For Emotional Healing... Helps You Discover Your Life Path

Eudialyte carries positive vibrations, and has an ability to assist heart based loving energy to fill your life. It has a strong ability to cause coincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life.

It creates an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves help to increase your creativity and may stimulate clairaudience and help you to develop telepathy and ESP.


This crystal opens the heart chakra, then helps to produce a loving connection to base chakra energy, which unites your emotional feelings with physical expression.

It has a very encouraging vibration and is a strong aid to help you to recognize what direction to take your life in, and aids you to discover what your life path is.

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Where Is It From? Eudialyte Meaning

The meaning of the name of this crystal comes from the Greek words for 'easy' and 'to dissolve' as early users of this crystal found that the Eudialyte stone was easy to dissolve in acid.

Deposits of this stone have been found in Greenland, Russia, Madagascar, Canada and the USA.

Its color is usually in the range of colors from pink through to red, and even a dark reddish brown or black. It may also be green, brown, yellow-brown or violet, although some of these may be less common.

This stone contains a number of minerals including Cerium, which makes it mildly radioactive, see article on the radioactivity of minerals. Therefore you may choose to take care when using it, or to not use it if this concerns you.

Want Help To Discover Your Life Path?

This is a supportive stone, that aids you to find out what your reason is for being here at this time.

It helps you to connect through your heart, and to take that energy into your physical life, to determine how to create a purposeful life.

Eudialyte embodies both the pink ray of the heart and the deeper red ray of the lower chakras, and connects your spirituality with physical existence.

If you have been depressed or stressed, sometimes it is hard to let go of negativity, but this stone helps you to release pessimistic feelings.

Using these stones may be helpful to relieve stress.  They help you to feel a greater degree of self-love, and aid you to feel more balanced and to accept yourself and all that you are.

EudialyteEudialyte Specimen

If you want a situation to change or a relationship to end, Eudialyte helps you to let go of the circumstances in a peaceful way. 

It teaches you that you may replace feelings of hopelessness and accept a life full of joy, happiness and completeness.

This stone helps you to let go of feelings that you are unable to avoid living a life full of suffering and hardship.

It assists you to choose to allow yourself to accept all the good things that life extends to you.

Aiding New Gifts

This is an excellent stone for boosting your creativity, especially if you have gifts that perhaps you are aware of, but because of circumstances in your life you have not had the opportunity to develop.


It is said to create an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves. This increase in alpha brain waves is part of the reason why Eudialyte is such a powerful stone to enhance creativity.

Wearing this stone as jewelry may assist you, as the longer you hold a piece of this crystal, the greater the extent of your connection with spirit.

This may create a flow of spiritual energy, allowing channeled writing to naturally occur. This strong connection also creates an affinity between your mind and your emotions.

When you are in the zone that elevating your mind to alpha creates, at this time your ability to make a stronger linkage with Spirit is increased.


This may bring an elevation of psychic gifts, including clairaudient abilities, ESP and remote viewing. It will also aid you to develop telepathic gifts and will enhance the creative flow.

Who Should Use It?

It is known to aid occurrences of coincidence and synchronicity in your life, and this may help you to see how your dreams may become reality.

These coincidences may also present ways to move forward using these insights. 

It's energy helps to remove blockages to creativity and will help you to allow your innate gifts to flow as they were meant to.

The vibration of this stone helps you to learn from your mistakes and helps you to more at peace with yourself. This stone is known to provide some psychic protection energy.

EudialyteEudialyte With White Agrellite

Sometimes life circumstances make you feel angry with Spirit, and you blame God for what has happened. 

Sometimes the reason for a situation may be based in a past life, and this stone may help you to journey to that life and find out the background, to give you greater understanding on what is currently happening.

It's energy also has an ability to aid the process of kundalini activation.

Exquisite Crystals

Because its vibration helps you to see the personal Divinity of your own spirit, it will help you to better understand your purpose for being here.

Eudialyte stimulates synchronistic events to happen in your life, and at the same time it enables you to see why certain things in your life have occurred.

It is easy to buy pieces of this stone, and it is beneficial to wear Eudialyte jewelry, especially pendants worn at the heart chakra.

How Will It Help You?

It is a strong stone to help the dying to make the transition to Spirit more easily and it may help you to examine why you feel as you do, and can help your spirit to heal.

It has a strong ability to cause coincidences to occur in your life, and is a good stone to assist heart based loving energy to fill your life.

It's resonance creates an excellent healing action within the body at the cellular level, and may aid you if you are feeling a lack of energy.

Eudialyte with White AgrelliteEudialyte with Agrellite

It creates an increase in both beta and alpha brain waves. An increase in beta brainwaves stimulate better judgement and improved problem solving.

Increased alpha brainwaves helps you to settle into meditative mode and may stimulate creativity and help you to develop telepathy, clairaudience and ESP.

Why Would You Use It?

Eudialyte has a positive vibration that will help to lift feelings of depression.

It will help to harmonize your brain waves, and assist you to let go of negative emotions that may be keeping you from feeling satisfied with your lot in life.

Feelings such as anger, guilt or jealousy may be helped by its positive energy. 

The vibration of this stone produces a feeling of confidence in your abilities, and a sense of inspiration to create an improvement in your personal circumstances.

Wearing it on your body may be beneficial as Eudialyte opens the heart then helps to take love into the physical by creating a connection from the heart to base chakra energy.

From the base chakra it then aids the energy to move down to the earth chakra, to make a connection with Mother Gaia.

How To Use It

It is an excellent healing stone and is known to aid the body to heal a number of different issues.

It is said to assist nervous system disorders, including Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, lupus and Alzheimer's.

If the stone you are using has black inclusions within it, these black inclusions help to take the energy down to the lower chakras.

This crystal vibrates within the base chakra, which is the lowest chakra in the body and earth star chakra below your feet.

Its energy is known to have an effect to enable you to receive sound waves with greater clarity, and to pick out the desirable sounds from multiple sounds being received.


It will enhance sounds that are clear and recognizable, and will act to sharpen indistinct sounds. 

This aids the psychic gift of clairaudience to improve, as you are able to more easily pick out a specific sound from the myriad of sounds broadcast.

It has a very encouraging vibration and is a strong aid to help you to recognize what direction to take your life in, and aids you to discover what your life path is.

"Take rest, a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." Ovid.

Books That Aid Psychic Development

In her book 'Diary of a Psychic', you can read the story of how Sonia Choquette developed her gifts, and how to develop your psychic abilities.

Sonia's books shown below, are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities. This includes developing your intuition, which is a closely related gift.

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Combining It With Other Stones

If you have been having emotional problems you may choose to combine it with the lithium based stones, Hiddenite, Pink Tourmaline, Lilac Lepidolite, Lithium Quartz, Amblygonite and Pink Kunzite.

Lilac Lepidolite, Blue Hemimorphite and Smithsonite are also strong stones for healing your emotions, and will combine well with this stone.

Base chakra stones such as Red Cuprite, Black Tourmaline, Zincite, or Rubies may be used with Eudialyte to strengthen the connection, as you to take energy down through the base chakra to the earth for grounding.

If you would like to enhance the action of this stone to boost telepathic abilities, you may choose to combine it with other stones that also aid mental telepathy.

This includes Selenite, Muscovite, Rhodizite, Pink Petalite, Dream Quartz, Amethyst Cacoxenite, Phenacite, Natrolite, Blue Calcite, Ulexite or Kyanite.


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