Owyhee Blue Opal

High Vibration, Releases Fear & Aids Communication

➤ By Liz Oakes

Owyhee Blue Opal is a high vibration crystal that has a beautiful calming energy that balances the emotions.

Their vibration encourages confidence and self assurance that you are making the right decisions on your path forward in life.

These stones also resonate strongly within the third eye chakra and this may boost spiritual healing and spiritual growth. 

They may enhance your intuition as well as stimulating telepathic ability and encouraging better communication with Spirit and your guides.

Owyhee Blue OpalOwyhee Blue Opal

This energy may assist you to make a stronger connection with both your spirit guides and the angels.

They are excellent healing crystals for you to use to assist problems in the throat. 

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Owyhee Blue Opal Have So Many Powerful Properties

Owyhee Blue Opal are known to have valuable metaphysical properties to help the body to deal with issues caused by viruses. 

These blue stones resonate strongly within the throat chakra, to improve your communication with others. 

They embody a gentle calm energy that balances you emotionally and also help to release feelings of fear and helplessness, generated by world events.

Additionally they are highly protective, and are known for their action to augment past life exploration, and may be beneficial stones for utilizing in magical practices.

Owyhee Blue OpalOwyhee Blue Opal

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use these magical blue crystals.

One of my favorite things about them is how they improve your ability to communicate clearly.

They are strong throat chakra stones that encourage you to communicate with authority and decisiveness.

At the same time they also help to ensure that the words you speak are constructive and optimistic in tone.

For those who are inclined to be reserved or timid when approaching others, they also aid you to more easily articulate your thoughts, without feeling reticent to say what you are feeling.

Why Would You Use Owyhee Blue Opal?

These stones may help you to feel confident that everything will work out for the best.

By bringing a sense of serenity and trust, they may assist you to release negative feelings, such as moodiness, anger or aggression towards others.

Their energy helps to increase or expand positive feelings, such as love, compassion, kindness and generosity towards others, and this can assist your emotional healing.

Owyhee Blue OpalOwyhee Blue Opal

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These stones create a happier, more joyful approach to all that you do.

At the same time aid the release of any fear or helplessness triggered by the terrible world events that we constantly hear about.

They are strong psychic protection stones with a good action to create a barrier against psychic attack and help to seal your aura from negative entities.

They are helpful to use in meditation if you are searching to see if you can discover past lives that you may have had at some time in the past.

Their connection within the third eye chakra may stimulate your spiritual growth, and may aid spiritual healing.

They are also known to boost the development of intuition and are supportive for anyone doing mediumship or channeling.

They have a lovely calming energy that assists you to more easily immerse yourself in a deeply peaceful meditation experience.

These blue stones have a high vibration that assists you to journey to the highest realms, and may help you to more easily connect with beings in these realms.

How Will It Help You? Prevents Psychic Attack

It is highly beneficial to use Owyhee Blue Opal when doing meditation and this is partly related to their action as crystals that prevent psychic attack.

They are not only powerful crystals to block psychic attack but they also help you to feel more relaxed about the possibility of attack.

This is helpful to make shamanic journeying easier as they allow you to feel calmer and this may smooth the trip.

Owyhee Blue Opal

They are said to boost understanding of the symbolism that may be used by Spirit to communicate with you, and they have a beneficial energy to boost telepathic gifts.

They may help you to connect with spirit guides, teachers and the angels, and may also assist you to communicate with the highest angels including the Archangels.

Their energy may encourage you to listen more closely to what is said to you by these beings.

This may enhance your ability to communicate with angelic beings as well as with others that you might receive messages for.

 Who Should Use It? Healing Properties

Its resonance within the throat and third eye chakras stimulates a good healing outcome for all organs in the vicinity of these chakras, including helping issues in the eyes.

Their energy may help to heal health issues within the throat and ears and they are known to help singers who have concerns related to the overuse of the vocal chords.

Owyhee Blue Opal meaningOwyhee Blue Opal

They are said to help Parkinson's Disease and their healing properties are valuable to assist those who are dealing with health issues caused by bacterial infections or by viruses.

They are beneficial crystals to aid the healing of inflammation, as they have a good energy to heal inflamed areas of the body related to broken bones or other  problems caused by swelling.

These lovely stones have a quite soothing and calming vibration that can help to soothe stress and anxiety.

It is said that wearing them may benefit singers, as their energy is known to enhance singing ability.

If your work requires you to communicate with large groups of people they may benefit you to wear a piece of this stone close to the throat, to boost clear unambiguous speech.

