Learn Properties Of Various Colors

Fluorite comes in so many colors and all aid clear thinking as they are highly stimulating on the mental plane.

They act like a vacuum cleaner clearing out unwanted thoughts that are creating mental confusionThey have an excellent energy to assist you to be more organized, and we can all use that!


They also have a powerful action to release and remove negative energy and will assist you to let go of stress.

These stones have excellent healing properties to assist a number of health problems, and are well known to assist healing of many issues on both the emotional and physical level.

Aids Clear Thinking: Removes Unwanted Thoughts

Their healing action relates to their powerful action to remove disorder from many areas of the body. They are also beneficial to assist with both geopathic and electromagnetic stress.

These are wonderful healing crystals for you to use if you are studying, as their energy releases disorder from your thinking, bringing increased clarity as well as assisting concentration.

They come in a range of colors, and many of these stones, including the lovely Rainbow Fluorite, embody a mixture of colors.

Learn about each of the colors in separate sections below. It is easy to obtain many of these beautiful stones, some with just the one color in them as well as the mixed colored crystals.

Where Is It From? Fluorite Meaning & Colors

The meaning of the name of this stone comes from the Latin word "fluere" which means "to flow" as it was originally used hundreds of years ago as flux, and its flowing action was of value to workers.

The mineral make-up of this stone is calcium fluoride. It is a member of the halide mineral family, and although pure fluorite is transparent, it is common for it to be found in various colors.

Rainbow Fluorite PendulumRainbow Fluorite Pendulum

Also known as fluorospar, the color of these crystals does of course relate to the inclusion of various minerals in the stones, so it occurs in quite a wide range of colors depending on the minerals in it.

It fluoresces under ultraviolet light, with the visible light most commonly being blue, red, yellow or green. The gorgeous octohedrons are a particularly lovely formation that they are found in.

It commonly has an isometric cubic structure, with twinning also being another common way it occurs. It may also be found in an octagonal or isometric form as well.

Fluorite OctohedronPurple and Green Fluorite Octohedron

This mineral is found in a large number of locations in the world. Some areas are very well known for their deposits of Fluorite, including in Canada, United Kingdom, Russia and Spain.  

The lovely deep purple Blue John Fluorite from Derbyshire in the UK is well known. The color of these crystals are specifically associated with the actual area where it comes from, as various areas have different minerals that end up in the stone and create the colors.

How To Use These Stones?

One of the most powerful uses for this stone is its use to help students who are having difficulty due to muddled thinking, by assisting you to let go of thinking about extraneous issues.

By helping you to think in a more organized manner, this can aid you to plan better. This can help you to decide what direction you are going with our work. If you feel confused about your next step, keeping a piece on you may be advantageous.

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If you often find that your mind is filled with thoughts that have no connection to the subject that you need to focus on, this stone's energy will help you to get back on track.

The energy of Fluorite is extremely helpful to arouse interest in the subject you are working on. It will help you to concentrate and it encourages your mind to process the desired information more quickly.

Why Would You Use It?

There are a great number of reasons why you might choose to use these crystals, and as they come in a wide range of colors they are generally very easy to obtain, and all colors have a powerful energy.

These stones are excellent to use in meditation for a number of reasons. Their energy starts by assisting the cleansing of your auric field, and at the same time helps with the release of negativity.

As they assist with the stabilization of the energy within your auric field, they are powerful to use for meditation, and you will find that they can assist the development of psychic gifts including intuition.

They can assist contact with beings in the higher realms including guides and angels and this is covered in more detail in the individual sections about each color of this stone.

You will find that specific colors have particular ways that they are most effective to assist you, although all colors are powerful healing crystals for you to use for a good number of reasons.

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

These stones are excellent to use to aid your healing and they also have a number of powerful metaphysical properties that make them some of the most useful healing crystals to choose to aid you.

Rainbow FluoriteGreen & Purple Rainbow Fluorite Tower

Although their healing attributes are covered below, check out the properties of individual colors to learn more. Some of the specific ways they will help you includes:

  • These crystals have an excellent action as EMF protection crystals and may be combined with other stones for this purpose. There are a large number of powerful stones for this purpose which are covered in the in-depth article on EMF protection crystals .
  • All color of Fluorite can boost your energy when you are lacking the strength to go on.
  • Their energy is powerful to help to relieve anxiety and stress.
Fluorite OctohedronPale Pink & Yellow Octohedron

An elixir made from these stones (using the indirect method, where the stone is separated from the water by glass) can be helpful to aid healing of a number of problems including:

  • All colors may be helpful to assist issues within the mucous membranes and specifically within the respiratory tract.
  • They are known to assist the healing of viruses, colds, flu and sinusitis.
  • Said to bring pain relief, especially for rheumatism, arthritis and spinal problems, and may aid the healing of the teeth and bones.
  • Works in the area of the heart chakra to aid emotional healing.
  • Gently stroke the skin to assist aging, including to improve wrinkles, spots and other skin imperfections. May also aid shingles and pain from nerve issues.

