Communication With Angels

➤ By Liz Oakes

Angelite is a lovely blue stone that aids you to connect with angels, and make contact with spirit guides and can aid channeling and mediumship. 

In addition to assisting communication with angels, in a number of people it may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts

Many people use these blue crystals as they have a peaceful energy that is calming and soothing. 


They are also called Blue Anhydrite and like many blue stones they are also strong communication stones. 

They are extremely helpful healing crystals for you to have in your collection as they are beneficial because their vibration is helpful to aid contact with beings in the higher realms.

They will benefit you in a number of ways and in particular assist you to connect with members of the angelic kingdom. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Angelite?

The vibration of this lovely blue stone has an excellent action within the throat chakra where its energy is well known for its action to improve communication abilities.

It also resonates within the third eye chakra and crown chakra. This is a lovely blue stone that aids anger as it has a calming and soothing vibration.

It is particularly helpful at times when you may be finding it emotionally difficult to cope with the situation you may find yourself in.

Use it to help to relieve tension and stress by placing in the area you spend the most time. 


One of its strong attributes is that it will help you to make contact with the angelic realm and will aid you with finding your spirit guide.

This may help to explain why Angelite is beneficial to aid angelic contact and may stimulate the birth of psychic gifts.

While in a general way this is a strong communication stone, Angelite is one of the finest stones to specifically aid spiritual based communication.

One of the ways it may help you is to kindle the birth of an ability to make contact with spirits from the other side of the veil, known as mediumship or channeling.

This crystal may intensify psychic communication in a number of different ways. It has an excellent action at the throat chakra, which is where communication abilities emerge.

This stones energy may be beneficial to assist you to contact loved ones who have passed over, and to bring through their energy to aid emotional healing.

It may also stimulate mental telepathy as well as the gift of psychic visions commonly known as clairvoyance.

It can aid you to bring information through from spirit in a number of ways, including assisting you when doing automatic writing.

Healing Action Of Blue Anhydrite

This lovely blue crystal is a strong healing stone in a number of ways including:

  • In particular this crystal will help you if you are feeling grief from the loss of a loved one.
  • Within the throat chakra this stones energy may aid healing of throat inflammation and of problems in the thyroid glands. 
  • It can be helpful to aid weight loss as it is said to act as a diuretic.

In a general way its action is balancing to the physical body, and it is lovely to hold in your hands to aid healing. 

AngeliteRaw Angelite

Angelite has a very calming and comforting action, that will help to assist emotional healing related to grief.

As this stones energy is soothing to the emotions, keep a piece of this stone on you, especially if you are feeling emotionally troubled or out of sorts, as using it is one of the methods to relieve stress.

Other healing properties of this stone that are known to aid healing includes these ways:

  • It has an action to support healing of health problems related to the bones, and is said to help to dissolve calcification within the joints.
  • It is said to give you a greater range of motion in the joints, and is also known to be helpful when applied to the feet.
  • It may unblock meridians where required for healing.
  • It may also help the healing of broken bones, as well as aiding osteoporosis and arthritis.

Make Contact With Angelic Beings

The action of Angelite crystals may assist you to contact the angels.

It is known to aid you to release any blocks to your spiritual growth and will aid spiritual healing.

This contact with the angelic kingdom may also aid you to feel more empathy with others and a greater compassion when required.

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Angelite Stone

If you have not previously worked with your spirit guide, these lovely crystals may also help you to contact your spirit guide.

Like most crystals you may choose to use this blue crystal in meditation. There are a number of benefits to using it for this purpose.

In particular it will aid you to make contact with the angelic kingdom either directly or through your spirit guides.

If you wish to make contact with beings in the higher realms, using this stone may help you to receive the loving guidance of the angels and of your spirit guides.

This blue crystal is well known as a strong communication stone. But rather than having a stimulating effect its energy is very soothing and calming at the throat chakra.

Who Should Use It? How Will It Help You? 

Using a crystal pendulum made of any type of stone can be beneficial. 

Using an Angelite pendulum helps you to connect more quickly to the higher realms and may gain the help of beings in these realms.

The action of these lovely blue crystals within the throat chakra, is powerful to enhance communication of many types, including with angels and your spirit guides.

Its vibration may help your speech to be more gentle and sweeter and calmer, and it can take the bite out of your words when you are feeling out of sorts.

The vibration of this stone may assist you to feel more compassionate towards others, especially difficult people.

This energy can be helpful if you have an ongoing relationship with anyone you feel angst towards, whether your feelings are justified or not.

It can help you to let go of any guilt you may feel related to the passing of a person who has died. 

This is often a problem especially if their death was unexpected or if there were words left unspoken. Its energy creates deep inner peace which may help to improve how you feel.

Angelite CrystalAngelite Crystal

It may also help you to remember and interpret your dreams. It is also a very useful stone to aid you to remain aware while dreaming or what is known as having a lucid dream.

