help you to find answers when you feel you could benefit by taking your life in a new direction.

Black Spinel

In Summary: these stones resonate within both the base chakra and earth chakra, and this can assist you to feel more balanced and connected to the earth.

This can assist you to gain clarity about your direction in life.

Using them when you are feeling bogged down by negativity, anger or resentment or when you need help to release feelings of grief can be highly effective.

Best Crystals To Use With Black Spinel

What are the best crystals to combine with Black Spinel?

Inspiration is a major part of many life activities and especially important if whatever you are doing requires a boost.

Black Spinel crystals have excellent metaphysical properties that help you to be more inspired when you're working to achieve the best results possible.

There are quite a few crystals that encourage inspired thinking and it may be helpful to use them together to spark the best possible results.

Specific stones that are known to stimulate inspiration includes Eudialyte, Sugilite, Chlorite Quartz and Carnelian.

If you feel you need extra help to ground you, there are a good number of strong grounding stones to use paired with this crystal including Nuummite, Black Diopside, Black Jade and Black Tourmaline.

You may choose to combine them with other earth star chakra stones, as they are commonly very helpful to connect you back to the earth and to Mother Gaia.

Some of the more powerful earth chakra stones that will be beneficial to use with these crystals includes Black Amethyst, Jet, Augite or Snowflake Obsidian.

Sometimes life events may have left you feeling that it's difficult to cope, you may choose to use these stones with other crystals that can help your grief.

If you have been going through a difficult time after the death of a loved one, use it with stones that assist you to get over feelings of grief.

There are quite a few crystals that you might choose to use with this stone including Aquamarine, Mangano Calcite, Black Onyx, Jeremejevite or Apache Tears.

These crystals have potent properties that are beneficial to assist you with releasing anger you may have been holding onto.

These aren't the only crystals that can assist you with this, and it may be helpful to combine them with other crystals that assist the release of anger.

Specific stones for this purpose includes a few common ones, as well as quite few less well known crystals including Green Calcite, Ethiopian Opal, Larimar or Augelite.

These crystals have an excellent psychic protection energy that is highly effective to use to assist you if you feel the need to protect yourself from beings that are not of the light.

In addition you may choose to also use them with other strongly protective stones including with Fire Agate, Amethyst, Shattuckite or Malachite.

Black Spinel aids inspired thinking. Strong groundings stone

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