18 Amazing Crystals For Self Love

To Boost Confidence And Contentment

➤ By Liz Oakes

Why would you choose to use crystals for self love?

Liking who you are may help to enhance your ability to experience contentment and happiness in your life. 

If you lack confidence or do not have a good opinion of yourself, there are a number of crystals that can help you to feel better about yourself.

Loving yourself is not being conceited or self centered but may assist you to accept who you are and how you live your life.

People who have low self esteem may find that this can be make it hard to totally love the person you are, and feel confident in how you act towards others.

Crystals For Self LovePeruvian Pink Opal Are Crystals For Self Love

By loving the person you are, you may also learn how wonderful a selfless approach to others can be.

It is okay to love yourself, and this is not a selfish or egotistical attitude. This is a simple and honest approach to how you feel about yourself.

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What is the energy of self love about? It is about love for yourself or loving who you are, as well as self respect, pride in yourself, self acceptance and self assurance. 

About Self Love: What Is Self Love?

What is self love? Self love relates to trusting yourself and having faith and belief in yourself. This is crucial to develop before you can properly love others.

All of us feel lonely at times, and when loneliness strikes many of you probably wish for someone special to fulfill that need.

Unless you truly love yourself you may find that you are incapable of sharing your love with others and you may find that your relationships flounder and may eventually fail.

Rhodochrosite SpecimenRhodochrosite Specimen

If you wish to really be able to love someone else, the first step is to love yourself. Working on your self esteem and self confidence is a good start.

It is not about being narcissistic or stuck up, but about allowing love to flow to yourself first and then allow it to flow to others. 

You may also need to change your opinion of yourself and stop comparing yourself with others. Be kind, considerate and generous to yourself just as you would be towards your loved ones.

Why Would You Use Crystals for Self Love?

The best crystals for self love all embody an energy that helps you to feel a sense of self-worth, with their vibration helping you to recognize your many strengths.

The stones featured here may be heart or higher heart chakra stones. In addition the energy of the solar plexus chakra helps to stimulate self esteem and confidence.

The energy of the heart chakra relates to love of all types, so you might understand why these stones will help you to love who you are.

Many people primarily think of love as romantic love, that you feel for your partner. This is of course different to the type of love we are talking about here.

Self love is related to self esteem, self respect and personal power as well as feelings of appreciation for the person you are and your ability to be proud of yourself.

It is not about ego, but about honoring the person you are and recognizing and acknowledging the many qualities that make who you are worth loving.

More About The Crystals For Self Love 

If you think that you need help with loving yourself, there are a good number of crystals that stimulate self love, and keeping these nearby may be beneficial for this purpose. 

The list of crystals for self love contains quite a few pink stones, and this may not surprise you, as pink is one of the major colors of heart chakra stones.

The other major color for this chakra is green, and there are a number of green heart based stones as well as well as crystals of other colors that stimulate this area.

Some of the sacral chakra stones may also be beneficial to help you, as this chakra relates to emotional tenderness and warmth.


If you wish to enhance your ability to love yourself and boost contentment, respect and pride in yourself, using these stones may be a good start.

The crystals in the first section have a stronger energy to boost inner strength and assist you to feel love for yourself.

The stones in the lower section are crystals for self love that may also be beneficial to boost how you feel about yourself.

If you wish to alter who you are by growing into a better version of yourself, you must be willing to allow yourself to evolve and change. 

Let love and appreciation for yourself heal you if you need it, especially if you have low self-esteem or self worth.

Learn About Crystals For Self Love

Most of the self-love crystals in this article already have in-depth pages written about them.

So take a look if any of them feel like they are the right crystals for you. To learn more about any of them, you can click through to the page as there is a link under most of the pictures

Simply click through to their in-depth article to learn more to get you started on your self-love journey.

Check them all out and if any of them particularly get your attention, the best way is to read the article about them.