Wearing This Crystal & My Final Thoughts

This is a lovely stone to wear for a number of reasons, including to assist the healing of any of the health issues noted above.

Wearing this stone in the area close to the head or the neck may aid the thyroid, and this may be particularly helpful to you if you have a sensitivity to electromagnetic frequencies.

Rainbow FluoriteRainbow Fluorite Pendant

In summary: if you decide you would like to wear this stone on your body, you may like to read the section below that is related to the specific color of the stone you have obtained.

These stones are powerful healing aids, and while various colors help specific health problems, all colors are known to help your healing, as mentioned above.

In addition they have other powerful metaphysical properties that will aid spiritual growth, and aid the development of various psychic gifts, and will help you to make contact with spirit guides and the angels.

Read through the attributes of each color below to decide which color of these stones that you feel will be the most effective to help you.

If you can't find the fluorite color you want to wear already made into a pendant, it is easy to obtain a macrame crystal holder.

Using one these stone holders is a wonderful aid to help you to wear any stone that you are currently working with, as they are easy to change when you have achieved what you desired.

Metaphysical Properties Of Specific Colors

There are a range of fluorite stone colors. In the section below you can see pictures of the various shades and read a short outline of the major attributes of each color.

Although they all have some things in common, each color also has its own specific attributes, so read about individual colors to ascertain the best choice for you to personally use.

Rainbow Fluorite

The crystals healing properties vary according to their color, as each of the naturally occurring colors of these crystals contain different minerals which creates particular properties.

This means that specific colors will have a stronger action at particular chakras. The most well known color of these stones are the lovely banded rainbow fluorite crystals, which commonly have bands of  at least two colors in them and sometimes more.

More About Individual Colors Of This Stone

Depending on the various colors within each individual stone, each piece can have slightly different metaphysical properties to another, which is related to its specific shade.

All colors of Fluorite have some properties in common with others, but due to the addition of the minerals that create individual colors, they do have a number of particular attributes that make them different to each other.

Blue Green Rainbow FluoriteUnusual Blue & Green Rainbow Fluorite

The various colored stones are listed below in alphabetic order. So check out the sections with the meanings of the various colors below and discover why you might choose to use a particular color of this crystal. 


Blue FluoriteBlue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite is one of the less well known of the colors of this stone. Like most blue stones they resonate strongly within the throat chakra, with crystal properties that are beneficial to aid clear and unambiguous communication.

This is also a good stone to help you if you are studying, as it may enhance your concentration and may help you to absorb what you are learning.

It is also a strong third eye chakra stone that will enhance your psychic abilities. It is beneficial to use in meditation to assist your psychic gifts and to improve both your accuracy and clarity.

Its action may open the third eye and stimulate an improvement in brain activity, and may help you to have a more orderly approach to your thinking.

Blue John

Blue John FluoriteBlue John Fluorite

Blue John Fluorite comes from Derbyshire in England. Those of you who live in the United Kingdom should find this stone relatively easy to obtain, as it is a quite popular and well known stone.

While the stone pictured above is quite dark, the colors of this variety may also be found with lovely purple, blue and colorless bands within the stone.

The crystal properties of these stones are known for their action to encourage change and an expansion of your personal growth.

They are said to stimulate altruistic tendencies, as well as assisting you when making decisions to do what is for the highest good of all concerned.

Use it when traveling to help you to have new interesting experiences, but remember to also be aware of the desires of others traveling with you who may have other ideas.

This stone has a good action to aid healing in a number of ways, and may boost your agility and enhance energy if you are fatigued, as well as helping muscle related problems.


Green FluoriteGreen Fluorite
Green Fluorite OctohedronPale Green Fluorite Octohedron

Green Fluorite occurs in a number of forms and various colors of green from deeper green through to the pale yellow green, seen in the lovely naturally occurring octohedron shaped crystal in the image above.

The green crystals have a strong resonance within the heart chakra and when used there aid emotional healing, and will also help to heal the physical body.

They have a number of beneficial healing properties with a good healing action within the stomach and are known to soothe the intestines and may help a sore throat.

The meaning of stones within the fluorite family are similar, as the green stones along with other fluorite stone colors create cleansing within the auric field and help to clarify your thinking.

These lovely green stones help to bring your thinking to a more heart based place, and their vibration may help you if you are working to enhance your intuition.


Magenta Fluorite is fairly rare, and is one of the less well known  colors of this crystal family. It is worth tracking down as it has quite a strong energy that is highly beneficial to use to aid emotional healing.

