Galaxyite Meaning Properties And Powers

Embody Intense Spiritual Energy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Galaxyite meaning properties and powers strongly relate to their intense energy to cleanse and balance the aura

Use them to assist you to manifest things you desire. Using them in meditation may also help to boost your psychic abilities.

They have a quite profound vibration that is known to be advantageous to boost change and transformation, and to help you to discover ways to bring them to fruition.


They are powerful assets if you use them in meditation and they are also beneficial to help the members of a group to work better together.

Their vibration has an action to boost the materialization of incidents or experiences in your life through the energy of coincidence or synchronicity.

They are beneficial healing crystals for you to use as they have a number of excellent healing properties, including helping to ease stress. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Galaxyite Meaning Properties And Powers: Where Is It From? 

It is a rather rare stone, and is only found in Canada but it is still reasonably easy to obtain, but may soon be depleted as it is the only location that it comes from.

It is a fairly new crystal that was named Galaxite in the first place when it was found in 1995. This is said to be because the finder thought it looked like stars in the galaxy!

It had to be renamed and a 'y' added to the middle, as the name Galaxite was already in use and is a member of the Spinel family.

So obviously you couldn't have two stones with the same name so it was renamed.

So if you are buying it online be careful that they show a picture if it is selling as Galaxite, as it is selling under two different names.

The true original Galaxite from the Spinel family is a black stone. 

The Galaxyite discussed here is a type of micro Labradorite so should have at least a few sparkling inclusions.

Galaxyite Meaning Properties And Powers: Mineral Make-up

Galaxyite is comprised of what is called micro-labradorite as it differs from Labradorite, its beautiful sister stone in that it contains feldspar as well as micro-crystals of Labradorite.

These crystals contain bright points of blue iridescence on a quite dark green, greyish or grey background, and while they occur in a range of colors it does depend on the particular stone.

It has a vitreous luster and the opalescent inclusions are very attractive with a lovely sparkling appearance.


These tiny pieces of Labradorite embodied in them resemble the appearance of a galaxy of stars twinkling in a night sky.

Unlike normal Labradorite, they are quite dark with lovely glinting white or bright blue sparkly inclusions.

Some sites spell its name incorrectly as Galaxite and state that it comes from the small town of Galax in the United States. But this is incorrect as it is only found in the one location in Canada.

Transformation Stone: How Will It Help You? 

Galaxyite is known as a stone of transformation and change that has a powerful energy and a strong action within the crown chakra.

It has an excellent Spiritual energy with a quite condensed power created by the combination of Labradorite within the feldspar, which may be why it helps you to make a stronger spiritual connection.

Using them may help you during periods of change when they commonly enhance spiritual growth and healing, helping you to deal with life changes that occur.

The best way to use it is to hold one of them at the crown chakra, when they are known to cleanse negative energy from your auric field and can aid energy leakages.


They are known as the aura stone in some places and they may heal any gaps in your aura from which energy may be escaping. 

They also help to provide auric protection as well as helping to balance your energy field.

They are a transformation stone with an intense energy that stimulates the higher chakras right up to the soul star chakra.

Their vibration helps to improve the working of the subconscious mind and can prevent negative energies from causing mental projection, related to issues that you have been subconsciously worrying about.

They have an excellent effect to enhance the conscious intellect and intensify the processes of the mind to stop you from feeling anxious about things that may not occur.

They have a good vibration to use in a crystal meditation and are a highly beneficial stone that has a number of excellent properties to benefit your energy field. 

Galaxyite Meaning Properties And Powers: Meditation

The Galaxyite meaning properties and powers relate to meditation as their action within the third eye helps to energize and arouse the psychic self.

They are quite strong third eye chakra stones that may help to boost your psychic powers, and may heighten intuitive growth.

They are a protective stone that can be used in meditation as they may help to encourage astral projection, and may help you to connect with your spirit guides or guardian angels.

They are beneficial crystals to use for spiritual development, and may be helpful when you are doing psychic work or spiritual practices related to investigating past lives.

GalaxyiteGalaxyite Stone Egg

When using them for astral travel they have been known to aid contact with extraterrestrial beings as well as teachers and higher beings in the spiritual realms.

They are beneficial throat chakra stones that can assist you to communicate to others what you have learned from spirit guides or teachers during meditation.

Galaxyite Meaning Properties And Powers: How To Use It?

They are beneficial crystals to use in meditation, but as they are have an unusual energy, it is also helpful to sit with them and allow the energy they bring to enhance your ability to think clearly and rationally.

By using them in this way and sitting quietly with them while looking for small incidents that occur, you can be led down the path of realization of greater ideas and ideals.

They assist you to allow information to flow through from your higher self through your conscious mind until you truly recognize the important ideas you need to be aware of.

