Lake Superior Agate

Balances Yin-Yang Energy, Helps Nightmares

➤ By Liz Oakes

Lake Superior Agate has a very supportive vibration that may assist you if you are experiencing bad dreams or nightmares. 

They have a beneficial energy to prevent stress and tension and may help to provide emotional support to you during periods of change in your life.

These stones are known to help with balancing your yin-yang energies and can aid you to feel more harmonious and well adjusted.

Lake Superior AgateLake Superior Agate

At times when you are feeling tired and drained of energy, they may be helpful to assist you to feel better as they are good crystals to aid emotional healing.

Their energy may be beneficial during times when you are dealing with major life changes and need to alter how you live your life. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Lake Superior Agate?

There are a number of ways that these beautiful crystals can aid you as mentioned above, and one of these is the way they may help if you have bad dreams.

At times, many of you may find that you experience bad dreams and these may be very distressing especially if they are very bad dreams we call nightmares.

If you find that you have this type of dream and that it wakes you in the middle of the night, this can be very disturbing and it can be hard to get back to sleep.

It may benefit you to place one of these stones in the area you spend time during the day so that their vibration has the most positive effect.

Lake Superior AgateLake Superior Agate

Many people go through times when you life alters and you find it hard to cope. 

Lake Superior Agate are good crystals for change that are very supportive at times when circumstances alter and your life is no longer how it used to be.

Undergoing periods of change may be distressing, so it can be helpful to get extra help when this is happening.

Keeping them nearby can also be beneficial to help concentration and they are known to help you to think more clearly when you are finding it difficult.

How Will It Help You?

Lake Superior Agate have a beneficial energy to help you to find relief at times when you are feeling downhearted and need to be emotionally lifted.

These stones are helpful to encourage emotional balance by helping you to feel in control and aware of the need to stabilize your feelings and emotions.

They are good grounding stones with a strong energy to ground you.

This may uplift you when you lack the emotional strength to carry on doing the things you need to get done.

Lake Superior AgateLake Superior Agate

Other properties of Lake Superior Agate includes their action to balance your male-female vibration also called the yin-yang energy.

If your yin-yang is unbalanced you may either feel overly passive, and often this type of person is submissive and compliant even if it is not really what they want.

Alternatively your energy may be out of control, even aggressive and again this may not be what you desire, especially if you are over-active and find it hard to switch off.

By balancing the male-female energy of your body you can do both. Being balanced can help you to more easily build rapport with other people and be more compatible with their energy.

So it may be helpful to create improvements in all of your relationships. Any of the stones that have blue colored inclusions resonate quite well within the throat chakra. 

These stones are also good crystals for truth and this may both help you to speak the truth and to also be aware when other people are not telling the truth.

This is a quite interesting energy that may help you in many areas of your life, as being aware of the authenticity of other people can help you to better understand their attitude in a conversation.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties

It is easy to buy Lake Superior Agate.You can get tumbled stones like the ones shown here and you can also get natural raw stone too.

They have a number of beneficial healing properties. Depending on the color of stone you obtain, many are high in iron, especially both the orange crystals and the stones with a yellowish coloration.

If you are a crystal healer, note that the stones that contain the mineral iron are purported to assist those with an iron deficiency and may be helpful to boost your energy.

All colors of this stone are known to be good crystals for emotional healing as they encourage emotional balance when you find it hard to cope.

Lake Superior AgateLake Superior Agate

They are good crystals for stress that are advantageous to use when you feel anxious as they are said to help to dissolve tension.

They are also said to help the functioning of the brain and are known to be helpful for anxiety.

In addition they are purported to help to pick you up when you feel exhausted or worn out and feel that your energy is drained.

My Final Thoughts

I don't suggest putting these crystals in the bedroom even if you feel their properties may benefit you.

As they are a type of agate, this means that they contain quartz. Having quartz nearby can cause sleep issues for some people. If you wish to use them in the bedroom test it and see, but be aware it could cause problems.

Lake Superior Agate

In summary: There are a number of ways you can use them including wearing them during the day, as keeping them within your energy field could be helpful.

One easy way to wear them is to buy a macrame crystal holder.

All types of quartz can be programmed too, so that if you place them where you spend the most time, such as the living area. They can resonate ideas that can help you and everyone who is there.

If you don't know how to program crystals there is an in-depth article here. It is easy to do and can be very helpful.

Remember: keep your thoughts positive while you are programming them and endeavor to use positive affirmations or thoughts in your program.

Where Is It From? Lake Superior Agate Meaning

This stone has been selected as the official gemstone for Minnesota. The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the location where it is found on the shores of Lake Superior.

While it is commonly found in Minnesota, it is found on Lake Superior beaches in both the United States and Canada. 

These stones were created during lava eruptions in the area around a billion years ago.

The mineral make-up of the area where they are found is rich in iron, so this is why many of the stones have orange coloration as mentioned above.

Lake Superior AgateLake Superior Agate

These stones were created by the movement of the various minerals in the lava flow, and were brought to the surface by the glacial movements in the past.

Many of these lovely agates have beautiful swirling patterns in the stone, with the mix of quartz or chalcedony with other minerals.

In particular iron is often present, which creates the beautiful bright colors and attractive markings in them.

Most pieces of this stone are small, and while larger pieces are less common it is possible to obtain them.

The colors in this stone are commonly found in the orange-red-yellow spectrum. 

This relates to the level of iron and its oxidation within the soil during the creation of these stones, and the mineral Limonite is commonly included in stones that have a orange or yellowish coloration. 

It is common for this agate to have other colors, including swirls of white, red, grey, greyish blue, blue or black.

Best Crystals To Use With Lake Superior Agate 

What are the best crystals to combine with Lake Superior Agate?

As mentioned above, these stones have a good energy to balance the yin-yang  of your body also known as the male-female energy.

While they are helpful when used alone, if you want to take this to a higher level use them with other crystals that also balance these energies.

This includes Turquoise, Golden Yellow LabradoriteHematite or Lapis Lazuli as they all are quite powerful to boost how this can work.

Have you been having issues with nightmares or bad dreams and need some help to prevent this from happening?

Many people wake up in the night after having a bad dream and feel loathe to go back to sleep.

Combine these stones with other crystals for bad dreams to prevent this happening night after night.

Specific stones that may be helpful includes the lovely calming Mangano Calcite, Prehnite, Lepidolite, Black Andradite Garnet and Arfvedsonite which is powerful to prevent nightmares.

Using Lake Superior Agate can help you during times of change and in many cases this will be enough. But if you feel you could benefit from extra help then consider pairing them with other stones for change. 

There are a number of strong stones that can help you with change and that also encourage a deeper more transformative level of change.

This includes crystals such as Moldavite, which is a powerful transformative energy. In addition Isua Stone, Malachite and Augite all have a strong energy that helps during change.

While these stones are helpful for stress, if you are feeling particularly tense, depressed or highly stressed, combine them with some of the other powerful stones that relieve stress.

In particular you may find that the lithium based crystals may be advantageous to aid you.

There are a number of stones that naturally contain lithium and these are talked about in the article about crystals for stress including Kunzite, Petalite, Lepidolite and Lithium Quartz.

These crystals have a good energy to aid you to feel more emotional balanced and are good crystals for emotional healing.

If you feel that you need relief from emotional issues that are concerning you, use them in combination with other stones that can help with healing emotional issues.

Stones such as Glendonite, Strawberry Quartz, Tsavorite Garnet or Tigers Eye may be helpful to ease difficult emotions.

More Pictures Of Lake Superior Agate

Lake Superior Agate

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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