Psychic Or Spiritual Attack

by M

I hope you can advise me on crystal use. I was targeted by an evil spirit 2 yrs ago and have been fighting it away since. It was associated with the family of a very spiritual yoga teacher that I had a conflict with.

It comes and goes and I recently started using crystals to protect myself and my home. I command it away in the name of Jesus but it keeps returning - nothing better to do than be evil I guess!

It is a spirit that was involved in sexual abuse or pedophilia I think, and it has given me the sensation of rape many times and sexual abuse, which I feel 5-100 times per day (genital touching). It touches my right and left shoulder when it responds to my thought. I have also been targeted by black magic from that family.

I had it exorcised in catholic church and went to a Shaman healer and it didn't help really. I attend mass 2-3 times/week. I am a veterinarian, medical researcher, with a very good and clean karmic history - no alcoholism, sexual abuse, drug abuse, crimes or other committed by me; 2 sexual relationships and great family, very upstanding Brits with no reason for this to be happening to me.

I have a grid of black tourmaline, and obsidian in my home - 3rd floor apt, a 4lb large black tourmaline rock in the centre of the house and rocks at the corner of each room. I have the same with obsidian spheres. I have pots of salt and garlic in each room. I have Selenite in center of each room also and pink quartz. Crucifix on the wall and I wear the cross.

I am catholic, I had an exorcism performed, I command it away in the name of Jesus and it comes and goes. Jesus and God are in my life very much. It tries to respond to/control my thought. It was driving me mad, and I found it really helpful to use crystals. Could you advise me on crystals to wear:

I wear a hat all the time for psychic protection. I sewed a ring of small stones all around the edge of it with 4 Moldavite crystals, and interspersed are small stones of black tourmaline, hematite, carnelian, tiger eye. There is an acalyte at the back and a beryl stone.

I put a small mirror on the top of the hat next to a black tourmaline and a snowflake obsidian stone; I use a fluorite stone on the right side of the hat also for concentration.

I have ankle bracelets with jet stones, tourmaline and hematite and moldavite. I have a small mirror in my shoe. I wear moldavite and tourmaline and jet on my belt and around my neck. I tried wearing a mirror in my underwear, a jet stone and also a bronzite stone (I heard it sends away witchcraft). It didn't stop but the abuse reduced.

It all helps - the hat's great but I don't know if I have an ideal combination of stones. Can you advise? Is there any better way to amplify the psychic protection, with one stone, especially that provided by moldavite, I heard it's the best stone for that. If it is really annoying me I use a blue kyanite stone, to try to amplify the protection.

Any other stones I should try to use to send away the abuse? Is Labradorite good? Iron pyrite I heard is also very good as a protection stone. Thank you so much.

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Other Stones For you To Use
by: Liz ~Site Writer & Owner

After reading your story, I realized you have done a lot already, and I personally find it hard to suggest much else. But there are two stones that I know of and have used that may benefit you.

The first is Fire Agate. I personally carry this on me most of the time, and have piece under my pillow, ever since I was psychically attacked some years ago. I have an article on Fire Agate and you may like to read it, to see why I suggest that stone.

The second is a stone I have been using off and on for while, called Pyrolusite. After reading your story I got a strong message that you should see if you can get one of these stones.

This stone is a strong stone to strengthen the aura and to prevent psychic interference. It can also stop interference from others who are using their mind to influence you, in other words people who have strong psychic ability that they are using against you.

Sadly this stone can be quite brittle, which makes it more difficult to carry it on you. One of mine has broken into a few pieces. Regardless of breaking it would be powerful stone for you to use.

Although I haven't yet written an article on it, there is a short summary about it on this page, Healing Properties Of Crystals starting with O & P.

While I can't suggest anything else myself, hopefully someone else may have some suggestions that will help you.

Many blessings Liz

Spiritual Attack
by: Carol

I too have had incidents with spirits sent by another to harass. I follow Native American ways and was given a method that worked for me-not involving stones.

Obtain some sage or other cleansing herb. Light it, make it smoke. Smudge yourself. Face east with sage smoking. Stamp your right foot 4 times and say; Evil(bad) spirit GO AWAY, you are not welcome here, only GOOD SPIRITS are welcome here.

Repeat this facing the south, west and north. Thank the 4 winds for their assistance. Smudge the remained of your house. Thank the Creator for his assistance. Do this forcefully and with conviction so this spirit knows you are serious.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you Liz and Carol. I did that this evening Carol, and I hope it will help.