They have a quite unique action to assist you have a greater awareness of ways that you can achieve what you desire.

Galaxyite 7-500Galaxyite

They help you to discover original and innovative ways of looking at the world and improve how you can find new ways of handling situations. 

They encourage the growth of fresh energy and can amplify good fortune and enhance your sense of adventure.

The most interesting meaning of stones like these relates to its action to encourage or boost the materialization of incidents or experiences in your life.

These may be large or small matters that occur. The way they work is that they boost small actions to happen regularly, but larger events only now and again.

To some degree it does depend on the way that the user of these stones focuses their attention.

Once you see that events are beginning to unfold you might choose to give a specific event more attention to bring it into manifestation more quickly.

Healing Properties Of Galaxyite

The Galaxyite meaning properties and powers particularly relate to their action to aid healing as they are excellent healing stones that embody the same renewing properties of Labradorite crystals.

They embody strong healing energies that work within the physical body where they are said to help various types of mental illnesses as well as anxiety disorders.

They are well known crystals for stress, tension and anxiety and the healing properties of Galaxyite are powerful to soothe and calm stress-related illnesses.

This stone is purported to aid tension when you are feeling under pressure and is said to help issues related to the nervous system and mental disorders.

They are known to be good crystals for emotional healing including stress-related illness and are known to be helpful to soothe you if you have been having bad dreams or nightmares.

They are a stone of harmony that encourage you to experience deep inner peace that may encourage deep sleep.

Galaxyite ThumbstoneGalaxyite Thumbstone

These crystals are known to nurture the female energies and are said to be beneficial to help premenstrual tension or PMS.

They are known to aid the pain related to mensuration such as cramps and may ease bloating and can help migraines, especially those causing visual disruption.

They are reputed to help gout and rheumatism and are said to assist digestive problems, issues with the metabolism and heart problems.

They are known as a sobriety stone as they are purported to aid addictions. For this purpose you may choose to use them with Amethyst crystals as they are powerful stones for addiction.

These crystals are known to help the immune system, aid health issues related to the eyes and may help brain disorders.

They are known to be helpful when you have colds and may help the reduction of high temperatures or dizziness related to these illnesses as they help the immune system.

They are purported to improve the condition called brucellosis, which is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, caused by contact with infected animals, but I am unsure if that is fact.

Galaxyite Meaning Properties And Powers: My Final Thoughts

Galaxyite has some noticeable energetic characteristics including how their vibration helps to boost the occurrence of coincidence or synchronicity.

It is this energy that had made people who use it to label it as a magic rock with a quite mystical energy.

They are known as good stones for anyone who is studying astrology or astronomy as its energy is said to connect you to the energy of the night sky.

Galaxyite TumblestoneGalaxyite Tumblestone

In summary: They have a great number of powerful properties, with their auric cleansing and balancing being powerful to benefit your overall health.

They are excellent stones to use in meditation as they are powerful to use to connect with spirit guides, teachers and the higher powers, and may enhance your spiritual growth.

They make a strong connection within the higher chakras including the soul star chakra and are excellent third eye chakra stones that are beneficial to use in meditation to boost your psychic ability.

They are said to be to bring the focus of a group together, and are said to be helpful to boost good luck, so you can see how well this would work to aid you to make major changes in your life.

Best Crystals To Use With Galaxyite

What are the best crystals to use with Galaxyite?

The concept of coincidence and/or synchronicity is a powerful idea to assist you to bring things that you desire into your life.

This is of course one of the crystals that can stimulate an increase of this energy. If you need extra help to increase the level of synchronicity occurring in your life, there are quite a few other stones that you can use for this purpose.

Some are fairly well known and others are less common, but the best combination would be to pair it with another stone that also stimulates this energy.

Some of the more well known stones for this purpose are Moldavite, Ruby, Black Moonstone and Nuummite.

This a beneficial stone to use to assist stress and anxiety, but if its not giving you enough relief use it with any of the other stones for stress.

There are quite a few stones that have a calming vibration, including Lithium Quartz,  Amazonite, Lepidolite and Purple Scapolite.

If you are working with groups, these stones can be helpful to encourage group harmony. You might like to use it with Citrine to smooth group problems.

There are also a few other stones that may assist the group to work well together, such as Analcime, Bismuth or Septarian Stone.

These beautiful stones have a good energy to assist you to make contact with your spirit guides when you use them in meditation. 

You may choose to pair them with other crystals that also do this including  Larvikite, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and Chlorite Phantom Quartz.

Other crystals that blend well with these stones include Apache Tears which have a good energy to aid emotional healing.

Use them with other third eye chakra stones to boost their energy, including with Petrified Wood, Glendonite and Aqua Aura quartz.

Galaxyite Meanings Properties & UsesGalaxyite Meanings Properties & Uses

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