Anyolite or Ruby In Zoisite

Enhances Brain Heart Connection

➤ Written By Liz Oakes

Anyolite or Ruby Zoisite is a natural mix of red Ruby, green Zoisite and black Tschermakite.

It has a vibrant energy that enhances the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart. 


These crystals are a beautiful combination of color and of energy, and their metaphysical properties are helpful to aid physical healing.

Both the vibration of the Zoisite and the Ruby energy are strongly heart based and will stimulate positive feelings. 

It aids you to feel empathy for others and to be observant of your need to take care of your physical body.

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Where Is It From? Anyolite Meaning

The largest deposits of the lovely combination of Ruby Zoisite are in India, but it is also found in Zambia Africa.

The Zoisite within the stone is primarily a clear medium green, and it combines well with the deep magenta-red of the ruby in the stone.

The meaning of its name comes from a Masai word meaning green, and from this they developed it as a trade name for this stone.

Anyolite is the name used to describe the naturally occurring combination of Green Zoisite with deep red Ruby stone.

You may also see it selling as Ruby Zoisite or Ruby in Zoisite. The difference in the two colors within the one stone is quite marked, and very beautiful.

Often these stones also include black patches of Tschermakite, which is a type of black Hornblende.

This can be seen as black spots or streaks or it may be mixed through the other colors.

There is a lot of beautiful jewelry made with Ruby Zoisite stones and these lovely green and red stones can be found on the zodiac birthstones list.

Why Would You Use Anyolite? 

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use Anyolite including:

  • Its vibration within the third eye chakra combines with the heart chakra which enhances the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart.
  • This connection supplies an energy that creates an altered state of consciousness
  • This helps you to understand yourself and the world around you.
Anyolite or Green Zoisite with RubyAnyolite also known as Ruby in Zoisite

This stone has a strong spiritual nature, that may alter your consciousness, and give you access to your soul memory, to help you with spiritual learning.

This stone is a mixture of red Ruby stone and green Zoisite, and nature has created a truly wonderful combination of energies in this combined stone such as:

  • This is a truly spiritual stone, and a powerful aid for anyone whose spirituality is ready to reawaken.
  • The vibration of this lovely stone is powerful when used at either the heart chakra or at the thymus or higher heart chakra.
  • Centered there it encourages the mind to hear the desires of the heart
  • When it resonates there it may help you to understand your deepest desires enough to accomplish what is needed.

How To Use It? Wearing Ruby in Zoisite

Jewelry made from these stones is fairly easy to obtain, but if you cannot obtain pieces made from Ruby in Zoisite, simply buy one of these stones.

You may find that lovely pendants and other types of jewelry made from this stone are available in many places.

The way the red and green contrast in the stone particularly help to create lovely necklaces, and the beads are also very attractive.

Zoisite in Ruby with Black TschermakiteZoisite and Ruby Pendant with Black Tschermakite

They are a birthstone for Aries, and and you often end up with very lovely pieces of jewelry.

Larger pieces of the stone will accentuate the contrast of the two colors beautifully, as the green Zoisite within this stone contrasts so beautifully with the red of the ruby. 

You may see also see the auras of other people, and if they are wearing or holding the stone, it may magnify the colors within their aura so you may more readily see them.

What A Lovely Combination Of Vibrations!

It is easy to buy pieces of this stone selling as Ruby in Zoisite.

If you wish wear it regularly, it is an excellent idea to slip a piece into your pocket.

This is an easy way to use it, and simply keeping a piece of stone anywhere on your body each day can be very beneficial.


Anyolite is a lovely stone to experience, and one that is helpful to use on a daily basis.

It helps you to embrace the exhilaration that this stone stimulates within you.

This stone has a strong reaction within the third eye chakra, and its energy is powerful for rousing psychic abilities. Anyolite is a lovely serendipitous combination within the one stone.

It has a strong life-force energy that makes it an excellent stone to use for healing the body.

Due to the vibration of the Ruby stone within it, it embodies within it the energy of the Ruby, and this confers psychic protection, which is another good reason to wear it.

AnyoliteAnyolite aka Ruby In Zoisite

Within the stone is the vibration of the lovely red Ruby stone, and this energy within the stone enhances creativity and encourages passion for life. 

Its energy will also stimulate you to begin to develop your intuition.Having it on your body is a way that you may enjoy an increase in your happiness, health and general well-being.

 How Will Ruby Zoisite Help You? Healing Attributes

Anyolite has a number of very helpful healing attributes, including helping to increase fertility.

They are known as healing crystals that will particularly help cancer sufferers.

These stones are said to aid you if you have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

They may help you to learn the lessons that the Divine mind had for you, by giving you this disease to experience.

Ruby In Zoisite

These crystals will aid you if you suffer from depression, as they bring through lovely positive feelings.

As their energy flows from the heart chakra down to the base or root chakra, it is an aid to heal many physical complaints.

Ruby in Zoisite assists those with adrenal fatigue or fainting spells, and with immune problems including chronic fatigue syndrome.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

By its activation of the crown chakra, it aids access to your soul memory, to help with your spiritual learning.

The unique harmony of the Ruby Zoisite stone, imparts a lovely sense of bliss. 

This blissful feeling comes with a knowledge that you should embrace its accompanying feeling of exuberance for life.

Anyolite or Ruby in Green ZoisiteRuby in Green Zoisite

It stimulates the base or root chakra and brings through the feeling of the desire to live life with enthusiastic fervor. 

It may aid you with learning to be psychic, and it may be used for communicating with spirit guides.

In summary: the energy works well within the chest area, where it flows both above and below it, into the entire body, and it has a strong resonance at the heart chakra.

This energy will help to heal you when you are experiencing grief, and will aid problems within the physical heart, stimulate an inactive thyroid, and bring general healing within the body.

Best Crystals To Use With Anyolite

What are the best crystals to combine with Anyolite?

Both Tanzanite and Clear Apophyllite are high vibration stones that will combine well with the energy of the lovely Ruby in Zoisite. 

All colors of Sapphire are also beneficial combined with this stone, including both Yellow Sapphire and Purple Sapphire.

Purple SapphirePurple Sapphire
Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire

If you are working on areas of your life that may benefit from a boost in your creativity, you may choose to combine Ruby Zoisite with other stones that help to enhance your creativity, including Tangerine Quartz,  Pecos Diamond, Sunstone and Sardonyx.

Use Tinaksite with it as the combination is excellent at the third eye chakra.

For activation of the higher heart chakra and the heart chakra, both Dioptase and Pink Tugtupite are excellent stones to combine with it.

Used with the lovely Red Ruby Stone, it will accentuate the action within both the heart chakra and the base chakra, bringing through vibrancy and energy.

It may also aid your manifestation abilities as Ruby has a strong energy to bring those things you desire into your life.

Anyolite Bracelet

Anyolite BraceletAnyolite Bracelet: also called Ruby in Zoisite

Wearing Anyolite jewelry helps you to keep the stone on your body on a regular basis. This will amplify your body's energy field and may boost how your aura can be visually seen.

More pictures of Ruby Zoisite also called Anyolite

AnyoliteAnyolite also called Ruby Zoisite

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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