Liz, I obtained a pyromorphite stone and fire agate, and I programmed them after washing with Holy Water to send away abusers, ill-wishers and evil spirits. I hold a jet stone also.

It is working - I was abused around only 5 tines the last few days; usually it is around 5 times per hr! I hear the spirits involved and I know whom they are sent by. There is no excuse for it other than people can be very evil.

I prayed for them to receive blessings and performed a fire ceremony to cut ties but it didn't help. Anyway, this is helping for sure so far! Many thanks, may God bless you both.

by: Anonymous

Hi Liz - the pyromorphite stone I got is beautiful and it is definitely helping, with fire agate. I am also using bronzite, jet and tourmaline with those. I think it is protecting me powerfully and sending back the evil.

I have a query, I want to make a strongly protective pyschic protection collection of stones. Currently I have a hat full of rocks but I am thinking of making a hair scrunchie filled with a chain of moldavite and kyanite and labradorite.

Also a necklace with black tourmaline and moldavite.

Do those stones work well together? Would Carnelian help? Does it help to wear the stone on the bodypart affected or not really matter? I was told around the solar plexus was a good place to concentrate crystal energy.

Many thanks,

Psychic Attack Protection
by: stanley

Hi Melanie

Try using crackled fire agate which is much much
better than fire agate as I have very good experience with that.

Pyschic or Spiritual Attack
by: Mike Hunt

Jan 29, 2014. I don't know how old the original post is but it seems like you need some help outside of crystals.

Sounds like you are dealing with a thought form or someone astral projecting themselves unto you. Crystals are not for everyone and should be chosen according to your own energy field. You are weighing yourself down with the energy of a lot of crystals which can be a negative unto itself.

Rather than use crystals, and it seems like you have a lot, I would do a spiritual cleansing with rue. First you must make a strong tea with rue (ruta graveolens), try to make sure it is organic or wild crafted. Get a pail and pure the tea in the pail along with some water to fill the pail. Take a regular shower to clean yourself of debris. Get some salt and wash yourself with it from head to toe, rinse thoroughly. Then wash yourself from head to toe with what is in the pail, once you leave the tub, don't towel off, just air dry. You can do this 3 days in a row or daily if you feel you need it. This is how I was taught to take spiritual bath by a real shaman whom I know personally (not from internet) who has helped me for nothing.

You can also, get some rue essential oil and place a few drops in plain (no scent) vegetable glycerin soap, use it to clean yourself daily for maintenance instead of your usual soap. Some people claim to have had great success by just using Dr. Bronner's magic soap, peppermint.

You should also use rue to clean your floors but not from the same pail you use to take a bath. You can also carry rue in a pouch on the left side of your body.

Besides, rue, there are many other herbs you can use for spiritual cleansing. There are also certain woods that act like gemstone but works much faster and are stronger then gemstone.

A Great Tip For Psychic Attack
by: Anonymous

One of the most cleansing and protecting things to do is to take a bath in sea sale. If you can get the Himalayan salt all the batter. It needs to be good quality sea salt, not just the cheap one we use for cooking.

Its quite inexpensive anyway. If you have had a lot of stress or rows, and basically have bad energy around you, this cleans your energy up and you feel great.

But remember you must cleanse your head and hair as well. a lot of the energy needs to be cleared form around your head, as you are thinking all the time, and what you think is not always positive.

Pschich attack cure
by: Olia Petrovna Hutson

The psychic attack is the crystal communicating that it needs something. All crystals, stones, and gemstones carry energy in them and they need to be cleansed. Try cleansing it and you'll notice a major difference. I promise it will work. By the way, tell the crystal what you are will speed up the process. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

Ok, lose the Moldavite. It opens you up psychically and you want stones to ground you. You really only need amethyst, hematite, labradorite, Tibetan Quartz, black tourmaline. Loose the obsidian too as this stones true use is to make you aware of your unconconcious weaknesses. Check out the above stones I mentioned. God bless you.

I have been targeted by evil spirits, need help.
by: Kumar

For the past few years, I have been hurt by someone(whom I do not know) by sending evil/dark spirits relentlessly on daily basis. Those evil spirits hurt me on my head during the day and induce dreams in the night when I am at sleep.

I need your advise from you what crystal, shall I use and how? after going through your website I realize black tourmaline, fire agate, crackled fire agate, and pyromorphite for protection from negative energies and entities like evil/dark spirits.

Can you please, kindly help me by advising on what crystals you recommend in my kind of situation and where can I buy and what sizes shall I buy.

