Top Crystals For Problem Solving

Help You To Find Solutions

When you have a problem and are working on finding a solution, sometimes it can be challenging.

When you are looking for answers and can't find them, using crystals for problem solving may help you.

If you wish to come up with some ideas or possibilities that may be the key to resolving the issue using these crystals may help you.

Check out the stones below.

There are quite a few excellent healing stones that have a good action to help you to find solutions to complex or difficult issues.

Crystals For Problem Solving wide 2Cobaltian Calcite is one of the Crystals For Problem Solving

All of them have an energy that can help you to find answers to issues you may need help with.

Use your intuition and if a specific stone gets your attention read about it, and discover more about how it works. You can also learn its other properties that may also benefit you. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Problem Solving?

If you are working on finding a solution to a specific problem you have, I know that it can be difficult when it is not solved quickly but drags on. 

This may be when you start to look around for a different way to find answers. Regardless of what type of problem you need help with, it can of value to look for an alternative approach.

Whether it is a problem related to your relationship, your work, an issue about money or just a difficulty in your day to day life, any of these can be challenging to find answers to.

If you are someone who loves crystals it is beneficial to find out if any of the stones you have can assist you to resolve the issue.

Blue and Yellow DatoliteRare Blue and Yellow Color Of Datolite

Some answers to problems may seem fairly obvious, but at other times the solution is very hard to come by.

There are quite a few crystals for problem solving and while some have a similar energy to help you, in addition to their role to find answers to your concerns, most have other ways they can help you.

If you are working with someone else on solving a problem you may find that you need to make compromises in order to fully address the issue.

So the crystal you choose might need to help you to have a more balanced approach when looking at the situation, so check out all their properties if it has attracted your attention.

Most of the stones below have an in-depth article, and the link to these is under the image, so you can learn more if you feel this is right for you.

Best Ways To Use Crystals For Problem Solving

The way to use your crystals may depend on the type of problem that you need to find answers for. 

Wearing jewelry made from any of the stones below keeps their vibration within your energy field and may help you to resolve it more quickly.

Variscite PendantVariscite Pendant
  • If it is a relationship problem, you might find that using heart based crystals along with the stones on the list below may help you.
  • In this case, one of the best ways to use them is to place them on the bedside so that their crystal energy resonates into the room where you sleep.

Making a crystal grid is also helpful. The combination of the crystals for problem solving with clear quartz and/or selenite is helpful.

Any type of quartz not just clear quartz works to help you by amplifying the vibration of the other stones you use. 

There are many potent quartz varieties and they can help you if you have specific issues you need help with.

Rose Quartz is a powerful relationship stone and Citrine is excellent to use if you are working on solutions to money worries so keep them in mind.

You can also program any type of quartz with an affirmation to assist you to find the solution more quickly and its easy to learn how

You can also learn how to deprogram your crystals if you decide its necessary, see link on the page about programming your crystals.

Whether it is at home or is in the workplace you might wish to place crystals for problem solving where you spend time discussing the issue.

If you are constantly talking about the situation with someone else and trying to work out ways to solve the problem, place the specific stones to help you nearby.

Using these stones in meditation, means that you may be able to reach out to spirit guides or teachers in the higher realms and ask for guidance.

If you are not exactly sure about how to meditate, to get you started check out my easy instructions for meditating.

If you are meditating and you get a message, sometimes you may not completely understand what you are told at the time. So write down any thoughts that come to you at this time as later you might work out how it fits into finding the solution.

The Complete Guide: Top 7 Crystals For Problem Solving

The crystals shown below are the most well-known and effective crystals for problem solving.

In the first section below you will see the top seven crystals and in addition there are a few more listed further down the page as well.

Most of those in the bottom section already have an in-depth article written. But some may not yet have an article, and links to their page may be added later.

Look at these if none of the top seven appeal to you or just to make sure you are fully informed. Use your intuition to work out what is right for you. 

You will find information about each of the top seven stones that are on this list below. If you need to learn more to help you to decide, you can click through to their in-depth article.


Hackmanite are high vibration crystals that have quite a few excellent properties in addition to being excellent crystals for problem solving.

They help you to find solutions to problems by assisting you to separate the various issues that need solving in order for you to make the best decision.

They are good crystals to boost intuitive gifts and this may aid you to enhance your ability to find the correct or best solution to your difficulties.

Hackmanite are beneficial stones for meditation as they resonate within the higher chakras, including the crown chakra and the third eye and are known to stimulate the pineal gland. 

This may trigger psychic abilities and may help to encourage clearer thinking. 

They are one of the stronger stones to help you to go into deep meditation, and they are said to aid you to attain the state of what is known as Nirvana.

They aid you to connect to the higher realms while at the same time assisting you to keep connected to the earth. 

They have good healing properties including to assist you to sleep better. You can read about these attributes in the in-depth article about these stones by using the link under the above image.


Variscite has a good energy to help you to more easily work out solutions to predicaments that are making you worry or be concerned.

One of the reason that they are good crystals for problem solving is their action to stimulation the birth of ideas that may allow you to find good solutions.

When you need to find answers to a dilemma, it is not always simple to do this.

The action of these green crystals to help you to trust in the power of spirit to assist you is very powerful.

The energy of these stones also helps you to learn better and this may assist you to discover answers when they were previously not plain to see.

Variscite is also a stone to boost prosperity by the awakening of ideas within you that might bring improvements to your life.

If this relates to problems holding back your greater good, you may find that their vibration helps you to think of answers to the issue concerning you.