This will help you to learn their metaphysical properties and discover more about the different ways each of them can help you.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz is a beautiful crystal with a strong love vibration that helps to stimulate love on all levels of your being, including both love for yourself and for others.

They have excellent healing properties that help to soothe your emotions and may create contentment and inner peace in your life and aid emotional healing.

They are beneficial crystals for self love that stimulate feelings of love and compassion towards both yourself and other important people in your life.

They have a strong heart based energy, and as they are a variety of quartz crystal their energy will resonate easily from where they are placed.

They are also excellent crystals for happiness that are known to fill you with joy, euphoria and good feelings when they are close to you. 

To assist you to remember your dreams more easily, keep a piece of this pink stone in your bedroom.

They may also help the growth of patience and may help you when delays make you feel uneasy.

They are helpful when you are working on making changes in your life, and may help you to understand your purpose for being here at this time.

Use them in meditation, especially when working with groups as they boost group cohesion and have a good potential to enhance shamanistic ceremonies.

Peruvian Pink Opal

Peruvian Pink Opal has a deep spiritual heart based energy that boosts love, compassion and forgiveness and are strong crystals for emotional healing

The energy that they send forth increases feelings of comfort and security that assists you to let go of aggressive or hostile attitudes towards other people.

They are excellent crystals for self love that are pleasing to use, as they emit a pleasant, caring vibration that makes them enjoyable to use.

While they aid you to love yourself they also stimulate love for other people in your life and boost feelings of compassion and forgiveness for anyone who you feel negativity towards.

Using them in meditation is useful, as they have a strong energy that takes you to places in the higher realms where spiritual awakening can be attained.

They are a good stone to elevate your spiritual practice as they enhance contact with spiritual teachers, angelic beings and ascended masters.

This may assist you to receive guidance and wisdom from them.

They have a good energy for crystal healing, and are good crystals for headaches as their soothing energy calms tension and worry.

They are excellent crystals for relationships as they help you to release anger, and they are beneficial crystals to boost your intuitive gifts.


Garnierite has a good energy for helping to bring an increase of positive energy into your life. It is also said to attract new love and friendships as well.

These green crystals have a good heart based energy that boosts feelings of love and compassion, primarily towards others but also to yourself.

They are strong crystals for self love that help you when you are working on encouraging love for yourself to increase, so you can be the best version of yourself possible.

Their attribute to boost self love is not the major reason why most people are attracted to them, as they are also excellent crystals to use for manifestation.

They are a great stone that are known for their action to assist you to win when you are playing games of chance, and they are known as "stones of acquisition".

They are good crystals for money that help to increase the amount of "things" you have, and many people find this highly beneficial.

They have a number of useful healing properties too, and by boosting positive energy within you may make you feel more energized and vibrant.


Kunzite comes in various shades of pink as well as being lilac or lavender colored. Regardless of the shade they are a powerful heart chakra stone.

They activate the movement of loving energy within your life and will also assist you if you are having issues with tense emotion based problems.

The lilac or lavender colored stones are particularly beneficial as they help you to experience spiritual based love, especially during meditation.

All colors enhance romantic relationships and they are a great stone to improve intimate partnerships and clear difficulties on the path of love.

They are valuable crystals to assist relationships by helping you to be more open and trusting towards your partner.

They help you to have a positive attitude towards other people and are also very effective crystals for self love, which may aid your other relationships.

Feeling love for yourself, and having a stronger level of self esteem, confidence and contentment is valuable to assist you to have better relationships with everyone in your life.

Kunzite are good crystals to release fear or apprehension, especially when you  believe that an event in your life is related to something bad or unpleasant.

When you improve your level of confidence, this may allow you to handle negative energies more calmly and easily.

Kunzite also contains natural lithium which makes them effective crystals for stress, tension, depression and anxiety.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz Crystals are called "the foremost love stone" and are well known for their energy to enhance the flow of unconditional love and joy within your life.

This love energy is most commonly thought of as love for others, and in particular romantic love towards your partner, as well as your family and friends.