Kind Regards,

by: Anonymous

Hi Kumar

Black Tourmaline and fire agate are very protective. Pyrite will give strength also. You will find a lot of sites on the internet to buy crystals from. Best wishes

Fire agate
by: Anonymous

Hi I was wondering how does fire agate send evil back? How do you know it's working?

Keep It to the Minimum
by: Ronald

The sheer number of stones you've used reminded me of an incident when I was once visiting a favorite crystal store. We joked that I was looking like either a jeweler or someone who owns a stone quarry. Reading your post, I was envisioning you as a mortal deity. I sometimes feel like one too when I sleep.

I used to grid my bed with lots of crystals under the mattress besides those I wear in sleep as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets that I would often dream of earthquakes going on. When I'd awake I'd still feel like the ground beneath me still shakes.

In fact it was the stones vibrating under the mattress and in my body that I was feeling while my brain wave was still in the alpha state.

Yes, lose the high vibe stones as they not only open you up to but actually invite external forces into your own energy field. Also reduce the grounding stones since too many of them can unnecessarily weigh you down. We already have the force of gravity pulling us down.

You may want to minimize them to black tourmaline, crackled fire agate, tiger's eye, bloodstone, labradorite, and amethyst. Not only does this minimum combination provide a strong psychic protection but also ensures the alignment of your chakra system as well as keeps your energy field stable.

The black tourmaline, crackled fire agate tiger's eye, and amethyst there will counter ritualized magical attack. The addition of labradorite will discourage psychic vampirism. Bloodstone will keep you physically unharmed from the intruding energetic attack. All black tourmaline, crackled fire agate, and bloodstone will keep you grounded.

As the attack involves a sexual aspect you may want to use black onyx instead of crackled fire agate. Black onyx will discourage the sexual energetic attack. However, you wouldn't want to use it together with crackled fire agate as they can work against each other. You'll have to choose one then.

And yes, you need to do regular spiritual cleansing. That applies both to your gemstones and your own spiritual energy. Also regularly perform the cutting of ties.

by: SageAine

There is a combination of stones that Judy Hall discusses in one of her many books that sends entities back to where they belong.

It's Chlorite, Ruby hexagram, and Carnelian. It's supposed to be highly potent. Hope that helps

Protection alternative
by: Georgina

Try using Black Tourmaline with Selenite crystal placed on top and you get the best of both worlds. Armor from the Tourmaline and Angelic protection from the Selenite. Use to free your home of negativity.

Crystal energy created by God does work to protect
by: Anonymous

You need to focus your thoughts on what you CAN do about these evil people. Not on what they can do to you. Find a piece of Mica - Black Tourmaline and Pyrite and fools Gold.

Make or buy two Carnelian bracelets. It will stop ANYONE from connecting or reading your thoughts.
Carry Amethyst on your right side. Now each morning & night meditate and concentrate speaking outloud to create a shield that will return all evil or any harm anyone is trying to do to you back on the sender.

Believe in GOD who created these stones to use the energy to protect you. Pray to Jesus in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit to surround you with this protective shield. Nothing not even Satan can penetrate a shield of Crystal.

Do not concentrate on the evil. And ask it to leave with love and kindness. And enjoy your life - say it and forget them and concentrate on knowing you will always be safe. Crystals were created by God when the earth was being created.
Each energy has it's own special purpose.

If you concentrate on the evil more than your shield you will be using your thought to give power to the evil. Vision is small and weak and harmless against you. Say it - believe it - trust in God and the Crystals created by God to protect you! You don't need all these other stones.
Too many will drain you.

Buy Tiger Iron place under you're pillow while you sleep. It is made of Red Jasper, Hematite and Tiger eye. If you can't find Tiger Iron buy the other three and carry them together. Remember to ask each day for the shield to surround you and ask it return any evil and stop anyone who is trying to do things to harm you in any way shape or form.

As this evil be sent back to the sender. Ask in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. You will in fact be protected in ways you cannot even imagine. God Bless you!

A great suggestion
by: Anonymous

You can choose a cross necklace made out of certain crystals, I recommend Angel Aura Quartz, Angelite crystal, or Celestite.

Additional tips
by: Sev

A lot of great suggestions here. I wanted to mention you might want to delve into some readings on making crystal grids, or working spellwork into jewelry effectively.

Often, just carrying or placing crystals is not enough. To activate their use, you must program them, and connect them to a power source. In short, the best way to protect your home is to set up an alter as the center of your spiritual practice and grid.

