Que Sera Crystals

Helps You To Discover What Will Be

➤ By Liz Oakes

Que Sera crystals are stones with an amazing and completely different and unusual vibration. 

They embody a multiplicity of differing aspects that makes them quite unique, and they have a very friendly and attractive vibration that reaches out to you.

It helps you to discover what you want in your future, and helps you when deciding what to do and where to go at the time.

Que SeraQue Sera

This stone brings energy through to you via the higher chakras. These crystals vibrate within a number of chakras and are a pleasure to use.

Their energy creates an effect on all of the different planes, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic.

This is an excellent stone to help you when you are stressed as it brings through calmness and serenity.

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Why Would You Use It?

This stone is not well known but it has some excellent qualities that make it a stone you may choose to use. It has a strong action to stimulate your clairaudient abilities.

Using Que Sera Crystals will help your communication with the higher realms as it opens up your psychic hearing channel quite easily.

Que Sera PendulumQue Sera Pendulum

This is a crystal with a very powerful vibration, that brings strong spiritual light and energy into the body, and through into your auric field to balance your meridians and recharge your energy.

They are excellent stones to aid you if you feel apprehensive or if you are experiencing strong feelings of fear including a number of phobias.

Use it within the solar plexus chakra if you have personal power issues that you would like to resolve. Use it at the sacral or navel chakra if you are experiencing fatigue.

My Introduction To The Resonance Of Que Sera!

I used this stone the very first time, quite by accident, and what happened was totally unplanned and quite unexpected. 

Something about the unusual colors attracted me when I saw them selling at a gemshow, so I bought some.

When I brought them home that night, I was holding them in my hand when I walked into my house, down a totally dark hallway.

Que Sera Stone

I was surprised when the darkness was pierced by a bright light coming on in my head quite suddenly, as it was so unexpected.

At the same time I began to hear amazing sounds coming to me via my clairaudient abilities. 

The sound was quite loud, with a flowing, harmonious, sort of silvery, pleasant and quite appealing sound, almost like a message of welcome.

Wow! What an introduction to receive to this stones unique and friendly energy!

Stimulates Psychic Communication Ability

These stones will stimulate psychic communication abilities as well as clairaudience, and it may be helpful to use it at the throat chakra for this purpose.

They have a lovely energy that is very appealing, and they are really pleasant to use.

They resonate very strongly within all of the chakras, but are quite powerful within the higher chakras, and within the soul star chakra and crown chakra in particular.

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Que SeraQue Sera Crystal Heart

Having one in your pocket is very helpful, to assist you to gain an awareness of where you would like your life path to take you.

It helps you to become conscious of the range of alternatives, that you may discover are available to you as your life unfolds.

How Will It Help You? 

Que Sera Crystals have a strong action, that may boost many of the psychic communication abilities such as clairaudience and can stimulate aid from beings in the higher realms.

These stones have a quite unique vibration, that is completely different and quite unusual. It can be used at all chakras and aids many different aspects.

Que Sera HeartQue Sera Heart

They will help you to get answers to your questions but be aware that once you ask the question you'll get the answer and be ready for what this may stir up in your life.

This is a great crystal to create inspiration and aid motivation, and to more clearly be able to see what will be in your future. 

Although the old song goes 'Que sera, sera, what will be will be', this stone encourages you to co-create your future, and make your own choices about the future with its aid.

How To Use Que Sera Crystals

Que Sera Crystals have a quite good energy to lift you if you are depressed and to calm you when you are angry or stressed. 

Using this crystal is one of the ways to help to relieve stressIt's vibration works a bit like plugging you into an extra power source.

This energy can be compared to recharging your batteries, and it works both physically and energetically, bringing through deep healing.

Que Sera CrystalQue Sera Crystal

This crystal also aids protection from electromagnetic energy given off by computers, so it is an excellent stone to grid rooms where you are using electronic equipment.

 Use Que Sera Crystals In Meditation

Like most crystals that have an easy to feel energy, this is an excellent stone to use for meditation.

Use it at the third eye chakra, to stimulate your psychic abilities and communication with beings in the higher realms. 

While in meditation you may find that your way of looking at the world changes and you emerge with a renewed optimism.

As you gain an awareness of the different paths or options that are available to you, you may allow the future to evolve in a perfect way for you.

Que Sera PendulumQue Sera Pendulum

Que Sera Crystals have a unique energy that will also help you to get answers to questions, but this comes with a warning.

