Isua Stone

Grounding Protection & Transformation

➤ By Liz Oakes

Isua Stone is a quite unique mineral that comes from an area deep in Greenland that is extremely ancient.

The stones from this area are quite remarkable and extremely potent in the transformative way they act within your life.

They have a strong grounding action and their ancient energy helps you to make a strong connection with the area of the earth that was the original layer created.

Isua StoneIsua Stone

They are strong protection stones that will form a defensive shield to support you as you go forward on the unusual journey they may take you on.

Use them in meditation to assist you to reach into and discover ancient teachings that are embedded in their energy, held in them for millions of years.

They help to create stability in your life, and yet for all that they are strongly grounding they are also quite stimulating. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Powerful Stones For Change And Transformation

Isua Stone has a quite transformative energy that can aid you to more fully understand your life journey and your reason for being here at this time.

These stones will take you on a journey within the higher realms and will aid you to meet teacher guides who will assist you to understand how they might help your life.

These teacher guides may help you to discover and work with ancient teachings that these stones partially embody but also make a Spiritual connection to.

It may take time to accustom yourself to how the vibration of Isua Stone works, but as you adapt you will start to discover your life path and how to walk it.

Natural Isua StoneNatural Isua Stone

They are powerful stones for change and transformation, but be aware that not everyone finds their energy to be easy or comfortable to integrate.

Mediate with them until you feel calm about how they work, then utilize them by placing a flat stone on your third eye to allow it to integrate the energy.

The third eye was used by the ancients, who knew this area was where the sight or psychic vision might emerge.

By using them this way you may receive visions that aid you to discover more about what the meaning is behind what your teachers or guides are steering you towards.

The third eye is related to selflessness and humanitarianism and to a stronger connection to your higher self, inner guidance and intuitive gifts.

How Will It Help You? Strongly Protective

They are strong psychic protection stones and this is another way that they will aid you when you use them for meditation.

They help to support you spiritually, and encourage you to be aware of information, knowledge and deep wisdom that can be brought through, to be amalgamated into your being.

Isua StoneIsua Stone

Keep them close by, to create a strong defensive shield that helps to release negative energy and prevent psychic attack.

They may also remove blockages that may be preventing you from living a peaceful life.

Why Would You Use Isua Stone? 

These stones have a strong action to ground you, and this is somewhat different as it takes you very deep into the earth, fully grounding you spiritually.

This action helps you to release negativity and helps to balance the energy field of your body.

They move excess energy down through the base chakra to the lowest earth chakra.

Isua StoneIsua Stone

By connecting with this area of the earth known as the earth chakra, this may fully anchor you spiritually into your current incarnation. 

Their energy is balancing to your emotions, and this fully helps you to deeply and totally relax as you allow negativity to drain away.

 Wearing This Crystal

Jewelry made from this stone is not common but you can obtain bracelets made from them or just keep stones on your body if you prefer.

These stones have such a unique energy that you may find that wearing them is highly beneficial. 

An alternative is to place them in the area where you spend the most time, to allow the energy to be integrated by your energy bodies.

Keeping them within your aura can enable you to understand and adapt to their action within your deepest being.

Isua Banded Iron BraceletIsua Banded Iron Bracelet

Use them in meditation only once you feel totally comfortable with the way their energy works as their action can be quite potent.

Wear them until you feel that you have adapted to them, and when you begin to use them for meditation do it slowly, in short doses so that you do not overload yourself.

It is easy to obtain a macrame crystal holder, and this will make it easy to keep a piece of the stone within your auric field while your energy is adapting to how it works.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Isua Stone

Isua is a type of banded iron, and it is often found selling as Isua Banded Iron, and this relates to how it looks, with bands of minerals in the stone.

They are a mix of minerals with the predominant ones being iron, magnesium, algae inclusions and sometimes carbon, as they are volcanic rocks that may be surrounded by carbon material.

Isua StoneIsua Stone

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the region where it is found, which is known as the Isua Greenstone Belt.

This is positioned within the Isukasia Terrane, located in a very remote area of the Nuuk region of south west Greenland.

The name Nuuk may be known to you if you are aware of the stone Nuummite which is also found in the Nuuk area of Greenland.

They are a mix of colors with a blend of green, brown, silvery blue gray and black, in stripes. 

These stones are really unusual as they are known to naturally occur as rounded pebbles, as well as in the massive form.

It is believed that the rounded stones may have been created in an ancient watery environment that tumbled them! Quite remarkable.

More about Isua Stone

These rocks are said to be some of the oldest stones on earth, with the Isua Greenstone Belt being thought to be one of the most ancient areas of the planet.

This mineral is made up of metamorphosed mafic volcanic and sedimentary rock.

It is part of the Eoarchean supracrustal rocks, meaning that they are part of the original crust of the earth.

Natural Isua StoneNatural Isua Stone

The time period when they were laid down is known as the Archaeon Eon and this dates back to around 3.75 to 4 million years ago.

Scientists are still investigating them, but they are quite hard to get to as they are under snow for most of the year, so it is a slow process.

I expect we will hear more of them as information becomes available but for now they are labeled as rare, but can be bought from good crystal stores.

Healing Properties: My Final Thoughts

You might wear a Isua Stone bracelet as this stone is known to have a number of healing properties and is purported to assist the healing of broken bones.

Shop For Isua Stone here.  This stone is also said to help issues in the spine as well as aiding healing of problems in the legs.

Isua Banded Iron BraceletIsua Banded Iron Bracelet

It is a helpful stone to wear on the body as it may enhance emotional healing, and they are excellent solar plexus chakra stones.

This chakra is known as the power chakra and by its strong action there it stimulates personal power and may spark courage and determination.

Best Crystals To Use With Isua Stone

What are the best, most beneficial crystals to combine with Isua Stone?

They are strong crystals for change and transformation and their energy may boost other stones that you may have been using for this purpose.

Moldavite has a potent energy for transformation and will pair well with them, to aid you as you work to transform your life.

Other stones for change that will also combine well with them includes Malachite, Herderite and Galaxyite.

They are very strong grounding stones that will combine well with other stones that also aid grounding.

Crystals for grounding that you might choose includes Zircon, Dravite Brown Tourmaline, Axinte and Smokey Quartz.

Other stones from the same area of Greenland may work well with these stones. Nuummite in particular will pair well with it as this is another ancient stone from the Nuuk area.

Stones from Greenland that may be boosted by Isua Stone includes Arfvedsonite, Kornerupine, Aegirine and Tugtupite.

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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