It should preferably be in a private and safe area of the home, somewhat centrally located (not along an outer wall). At a minimum you want a biggish quartz or amethyst crystal as the power/main programmed stone to hold the grid's blueprints. The stone should be cleansed, and can be powered by the earth.

You must connect this stone by a cord of energy to an earth leyline nearby if possible. Imagine the type of barrier you need, and set blueprints in the stone. It is smart/important to have an outer layer of the barrier that is null or camouflaged so you don't attract a ton of attention. Other stones to add and tie into the grid- protective ones, and selenite is good because it never needs cleansing - the barrier remains charged longer, and has to be remade less often. Best of luck!!

Illness due to psychic attack
by: Anonymous

From seven years I am suffering from PE. I also see dead people in my dreams sometime. I am very much sure that I am a victim of psychic attack by some distant relative. Can anybody suggest me some cure with help of crystal or otherwise? I wear yellow topaz, white coral and cats eye? I also wear pink tourmaline for few hours a day.

Psychic protection
by: Anonymous

Stones that have helped in my experience include nuummite (either kind), carnelian, black onyx, hematite, red jasper, black/red agate, and black tourmaline. Also serpentine, smoky quartz, malachite, and black or green jade.

Choose a few and switch them out regularly to cleanse/recharge them. Even if you have a lot sometimes it's good to keep the number you use at any given time to a smaller number so you build a closer relationship with the ones you are using.

Nuummite also strengthens your intentions so it's good to use when you're setting up your shields or sending things away. Carnelian has helped me many times but can sometimes produce a burning sensation when it's active.

Black obsidian did help me at first to realize what I needed to do to address my own vulnerabilities. There is value in that, but not necessarily for gridding a room.

We also had a clear quartz crystal that helped us break a hex and exorcised something from my body. This particular crystal cluster came from a magic store and had been highly charged by my partner. So you may want to concentrate on cleansing/charging/programming your crystals too and getting pieces that have great energy or are charged for healing/protection.

I'm a victim of hexes and black magick attacks
by: Aaliyah

I am a victim of black magick attacks. Hexes and curses were put upon me. I have tried a lot to remove them, cleaning, clearing spells, even let other practitioners try. Nothing helps. It has destroyed me on many levels.
Financially. I lost my job .

Health wise. A hex was placed upon my beauty and body. I suffer today physically from it. I live in chronic pain.

I just learned from a friend witch that 3 major hexes and curses are still active today!!! I surround myself with black tourmaline, and I carry tiger eye, peridot, bloodstone and labradorite on my body.

Pls if you can suggest me any stone that could break hexes and curses, I really need your help. Thank You Aaliyah

Black Obsidian
by: Anonymous

Hello, after reading Your articles and experiencing myself psychic sexual attack, I just want to share m experiences with black Obsidian. It is for sure not a stone to be used for someone who has been experiencing any kind of sexual abuse of whatever kind. My experience was that it did work through me as a victim on the darkness of the abuser. So it is for sure not the right stone for psychic protection.

I always wondered in my life what kind of reflection that is I am experiencing in the outer world. I really felt like being in the wrong movie. All I have been reading about law of attraction is all I can not agree with. I did light work, colour work, years over years. Did think positive, as an artist and musician, but somehow that law of attraction did not work. And then after having been walking the saint James way, feeling very lightful and pure, I got a statement in front of a whole group in a seminar that I do have satanic karma. My whole energy was torn down.

I just couldn't understand what was going on in my life. So I experienced that all I have been doing didn't bring any result I did hope for. After painting in my atelier, in the evening I felt like all of a sudden all of my thinking were gone. It was in the end nothing else but a pure battle in existing. Also I did pray to the Lord, gave myself up to that force - and in the end I thought, who is eating up my shoes if I give up my will. I felt ungrounded without a reason.

I was advised to eat meat, put all of a sudden the feeling of grounding was gone again. Also did I experience psychic sexual abuse in an etheric way, like seeing a being touching my genitals organs. In the end I found myself wearing a lot of stones trying to help. Also I did experience that I were misguided in putting certain kind of stones on me.

So I can just advise to trust yourself, and don't trust your visions in that case. For if Your thoughts are being absusers as well, so might also be the visions of stones to wear. Also I found a stone all of a sudden in my stones, a stone I never bought by myself, nor do I know what it is. In a vision for asking I just were advised to put the stone on my navel. I did like so and almost committed suicide. So always be aware of Yourself.