Be very sure that you really want to know the answer, as the energy of this stone ensures that you receive the answer.

Its not always in a way that you expect, and sometimes you may find not quite desirable, but you will get the answer!

This is also a great stone to aid motivation, and if you have been putting off doing something, use it in meditation to aid you to find the motivation to move forward with your plans.

Who Should Use It? Healing Properties

This is an excellent stone for healers to own, so that they can use it in body layouts. It is known to be particularly helpful for healers using kinesiology.

It is good for treating adrenal fatigue symptoms where your energy levels have dropped and you need help to pick up.

Que Sera CrystalQue Sera

You can use it to balance the meridians by placing it on areas where you believe there may be blockages.

The energy of Que Sera crystals are powerful to aid the healing of health issues at the deeper cellular level.

This interesting stone will also help you to develop clairaudience, as it has an excellent action to stimulate psychic hearing.

These stones will also help healers to get messages through clairaudiently from spirit as it takes the clarity of the connection up a step.

This vibration helps you to be more aware of the messages coming through to you via your psychic hearing.

Especially the communication from healing spirit guides, working with you from the higher realms.

Where Is It Que Sera Stone Found?

This stone is found only in Brazil and is a mixture of different types of stone, including Quartz, Calcite, Kaolinite, Iron oxides, Magnetite, Clinozoisite and Leucoxene.

The blue parts are a type of quartz crystal, and although almost all the stones have some blue in them, this is not necessarily the case.

All of the stones are said to contain the same vibration regardless of the look of the individual piece, or the specific mineral contained in them.

It is similar to Vulcanite stone and the variety of Rhyolite known as Galaxy Rhyolite, as well as Llanite or Llanoite. 

This is the stone that is also being sold under the name "Blue Liberite" which resembles this stone in many ways as well.

Melody refers to this attribute as being related to this stone coming from one of the "Grand Formations" of our planet.

She named them Que Sera crystals, firstly the Q for quartz and the UE for Undulatory Extinction and then for the old Doris Day song, Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be, and this relates to its energy.

My Final Thoughts

These stones helps to release the energy related to when you feel it is necessary to always do what other people want, to the detriment of living your own authentic life.

If you're the one that always gets asked for favors that you feel you have to do even if its to your own detriment, get one of these stones and keep it on you!

Que Sera

This may also relate to those who do things because they think it will make them look good, or appear to be a better person.

It aids authenticity, and takes you to a place where you can see your life journey more clearly. You may more clearly be able to plan what will be in your future, and choose where to go.

In summary: the vibration of this stone will help you to utilize the help of beings in the higher realms who may help you on your path.

The vibration of this stone relates strongly to the energy of the old Doris Day song 'Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be', but also relates to your ability to be a co-creator of this future path.

Best Crystals To Use With Que Sera 

What are the best and most beneficial crystals to pair with Que Sera?

To boost your psychic communication ability, you may use it at the throat chakra with any of the blue stones that boost psychic communication.

This includes Herkimer Diamonds, Aqua Aura Quartz, Dumortierite or Celestite.

It also vibrates within the heart chakra and higher heart chakra, so you may want to combine it with other stones that aid this area, particularly if you wish to aid emotional issues such as depression and stress.

Combine it with other clairaudience stones that may benefit from the combination

Stones that are also strong stones for connecting with the angels, such as Goethite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Celestite, Elestial Quartz or Seraphinite may bring extra help from the angelic realms clairaudiently.

Pair With Stones For Developing Caliraudience

It has a strong energy to aid you with developing clairaudient abilities, and it may be combined with other stones that also aid clairaudience, such as Sillimanite, Eudialyte, Wollastonite, Singing Quartz, Dream Quartz or Green Phantom Quartz.

If you are anxious, for this purpose you may combine it with other stones that help to relieve stress.

When using it with other stones there are such a lot of alternatives that you may choose to combine it with.

Combining it with the violet flame stone Charoite is helpful, as it gives you a strong sense of service.

Yet you will be of service in a more authentic way, that is in the best interests of everyone, especially yourself.

It you are looking for answers, use it with Hypersthene to strengthen the energy even more of getting answers clairaudiently.

Que Sera LlaniteQue Sera Llanite
Que Sera Crystals Meaning & UseQue Sera Crystals also called Llanite or Blue Liberite

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