Flint Meaning Properties & Powers

Attracts Money & Severs Karmic Ties

➤ By Liz Oakes

Flint stones have a powerful action to help you to sever karmic ties connecting you to others and this can be related to this life or even a past life.

These ties may be creating an unwanted connection between yourself and others.

These stones also help to boost prosperity as they stimulate the flow of money into your life, bring good luck and can help you to retain wealth.

Their grounding action takes excess energy down to the earth to replenish Mother Gaia and is said to aid earth healing, and they are strong healing stones. 


Flint are strong grounding stones that connect your etheric body to your physical body. 

Other powerful properties include aiding EMF sensitivity and helping bad dreams. 

They are highly protective, are beneficial for meditation and may boost psychic gifts.

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Why Would You Use Flint? Use To Sever Karmic Ties

These crystals embody a number of metaphysical powers. One of the more beneficial ways that they can aid you is to help to sever karmic ties or hooks.

Flint stones are helpful to assist you to cut spiritual ties with anyone who you have been in any type of relationship with, either currently or in the past.


When you are in a love relationship you will create etheric ties to your lover, and this can be good, but when things go wrong it can cause problems.

If you feel stressed or unhappy and don't know why, it could be related to a hook or cord that is connecting you to someone else.

This is why cutting cords or ties can be helpful. Once you cut these cords you can think more clearly as it brings clarity to the circumstances of your current life.

Cutting ties does not cut the relationship, but simply cuts the connection to that person allowing you to break any emotional hooks that may be holding you back.

You can then choose how you interact with each person going forward, with clarity about the situation.

Clarity brings personal power and your actions in the future are then up to you, rather than being dictated by someone else.

Stones with a sharp edge may be advantageous to use, as they make it easier to visualize when you are cutting cords, see instructions in article mentioned below.

Red FlintRed Flint

Note: You can use Flint to cut the ties that may be connecting you to people in your current life as well as those with whom you were in a past relationship.

Being in a relationship of any kind will create an etheric tie or bond to the other person.

It may surprise you to know that this includes friends, workmates and family members as well as lovers.

Emotional ties to members of your family may in fact be a strong psychological connection that may need to be cut, so that ones life can improve.

How Can Cutting Cords Help You?

How can cutting cords help you?

You may not be aware of the cords that are attached, but once you remove them your own beliefs become clearer and your self esteem and self worth may also improve. 

Flint embodies a strong energy that can positively affect your personal growth and self expression as well as removing cords.

Rainbow FlintRainbow Flint

Ties or cords may be connecting to someone in this life or even in a past life. 

These links commonly connect to the solar plexus chakra and if it is karmic in nature it can be causing problems that you may not know about.

Removing karmic ties from the past that are still connected to you etherically can be beneficial, as these ties can unknowingly bind you to others.

You may not be aware that your beliefs and current actions originated in the past  and that these past ideas may also be causing health issues.

In the article about severing karmic ties there are in-depth instructions about the best ways to go about cutting these negative ties.

While the method is simple, it's best to understand how it works. There is more information there about how it all works. This may aid you to move forward with the process.

Use Flint To Attract Money

Flint has a positive energy that helps to attract an increase of abundance and prosperity into your life and they are good crystals for manifesting money.

The energy of these stones may to assist you to manifest money through their supportive action when you are setting up or expanding your business.

They have a favourable vibration that can assist you to work in the type of occupation that allows you to align your desire for prosperity with your spiritual life.

They are known to encourage good fortune and may assist good luck when you are looking for new ways to develop new ideas related to your work.

Flint TumblestoneFlint Tumblestone

Many people feel in a quandary about the desire for wealth, possibly because they wish to acquire money in a more spiritual manner.

This stone may light a fire within you that assists you to to be more effective, which can help to bolster the success of your enterprise and enrich the results.  

Flint may enhance thrift and encourage better money management.

This can aid you to maintain better control over your money and through this foster the expansion of your personal wealth.

Flint Healing Properties & Powers

These stones have quite a few beneficial healing properties and powers that make them advantageous for crystal healing.

Their action to move physical energy throughout the entire chakra system helps to stimulate all of the energy fields of the body which can be helpful to enhance healing

They are strong EMF protection stones that are known to be powerful healing stones to help you if you have electrical hypersensitivity.

Crystal healers were said to have historically used them for etheric or psychic surgery as they are known to be powerful to cut through past life wounds and to heal them.

These stones are known to help liver disorders, kidney stones, lung disorders, digestion and may aid the circulatory system.

Flint Stones are said to help pain in the jaw and assist back pain as well as aiding the reproductive system.

Flint stones have a calming energy that enhances inner peace and may assist emotional balance during difficult situations.

Within the emotional body they are valuable healing crystals for you to use when you need emotional support.

Flint Tumblestone

They are good crystals for emotional healing that are especially useful for healing issues related to family, including your parents or siblings.

This aspect means they will be helpful when you are cutting cords as they can help to improve the family dynamic.