So the question is if You are using that black obsidian, and You got a trouble with safety in Your life and protection, can it also fool You, right? For it is said to be showing up Your weak sides. As I have experienced that it is not a stone of wisdom-but this is what old legends to tell. Maybe that story came from cultures who have been abusing darkness, what does a king need - power. How can You weaken your nation, to be the wise king? You just abuse their darkness/weakness.

What would a wise king do, bringing light in the dark areas, give strength to Your weakness. So in the end it is always up to the person who does use the stone as well. If you are strong and use it wisely it can be helpful. But always know, the wisdom within You as well. It is said to be a stone to help You decide from dark or light forces. I can not agree to that at all from my experience, neither did I do anything bad with it nor did I abuse it. I just were advised to use it, and I did follow in full trust to that person. But we are not all the same.

We cannot globalize and say this or that is good for this or that, like with plant medicine. Also did I pray to Jesus Christ, and what I experienced was more a vampirism of forces nurturing themselves from my prayers. In putting pain on me, to have me pray. And then there is this lovely story, that the Lord does rule the good and the evil. So if that is like so- Just do nothing, sit still and wait. Be in trust, that this is the lord just fooling You.

NOTHING IS UNSEEN,NOTHING IS UNHEARD. I personally do doubt in such a lords believe. That does sound to me like a Sadomasochistic being. And how old is that story over 2000 years. Is it time for something new? Are these old forces from these old stories, like etheric beings, having been constructed from this old beliefs? Which are still going on, if you are a truly catholic believer. But what if You belong to this new age? Where is the transformation. If this lord does rule all that, then the lord does maybe also love all that. Shall this lord take care for it.

So in the Kabbalah we truly find a lot of different God's. Jesus Christ does just belong to a certain kind of God. But there is also this one Lord, like the head office of the whole tree of life. Maybe we just want to move forward and let this lord just take care for this game of evil and good, within ourselves. What we experience is an outer seemingly experience. And these forces are not the lord but in the lord. So why care for it. I am whole in myself, and do not belong to these old stories. Why integrate and bring together what this lord does separate? Good and evil, both do need each other, obviously. There is also this saying: where there is much light there is much shadow. Why?

Well sitting under a tree, in a hot area, this can be quite comfortable. Other question, TV. What does that TV do with us. We are forced not to think by ourselves, but to just watch and listen. What do these sound do to us. What about all these images. I experienced that being abused within me, what I have been seeing. Just trying to frighten me. Oh what a lord's good movie. Lord, You really did a good job, You did really frighten me. Well done. Thank You lord. What I figured out in my life was that I always did the same mistake again and again.

I always met people in my life, being called great healers, guru's, masters, also...... SO we were programmed from our childhood on, to be respectful and to follow. This is a holy wise man, he does know what he is talking about, even though if he wants to fuck You. As young and trustful I were, I did just follow. But the whole moral of the story was: ALWAYS TRUST YOURSELF. I never had a father, so to trust, to have someone found in my life, whom I do truly believe, from the bottom of my heart, was a treasure. The feeling to know there is someone wise, I can also just lean on, just to relax for a moment, giving guidance when You don't know Your next step, just someone You can really trust. But then it always ended up in loneliness.

So I just learned, that it is always better to trust Yourself. No matter who it is. Because if You relay too much, it can be a very hard experience, if You are being dropped out of the nest. For that might be the lesson, what that kind of person does just think by himself, You gotta have to learn. Or maybe there is too much jealousy from others, not knowing Your story behind. Is that them my darkness Mr. Obsidian, or just fate. I always dreamed of a world of compassion. Without having to think of this evil or dark. All is just well there. Maybe that is this inner trust I do carry within myself. The force I will relay to, within myself. That is and does also sound quite isolating. But if that is the only thing I can always trust, within myself, then I will stay right there.

Maybe one day it will be different, but I won't wait, I live now. So all I have is me, always. Don't seek outside, find in Yourself. And then let Yourself choose a lovely stone or more that will support You. Yourself, Your journey. Without fighting, without having to worry, just supporting Yourself. Without looking left or right. LIVE YOUR LIGHT-NOW!!!!!

Need help
by: Anonymous

My daughter had something throw her out of bed twice now. Do we need to do a sage cleansing and what crystals will help her to be protected and loved ? Other little things have happened so w we would appreciate any help. Thank you

Astral Projection Attacks /Psychic Attacks
by: Anonymous

You have been given a lot of advice, a lot! I can tell you without a doubt none of it has worked! I, myself have gone through what you have and more!!! I won't go into detail of money spent on spiritualist, shamans and other things done out of desperation to stop all of this attacks!