How To Use It: Wearing Owyhee Blue Opal

Magical amulets can be made from this stone, to stimulate positive energy within your life and may help you to communicate optimistically, bringing hope to those to whom you speak every day.

It will be beneficial if you have a piece of jewelry made from this stone.

This may aid you to pay attention to any project you may need to accomplish, and to keep your mind on the task until you have completed it.

Owyhee Blue Opal PendantOwyhee Blue Opal Pendant

Wear it on your body to increase your confidence, and to help you to think clearly and to boost your ability to speak to others calmly, and with consideration, generosity and kindness.

It is possible to buy jewelry made from these blue stones or alternatively you can buy a macrame crystal holder to assist you to wear any stone you own every day.

These crystal holders are simple to use, as it is easy to change the stone, when you wish to try something else.

My Final Thoughts: Encourage Lucid Dreaming

My Final Thoughts: these stones have a good action to stimulate dreams including encouraging the growth of lucid dreaming.

So it may be advantageous to keep a piece next to the bed to assist you with this.

Owyhee Blue Opal

When using them in meditation, you may ask for help from guides or teachers to aid you to discover information about past lives that you may be investigating.

This may assist you to travel, with their help, to the places required to learn what will benefit you.

Connecting with your spirit guides is always beneficial, as long as you keep in mind that whatever you need help with needs to be in best interest of all concerned.

Where Is It From? Owyhee Blue Opal Meaning

This lovely blue variety of opal is a quite rare stone that is found in only one location in the United States. 

As the name of these stones is unusual it may be helpful to learn the pronunciation of their name, which is oh-wah-hee.

The name of Owyhee Blue Opal stones may seem unusual, but it relates to the location where they are found, near the Sacred Indian Springs in Owyhee Oregon.

Their color varies from a translucent lavender blue to a lovely medium blue color.

Many stones have white mixed through which is the color of the matrix stones that the blue opal forms in.

Owyhee Blue Opal

Once the stones are taken from the ground their color changes from an opaque blue to a lighter color, and this is caused by them drying out over time, as the water within them evaporates in the air.

Tumbled stones keep their deeper color to a degree, and you can see the color difference in many of my stones, as once they are tumbled and sealed they keep their color.

Best Crystals To Use With Owyhee Blue Opal

What are the best crystals to combine with Owyhee Blue Opal?

These stones have a good action to assist you if you are feeling fearful about any situation in your life.

Anxiety and distress is very strong at the moment throughout the world, due to current health situations in almost every country.

If you are feeling fearful and need extra help to release these feelings, combine these stones with other crystals for conquering fear such as Prehnite, Dioptase, Darwin Glass also called Darwinite and Watermelon Tourmaline.

It is highly beneficial to work with your spirit guides, and this can be valuable to assist you to decide the next step to take when you are working on specific spiritual activities.

There are quite a few crystals that will boost your ability to connect with your guides including Charoite, Magnesite, Trolleite and Blue Lace Agate.

Owyhee Blue Opal are somewhat unusual and their quite strong high vibration makes them quite beneficial to use in meditation.

They may be used with other high vibration crystals and while there are a lot of high crystal energy stones, those with a gentler energy work best in combination with these stones.

Specific high vibration stones that you might choose to use them with includes White Scolecite, Celestite, Stellar Beam Calcite or Datolite.

Combine them with Amphibole Quartz or Angel Phantom Quartz, Dream Quartz, Ruby or Danburite to aid you to develop lucid dreaming.

If you have been working with these stone to boost your telepathic gifts and would like more help to strengthen this gift, it may be helpful to combine them with other stones that stimulate mental telepathy.

There are a number of crystals featured in my in-depth article about telepathy, and many of these might be beneficial to use with these stones.

Specific ones that you may choose to use with them, that also stimulate this gift includes Blue Apatite, Muscovite, Selenite or Blue Kyanite.

If you have been using this crystal while journeying in the higher realms you may already made contact with teachers or guides as well as with angelic beings.

For those who have not and would like to enhance their ability to communicate with angels, using them with other 'angel crystals' may be an effective way to assist this to happen.

There are many crystals that will help you with this, but there are a few that are particularly effective to assist contact, including Aragonite Star Clusters, Purple Scapolite, Seraphinite, Peruvian Pink Opal and Celestite.

Owyhee Blue Opal Meaning Properties & UseOwyhee Blue Opal Meaning Properties & Use

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