This is one of the favorite crystals of many of you, as it is a stone of unconditional love with a gentle energy to use as part of your self-care practice. 

It is also one of the best crystals for self love, as it stimulates a better, more healthy level of self confidence and self esteem.

As the loving energy of Rose Quartz helps the flow of love within all areas of your life, it is an excellent choice to keep it nearby to aid the energy of your home to feel good.

A piece of rose quartz placed anywhere in your home or your workplace, will create harmony, contentment and comfort.

They are crystals of good fortune that may help to release any unhealthy feelings you might have.

These pink crystals are excellent crystals for stress tension and anxiety, and by encouraging emotional harmony can assist your life to be happier.

By helping you to release negative emotions from the past, such as anger, resentment, fear and jealousy you may find that healing is possible.

If you have health problems they help to relieve pain from painful afflictions, through their action to release negative energy from related painful feelings.


Rhodochrosite aids emotional healing, and this can be very important if old emotional wounds have impeded your ability to allow love for yourself to occur.

These pink stones are good crystals for self love as they support you as you go forward with making changes in your life, that permit you to have a better opinion of yourself.

This is one of the crystals for healing the inner child, and this is a valuable process to do if you are having a difficult time knowing what to do.

This is a stone of courage, that can help you to face issues from your childhood that may have prevented you from loving who you are now.

If there are events in your life that have caused you to blame yourself for something that happened, this stones energy can help you to release any olf emotional trauma that may be making you feel stuck.

If you do not know what has caused you to be unable to love who you are, simply carry a piece of this stone to allow the energy to gently aid you over time.

It is not necessary to buy jewelry for this purpose, as you can wear a piece on your body in a macrame crystal holder, which are easy to obtain.

The vibration of this pink stone makes this a powerful tool to help to balance your masculine and feminine energy which is also helpful.

Their vibration stimulates both the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra, which is the area related to self esteem, self confidence and self worth.


Linarite has a strong Spiritual energy and is highly stimulating to the third eye, throat chakra, heart and higher heart chakras.

Their resonance in these areas makes them powerful to improve all manner of relationships including the one you have with Spirit and your higher self.

They have a good action to enhance compassion, truth and forgiveness and this is powerful to foster the bonds with everyone in your life.

Many of you might think of relationships in terms of intimate connections, and the one you have with yourself is sometimes forgotten.

Linarite are valuable crystals for self love as they aid emotional healing on all levels and may enhance your relationship with your partner as well as yourself.

Using them regularly in meditation is advantageous as they may aid you to contact Spirit guides or teachers who have important information to impart.

These blue crystals also boost the development of telepathic gifts, and this can aid you to have a better relationship with others.

They are strong crystals to aid decision making as they help you to develop a more methodical and logical approach to finding solutions to issues.

They are one of the best stones to aid you to be able to love yourself more easily through their action to enhance your ability to communicate more lovingly to others.

This flows through you, and may also mentally help you to communicate more lovingly within yourself.


Morganite have a beautiful energy that is particularly helpful for women, especially if you feel guilt or shame about old situations or events from the past.

They are a love stone that have a strong loving energy that is quite worthwhile to benefit your relationships, including the one with yourself.

Many of you may have neglected yourself, so in this case using crystals for self love can be valuable to encourage you to be more loving towards yourself.

Morganite has a good energy to assist you to be patient as you work through old issues and learn why loving and respecting yourself is so crucial.

This pink beryl may boost your morale as you allow an improvement in your self respect and self esteem to enhance how you feel about yourself, and permit self love to fill your being.

Use this wonderful stone in meditation to boost your psychic gifts. It is also very effective to put you in touch with spirit guides.

This is a great crystals to enhance the flow of Divine love into your being, and may also help to balance the masculine and feminine energy of anyone who chooses to use it.

It is also a great way to encourage better intimate relations, and is powerful when used for tantric love making practices.


Tugtupite is rare stone that comes from Greenland, that embodies a very powerful love vibration that boosts passion and enhances your libido.

