Crystals To Declutter and Organize 

Enhance Structure & Release Chaos

➤ By Liz Oakes

Using crystals to declutter and organize your life may be helpful if you feel you need to change your environment into a more ordered place to live. 

Did you know that being disorganized can relate to the way you think? This may be because you have confused or haphazard ideas or beliefs about important issues in your life.

The crystals shown in this article may be helpful to use if your home or work space is filled with physical clutter and you can't find things!

Crystals To Declutter and OrganizeRainbow Fluorite: Crystals To Declutter and Organize Your Life.

Clutter is a clear indication that your thinking lacks clarity and that you need help to restructure some areas of your life in order to bring an end to chaos in your life.

There are quite a few crystals that have an energy that may encourage you to release disorder and embrace the peaceful feeling of an uncluttered environment.

If you feel disorganized, it might be helpful to keep one of these stones in the area where you spend the most time. 

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Why Use Crystals To Declutter and Organize Yourself? 

Using crystals to declutter and organize yourself may be helpful if you are living in a disordered environment that makes you feel unhappy or simply makes you feel ill at ease.

Untidiness or too many things in areas where you spend time may cause you to feel uneasy or unsettled and can eventually cause you to feel tense or stressed.

Many of you may have items in your home or your workplace that create a messy or untidy space and this can make you feel uncomfortable.

Poppy JasperPoppy Jasper

Clutter may also distract you from getting important work done so it's a good idea to get rid of things that you don't need anymore.

It is not always easy to get started on the task but if you need help there are some excellent books about how to decide what clutter is.

It can take time of course and it is easy to lose interest in continuing the decluttering. So it might be helpful to start by just doing a small area and take that clutter away, rather than trying to do it all at once.

I like to donate my unwanted items to my local charity shop, a good way of helping other people. Once you do that it encourages you to do more later.

Using Crystals To Organize Your Life

A lot of people find it hard to even get started on being more organized, and this is where using crystals to declutter and organize your life may be beneficial.

There are a number of crystals or stones with a good energy to encourage you to be more organized.

Morado OpalMorado Opal also called Violet Flame Opal

This can relate to things or physical clutter but often the build up of stuff is the result of a disorganized mind. 

Some of the crystals for clear thinking may be helpful for this, as you may need help to let go of muddled thinking and concentrate on what is needed.  

Once you create clarity about what needs to be done in order for you to make your life more organized, you may be able to move on with the overall process.

It is valuable to take steps to aid you to think in a more organized manner first, and this may help you to take steps to start on organizing your living space.

Using Crystals To Declutter and Organize Your Life

All of the crystals below will help you to be more organized mentally and this will lead to an ability to more easily clear clutter.

Some work more slowly than others, but there may be other attributes of the crystals that can benefit you. Use your intuition to guide your choice.

Read through the properties of each stone below to see what you think will be the most beneficial for you to use.

They will all help your thinking to become more ordered, but some of the other attributes may also be of value too, to help you to clear disorder.

If you find it hard to get started, get one of the crystals on the list and keep it nearby. Placing it in the area where you spend the most time may be helpful.

You might obtain a piece of jewelry if this appeals to you. Or if one of the stones gets your attention, you can simply keep it on your body.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and this is a simple and effortless way to wear it, so that you can keep a piece of stone within your energy field.

Vesuvianite also known as Idocrase

Vesuvianite has a good energy to help you to feel more organized. It has a dual role in that it helps you to be more organized mentally as well as helping you to live a more organized lifestyle.

They are beneficial crystals to declutter and organize your home and your life generally.

Their energy helps you to align your way of thinking with your manner of living, and they are especially helpful if you are living in a cluttered space.

The type of thing I am talking about is untidiness and messiness and a way of living that makes it difficult to find items required on a day to day basis.

These green crystals help you to think in a more organized way, and this can be boosted by meditating with them.

They assist you make contact with spiritual guides that will help you to move in a new direction, so that your thinking begins to be more organized.

Vesuvianite are excellent crystals to assist change and will help you to let go of any fear you may feel about moving on with your life.

They help you to find your true path through the action of their vibration to encourage your hearts energy to rule your life.

Their vibration may aid you to arrange ways to live that are well planned and methodical so that you can get important tasks completed.

This flows through to your physical envisionment and may help you to get rid of 'stuff' that is taking over your life and that you really don't want anymore.

Peacock Ore also called Bornite

Peacock Ore are quite beautiful crystals that have quite a few excellent metaphysical properties to benefit you.

