Crystals For Decision Making

Help You Make Better Choices

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystals for decision making can be helpful if you are having trouble because you are at a point in your life when need help to make a significant choice.

There are some crystals and stones that have an energy that can assist you to resolve your inner confusion and become clear about the issue.

Often during periods of major life changes, it can be hard to work out what to do. Finding the right response is not always easy.

Crystals For Decision MakingLinarite Is One Of The Best Crystals For Decision Making

There are some crystals that will assist you to make better choices. These stones may have a good energy to support your ability to come to the right conclusion for you.

To determine a possible answer, sitting with any of the crystals or stones that aid decision-making may assist you to know if its the right solution for you.

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Why Would You Use Crystals For Decision Making?

Also known as alternative medicine, crystal healing is now quite widely recognized, as more people become aware that the energy of individual stones can be used to solve problems.

Many of the crystals listed here have a good energy to have you find solutions and may help you to decide if a possible choice is the right one.

Sometimes it is hard to discover what the right decision is, but remember that what you intuitively believe is right for you personally!

Regardless of what other people think or say to you, it is your decision even if you do need to take others opinions into consideration.

The vibration of specific crystals can boost your innate ability to make decisions, and can help you to find answers without having to rely on other people to tell you what to do.

There are many stones that resonate with a good energy to assist you to go in the right direction, and to use your own powers to aid you to make the right decision for your personal circumstances.

When you need to make a decision about a problem that you are having trouble with, using one of the stones below in meditation may be helpful.

Green BruciteGreen Brucite

Reach out to your spirit guides or teachers in the higher realms for guidance on the right answer while holding one of the stones for decision making, to help you to get the right answer.

Crystals For Decision Making

There are some crystals that are quite powerful to help you to make good decisions and others that are not so potent for this purpose.

There are two lists below, one showing the top crystals for this purpose and another below that, listing other crystals for decision making.

The stones on the second list can be combined with those on the top list to boost the overall result and help you to make the right choice.

Tigers Eye Goddess PendantTigers Eye Goddess Pendant

To aid better decision-making, combine the decision making crystals with other stones that will boost your ability to clarify what your right path forward might be.

You may choose to pair them with crystals with these properties:

  • There are a number of stones that help to clarify your thinking.
  • Use stones for emotional healing that may give you emotional support if your decision is difficult.
  • Boosting intuitive gifts may be useful. There is a section below that lists other crystals to boost your intuition so check these out.
  • If you feel mentally confused you may need to ground yourself. There is more information below about grounding.

List Of Top Crystals To Aid Decision Making

This is the list of the top crystals that help you to make decisions. Not all of these stones are common.

While some of them are fairly well-known you might have chosen them for other reasons and may not be aware of their role as crystals for decision making. 

These crystals are not necessarily presented in order of which is best to help you, that is for you to decide, as all of them have good metaphysical properties.

Often the need for change is linked  to having to make challenging decisions, so you may find this helpful.

Mookaite Jasper

Mookaite Jasper has an especially helpful energy at times when you are really battling to decide between alternatives that are quite different to each other.

These crystals for decision making have a quite supportive energy. They can help you when you want to take your life in a new direction and can't work out how to do it.

These colorful stones resonate within the third-eye chakra which is well known for the way it can assist the growth of psychic abilities.

But the vibration of the third eye also helps to boost inspiration as well as intuition, helping you to approach the situation in a different way.

It can be advantageous to allow your intuition to guide you in the right direction when you feel confused and uncertain about what choice to make. 

Allow intuitive guidance to lead the way, showing you new and different ways to get an answer, as this can lead to better decision-making. 

They are also excellent crystals for aging with a vibration that may assist the aging process by helping you to look at getting older in a different way.

Other ways that this crystal can help you is its action as a stone of protection. In addition they help to encourage you to be adventurous.

Put these two energies together and you can see why it could be helpful to keep a piece on the physical body when you are travelling, to keep you safe.