They are also good crystals for clearer thinking and boost clarity in your approach to situations needing clarity in order to get a good result.

Other ways that they may assist you includes relieving stress and anxiety and helping to release disharmony and negativity that is causing tension and worry.

Botswana Agate

Botswana Agate has a strong crown chakra energy and its effect within the brain is quite stimulating and this is helpful when you are looking for answers.

They are excellent crystals for problem solving for a few reasons. They help you to think clearly so that when you get an idea you'll know if it is valid or not.

They also work to stimulate creative ideas so that you can find answers more easily and they have a good energy to relieve stress and tension.

They are good crystals to use at times of change, helping you to work out if a particular course of action is correct, so that you can move forward with it. 

Botswana Agate stones are strong crystals to relieve negativity, and they may also trigger a more positive way of thinking.

They are excellent stones to use in meditation to make connection with beings in spirit, and they work well to assist you to find spirit guides and guardian angels.

Their vibration may assist you to discover answers from your guides that are important for you to know about, in order to solve issues that need solutions.

They are excellent crown chakra stones that aid your connection to your higher self and assist Spiritual growth and your overall spirituality.

They have good healing properties within the head and are said to help problems occuring in the brain and are known to help to correct destructive mental patterns as well.

They may be used to sever karmic ties that connect you to people from a past life that you are bound to and need to release so that you can be happy.

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian are particularly advantageous crystals for problem solving as they assist you to work out what to do when you feel unable to find answers.

When challenging issues are stopping you from finding answers, these crystals may be helpful as they aid you to discover the basis of the issue so you can work on solving it.

They help you to connect with spirit guides and this may be beneficial to aid you to work out exactly what is behind the problem you need to solve.

Sometimes we don't know what is causing the problem but once we work this out we can then move forward and make better decisions.

Shiny pieces of Gold Sheen Obsidian enhance gazing, and this may help you to glimpse ideas that lead to solutions to your problem.

Be aware that although these stones help with problem solving, now may not be the right time for the situation to be resolved.

They also help the release of negative energy and may assist you to find answers that have been blocked from coming forward into your consciousness.


Datolite crystals have a good energy to help you to discover solutions to dilemmas, as by stimulating specific areas of the brain they help you to come up with answers.

They are excellent crystals for problem solving during periods of trauma caused by changes in your life that are creating confusion and emotional distress.

They are high vibration crystals that have a number of powerful properties and they are known to soothe the nervous system and ease stress, tension and worry.

They are good crystals to help you to let go of fear that might be causing an inability to find answers easily.

They stimulate many of the higher chakras, including the soul star, crown and third eye chakra, and have a good effect to boost your ability to learn what is needed when you are looking for answers.  

As they boost psychic visions, this may also help you to learn what is required to get the right result and for you to solve the problem.

Datolite are good crystals to help addictions and have a number of other beneficial healing properties including helping issues related to inherited ancestral difficulties that may be holding you back.

Cobaltian Calcite

Cobaltian Calcite is most well known as a strong stone for emotional healing that also enhances the growth of joy and happiness and releases negative energy. 

By releasing negativity they may help you to break the karmic cycle by discovering what energy is in your auric field related to a past life.

They are excellent crystals for problem solving as once you are able to release this old energy you can move forward with solving your problem.

They are powerful higher heart chakra stones that trigger the growth of love, compassion and forgiveness of past experiences that are holding you back.

They have an excellent energy to aid you to develop psychic gifts including automatic writing and psychic visions.

These beautiful pink crystals also help to raise your consciousness and assist you to get into deep meditation more easily.

They are beneficial to assist you when your mind refuses to stop its ongoing mental chatter, also known as ruminating, that may be caused by overthinking

They are good stones for past life investigation. If your problem is related to a past life situation you may not know this, so this energy may be helpful. 

Cobaltian Calcite may help you to understand karmic lessons through traveling to the area in the higher realms where the akashic records are located.


Ulexite helps to connect the emotions with the mind and they are powerful crystals to both boost the imagination and spark inspired ideas.

This combination of energies makes them highly beneficial crystals for problem solving and they are very helpful to find answers to issues fairly easily.

Ulexite may help to solve problems that may arise between you and your partner and they are particularly helpful to assist you to have an awareness of what the other person is feeling.

They are known as the Stone of Revelation as they help to reveal to you what your partner is feeling and this may aid you to solve relationship problems.

They have a good action to stimulate the third eye, and they are also highly beneficial to activate the pineal gland and are powerful to boost psychic abilities.

When they are placed on the third eye during meditation, this is very helpful to awaken your telepathic gifts.

This is a strong crystal to enhance your creativity as well as boosting clairvoyance and far seeing and commonly helps you to connect with your spirit guides.

They are good healing stones that will help you in quite a few ways, including aiding emotional healing, boosting your memory and are known to assist problems related to aging. 

More Crystals For Problem Solving

The top seven crystals above are the most well effective, but you may find other stones mentioned for this purpose in various article on this site.

Other strong crystals for problem solving includes Afghanite, Thenardite, Chiastolite also called Cross Stone, Muscovite, Cookeite, Sphene, Thulite, Novaculite, Hubnerite, Blue Muscovite, Pyrolusite and Cassiterite.

All of the above are beneficial crystals for problem solving, so if you feel that the top seven are not right for you, click through and learn about these others mentioned above.

I wish you well in your search for answers to your problem. Love and light Liz

Crystals For Problem SolvingCrystals For Problem Solving

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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