These stones may be helpful if you know that you need help to be more organized and methodical and will also help you if you are living with too much stuff.  

They are good crystals to declutter and organize your life and will help you to release negativity that is holding you back from taking action.

They are helpful crystals to stop you from thinking negatively, through helping you to think clearly about what is bothering you.

They are excellent psychic protection stones that help to block negative entities seeking to harm you, so this another good reason to use them.

They have a number of excellent healing properties too and are known to be excellent crystals for depression and anxiety.

They are good crystals to enhance joy and happiness and this may boost positive energy by moving these feelings throughout your entire system.

They encourage clarity of thought, and by thinking more clearly, this may also help you to more easily organize your thoughts.


Fluorite is one of the more potent stones to enhance a more ordered way of thinking and it comes in a range of colors which are quite beautiful.

While all colors of this crystals are powerful to boost your organizational ability, in particular the yellow fluorite aids your thinking to be more organized, and helps when you are studying.

They are known to be good crystals to declutter and organize your space, but it is their action to organize your thinking that is most well known.

If your thinking is not organized it is hard for your overall life to be organized and this means you may not know where you are heading or what you want from life. 

When your mind is disordered this can lead to a cluttered and disorderly home or workplace where its hard to find things you need everyday.

Fluorite are strong crystals for mental clarity, that help to improve your focus and may assist your mind to make sense of information faster.

They are strong healing crystals for you to use and they have quite few excellent ways to help you.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper are quite beautiful stones with a strong energy to boost your imagination and they may also assist you to feel more motivated.

This combination of energies makes them good crystals to declutter and organize any area that has become filled with items that need to be sorted out.

Once you mentally categorize the items that are taking up space, this may help you to decide what you need to keep and what to dispose of.

Having a more organized mental approach to the items you are looking at can aid you to work out if they are important to your life or work or are just clutter.

A benefit of restructuring stored items also means that you may find things you need more easily and quickly. To get started, keep any of the crystals on the list near you during the day.

Having a more organized mindset will help you to be mentally more able to approach classification of what you have.

If items you have are not in any type of order, or if they not arranged in a way that is orderly, by improving the way you think you may be able to approach the problem in a different way.


Kornerupine are quite lovely stones that are not as well known as some of the other crystals listed. 

They have a number of powerful properties but in particular are helpful crystals to declutter and organize your life.

They are known as good crystals to use if you have a serious illness and are approaching the possibility of passing over to Spirit.

For those that are in this situation, having a more organized mindset may help to calm you and can aid you if you need to dispose of clutter.

They have a good action to help the release of negative thinking and are beneficial to help anyone who may be thinking about self harm.

Note that decluttering does not mean you have to do this decluttering yourself, but having a more organized approach may mean that it is easier to work out what needs to be kept and what can go.

Once the decluttering is done you can relax more easily, and be able to deal with your illness without feeling the added stress of stuff you no longer need.

If family or friends are helping you, this can also be helpful as it may help you to approach the task in an organized manner and guide them towards what is required.

These crystals have a strong loving energy that enhances emotional healing, and their energy encourages peace of mind and can boost self love too.

Morado Opal also called Violet Flame Opal

Morado Opal is a purple opal that comes from Mexico that has a strong resonance within the third eye and crown chakras.

They are known as Violet Flame Opal as they embody an energy that can assist you to connect with Saint Germaine to use the violet flame healing vibration.

Like other stones listed here, they are good crystals to declutter and organize you and are quite helpful if you live in a disordered home with lots of unwanted stuff or clutter.

Thinking in a more organized way can definitely help you to work out if things you have that are taking up space are really needed or not.

The word clutter is related to stuff that you do not really need, and often the manner of storing it is disorganized, meaning it is hard to locate items that are put away.

Sphene also called Titanite

Sphene is also known as Titanite. These green crystals have an excellent energy to stimulate your mind so that you think in a more organized way.

These stones may assist you to think more clearly and they are helpful when you are studying to escalate your learning and may enhance your creativity.

They are helpful crystals to declutter and organize your thinking by triggering your ability to think in a more structured way.

Creating a better arrangement of stored items and by grouping them in an organized way may help you to sort out the things you need to store.

When things are cluttered you may not be able to find items when you need them. Having an organized mindset may mean that you can more easily find what you are looking for. 

These crystals are also helpful in other ways, and they are known as good crystals to enhance your intuition.

They are also helpful crystals to boost your memory, and this can be helpful as often when there is a lot of clutter, it can be hard to remember where items are stored.