Mookaite Jasper stones come in a range of different colors, with many of them having stripes in a mix of fairly muted shades.

Tiger’s Eye Stone

Tiger Eye was popular in the past to make into protective amulets. It helps you to release negative energy causing fear and anxiety and brings good luck.

The various crystals for decision making work in different ways. 

These golden brown crystals resonate within the sacral chakra and help you utilize your inner strength to aid any decision you need to make.

Negative emotions may cause your thoughts to be unclear or prevent the right answer from coming to you.

By releasing negative emotions their energy may aid clearer thinking.

Tigers Eye also enhances inspiration, you may find that the right answer comes into your mind spontaneously, and at just the right time.

What is also beneficial about Tiger’s Eye stone, is that it is known to aid time management, which could be helpful when you need to make a decision quickly.

Tigers EyeTiger Eye

Shop Tigers Eye Stone. There is a link between being grounded and the ability to make good decisions.

When you are ungrounded you may find it hard to concentrate on what you need to think about.

This crystal is a good base chakra stone that create a strong connection to the earth chakra and will take excess energy down to Mother Gaia for release. 

Their grounding action creates good vibes that can assist you to think better and may also boost your physical health at the same time. 

Wearing a piece of this stone on your body may help you, and as this crystal is a birthstone for the air sign Gemini, you should find it easy to obtain jewelry made from it. 

Crystal Tip: Did you know that being ungrounded can cause health problems? You don't need to suffer these problems as grounding is easy.

Check out the symptoms of being ungrounded here, and if you feel you might be ungrounded you might benefit from using a grounding stone.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has been in use since ancient times, and has always been highly prized as it is a wonderful stone that can help you in many ways.

It is of course one of the crystals for decision making and part of what makes it so helpful is that its energy boosts wisdom and understanding of the issues.

It can be hard when you want to resolve a problem but feel stuck, and can't decide on the right direction to go in, or work out what the real truth is.

This is when you need to rely on your inner truth, allowing your true self to help you.

These stones make a strong connection to Spirit in meditation.

Rely on you innate spiritual awareness and take the problem to a higher level in meditation, where your guides and higher self can help you resolve it.

Lapis makes a strong connection to Spirit and your higher self and meditation with it can enhance clarity of thinking by boosting mental energy.

Shop for Lapis Lazuli Here. This blue stone is also a stone of transformation that stimulates the third eye which creates stronger intuition.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli

Relying on intuitive abilities can be helpful at times when you really need a clear answer, that helps you to make the right decision for the circumstance.

These blue stones are also purported to have good healing properties, including having a good action as crystals for inflammation and to aid headaches.

They release negative emotions causing stress and tension and are said to aid the immune system, the nervous system and the respiratory system. 

Crystal Tip: Lapis Lazuli is a highly protective stone that is beneficial to use to grid the front door for home protection.

It is known to alert you when psychic attacks happen, so is an excellent stone to wear on your body for protection.


Grandidierite are good crystals for decision making, as they are known to assist you to find accurate answers to questions you have.

Finding clarification before you make your decision may enable you to resolve obstructions to being able to go ahead with your plans.

They are helpful due to their action to assist you to find solutions to specific questions while you are working on resolving what to do.

This green stone has a strong heart and higher heart chakra energy. The higher heart energy primarily relates to compassion, charity and kindness towards others.

These crystals also have some good healing properties, including helping stress and anxiety and boosting the health of the immune system.

A Rare Stone? Grandidierite was previously known as a rare stone, and it definitely was rare until they found a new deposit of it in Madagascar recently.

You may now find that your local crystal shop or online seller will have pieces of this stone selling.


Brucite is most well known for its energy to assist goal setting. It is particularly useful if you need help to decide if your goal is really worthwhile. 

They are also helpful crystals for decision making that can assist you when you are planning a new business opportunity.