They are purported to be beneficial healing stones to assist skin disorders, such as skin lesions, warts, moles or growths, and are said to improve skin elasticity and aid wrinkles.

 How Will Flint Help You? Use In Meditation

If you are wondering about how Flint can help you, there are quite a few different ways that you can use these stones that will benefit you.

One of the top ways to use any type of crystal is in meditation.

If you aren't sure about how to meditate, check out these easy meditation methods to get you started.


Using them in meditation helps to enhance psychic ability including boosting intuition and thought transference, also known as mental telepathy.

These crystals have as strong energy that flows throughout the entire chakra system.

Their vibration may help you to contact your spirit guides, which can be advantageous for your overall spiritual journey.

As their energy flows throughout the entire energy system and can impact all chakras, this means that they resonate within all chakras.

This includes the third eye chakra, the area related to enhancing psychic gifts

They are good crystals to encourage the growth of good fortune and have been known since ancient times as crystals for good luck.

Flint Embodies Strong Spiritual Energy

They embody strong spiritual energies that act as a shamanic anchor during astral travel.

When you are undergoing a spiritual journey their protective energy works to bring you back safely when you are ready to return.

This stone's vibration also means that your Spiritual awakening has a more grounded approach, where you can blend your spiritual growth with your day to day existence.

Golden FlintGolden Flint

When you develop psychic powers in this manner it means that new abilities or gifts can be used as part of your everyday life without them being separate from each other.

Flint Stones Have Strong Grounding Powers

Flint crystals are beneficial grounding stones that are also known to assist earth healing.

They are an excellent stone to help the healing of the physical world as they take excess energy down to Mother earth to replenish her.

They also create a connection back up to the physical body, moving earth based energy up from the earth star chakra into the body.

The energy moves through the base or root chakra through all the physical chakras of the body up to the crown where it makes a connection to your higher self.

Black FlintBlack Flint

The energy keeps moving up via the crown to the higher etheric chakras including the soul star chakra and then returns to the body.

This aids a flow of Spiritual light to circulate throughout your physical and etheric bodies.

This flow of spiritual energy and light can help you in your everyday life to be more aware of the essence of another person's disposition by understanding their spiritual nature and challenges.

Flint Meaning And Properties

The Flint name comes from a Greek word meaning 'a brick' and this relates to its hardness. 

It is said to be a type of chert, and is a type of chalcedony or sedimentary cryptocrystalline quartz that contains silicon dioxide.

Because they contain silicon dioxide, these crystals embody properties of chalcedony or quartz crystals which makes them a great stone to program.

Nodules of flint are commonly found in areas of chalk and limestone and it is often discovered along rivers or on beaches, as it originated in ancient oceans. 

Many pieces of the stone have rounded outlines in them indicating their possible origin as seashells in the ocean.

A quite sharp edge on these stones is common, so you can see how this natural shape made them easy to use for cutting implements.

Where Is It From? Is It Rare?

If you are wondering if Flint is rare, it definitely is not. It can even be found in some places by people who are out walking, including on beaches in some areas.

It has been found in quite a few countries in Europe, including in Germany, Moldavia, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland. In England it is found in Cornwall, Sussex, Kent and Norfolk.

It may be found on coastal beaches in Australia as well as in various coastal locations in the United States. In Ohio native American artifacts made from it have been found.

flint nightmares 1-500Flint

It comes in a number of different colors many of which are in shades of brown, with the outside layer usually being a different color to the inside.

It can be dark brownish-black, medium smokey brown, beige or tan color or a light blueish grey, as well as some quite bright rainbow flint in shades of red, white, brown and-or black.

There is a type of pink or red flint found in Cornwall in the United Kingdom that can be found selling as Gaia's Blood Flint, see image at the bottom of page.

Wearing Flint: Who Should Use It?

These Scorpio birthstones are strong psychic protection stones.

They can be worn during arguments or confrontations of any sort, when you you may choose to wear a piece as a protective talisman to shield you. 

Each of zodiac signs has specific birth stones to use for that sign but regardless if this is your sign it will be helpful to use it to aid the release of negative energy coming at you from another person.

Flint PendantFlint Pendant

Wearing them is helpful as their strong vibration can put a stop to curses or psychic attack coming from negative entities or evil spirits in your vicinity.  

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and this can be used to keep them on your body, if you are unable to obtain jewelry made from the stone.

Having their protective energy on your body can be helpful to assist you to bring an increase of money into your life.

They are excellent crystals for money that may help to attract increased wealth, but sometimes when you enhance the flow of money into your life, it may go out as quickly as it comes in.

An added advantage of having Flint within your auric field, is that it may also support you if you have trouble with being able to keep the funds you bring in, and are liable to overspend.

Historical Use Of Flint

Flint was probably used more commonly than most other stones by ancient civilizations as it had so many benefits.

In the ancient past sharp pieces were used to make cutting implements and various types of tools, and this meant it was extremely valuable.

When stone age people discovered that striking it produced a spark that could be used to create a fire, this gained it a reputation as a magical stone.

