Quantum Quattro Silica

A Powerful Mix Of Minerals

➤ By Liz Oakes

Quantum Quattro Silica is a name given to stones first found in Namibia that are a mix of some highly beneficial minerals.

The minerals that make up these stones are naturally mixed with silica the mineral that makes up quartz.

They are powerful protection stones that work within the higher chakras including the throat and third eye chakras and are worthwhile for meditation.

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro Stone

They resonate within all of the chakras but are strongly felt within the higher chakras. and are known to enhance luck.

Due to the minerals contained, they may stimulate a large number of psychic abilities including channeling and mediumship, intuition and clairvoyance.

These are excellent healing stones that may be helpful if you have the flu, and it is said that placing it in the centre of your chest may protect you against infection.

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Crystal Tip: Quantum Quattro Silica™ is a trademarked name that these combination stones are marketed under as the miners and sellers in Namibia say that they are quite unique. But new deposits have now been found in Peru.

Quantum Quattro Minerals

While this is not a common stone is should not be thought of as a rare stone as it is easy to obtain, especially since it has now been found in a new location.

Quantum Quattro is a powerful combination stone that is a mix of at least four different copper-based minerals in a smoky quartz matrix.

Smoky Quartz is a silica based mineral and is a brownish variety of quartz.

Smokey Quartz occurs in a range of shades of brown, but most of the quartz in these stones is a paler brown color.

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro

Note: when you look at the various pictures you can see that the pale brown quartz it is not always visible in every stone, but is definitely seen in some of them.

When the individual minerals occur on their own their characteristics are quite powerful. These minerals include the copper-based crystals Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Shattuckite and Malachite. 

The four minerals embodied in these stones are also found as individual minerals or stones in their own right, and are fairly well known.

You can read about each of these four minerals as well as Smokey Quartz in their own in-depth articles, see pictures and links to the articles below.

Even though sections of a stone may resemble one of the minerals that are said to be contained in them, you cannot be sure if all minerals are in the stone you buy.

How Will Quantum Quattro Help You?

Quantum Quattro are beneficial crystals to utilize as they are very effective when used in meditation to connect with beings in the higher realms.

This is the best way to use most crystals if you wish to connect with Spirit and possibly meet your spirit guide and other beings in the spiritual realms.

These stones strongly resonate within the third eye and throat chakras.

This may not surprise you as many of these stones are colored blue which is the color for the throat chakra.

This gorgeous stone commonly encourages the release of negative energy which may create a more peaceful meditation experience.

They are a powerful crystals to help you to release past trauma that may be trapped in your energy bodies.

Checkout the Easy Meditation Ideas here if you are not sure how to meditate.

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro

They are excellent crystals to use in meditation and through their action to stimulate the third eye may boost your psychic abilities or powers.

They are known to enhance your clairvoyant ability by clearing your psychic vision and are strong stones to stimulate intuition.

The individual properties of Shattuckite mineral is well known for its effect to enhance automatic writing, channeling or mediumship gifts when used in meditation.

So you might expect that these mixed stones may also stimulate these psychic abilities when used in meditation.

Why Would You Use It? 

Quantum Quattro crystals are easy to buy. They have a powerful action within both the heart and the higher heart chakras to enhance unconditional love.

Their vibration brings emotional balance and may encourage positive change by releasing negative influences that are affecting your life.

They are good crystals to boost personal power as they also resonate within the solar plexus chakra.

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro

They are a powerful crystal to enhance creativity and have an excellent energy to release past grief held in the physical body.

These beautiful stones may also help to boost your inner strength.

The metaphysical properties of the various minerals and their resonance within your energy fields creates a positive energy balance.

These stones have a helpful base or root chakra energy that may assist the flow of any excess energy down to the earth star chakra for release.

The Benefits Of Quantum Quattro Crystals

The benefits of Quantum Quattro stones strongly relates to the minerals that an individual stone contains.

If you obtain one of these stones that has deep green inclusions it is highly probable that it contains Malachite.

The energy of the mineral Malachite embodied in this stone makes them powerful crystals for protection.

This means that they are a good psychic protection stone that is useful to use during channeling to prevent any negative entities from taking hold.

Quantum QuattroNatural Quantum Quattro

The mineral Shattuckite has a strong third eye chakra vibration and it well known for its action to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts.

It is a strong strong psychic communication stone, so its inclusion in these stones is highly beneficial if you wish to develop these gifts.

In particular it stimulates the psychic powers of mediumship and channeling as well as psychic visions or clairvoyance.

One of the best ways to use these stones is to place them in the area where you spend the most time. 

This may be the living area or even the kitchen or dining room or even your desk at work.

Just be aware that some people find that quartz crystals interfere with their sleep, so be aware of this and trial it if you want to keep it in the bedroom.

How To Use It? Healing Properties

The healing properties of quantum quattro silica relates to the unique combination of minerals that they contain.

This mixture is a potent combination, as all of the minerals that make up this stone are powerful healing crystals in their own right.

They are a powerful healing stone that resonates within a number of chakras to help your physical health.

When they come together the stone meanings relate to a strong ability to aid the body to heal on the cellular level.

They are known to help to prevent a healing crisis, as the combined minerals assist the release of negative energies causing illness.

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro

They are good crystals for pain relief that are said to bring the DNA structure back to an improved state of health.

They are also a helpful immune system builder that is useful when you are suffering from colds or flu.

It is purported that if you place a Quantum Quattro stone in the centre of your chest it may protect against infections.

Stones with green inclusions are known to be helpful to help cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.