Sphene also stimulates the third eye and the crown chakras as well as the higher etheric chakras, which may sharpen your thinking and boost spiritual growth.

Using them at the third eye may boost your clairvoyant visionary abilities, and may help you to find answers to problems.


Arfvedsonite has a very positive energy that stimulates psychic visions and may aid you to see visions of future events.

They are powerful stones to use as they are known to bring amazing manifestations into your life.

They may aid you when you are working on transitioning to a new way of living your life and need to be able to let go of stuff that isn't required in your new life.

Their action as crystals to declutter and organize your life can be helpful if you have allowed your home or business to get seriously out of order and have accumulated far too many unwanted items.

They are powerful crystals to aid you to build a new life, but it is necessary to do this step by step.

If you have hoarded a lot of stuff and this has made your home unlivable, fortunately their energy will help you with decluttering.

They are excellent stones to enhance truth, and may encourage improved communication by stimulating the throat chakra.


Vanadinite has a number of powerful properties and while they are good crystals to declutter and organize your home and thinking they offer so much more.

One of the ways that they are very effective to help you is their action to assist you to just get it done.

This can apply to so many aspects of life, but as this article is about organizing yourself it is valuable to understand how this aspect may benefit you.

Through helping you to feel motivated, they may help you when you need to move forward with clearing unwanted stuff, commonly known as clutter.

Sleeping with one of these stones nearby can be highly beneficial as they will help you to wake up energized and have the desire to take action.

If decluttering is what is the most important thing needing done, you may awaken enthused with the desire to solve the problem.

They have a powerful vibration to aid you to be better organized and will help you to achieve your goals. They are good crystals for goal setting and this isn't only about decluttering.

They are strong crystals for writers to use to get you over a slump especially when you feel blocked and need to get back in the flow.

Seriphos Green Quartz

Seriphos Green Quartz have a lovely Spiritual energy that is powerful used in meditation to make contact with the angels and other beings in spirit.

They are strong healing stones that can assist you to make a connection to the natural world and the beings that inhabit the green areas.

They have a quite advantageous energy to encourage orderliness and this may boost your ability to improve and restructure your life and your surroundings.

While these are very powerful crystals to declutter and organize your life, please note that they are now said to be rare and may be hard to obtain.

They are good crystals to encourage patience and may stimulate joy and feelings of happiness, and will aid the release of negative thinking.

If you prefer to take natural remedies they may assist you to decide what action to take and to find the right practitioner to help you.

As they are a variety of quartz they can be programmed to help you and this includes programming them to aid you to find the right answer to clearing clutter.


Melikaria are unusual looking crystals with a very good action to help you to be more organized. In addition they have quite a few other benefits.

If you looking for crystals to declutter and organize yourself and your home, these unusual stones will certainly assist you.

They are beneficial to help your mind and will help your thinking to progress into a more ordered and systematic way of thinking.

When the way you think is disorganized or jumbled this flows through to how you live and can create a very cluttered living space. 

Once you clear the confusion that has blocked you, you might be able to more easily take the steps needed to put order into how you store items and let go of those things you no longer need.

They are known as the Stone of True Calling, meaning that they will help you to discover the reason why you came to the earth at this time, your purpose.

They are also known to help you to find the teacher or mentor required to help you to reach your potential. 

These stones have other excellent properties as well, and they have a good energy to help when you are undergoing change.

Their energy may awaken mediumship or channeling ability and this allows you to make a connection to loved ones in spirit.

More Crystals To Declutter and Organize Your Life

There are number of other crystals to declutter and organize your life pictured below. You might choose to pair these crystals with the above stones.

The stones that have their properties covered above embody the most powerful energy to assist you when you know you need to take action to declutter and could use some help.

Place any crystal shown in this section or above in the area where you spend the most time so that their vibration can help you each day.

Whether this is in the bedroom or in your living area, having them resonating their energy may help you to begin to be more organized and enable to get take action to start working on stuff that needs sorting.

Pictures of stones with no link below means that for now they have not had an in-depth article written about them. 

Limb CastLimb Cast
Ruby and KyaniteRuby and Kyanite
Black RutileBlack Rutile

Using Crystals To Declutter and Organize Your Life

Using any of the crystals to declutter and organize yourself may be helpful to change the space in which you work or your living area.

You don't have to do it all at once, as this can create major stress and may stop you from doing anything at all.

Do it bit by bit, as you begin to feel more organized, and can take action to achieve the goal of eventually getting rid of all the stuff you don't need.

Ask close friends or family for help if it becomes overwhelming.

Love and light Liz

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