The Scapolite Colors 

Learn Properties Of Each Color

➤ By Liz Oakes

The energy of the Scapolite colors varies and while some of their properties are similar, they are not all the same.

This is a stone of purpose, that helps you to set your mind on a goal and then helps you to find ways to reach it. 

All colors are known to aid self discipline and willpower.

While there are a number of different colors some are more common than others and Yellow Scapolite is easy to buy.

The metaphysical properties and benefits of each of the major colors of this stone are outlined on this page.

Scapolite ColorsYellow is one of the popular Scapolite Colors

Colors shown below include the bright yellow crystals, the purple stones as well as blue, orange, white and pinkish lavender stones.

The pink stone is a lavender pink color so it has a strong heart based energy but in most other ways is similar to the purple type. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Generally you may notice that the metaphysical properties of different Scapolite colors are fairly similar but some aspects are quite different.

Each of the colors have specific attributes applying to that color, and you can read a section on many of the individual types below.

Where Is It From? Scapolite Meaning

Scapolite crystals are found in a number of places including Norway, Italy, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Kenya, Madagascar, Namibia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. 

The grayish-white stone was formerly known as Wernerite but this name is less common now. 

The meaning of the name Scapolite relates to the Greek words meaning 'a shaft' referring to its prismatic shape. 

Scapolite is found in the massive form, as well as tetragonal and prismatic crystals that make lovely gemstones, and there is a fairly uncommon cat's eye Scapolite gemstone.

So Many Shades, Of Various Colors & Types

This is a lovely crystal that comes in a number of colors. The most common colors are the yellow, orangey brown, lavender pink and purple shades.

The various Scapolite colors have some different attributes, but any of these stones will be helpful healing crystals to have as part of your collection. 

Although the yellow stones seem to be the most common, even the yellow crystals may come in a number of shades. Some colors are fairly common but others are rare.

Yellow ScapoliteYellow Scapolite

The rare colors include the colorless Scapolite, white, grayish white, grey, green, brown, pink and red hued tones.

The colorless stones are also sometimes known as Mizzonite, and these can occur as quite well formed crystals.

While Mizzonite is known as colorless Scapolite, colorless does not always mean totally without color, as they can have have tiny inclusions of other minerals within them.

There is a white variety of Scapolite with Cinnabar inclusions but I don't recommend it as Cinnabar is extremely toxic. I had a page about Cinnabar on this site but I removed it as it is just too toxic to use safely.

Why Would You Use Scapolite?

All of the Scapolite colors are stones of purpose, helping you to determine what your goal is to assist you to achieve it.

All colors help to enhance self-discipline and will-power, but be aware that the metaphysical properties of these stones vary because of the color.

As they occur in a range of shades, the energy of the various colors may be quite unlike each other.

Purple ScapolitePurple Scapolite

You can read a lot more about Purple Scapolite as it already has its own in-depth page where its meaning and individual healing properties can be discovered.

The purple variety has a quite powerful spiritual energy that resonates within the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the higher etheric chakras.

Some Are More Common Than Others

Yellow Scapolite is one of the most common colors and it is popular partly because it is the easiest to buy. 

It has good metaphysical properties that aid the attainment of prosperity through the solar plexus chakra.

purple scapolite 4-500

Blue Scapolite works within the throat chakra and third eye and aids the development of psychic powers.

While both the white or gray-white Scapolite colors are fairly uncommon they have a good energy that resonates within the higher chakras.

Mizzonite and White Scapolite help to energize the crown chakra, soul star chakra and the higher etheric chakras.

How To Use It? Wearing Scapolite Crystal

All Scapolite colors are beneficial crystals for emotional healing as they help to soothe the emotions, so wearing a piece on your body may be beneficial.

Note that the various Scapolite crystals have different levels of energy for assisting the emotions.

Yellow ScapoliteYellow Scapolite

But one of the major ways that all colors of these stones may be helpful when worn, is that they have an excellent vibration to assist your emotional healing.