All you need is blue kyanite crystals. I suggest a ring and pendant. Both!

What I have learned over the almost 20 yrs that these attacks almost ruined my life is.. those who write about what to do to stop these attacks either aren't going to tell you the truth or they have no idea what they are doing themselves. If you search the internet you will see that blue kyanite isn't written about as a stone to protect against black magic, psychic attacks, evil eye curses but it actually does and more!! Good luck and pay it forward if you see someone else in need of help.

P.S purchase blue kyanite for your family members & pets because the idiot that is attacking you is most likely attacking your pets also. Try ebay!

Peace and blessings

Honest Guidance Needed
by: Milestone

Good day all. Allow me to quickly tell you a little about myself. I'm a single parent of two children, took care of my dad until he passed last year from a stroke and taking care of mom who has Alzheimers. I am a hard working person strong minded and love my family.

Last year, I lost the home my parents and I lived in all my life. I was forced to sell cause I could not have continued to pay the mortgage. Prior to this I spent the last two years of my life I would spend money and after wonder why. It was as if someone entered me just to spend my money and would leave me body. To this day I can't explain my past. I was a very successful business owner plus I am permanently employed with a great company. I no longer have my business because of my bad spending. I could barely feed my family as I have so many loans to pay back.

I've been to many spiritual people who said they can help, but none were able to stop the attacks which they said I was constantly getting. They told me I have a lot of people who jealous me and want to see living on the streets. The spiritual helpers only have light candles, bath and clean house but I need I believe I need protection to stop it. They said they only see darkness around me.

Please please someone really honestly truthfully help me please. After selling the house I've tried to build a house but because of my bad credit it was difficult to get a loan from a bank and I just was able to get through with one because a friend new someone working in the bank. Thank God.

I'm fighting hard for this transaction to finish. Even when it is done it will mostly pay my debts and I'll get a little to put towards the house.

Many a day I'm too tired. The kids they argue a lot for no reason. The kids father stopped putting money to support them and the judge when we went to court last week did nothing. If I meet someone they only stick around for what they can get and then move on. Why can't I keep a relationship?

In the midst of it all I still give praise and thank God for what I have, my family just wish I can do more for them. Please help me!

Bad Luck
by: Anonymous

I hope you can advise me on crystal use. Someone did a psychic reading for me and he told me that a bad luck shadowing me since I was born.

I can tell he is right because I have lots of people in my life and at work, I'm always nice and friendly to people but they turn back and do something bad to me.

Even my best friend and family. This situation is really bothering me. Also my life is not the one I wanted.

Inner work
by: Anonymous

I would suggest a fast and isolation, with mediation and prayer. That would aid in spiritual growth. By you controlling your spirit you will learn to strengthen your spirit. The more you try to block the psychic attack it will try to find another way in.

Carrying all those crystals and mirror may help, but in reality they also become a burden to keep up with. The inner work must be done. In this stage, God has a powerful lesson you have to learn. It may not be a karma but some sort of knowledge to gain that you need to fulfill your purpose in life.

So be still, surrounder to God and higher sources. Fast and isolate your self to hear what God has to say. Mediate and pray to strengthen your spirit. There is in inner work that needs to be done.
You can still use your gadgets but don't forget the inner work.

Curse and blockage
by: Ivetta

Hi my name is Ivetta and I noticed I get scratches on my back and I'm wearing a black tourmaline necklace I tried sage around my apartment but when I take the necklace off I get attacked again.

I need healing and what kind of stones do you suggest to break the curse and to get rid of spirits I can't have marriage or a kid because of this please send a reply.

Keep yourself protected from psychic attacks
by: Stanley

I hope you all have heard about black tektite. Try wearing a Libyan desert glass on the neck, and carry a piece of black tektite with you.

Let me know the results in 15 days.

psychic sexuel attack
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone I'm a male 22 year old who lives at home with my dad his girlfriend and my brother. A year ago I found out I'm definitely an empath and started to understand and shield myself against all these bad energies I've been taking in my whole life.

3 months ago my dads girlfriend started sexually psychically attacking me and she wont stop, its very disgusting and she's constantly doing it. Ive tried some crystals but I'd rather know if anyone else has had a similar experience and can recommend some, thanks

Please answer
by: Lenlex

A few years ago, my grandmother got operated on brain and does not think well now. She is being possessed cause her spirit isn't strong. Now, I'm afraid that evil spirits may surround me. I have here a jade bracelet, is it useful for abolishing evil spirits?