If you use it as part of the process to set goals, its vibration may help you to decide if the outcome is likely to be what you desire.

This is a great stone to wear on the body to help the release of negative thoughts and feelings and may also improve your mood.

Other ways this stone may benefit you relate to its healing properties.

These are excellent crystals for pain relief, and are known to help headaches and migraines and are said to help the healing of broken bones.

Brucite comes in a range of colors with the most common colors being blue, green, blue-green and bright yellow.

The yellow Brucite stones were only found fairly recently in Pakistan.

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal is a beautiful stone that has quite a few excellent properties including boosting precognition and intuition.

This is one of the reasons why these crystals for decision making may be helpful when you are trying to decide on what to do and what your next step may be.

Precognition is basically having an awareness of how possible future events could play out, and using this stone for gazing may be helpful.

Gazing is when you hold a stone in your hand and immerse yourself in its energy, allowing yourself to be aware of what comes through via your visionary ability.

By its action to enhance both your precognitive ability and intuition, it could be very helpful to aid better decisions.

Use one of these stones for gazing, in combination with meditation. This may help you to discover if there are blockages that might stop you from achieving what you desire.

These crystals have other excellent properties, including aiding you to develop psychic powers, such as boosting psychic communication gifts.

Release of Karma: These stones have a good action to assist you during past life exploration to release karma that is related to past events.

This may help to clear impediments to going forward with plans in the present.

Ethiopian Opal are excellent crystals for decision making as they have so many ways of helping you when making an important decision.

Selenite Crystals

Selenite has a good action to assist you to find answers and may assist you to make the right choice when you are working on deciding what to do.

These crystals have a high vibration and are well known stones to use in meditation, as they create a strong connection within the higher chakras, which can aid spiritual growth.

They are excellent crystals for decision making and this is partly because they embody within them quite a few qualities that can assist the overall process.

Overall the complete package of the vibration that they embody blends together to assist you to find a resolution to the issue that concerns you.

They are helpful stones to boost intuitive abilities and also have excellent action to remove negative energies that are holding back clear thinking.

They not only help to boost mental clarity, but will also assist the removal of energy blockages that prevent you from making the right decisions.

Crystal Grid: The perfect crystal to use as the middle stone in a crystal grid is a Selenite Tower.

This configuration is a well known way to make a grid and it is commonly combined with Clear Crystal Quartz for this purpose.

You may find it helpful to combine any of the crystals for decision making in a grid and to set the intention to make the right decision.

The meaning of Clear Quartz is powerful to help you, as you can program it to aid you to find the right answer.

Clear Quartz is known as the master healer and Selenite has a good healing energy, so an added benefit may be that it helps to heal health problems.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz are most well known for being the most powerful crystals for unconditional love, with a potent heart and higher heart chakra vibration.

They have a strong positive energy, which crystal experts agree makes them powerful to have within your energy field to keep you composed when needed.

The love energy of Rose Quartz stone makes it the perfect stone to use if you are discussing ideas about issues that may cause conflict within your relationships.

At those times when you know the other person's outlook may not be aligned with your views, having one of these love stones nearby may be helpful.

The meaning of Rose Quartz is related their strong loving, soothing, and calming energy which is definitely needed during a difficult decision-making process.

Their action as crystals for decision making may be particularly beneficial to use when you are working with loved ones who have different ideas to you.

This is a wonderful stone to keep nearby as it has an excellent energy to aid crystal healing related to your emotional body.

When you and your partner are making a major decision, it is valuable to keep natural stones of Rose Quartz nearby as the love energy will help to calm you both if things get tense.


Wavellite is one of the more beneficial crystals for decision making, as it helps you to see the result of what you are considering from a range of different perspectives.

Their unusual structure creates a quite unique vibration that spirals through your energy system clearing negative energy.

When you are working on finding solutions to questions you have, in order to make an important decision, being able to see the bigger picture may be useful.