They are advantageous crystals for stress and tension, so if you are feeling tense or anxious wear a piece of Scapolite within your energy field as this may be beneficial to help you.

These crystals are Taurus birthstones so it may be possible to get jewelry made from them, but Scapolite gemstones are not common.

An alternative is to keep a piece on your body in a pouch in your pocket or in your bra for the ladies, or another simple solution is to use a macrame crystal holder.

It's easy to buy a macrame crystal holder and if get one with a sliding bead on the top above the pouch for the stone, it will be easy to change the crystal in the pouch.

Metaphysical Properties Of Various Scapolite Colors

The meaning of the crystals of any Scapolite color, also relates to its action to assist you to build a high level of self discipline.

One of the less well known Scapolite benefits is that they are strong crystals to assist self mastery.

All colors may help you to enhance your willpower and boost inner strength, although the orange and yellow crystals have a stronger energy to aid this.

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Pale Yellow ScapolitePale Yellow Scapolite

The sunny yellow crystals may help you to foster a more assured approach to life, and its energy may help you to feel happier and more positive about the circumstances of your life.

Scapolite Color Range

Scapolite comes in a quite a few colors and while each color has particular benefits all of these crystals have some similar metaphysical properties.

They are all good crystals for goal setting and may assist you if there is something important that you wish to accomplish.

They stimulate increased self control and restraint and may help you to let go of bad habits that have been dogging you.

Pale Lavender Pink ScapolitePale Lavender Pink Scapolite

Their vibration may aid you to better overcome undesirable ideas and what could be called weaknesses or lack of willpower.

The lavender, purple, white and clear varieties work within the higher chakras.

Their vibration may trigger psychic knowing, and may help you to connect with your spirit guides.

The Scapolite Colors Individual Properties

Read the individual sections below to learn about each of the colors and how they can benefit you.

Purple Scapolite

Purple Scapolite are very high vibration crystals that will help to clear past life issues that are causing problems in your current life.

This one of the Scapolite colors that lifts your way of looking at life, so you see things from a higher perspective, and it is known for its energy of atonement.

Its energy helps to release feelings related to spiritual issues of reparation, penance or the need for forgiveness, that is, the need to make amends for your past actions.

The purple stones are good crystals for aging and may help to prevent the onset of allergic attacks.

They are good crystals for aging, and the healing properties of crystals like these relate to its action to balance the energy in the body.

Wearing Purple Scapolite may be beneficial to aid the healing of issues related to aging, as it is known to improve your ability to physically move your body more easily.

The purple variety are helpful crystals to balance your male-female energy and may help to bring back a more harmonious movement of energy within your body.

Lavender Pink Scapolite

Pink Scapolite may actually be a more lavender shade, and this is one of the Scapolite colors that is harder to obtain as a clear pink crystal.

The healing properties of the pink stones relate to aiding your emotions and helping stress related illnesses such ulcers and other digestive issues caused by stress.

Pink ScapolitePink Scapolite

Lavender Pink Scapolite has specific aspects that work within the thymus or higher heart chakra as well as within the heart chakra.

This is a stone to enhance forgiveness and will help to create increased sensitivity and compassion towards others.

The pink variety is one of the more powerful Scapolite colors as it aids you to release wounding from past experiences so you can be freed of issues holding you back.

Scapolite Colors: Blue Scapolite

Blue Scapolite has a lovely energy that is emotionally calming and can assist you to let go of bad habits that you have been having difficulty releasing.

They are strong throat chakra stones that also have a powerful energy that stimulates the third eye.

This may help with the development of your psychic abilities, including your telepathic gifts.

Blue ScapoliteBlue Scapolite Pendant

Blue Scapolite are strong crystals for communication.

They help what you speak to embody the intent behind your spoken words rather than just the words themselves.

