Rubellite Red Tourmaline

Boosts Resilience & Staying Power

➤ By Liz Oakes

Red Tourmaline energy is advantageous if you are having relationship problems, as they help to improve intimacy by boosting passionate feelings.

Also known as Rubellite, their resonance may bring you an increase of resilience and staying power.

They work within the the base chakra to help you to feel comfortable with receiving increased abundance and prosperity.

Red TourmalineRed Tourmaline

They are excellent healing stones to stimulate the sacral chakra which can help to revitalize you and may be helpful to assist you when you are feeling fear or pain.

Gem quality Red Tourmaline is known as Rubellite, and like most red stones they have a strong base chakra energy.

Within the base or root chakra their vibration works to give you increased strength to help you to deal with difficult situations, including helping you to overcome fear and heartache. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use The Stone Of The Perfected Heart? 

These beautiful crystals are known as a stone of the perfected heart and this relates to the way they energetically activate the vibration of the heart chakra.

Red Tourmaline helps to create a powerful action that opens the heart chakra, which may help you to both receive love from others while also giving of yourself more easily.

They may assist you to have a greater understanding of love and may help anyone who may find it hard to accept loving ideas, especially if you have low self esteem that needs boosting.

Red TourmalineRed Tourmaline

The vibration of the crystals may help you to feel peaceful during a crisis, when you feel overcome by stressful feelings that are hard to deal with.

Their energy helps to create harmony between the heart and the mind, which helps to bring about emotional balance. 

If you find it hard to speak tactfully and need to develop a more subtle way of communication, you may find that it is helpful to keep a piece where you spend the most time.

How To Use Rubellite Red Tourmaline

This red crystal may create a connection between the base and heart chakra, and this enhances courage and acceptance of love and support from others. 

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Red Tourmaline

They are good navel chakra stones that may energize the navel or sacral area. 

This chakra is closely related to sexual health and may enhance your creativity and may amplify your passion for life.

It may help anyone who is going through relationship problems, as it helps to elevate passionate feelings. 

How Will Red Tourmaline Help You?

These red stones have a calming vibration that may help to enhance serenity and bring emotional stability when you are undergoing strained situations.

They are helpful crystals to enable you to conquer fear, especially during demanding circumstances that may be causing tension, stress, anxiety or heartache.

It gives you increased strength to deal with difficult situations, especially when you are frightened and the situation is making you feel either fear or pain.

Red TourmalineRed Tourmaline

They are good crystals for emotional healing as they bring emotional balance, and encourage equilibrium and poise as you face uncomfortable situations.

Red Tourmaline crystals have a soothing energy that will to assist you to deal with events  that are making it hard for you to stay composed and in control.

They encourage serenity and composure and have an excellent energy to create peace of mind, and help to quieten your emotions. 

Through their action to decrease negativity, they may help to soothe intense feelings that may you feel anxious or uptight.

At the base or root chakra it may help you to feel more comfortable with accepting abundance and may help to increase resilience and staying power.

Healing Properties Of Rubellite

These red stones are known to have a number of good healing properties and their stone meanings strongly relate to the heart chakra, both physically and emotionally. 

They are excellent stones that are purported to assist anyone who needs healing of physical heart ailments.

Their vibration is known to assist healing of issues within the chest area and their energy is known to bring about profound healing. 

Red TourmalineRubellite Red Tourmaline

It is easy to buy Rubellite Red Tourmaline.

Red Tourmaline embodies a deep seated ability to aid the healing of a number of health issues.

They help to energize the sacral or navel chakra area. As this region is closely related to sexual health they may help problems in this area that require healing.

Wearing Red Tourmaline

Wearing a piece of one of these beautiful red heart chakra stones may be beneficial when you are experiencing relationship problems.

Keeping a piece on the body and wearing it within the heart chakra area or somewhere close to it will stimulate the energy of love and may help relationship problems.

If your relationship has been going through difficulties, their vibration is known to be helpful to boost intimacy and it is known to calm aggression if required.

Red Tourmaline PendantRed Tourmaline Pendant

It is not always easy to get jewelry made from this stone, but it is beneficial to keep it within your auric field.