These green stones are also known to aid the development of psychic abilities and will boost your intuition, another excellent asset.

It is known to be especially useful if the decision you need to make is complicated and therefore somewhat confusing to resolve.

Wavellite is known as a helpful stone for past life research as it heals issues that come up at this time.

If your decision is related to something that has its roots in a past life, this stone may be helpful.

It has a good healing vibration that aids the resolving of emotional problems, so its energy may be supportive if your decision brings up old emotional issues.

Wavellite is a strong stone to support you to develop psychic powers and may be used in meditation to assist the process.


Kurnakovite is a unique crystal that helps to merge the energy of the crown chakra with that of the solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus vibration also helps you to manage your money better and may boost personal power, low self-esteem and self worth.

This stone can be used in meditation to align your chakras with your subtle bodies and may help to balance your overall energy flow.

Its action as one of the crystals for decision making is useful as it helps you if you are worried about making a mistake.

When you are considering a new direction to take your life, it can give you an awareness of any type of hidden inner truth that could hold you back.

It boosts your courage and wisdom when a major decision is being considered and may aid you to let go of old ways of thinking in order to embrace the new.

Its energy helps you to know what questions to ask when you are making a decision, and this could assist you to get a better long term result.

Note: Kurnakovite has a very strong energy and should only be used sparingly at the beginning. Allow yourself to adapt to its energy before using it for a long time.


Tantalite has some excellent properties to help you to make decisions, but its action as one of the crystals for decision making is not well known.

It is a stone of courage, that may assist you to step forward with your decision after you have discovered that perhaps you were on the wrong track.

It is a calming stone that will help you to stay composed and to work out what to do next, by remembering what you did in the past to resolve a similar situation.

These stones are useful when you need clarity about the situation you are in.

It assists positive thinking and helps you to feel optimistic about the choices you make.

It may enhance your creativity, which could assist you to come up with creative solutions to what is worrying you.

Tantalite is only recently coming to the notice of crystal lovers and some of its major properties are why it has got people's attention.

These stones are excellent crystals to prevent psychic attacks and their vibration will also help to block hostility, so during hard times it is worthwhile to utilize.


Linarite resonates within both the higher heart and the heart chakra and being blue stones they are of course strong throat chakra stones.

They are beneficial crystals for decision making, especially at times when you feel under pressure to make an important decision. 

Their throat chakra energy assists communication, helping you to hesitate from speaking at times when your possible decision may bring you into conflict with another's view.

They enhance inner peace and are an excellent stone to use when you know you need to independently decide the path forward on a particular problem.

They are one of the best crystals to use if you need help to ensure you have a methodical and logical approach to finding the answer.

If you feel that the decision-making process is being governed by someone else, this is an excellent stone to have in your pocket to help you to resolve the issue.

They have a number of excellent healing properties as well as the metaphysical properties mentioned already.

Linarite have a calming energy that soothes you during stressful situations. 

They are good stones for healing the glands and are known to assist the male reproductive system.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline has a large number of excellent properties that are well known, including its action as a strong stone to prevent psychic attack.

But their action as crystals for decision making is primarily their action to release negative energy and to help you to let go of self doubt.

When you are making a decision it is crucial that you have confidence in what you decide, and this black stone aids you to be confident about what you have decided.

It is a very strong grounding stone that makes it an excellent aid for when you are working on making a decision about something important.

They are excellent crystals for stress that also aid good luck and may also prevent bad luck from affecting the decision making process.

They also help you to feel emotionally stable when you are under pressure, as tension can cause instability which may sabotage the process.

Crystal Tip: Overall Black Tourmaline have such a strong energy to assist every aspect of your life that they are an essential crystal to utilize when you need help.

More Crystals For Decision Making

The crystals for decision making in this section will also help you to make the best possible choice and will also help you to find the right answer to what is concerning you.