This is a stone of love that encourages intense deep love for your partner, by opening both the heart and the higher heart chakra and allowing loving energy to circulate through you.

This is a top notch stone for love, but not everyone thinks of it aiding self love, and not everyone thinks about how valuable crystals for self love are in your life.

It is common to feel that you need to have someone in your life, a partner, to feel truly fulfilled but being emotionally independent is powerful.

It is valuable to love who you are, and to encourage feeling of self worth and self esteem to assist you to become self determining in all areas of your life.

Even if you do not have a partner, by allowing love for yourself to circulate through you, this can bring feeling of happiness and joy to your life.

They are also excellent crystals for healing grief and loss and they are also said to be helpful if you need help with fertility issues.

They are also good crystals for stress relief that can assist anxiety and tension as well.

More Crystals For Self Love

The following crystals for self love also have a good vibration that encourages you to both love and appreciate who you are.

This will help your life to feel happier and encourage joy and contentment to flow into everyone nearby.

Green Aventurine is one of the more common crystals so many of you may already have a piece. 

It encourages the flow of love, so keep it in the area where you spend time, to enable it to help everyone nearby to feel greater self love.

Zircon comes in a number of colors and all have a good vibration to help you to feel more loving towards yourself.

Pink Tourmaline helps you to have confidence in the power of love so may boost feelings of self love and self confidence.

Thulite boosts happiness and joy and is one of the crystals for addictions. Once you begin to love yourself you find it easier to release addictive behaviors.

There are two different varieties of Pink Calcite that will encourage the energy of self love to circulate within you.

While Mangano Calcite and Cobaltian Calcite look quite different, they both embody a vibration that will help self love to flow within you.

Mangano Calcite are also good crystals for conquering fear, so if this is part of your problem they may help you.

Danburite comes in a number of colors but the Pink Danburite is the best type to use to assist the growth of self love.

Kornerupine can be bluish or green and is known to stimulate both the heart chakra and the throat chakra and is beneficial to use by placing it on the body.

Magnesite is a white stone also boosts self love, although it is more well known for its action to stimulate creative visualization and imagination.

Lepidolite is a strong stone to boost emotional healing and to relieve stress. It has a good energy to help you to allow its loving energy to flow to yourself.

Petalite Lepidolite is a blend of two minerals both of which have a strong loving vibration that aids you to love yourself.

Kutnohorite is a fairly rare stone that has an amazing love energy that will assist the flow of love into your being, to help you to love yourself.

Combine Them With Clear Quartz

In addition to the stones shown above, you may find that combining a piece of clear quartz with any of these stones may be beneficial.

Clear Quartz Crystals are well known for their role as the master healer and are powerful healing crystals for you to use.

There are a number of ways that you can use it, including wearing it on your body. As quartz resonates very strongly this is highly effective to assist your healing.

One well known way to use it for self love, is to place any of the crystals for self love in a grid with a number of clear quartz crystals.

Combining these crystals in this way, the clear quartz can be used to activate the energy and help your home to be filled with love.

This love will flow out and encourage you to feel more loving towards both yourself and everyone else in the vicinity. 

You may choose to program the clear quartz to broadcast loving messages as well, if you wish to. 

Other Crystals To Use With Crystals For Self Love

Linarite, Rose Quartz and Peruvian Opal are all on the list above, and all of them are helpful to assist you to let go of any anger that may be preventing you from loving yourself.

But adding in other crystals that assist you to let go of angry feelings may be helpful to assist you to love yourself.

Excellent crystals for anger that you might combine with them to release anger includes Angelite, Blue Lace Agate, Lapis Lazuli or Aquamarine.

You may also find it beneficial to add in grounding crystals as well to make an earth connection and release negative energies that can cause you problems.

There are a large number of good grounding stones you might choose to use including Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or Tiger’s Eye.

Crystals For Self LovePeruvian Pink Opal: Crystals For Self Love

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