Place a Blue Angelite stone under your pillow or close by, to aid your sleep to be more peaceful.

This allows you to acquire information and directions about your life from those in the spirit realm.

The energy of these lovely stones are helpful to heal your life, and will help you to feel calmer and to release stress.

Their action to assist your communication to be calmer and less fraught, is also a very useful reason to keep these stones on your body.

Where Is It From? Angelite Meaning

The meaning of this stones name comes from its strong vibration to make contact with the angelic realm.

Maybe its reason for being discovered at this time relates to the need for humanity to benefit from its beautiful energy, that aids angelic contact.

Although this lovely blue stone was only discovered comparatively recently, once it was found in one place it was discovered in other localities.

Angelite is a type of blue Anhydrite gypsum that was originally found in Peru. It has since been found in Britain, Germany, Poland, Libya, Egypt and Mexico.

Its color is commonly medium to pale blue, but some pieces may be bluish white or white in color, with the occasional tiny red Hematite inclusions.

It looks a lot like Blue Calcite, but it has a different appearance, as it is denser and quite opaque.

Although it is said that it can be found as crystals, these are quite uncommon and it is more likely to be seen in the massive form.

Wearing Angelite

By keeping this stone on you when you have to deal with people who you find difficult, you may find that your words are tempered.

You may find that you may be Divinely inspired to say words that can take the heat out of otherwise problematical occasions.

Angelite BeadsAngelite Bracelet

It is easy to buy Angelite, and if you are dealing with anyone to whom you feel any anger or negative feelings towards, it may benefit you to keep a piece of this stone on you.

It helps your communication to be clearer and it may assist diplomacy when required. 

Wearing Angelite jewelry on your body, may help you to feel calmer when you are talking with them.

It is on the zodiac birthstone list as it is a birthstone for Aquarians, but it may be used by anyone from any zodiac sign.

This is a good energy to use if your work entails contact with anyone who is in need of emotional healing.

You may choose to use this crystal at any chakra, but it has a strong resonance within the higher chakras, as well as within the sacral or navel chakra.

Use it there to aid emotional healing, especially related to problems in your personal relationships.

Using An Angelite Crystal Skull 

Using an Angelite crystal skull may enhance your ability to communicate with the higher realms and with your guides.

You may find that the unique properties of crystal skulls may benefit you in a number of ways.

Once you begin to work with your crystal skull, you will make a very special connection, particularly during a crystal skull meditation.

You may find, like I did, that the energy of your crystal skull, will help to make connections with Spirit and beings in the higher realms, as well as helping you in a number of other ways.

It will resonate strongly within the higher chakras, but it may be necessary for you to use it for a little while, getting deeper and deeper each time until you find that you make contact with angelic beings.

 My Final Thoughts

It is a good idea to keep one of these blue stones within your auric field as its vibration is also good for stress and anxiety, and it feels lovely to hold in your hand.

Wearing this stone is a delight, as it has a joyous energy that will aid you to feel happier, calmer and more peaceful.


In summary: if you are having trouble dealing with someone, or something that is happening in your life, this stone's energy may help you to accept the situation.

It helps to relieve any guilt associated with what is happening. If you find you say too much on occasion, having a piece of this stone on you can help you to say less.

It also aids you to limit what you say, and to know when and if it is beneficial to do so.

Best Crystals To Use With Angelite 

What are the best crystals to use with Angelite?

The lovely Blue Celestite crystals, that are so closely related to it will boost its energy, and this is an excellent combination.

If you wish to use the strong action that this crystal has to aid you to make a connection with angelic beings, it may be beneficial to combine it with other strong stones to aid you with connecting with angels.

There are a number of very well known stones that you may choose to use it with. 

Combine it with Seraphinite, Prehnite or Iolite crystals, which are powerful used with this stone, to aid your connection to the highest order of angels.

Stones that will help to elevate you to the higher realms, to work with angelic beings are great combined with this crystal. 

Crystals that work well for this purpose include Angel Phantom Quartz, Aragonite Star Clusters, Herkimer Diamond and Ajoite.

Use it with sacral chakra stones to aid relationship issues. If you are feeling stressed, combine it with other strong stones for stress relief, such as Scolecite, Amblygonite, Lithium Quartz or Lilac Lepidolite.

Combine it with other stones to boost your telepathic gifts if you wish to develop these gifts.

You may choose to combine it with stones such as Dream Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds, Labradorite, Apophyllite and Blue Calcite.

One of my site readers was concerned that the use of Angelite might attract bad or evil angels. While this is unlikely, if this concerns you, combine it with protective crystals.

There is a list of a large number of psychic protection stones here.

More pictures of Angelite

AngeliteRaw Angelite
Angelite Meanings Properties Powers & UsesAngelite Meanings Properties Powers & Uses

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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