Goethite Helps With Grief

Strong Grounding & Heals Raw Emotion

➤ By Liz Oakes

Goethite are excellent stones to use to help you if you have lost a loved one.

They have a strong vibration that aids you to heal grief and will help you to open yourself up to love and compassion.

They aid emotional healing and at the same time helps you to release past life feelings and energy that no longer benefit you.

It also assists you to be easy on yourself as you do this. 


They have metaphysical attributes that are unusual in that they are strongly grounding.

Yet they are powerful healing crystals for you to use to facilitate contact with spirit via the higher chakras.

These stones may benefit you if you have been affected by the earth changes, as they are a stone for this time, as their strong energy helps you make a connection with the earth.

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Where Is It From? Goethite Meaning

The meaning of the name Goethite relates to it being named for Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who was a German poet, mathematician, philosopher and naturalist.

It is an ancient stone that may carry information about earths history embedded within it. Its color may be yellow, orange, red, brown, black brown, yellow brown or red brown.

GoethiteLarge Goethite Speciman

It may occur as prismatic crystals but the more common form is massive opaque stone, with a radial shape within the stones.

Deposits of this stone have been found in Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, France, England, Canada and the United States.

This is one of the minerals that are found in Melody's Stone, also known as Super Seven, and as Amethyst Cacoxenite.

Stabilizing, Healing Grief & Strong Earth Connection

If the earth changes have been effecting you, by connecting with the earth you may find you can deal with them better.

This is a strong stabilizing stone that works via the root and earth star chakra.

It will bring you down from the heights and ground you into the vibration of this earth.

Once you are in meditation with this stone you can make a deeper connection with Mother Earth.

There is deep love and compassion that will flow to you from Mother Gaia if you allow it.

It has quite an unusual vibration, in that it seems to suspend you in a place that feels safe to deal with feelings such as grief, that you may have found difficult to manage.

Sometimes you are feel emotionally choked up, especially if something has happened that is out of your control. 

What you need is to be able to be free to feel the emotion without it breaking you up, which is what Goethite facilitates.

Who Should Use It?

This is one of the grounding stones, that will help you to use earth energy to heal yourself.  This stone is a strong healer for your emotions.

It does not just help you to deal with new raw emotions, but may help you to deal with old grief. Once you see the deeper aspects of past experiences, you can release them.

They are powerful healing crystal for you put to use to help you to release your grief fully, and to truly deal with all of the deep emotions that will surface when you do.


Many of us have old issues that we have not been able to release, old resentment that needs to be let go of. These may be related to our feelings of hurt and grief.

Once they are able to be let go of its possible to find a new way of looking at life.

It inspires rational thinking and enjoyment in life and it is excellent to help you to boost your imagination.

The strong energy of Goethite and the number of different aspects regarding its use makes this an excellent stone to use.

Due to its strong connection with the earth, it may be useful to you if you have been effected by the earth changes.


If you have lost a loved one and are emotionally effected, this stone has a strong vibration that aids you to deal with grief. It assists you to open yourself up to love and compassion and helps with emotional healing.

It is known to help writers to release writers block. This is because this dark stone resonates strongly within the sacral or navel chakra.

How Will It Help You?

This stone will assist you if you wish to enhance your creativity, especially if you are a writer or musician, or working in a profession where you use your creative abilities.

It enhances the release of past life feelings and energy that is not helping you spiritually, and assists you to be easy on yourself as you do this.


Goethite has a powerful energy to aid you to release blockages, especially those related to emotional feelings from the past, even past lives.

It's vibrations at the third eye have a number of interesting effects, including aiding the study of mathematics and logic and other fields of associated knowledge.

It is known to aid the development of psychic hearing also known as clairaudience, as it resonates within the throat chakra as well as within the third eye.

How To Use Goethite

Goethite is a helpful stone to boost the psychic gift of what is known as clairaudience, as it will enable you to hear the voice of spirit.

Its most powerful use is in meditation. It helps you to remember aspects of the past and to reconnect to old feelings of joy and happiness, such as good times during your childhood.

If you work in child care it may aid you to connect better with children, as it helps you to have an open childlike way of looking at life. 

Because it makes such a strong earth connection, via the base or root chakra, this aids healing. 


It aids you in a number of ways and as mentioned above it may aid you to deal with old grief. If you would like to make contact with angels, use it in meditation to aid you  the process. 

It also has a strong ability to be programmed. Use this as you would quartz, as it may be used to put your intentions out there. Strangely, for this purpose it is about as strong as many quartz varieties.

It has a powerful resonance and may be programmed with prayers that will continue to be released to spirit.

To aid it to manifest healing, place this stone in a sacred place, such as an altar. Surround it with other healing stones, after you have placed the program in it.

This may help you if you or a family member has an illness where you would like to ask spirit for healing.

Its special energy will take the program to spirit then ground what you ask for into the reality of the earth plane.

Goethite stoneGoethite

You will need to regularly place the program into the crystal and by making a heartfelt connection with spirit it may aid healing and other heart felt requests.

If you are not sure how to program crystals, check out the in-depth article about how to program crystals, to see how this is done.

This is a strong stone to encourage a number of different metaphysical abilities, and using it this way is powerful, as unresolved grief can often be the cause of depression and anxiety. 

Why Would You Use It? My Final Thoughts

This unusual stone has a good healing action in the area of the third eye and will help ear nose throat problems.  It also aids epilepsy and assists concentration so may be helpful for ADD.

It aids earth healing, and is known as a stone that is the repository of earth history. This is a powerful stone to assist you to heal past life issues by allowing access to applicable memories stored within your genetic material.


In summary: it has a loving energy that stimulates love and compassion in number of ways. It is known to help you to access genetic memories that you carry.

This connection that Goethite makes may allow you to access the akashic records and discover important information about your life path.

It may aid you to clear genetic or ancestral problems that may be holding you back.

Best Crystals To Use With Goethite

What are the best crystals to use with Goethite?

There are a number of crystals below that complement it so are beneficial to combine with one of these stones.

You may use it with Smoky Quartz as it heightens the energy of Goethite or with Nuummite to aid inner journeying.

It works well with the high vibration crystals or stones. 

Both Pink Petalite and Pink Danburite will be beneficial to help you if you find that you meditations become too deep and you have trouble making your way back. 

To accentuate clairaudient abilities, combine it with Blue Cavansite, Holley Blue Agate, Herkimer Diamonds or Blue Apatite.

When using it to access the akashic records, you can combine it with a number of other stones that also may help you with this.

Stones to choose includes Lemurian Seed Crystals, Cavansite, Blue Apatite, Axinite, Ethiopian Opal or Libyan Desert Glass.

If you feel that you may benefit by extra grounding energy, use this stone with any of the other grounding stones. There are quite a few that you could choose from.

Some of the other stones that will work with this crystals to assist you to ground yourself includes Larvikite, Andalusite, Tigers Eye and Tiger Iron.

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Goethite is easy to programGoethite is easy to program See Meaning & Use

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