All of these will help you to find the best option regarding your situation and all of them have an in-depth page where you can learn more about them.

Any of these can be paired with any of the others to assist you to make a better decision. 

Its surprising how many stones there are in this category and not all are listed here.

Other crystals for decision making includes Blue Topaz, Black Onyx, Kimberlite, Boulder Opal, Elestial Amethyst, Ruby, Stilbite and Green Aventurine.

Kyanite, Datolite, Apophyllite and Herderite are all high vibration stones, so have a strong spiritual energy that resonates within the higher chakras.

Apophyllite and Kyanite which aids self expression, will help you to make better decisions as well as assisting the growth of your intuitive gifts.

At times when you feel that the Spiritual aspects of your decision are crucial, any of these higher vibration stones may be helpful.

Crystals To Boost Your Intuition

Using crystals to boost your intuition along with decision making crystals may be quite beneficial. Some of the stones in the top section also boost your intuition.

This includes Mookaite Jasper, Lapis Lazuli and Wavellite which are some of the top crystals for decision making. 

It may be helpful to combine them with other crystals for intuition in order to help you to resolve the issue and to come up with a good answer for you.

There are quite a lot of crystals for intuition in the specific article about developing intuition so check them out.

This includes Pietersite, Prehnite, Blue Calcite and Blizzard Stone which all have a strong energy. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Which crystals for clearer thinking will be helpful to use combined with the stones for decision making?

There are a large number of crystals for clear thinking and you can see the full list in the article about crystals for clarity of thought.

Tigers Eye, Selenite and Lapis Lazuli are amongst the stones above. They will all aid mental clarity, but don't expect them to give you instant clarity.

Any of these crystals need to be used for some time to ensure their energy stimulates your auric field for long enough to work.

Check out the article mentioned above and see if you already have any of the stones listed there.

Some of my favorite stones for clear thinking, as well as those above, includes Rainbow Fluorite, Sodalite, Azurite and Citrine.

Which crystals for emotional healing are best to combine with the stones for decision making?

If you are looking for stones to support you emotionally, check out the list of crystals for emotional healing in this article.

Grounding Stones

Are grounding stones helpful to combine with the crystals for decision making? And what should I use?

You may also find it beneficial to combine any of the above crystals with grounding stones.

While Black Tourmaline and Tigers Eye are excellent for grounding as noted above, but there are many others that you might combine with these stones.

Stones such as Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Moss Agate and Pyrite are all grounding stones that will be beneficial to help you to ground yourself.

Best Way To Use These Stones

There are a few excellent ways to use these stones including:

  • Wear them on your body, at the time when you are working through the decision making process.

If you are unable to get jewelry to wear, place one or more of them in a macrame crystal holder and wear it on your body during the day.

The important thing is to have them within your energy field for as much time as you can, in order for them to benefit you.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, just ensure you get one that has a sliding bead on top. This makes it easy to change the stone and also to cleanse it.

You can also use an organza bag and put stones in your pocket, but wearing a crystal holder helps to ensure you don't lose them.

My Final Thoughts

  • Keep the stone or stones you have chosen in the area or areas that you spend the most time. 

When you are at home you probably spend quite some time in one particular room. So leaving stones for decision making in that area can be helpful.

This may especially apply if both you and your partner are considering an issue together and need help to make the right decision.

Twin Soul Smoky AmethystTwin Soul Smoky Amethyst
  • If you work at a desk job, it may also be helpful to place one on the desk.
  • Create a crystal grid using any of the above crystals along with clear quartz and Selenite. Set an intention for the grid with an affirmation.

Setting the intention of your grid with an affirmation can be helpful.

When you put up the grid, set the intention by writing it down on a piece of paper and placing this under the center crystal.

My final words about this is related to staying with the subject until it is resolved.

Leave the grid in place until you have achieved your aim, as this is valuable to get a good result.

Crystals For Decision MakingBest Crystals For Decision Making

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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