Stopping astral/demonic attack
by: Gary

There are a number of things I've found that do work in dismantling astral/demonic attack:

1. Dab some camphor (vicks vaporub works really well) on each chakra point. These entities usually embed themselves in your chakras and they don't like camphor at all. If the infestation is severe, use pure garlic oil on your chakra points; I apply with a q tip. Caution, don't use garlic oil on your third eye point, it is too close to your eyes; use camphor for third eye point.

2.Get a CD called Spirit Attachment Removal, by Mitchell Gibson. When played, it puts out a sound that dark entities hate; it will send them packing. Try and have a machine that can play it on a continuous loop; over and over again. I can't begin to tell you how powerful this is.

3. Violet Ray Machine. No less an authority than Edgar Cayce recommended the Violet Ray Machine for cases of possession. You can google it. Make sure you get a vintage machine, not the new ones currently being sold for skin toning. You can find the original ones on Ebay; they usually cost between $100.00 & $300.00. Make sure the seller says it's in working condition. You turn it on, and train the violet spark it emits on each chakra point, usually about 20-30 seconds per chakra. Cayce says if you have a partner, run it up and down the spine 3 or 4 times. These treatments really work and they are powerful. Caution, don't train the spark on your third eye, it's too close to your eyes, but treat all other chakras.

4.Use the proper herbs.Sage is ok, but my experience is it's a lightweight when it comes to warding off dark entities. There are three herbs I use.

The most powerful by far is Asafoetida. It's an herb from India. You can buy it on Ebay for very little; be sure you get the powder. How to use it: get some of those mini charcoal tablets that they use to burn incense on, they are about the size of a nickel,place one on a plate, or a metal bowl halfway filled with dirt or sand, light the charcoal tablet and place some Asafoetida powder on it,then walk through your home as the smoke comes out, entities hate this herb when you burn it,they run for their lives. Also very powerful are the herbs Frankincense and Myrrh, they can be burned & the smoke also spread throughout the house.

5. Others have mentioned these, but they are so important I'm going to repeat here again:
Get a large chunk of Black Tourmaline, preferably with mica inclusions, one or two pounds in weight, although heavier is ok too. Sleep with it and keep it with you as much as possible. Get a black tourmaline necklace and wear it at all times.

These three stones together are extremely powerful; Ruby, Carnelian, and Green quartz chlorite. Get the rough ruby, it doesn't have to be gem grade. Hold this combination in your left hand or put in a silk or cotton bag. The carnelian can be a simple $5.00 strand from an online vendor,same with the ruby and green quartz chlorite.

This stone is not commonly known,but is powerful in the extreme: AEGIRINE. Again, hold it in your left hand when under attack.Some say Aegirine actually disrupts dark astral entities at their most basic, fundamental level.Make sure you cleanse your crystals once a week or so. Sage smoke works well for cleansing crystals.

6.The book Mind Mastery Meditations, by Dr.Valerie Hunt. She was a New age teacher and research scientist who taught at UCLA University. She did cutting age research on the nature of the mind and Spirit.On page 11 of the book is an exercise called INCREASING THE FIELD FLOW. Learn this and do it daily. Similarly, on page 13 is an exercise called VORTEX SPINNING INFORMATION. Learn this one also and do it daily. Dark entities attach themselves to your chakras, these exercises literally throw them out of your chakras so they can no loner attach to you.

Finally, a method to use when you are under attack and need immediate relief: Take a cast iron skillet, put salt in the middle of it, about a a handful or two,(doesn't have to be sea salt although it works too) pour some rubbing alcohol onto the salt ( just enough to kinda soak it), then light it and walk through the house, commanding these entities to leave in the name of God. Make sure you hold it out away from your body when you do this. This works really well.

To the lady whose daughter was thrown out of bed by entities; I would contact Dr. Wayne Brewer. He is an exorcist and I can attest to his abilities. He charges but it isn't exorbitant.You can find him online. Anyway, hope this is able to help! I wish everyone peace, joy, and freedom from all oppression!

Psychic attack
by: Esha

Here’s what’s worked for me: Sea salt bath with damp towel wrapped around the faucet for grounding (per Robert Bruce)

The old school egg cleansing.