The magenta variety comes in shades from the more pinkish stone to a quite dark purplish magenta color, and may also be found selling as dark pink Fluorite.

Magenta FluoriteMagenta Fluorite

The specific shade of this variety may be said to be pink but the colors of this uncommon variety are generally quite a bit darker.

This is the same color you may see if you travel during meditation to the higher soul star chakra, located above the soul star chakra. The higher soul star chakra is the second of the transpersonal chakras.

Use it in meditation to bring through a potent stream of spiritual energy. You can use this as a gazing stone while meditating,  looking deeply into it and flowing with its energy.

It has a powerful action within the pineal gland, located behind the third eye, helping to create a quite startling journey, as it gently pulls you deeply into the higher spiritual realms.

This deep magenta crystal also has a strong resonance within the higher heart chakra, so it will also create a surge of loving energy throughout your being, and an increase of love and compassion within you.

These crystals have a beautiful loving vibration that is helpful for healing the emotions and aiding relationships, as they resonate strongly within the heart chakra with their easily felt heart based energy.

Light Pink 

Light Pink Fluorite is the paler pink shade of these stones. It also has a lovely supportive energy that works within both the heart chakra and the higher heart or thymus chakra.

The vibration of this stone helps to bring emotional healing by soothing you when you feel vulnerable especially when it is related to feelings of misery and anguish.

The healing properties of crystals in this crystal family are all similar, in that they have a good action to clear thoughts that may be causing mental confusion.


Purple FluoritePurple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite is one of the most popular of the fluorite stone colors. This quite powerful variety  resonates within the third eye chakra in particular, and has a strong vibration to aid spirituality.

It helps your spiritual development and is excellent used for meditation, and it is known to aid you to mentally assimilate the ideas coming through from spirit during meditation.

The Purple stone is well known for its action as a powerful psychic communication stone that helps you to make more sense of what you hear from Spirit and from guides or other beings in the higher realms.

They are excellent crystals to use to aid your healing when you have any type of infection or virus.

Their vibration will help to clarify your thinking, and will help to draw off negativity, and are helpful when placed near to your computer to draw off electromagnetic smog.

Black FluoriteVery Dark Purple Colored Stone known as Black Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow FluoriteRainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite is probably the most common and well known of the colors, with individual crystals having bands of quite beautiful colors within the stone.

While they can be a combination of a number of colors, they usually have green and purple bands, and they may also have blue or clear areas in the stone, although this is less common.

Depending on the actual colors, rainbow colored crystals may have slightly different stone meanings, but due to their unique combinations most of the striped stones are known for their energy to aid Indigo children to feel safe and loved.

The best way to use any color of these stones is in meditation. They may be particularly helpful if you are working on making a connection with your spirit guides or other beings in the higher realms.

The energy of this stone helps to provide for the transfer of information at the time of contact with them. They are also well known for their action to assist you to contact the angelic kingdom

It is also a very protective stone, and is said to shield you against psychic attack so this is another good reason to use them in meditation and to keep nearby for protection.


Yellow FluoriteYellow Fluorite

Yellow Fluorite is one of the less common of the fluorite stones colors. It may be useful to those working in a group, as its energy is known to stimulate group harmony.

While the meaning of crystals of any color are similar, all members of the fluorite family will help you to have a more orderly approach to life.

The yellow crystals are most well known for being helpful stones to use if you are studying, as they may aid you to think in a more organized way which assist you to achieve more each day.

If you need to be able to find something that is lost, hold this crystal while thinking about the object. Then expect to be aware of a couple of possible spots where the item may be located.

The vibration of the yellow stone may also be beneficial to enhance your creativity as well as helping you to let go of toxic emotions that may be holding you back. 

Yttrium aka Yttrian or Lavender Fluorite

Lavender Yttrium or Yttrian Fluorite is said to be the least common of the fluorite stone colors.  

While these rare stones are well known for their action within the higher chakras, their energy at the heart chakra creates calmness and serenity, making them highly beneficial to use in meditation.

They are powerful aids to use to stimulate the crown chakra, soul star chakra and higher transpersonal chakras as they have a very high vibration that assists you to connect to beings in the spirit realms.

They embody an extraordinary level of crystal energy, and are a strong aid to create spiritual growth, as they help you to make an amazing connection directly with the Divine.

This is a high frequency stone that may help those who wish to become a spiritual medium to enhance these gifts and they may aid you when you are working with any type of channeling abilities.

They are powerful healing crystals for you to use to help you to develop automatic writing, assisting you to communicate directly with Spirit.

These lavender stones are also known for their action to help you to develop your intuition and to promote the growth of stronger psychic abilities and psychic knowing.

More Pictures Of This Stone

Blue FluoriteBlue Fluorite
Fluorite SkullGreen and White Banded Skull

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