Natural Red FlintNatural Red Flint

For thousands of years they were used in ancient cultures, including by the ancient Egyptians. Their powerful benefits meant they were revered and respected throughout history.

Because these stones were so highly regarded, over time they were considered to be sacred objects, that connected with Spirit to bring good luck into their life.

What is Flint used for these days? Before ancient tribes discovered how to make metal, pieces of Flint were used to make some of the first tools.

In ancient times they used it to make knives, tools, arrowheads, flint axes and for other purposes where a sharp object was needed.

This type of stone was used to build stone walls and was one of the original types of building material.

Rainbow FlintRainbow Flint

Although these stones were used in the past to make cutting implements and tools, including by the American Indian tribes, these days this use isn't common.

These days there are other uses for Flint and since the middle ages the stones has been used to make jewelry.

In addition ornamental pieces for the home are made from it, as many stones look very appealing, including the beautiful reddish pieces.

As it has excellent metaphysical properties, these days there are many reasons why Flint is popular, and is often a choice of stone for crystal healers. 

Crystal Tip: Crystal cleansing is valuable and as these stones embody the properties of chalcedony or quartz, they are easy to cleanse.

Use the methods that are recommended for cleaning quartz crystals and also checkout the information about charging crystals too.

How To Use It: My Final Thoughts

Flint is a stone that embodies so many powerful aspects that make it a strong crystal to have in your collection.

This definitive guide endeavors to include as many metaphysical and healing properties as possible.

Flint is on the list of zodiac birthstones and is a good choice to wear at the throat chakra to assist communication.

They have a powerful energy to provide protection for those who have EHS, also known as electrical hypersensitivity.

Wearing this stone may help you to deal with reactions to the many sources of EMF's that are now incredibly prevalent in most places. 

If you are sensitive to EMF's create a crystal grid using Flint, in combination with other strong crystals for EHS, and place this where you spend the most time.


In summary: Flint are strong stones to enhance honesty and trustworthiness.

They resonate within all of the chakras, making them a positive stones to use for a number of purposes. 

Within the solar plexus chakra, they have a strong energy that may enhance your self esteem and are known to relieve shyness.

These crystals also have a good energy to prevent nightmares or bad dreams. 

Wearing one on your body during the day may be helpful, and in addition you may choose to place it under your pillow at night. 

Best Crystals To Use With Flint

What are the best crystals to combine with Flint?

Flint is a powerful stone to sever ties that are connecting you to others, including people from past relationships, as well as those you might be connected to, from having lived with them in a past life.

To remove these karmic cords you can also use it with some other potent stones that are powerful to cut these ties including Hackmanite, Black Kyanite, Black Obsidian and Amblygonite.

These stones are excellent EMF protection crystals that are helpful to assist you if you have electrical sensitivity. 

If you are severely affected by electrical devices you may choose to combine it with other EMF protection stones to create a stronger outcome.

Using a combination of specific stones that will help to act as a barrier may be beneficial, including Aegirine, Fulgurite, Shungite or Amazonite.

Most people would like to increase how much money that flows into their life, and using flint is definitely helpful for this purpose.

There are quite a few crystals for manifesting money including a number of yellow stones that are helpful. Sometimes called golden crystals, this includes Amblygonite and Citrine.

Flint works particularly well with other stones for this purpose that also resonate within the higher chakras including Citrine, Libyan Desert Glass, Golden Rutilated Quartz or Heliodor.

The role of this stone to enhance your self esteem can be boosted by combining it with solar plexus stones. There are quite a few other crystals for self esteem that can be used with it to boost your self confidence and self esteem.

You may choose to pair with it stones such as Hypersthene, Rainforest Jasper, Crazy Lace Agate or Hematite.

If you are particularly feeling that you have a need for protection, there are quite a few excellent stones that you might choose to combine with Flint, especially during meditation.

Using some of the more powerful stones to use prevent psychic attack may be helpful, and this includes Fire Agate, Malachite, Aegirine and Black Tourmaline.

If you have been cutting cords and this brings up emotional feelings related to anyone that you have felt the need to sever ties with, you may find that you have a need for emotional healing.

Use them paired with other strong stones that will heal your emotions such as the heart chakra based Rose Quartz or Strawberry Quartz as well as with Apache Tears and-or Tiger’s Eye which will both give you emotional support.

These stones have a good energy to aid earth healing and have been well known since ancient times to help the health of Mother Earth.

You may find it beneficial to pair it with other stones that are known for helping to heal the earth, including with Picture Jasper, Orange Aragonite, Rainforest Jasper and Green Tourmaline.

If you have been working on developing telepathic gifts, it may be advantageous to use this crystal in combination with other stones that stimulate mental telepathy.

There are a number of stones for this purpose which are listed in the article about telepathic gifts including Blue Chalcedony, Heliodor, Blue Apatite, Dream Quartz or with Clear Quartz, known as the master healer.

More Images Of Flint

Rainbow FlintRainbow Flint
Red Flint Known as Gaia's Blood FlintRed Flint Known as Gaia's Blood Flint

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