Another of the excellent crystal properties is the way that it stimulates your mental and analytical abilities, and this may help you to communicate better as well.

Scapolite Colors: Yellow Scapolite 

As mentioned above, Yellow Scapolite is the color that is the easiest to purchase, and tumelestones made from it are relatively easy to buy.

Yellow Scapolite has an energy that is easily felt within the solar plexus chakra, also known as the power chakra.

This chakra relates to manifesting abundance, and this means that using them can assist you if you are working to increase prosperity in your life.

They are one of the crystals to enhance the growth of money, and may be helpful used in a grid along with other abundance stones to boost your income.

Yellow ScapoliteYellow Scapolite

In addition, like other solar plexus stones they have a strong action to assist you to use your personal power in a better way.

Did you know that the solar plexus chakra is also where many people experience feelings of fear? 

Yellow Scapolite is one of the crystals for relieving fear, as it has a powerful action to assist you to let go of any fear you may be feeling.

The meaning of the crystals that are any color Scapolite, also relates to its action to assist you to build a high level of self discipline and may help to boost your will power.

These sunny yellow crystals may help you to foster a more assured approach to life, and its energy may help you to feel happier and more positive about the circumstances of your life.

Yellow Scapolite can trigger the achieving of your intentions of an increase in your prosperity, through its energy at the solar plexus chakra.

Orange Scapolite

Orange ScapoliteOrange Scapolite

Orange Scapolite is one of the Scapolite colors that is less common that most other varieties.

As it contains many of the same minerals as the yellow stones you can expect it to have similar properties.

Even though it is less common you may understand that its color is similar to the yellow stones and the minerals it contains will make its energy act within the same chakras.

The crystal piece in the image above was sold to me as Orange Scapolite but it could also be called Brown Scapolite as it is a quite brownish color.

The vibration of the various Scapolite colors are often similar, and a lot of the orange or brown stones have comparable energy. It resonates within both the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

White Scapolite And Mizzonite

White Scapolite has a strong resonance within the higher chakras. Both the white variety of this stone and Mizzonite will both help to open and clear the crown chakra.

Their energy also stimulates the soul star chakra and higher etheric chakras.

White ScapoliteWhite Scapolite

The meaning of crystals in the Scapolite family are all similar in some respects, in that they all help you to find your life purpose, and are said to be stones of destiny.

This is a lovely stone that resonates strongly when used during meditation.

It may assist you to make contact with spirit guides, and may assist you with connecting to angels.

Other metaphysical qualities including its action to aid lucid dreaming, and helps you to connect with your higher self.


Mizzonite is a good stone to regulate the chemistry of the brain, and may help anyone who is mentally unstable.

Best Crystals To Use With Scapolite

What are the best crystals to combine with any of the Scapolite colors?

This is a lovely stone to aid emotional healing. Many of you may have issues from time to time that make it difficult to cope emotionally.

These stones have a lovely energy to aid the healing of emotional issues.

You may also like to combine it with other stones that aid you to heal from emotional related issues, including Apache Tears, Eudialyte or Green Diopside.

To accentuate this stones action to aid self discipline, there are a few other stones that you may like to use with it, that also have this energy.

Stones such as Sodalite, Black Onyx, Prehnite and Blue Sapphire may also aid you to feel a greater level of restraint when called for.

There are a number of excellent stones that have a strong energy to aid you to develop telepathic ability and you might choose to pair these stones with any of the Scapolite colors.

Some of my favorite crystals to pair with them to boost mental telepathy includes stones such as Blue Calcite, Tiffany Stone, Selenite and Blue Chalcedony.

For those that feel fearful and have trouble dealing with this emotion, it may be advantageous to use it paired with other stones that assist the release of fear.

To aid you to overcome fear, stones that can be helpful includes Tigers Eye, Shaman Stones, Mariposite and Brazilianite.

More Pictures of Scapolite

Yellow ScapoliteYellow Scapolite
ScapoliteYellow Scapolite

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