And most effective has been a mantra—" Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaye Viche". You can find this mantra on YouTube for pronunciation. I know some foreigner writer who doesn’t know Sanskrit/Devanagari adds "namaha" at the end, but this is not necessary. "Viche" in particular means "to shield" and I got the wonderful protection on accident. I didn’t realize that it was helping untIl suddenly the attack returned after stopping the mantra. I got relief when I began chanting it again.

Crystal-wise, I have jet on my throat every day, because that was one of my attachment points—I used to feel like I was choking every day. I also wear labradorite and bronzite over my thymus, because this was intentionally sent to me

I find that a combination of these methods work the best. Blessings and healing to anyone who is experiencing these attacks.

Might help
by: Anonymous

Reading your story, I too have been using the stones you are using. I am a Pisces, the most sensitive zodiac of all and very sensitive to spiritual realm.

I personally use amethyst for rational feelings and I find a bookstore helps with spiritual attacks but I don't use it on bracelets and I keep it next to my bed. Ever since had it, I never had a spiritual attack since.

And amethyst keeps me having a high vibration frequency and keep my mind focused on things that are positive. Aquamarine made me temperament and also rose quartz deals a lot with my mood swings. Hope it helps you the way it did to me.

Upon a time...
by: Chris

I have nearly the same stories,being attack,bullied by energy senders, but the mistakes I made while trying various methods to save myself from these psychic entities taught me one very clear lesson, a single object cannot be for used more than one day, or hardly two days max.

Energies settle down on objects being used against them and on the third day you will be absorbing those energies settled the objects rather than the objects you are using.

I suggest keep a few more pieces of every object you use, while the one you used today can be kept for cleansing and charging and you can use a fresh object free of bad energy in place of the one you just used.

Trust me you will give them a lot of hard work and a tough time while you can sit laughing at them (this can be applied for stones, hexenspiegels or nature gifts just make sure a fresh object is like a fresh garment which we wear daily)

by: Anonymous

Your subconscious is manifesting it. You must feel it be gone. Know it. Live it. The mind is very powerful.

Helo w/ attacks
by: Anonymous

All who are under psychic attacks you need at least one corresponding crystal or stone recommended for each chakra sometimes two. For instance 1,2.3 chakras are always severely attacked so you need to wear carnelian and orange kyanite along with other chakra crystals/stones. Herbs such as pennyroyal help to break curses.

Record hex/curse breaking frequencies off of publicly played apps to your phones recorder. There isn't one specific remedy to stop these evil persons from doing darkness but focus on on protecting your chakras and aura.

Healing tears and holes that have been created by the attacks. Wear the pendant that corresponds to the chakras. Also wear rings on your fingers that also connect to your chakras.

Do not engage the evil person with further dark magic or be so desperate to go to someone for help who will only use you drain your finances and psychically attack you also. Good luck. Share this information with others freely as I have done with you.

stones do not really work for spirit attacks
by: Anonymous

When you encounter a spirit attack in your dreams, wearing stones to chase away bad spirits, may seem like a good idea, but as stones lose energy you have to keep re-energizing them and cleanse them regularly.

To explain this incident by the Buddhist way: In your previous life you did something bad and now the spirits come back to you for revenge. The way Buddhists act is to do this: pray to the bad spirits, just confess and admit what you have done to them in the past lives that you now did not remember. Please forgive me for whatever I did to you and move on, may Amitabha Buddha bring you to the Pureland.

Offer the spirits one bowl of rice, one cup of water, burn a scent stick, repeat doing it for at least 7 days and you would be forgiven. It is the way that you untie the karma that holds tight to you from your past lives, without using any tools or stones to confront the bad spirits.

I have helped quite a number of people doing like that and it worked. Good luck, may Amitabha Buddha bless you all.

by: Anonymous

It seems as if crystals and physical methods such as burning sage don't work because these energies are on the astral plane. Everything you need to untangle yourself from their webs should be inside of you. I honestly became much more spiritually aware and strong after I dreamed of a "God" (higher self, maybe?) talking to me about having compassion for cows and telling me to cut out beef and dairy products and so I did, along with all meat. I had never thought to do that before but that did help me a lot. Good luck.

Your MIND is most powerful
by: Anonymous

Use violet fire by visualising violet fire through your house, body, possessions,and all spaces. Wear amethyst on your body. The amethyst gets cleansed and charged by the violet fire visualisation.

Violet is the colour of the 7th chakra and it is very powerful. The ascended Master in charge of this ray is Saint Germain. Visualisation is the only way to get rid of all these karmic links. Visualise the violet light changing your aura and purifying it.


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