The green stones may be used at the heart chakra where are purported to ease various types of emotional traumas.

They are said to be a beneficial crystal for emotional healing and a great stone to soothe negative emotions and may assist the adrenal glands.

Wearing This Crystal

There are a number of benefits of Quantum Quattro crystals and they have such a large number of properties that make them advantageous to wear.

To improve your communication abilities choose a stone to wear that is colored with bright medium blues. These are also quite beautiful as you can see below.

They are well known as crystals to enhance good luck, and wearing any color of these gorgeous crystals may be beneficial if worn.

Quantum Quattro PendantQuantum Quattro Pendant

Many pieces of Quantum quattro jewelry are colored blue, with other colors mixed through.

This is not surprising as the various minerals are commonly colored blue and they will resonate within the throat and third eye chakras.

If your piece contains green Malachite, it may be beneficial to prevent attack by negative entities as Malachite is a powerful protection crystal.

While it is possible to obtain jewelry made from this stone, this is not always possible, so an alternative is to obtain a macrame crystal holder.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, just make sure that the one you get has a bead at the top so you can change the stone easily if you wish.

Quantum Quattro Meaning And Minerals

The word 'quattro' is an Italian word meaning 'four'.  So one would expect it is made up of four distinct minerals.

But in this case it is thought to be primarily a mixture of four copper based minerals plus silicon dioxide as well as other minerals, depending on the exact spot that it comes from.

Quantum QuattroQuantum Quattro

The four minerals that are purported to be contained in these stones are Dioptase, Shattuckite, Malachite and Chrysocolla along with some type of quartz crystal.

These four minerals occur in what is thought to be a Smokey Quartz matrix although the color does vary at times and the quartz may be other colors.

Many pieces contain obvious inclusions of Quartz occuring in addition to those four minerals. When this is the case the quartz is commonly a light brown color that resembles Smokey Quartz.

The colors of pieces of this combination stone are usually green and dark royal blues with inclusions of a white or light brown mineral that is thought to be quartz.

There are newer stones from Peru are also said to include other minerals, and these are said to be the minerals gold, Ajoite, Citrine and Azurite but other minerals may also be included.

Where Is It From? Quantum Quattro Name Origin

As mentioned above, Quantum Quattro is a beautiful stone that is made up of a natural combination of various minerals and four of them are thought to be copper based stones.

This is an unusual stone that was originally only found in only one location in Namibia.

Since this first discovery, other slightly different stones have since been found in the Tentadora Mine in Peru but they are also known by this name.

The name is said to be a name created by the owner of the Namibia mine who may have trademarked it.

The name is not classified or recognized by the International Mineralogical Union and in many ways trying to understand any individual stone can be difficult.

This means that you cannot be sure what an individual stone that you buy might contain.

Quantum Quattro 5-500Quantum Quattro

It is valuable to allow your intuition to guide you and to be open to Divine guidance when purchasing one.

This will help you to receive the right stone to aid your Spiritual growth and healing.

Each of the minerals in these stones are fairly well known and these mixed stones have a quite beneficial vibration.

These crystals have powerful properties but of course it is hard to know exactly how much of any mineral is present in each piece.

You may find that it is beneficial to click through to each of the stones or minerals that are in this stone and see if any of their properties particularly get your attention.

Best Crystals To Use With Quantum Quattro

What are the best crystals to combine with Quantum Quattro?

As mentioned above these crystals have a powerful psychic protection energy. If you wish to strengthen how this works, combine it with other protective stones.

Specific crystals you could use for this purpose includes Purple Amethyst, Fire Agate, Black Tourmaline and Atlantisite also called Stichtite in Serpentine.

Although these stones are known to aid grief, when you are suffering from deep grief after the loss of a loved one, you may need extra help to get through this difficult time.

There are a number of other crystals for grief that assist you to deal with grief including Aquamarine, Apache Tears, Danburite or Black Onyx.

Dioptase is one of the foremost higher heart chakra stones and as Quantum Quattro is also known to contain Dioptase, you will discover that it has a strong resonance at the higher heart.

Using Quantum Quattro with Dioptase (image further down) or other higher heart chakra stones is powerful to boost this energy.

Other powerful crystals that boost the higher heart area include Tugtupite, Strawberry Quartz, Holley Blue Agate and Garnierite.

These crystals are strong aids to stimulate your intuitive abilities, but you may find that pairing them with other crystals for developing intuition helps to make this happen more easily.

Some of the crystals that also boost your intuition includes Oligoclase, Celestial Quartz, Holley Blue Agate, Neptunite and Iolite Sunstone, all of which will work to help you develop this gift.

Celestial QuartzCelestial Quartz
Iolite SunstoneIolite Sunstone

Any of the blue pieces of this stones will be good crystals to stimulate the throat chakra.

Pairing them with other throat chakra stones will be beneficial including the blue stones such as Indigo Gabbro, Aqua Aura, Lapis Lazuli and Blue Lace Agate.

Quantum Quattro Silica stones are known to be good crystals for emotional healing due to the inclusion of the lovely Chrysocolla mineral in them.

If you feel you would like to enhance this energy, pair them with other stones that aid emotional healing, including Ussingite, Moss Agate and Lake Superior Agate and Chrysocolla.

The minerals that make up this stone will all combine well with this unusual stone.

You may find it beneficial to combine them with any of the other minerals that make-up this stone including Shattuckite, Malachite, Smokey Quartz, Dioptase and Chrysocolla.

More Pictures Of Quantum Quattro

Natural Quantum QuattroNatural Quantum Quattro
Quantum Quattro

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