An easy way to use it is to keep it near to you. One way is to place it where you spend the most time, including in the bedroom or in the living area.

To boost its energy you might also keep a piece on you during the day, either in your pocket in a cloth bag or by wearing it in a macrame holder.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and this is an excellent way to keep stones on your body.

You will find it beneficial to get a holder with a sliding bead at the top so that you can change the stone, and this also makes it simple to remove the stone for cleansing.

My Final Thoughts

Red Tourmaline helps to boost your personal power and self confidence and may help your communication.

These crystals encourage discretion and diplomacy in the way you relate information to others.

They may assist you to have a balanced approach to how you share ideas. 

By their action to relieve apathy and to calm belligerence or hostility in the way you impart ideas, they create a more stable ability to relate to people. 

Red Tourmaline 3-500

Rubellite Tourmaline crystals have a good energy to help those who are a bit older and wish to enter into a new relationship.

They also embody a quite protective energy that may help you to deal with situations where you feel the other person is acting offensively or disrespecting you.

They are beneficial sacral chakra stones that stimulate the region that is known for being able to help with enhancing creativity.

Where Is It From? Meaning of Rubellite Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline or Rubellite is the red variety of Tourmaline and may be known as both Red Tourmaline or Rubellite Tourmaline. 

The meaning of the name Rubellite relates to the Latin word 'rubellus' which means 'red'.

These beautiful crystals are said to be similar to Pink Tourmaline but this is not really true as they are commonly a darker rose or magenta color.

Red Tourmaline 8-500

Rubellite Tourmaline ranges in color from dark pink through to purplish or pinkish red shades.

They are quite a lot darker than Pink Tourmaline, which is generally a much lighter color.

Rubellite or Red Tourmaline is found in a number of places, including in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Russia, Madagascar, Nigeria, Brazil and the United States.

Best Crystals To Use With Rubellite Red Tourmaline

What are the best crystals to combine with Red Tourmaline?

Red Tourmaline has a beautiful calming energy that helps to encourage restful feelings. They have a beneficial action to foster a more calming and soothing environment that encourages tranquility and peace.

If you feel you could benefit from calmer surroundings you might benefit by using them with other crystals that encourage tranquility and less busy conditions.

Crystals to pair with them to help to calm the atmosphere of where you are located includes Blue Chalcedony, Neptunite, Crazy Lace Agate and Trolleite.

These crystals have a good energy to nurture your creative gifts and they are excellent crystals for creativity.

If you are using one of these stones but still feel you could use more help, combine them with other crystals that enhance creativity.

Some excellent crystals that you might pair them with includes Yellow Apatite, Healers Gold, Iolite Sunstone and Serandite. 

Healers GoldHealers Gold
Iolite SunstoneIolite Sunstone

These stones have  strong energy within the base or root chakra which may help to increase their action to accept the love and support of others.

So it is beneficial to pair it with other base chakra stones, including some of the beautiful red crystals, such as Red Coral, Red Spessartine Garnet, Poppy Jasper and Ruby.

Red Tourmaline has a good energy to encourage subtlety in your speech and may help you to speak with tact and sensitivity.

If lack of tact has been an issue for you, use these stones in combination with other stones that encourage tactfulness such as Smithsonite, Snow Quartz, Howlite and Albite.

If you feel that you could benefit from increasing the level of your personal power there are a number of excellent stones that will boost your personal power.

Pair them with other stones that boost personal power including Mahogany Obsidian, Bloodstone, Glendonite and Pyrite.

There are quite a few other colors of tourmaline so check them out if you'd like to know more. Other colors of this group include Black Tourmaline (one of my fav crystals) Watermelon Tourmaline, Pink and Green Tourmaline which are all well known.

Other less common colors of tourmaline stone include Golden Yellow Tourmaline, Blue Tourmaline also called Indicolite, Brown Tourmaline also known as Dravite and Tourmaline in Quartz also called Tourmalinated Quartz.

All of these have in-depth pages written about them so its easy to learn more by clicking on their names which are links to their individual page.

More Pictures Of Red Tourmaline

Red Tourmaline

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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