Vatican Stone (Frosterley Marble)

Aids Protection, Grounding & Stability

➤ By Liz Oakes

Vatican Stone has a lovely spiritual energy that aids spiritual communication.

Their vibration will help you to let go of negative energy and they are a protective stone that helps to make life more stable and secure.

They are a strong grounding stone that helps you to have greater tolerance during difficult life situations

They have some excellent healing properties, and are also known as Frosterley Marble, but they aren't marble just look they are.

Vatican Stone wide 1Vatican Stone

Their energy resonates within the third eye chakra and the base or root chakra and they are known to be crystals that promote patience.

These stones were used when building churches in the past including in the Vatican but this is the only connection to the Catholic church. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Where Is It From? Vatican Stone Meaning

Vatican Stone is also known as Frosterley Marble, but in fact is not actually a type of marble as it's mineral makeup is limestone.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock made from calcium carbonate and commonly contains fossils as well as mud and sand, while marble is a metamorphic rock.

These stones are found in the Rogerley rock quarry in an area in the United Kingdom close to the village of Frosterley in County Durham, which is where it gets the other name.

These stones look like they are tumbled ammonite in matrix stone and that is probably what they are.

Some sources say that it is stags horn coral fossil, but whatever it's mineral makeup really is, the location in the UK seems to be the only place where it is found.

Why Is It Called Vatican Stone?

So why are these stones called Vatican Stone? Reputedly these stones are found in the same quarry that the stone used to build the Vatican came from around 1500 years ago.

Other than it being used for constructing these buildings, the meaning of crystals like these has no connection to church doctrine or its teachings.

They do have a strong Spiritual energy and this may have been why the builders chose them.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

While it is not actually marble but limestone, it is an excellent stone to use to make into carved objects.

It has been used for hundreds of years in churches throughout the world, including in The Vatican.

It is used to makes special pieces such as fonts, as polishing it creates quite beautiful results. Durham Cathedral has columns made from this stone that date from around 1350.

Many of these crystals have been tumbled and polished and in quite a few of them you can clearly see Ammonite fossilized creatures in the stone.

Why Would You Use Vatican Stone? 

These crystals have a good action to assist you to release negative energies, and at the same time that it releases negativity, it also draws in positivity.

They are a stone of peace and harmony and embody a quite calming vibration and a strong sense of tranquility and serenity and help you feel more stable.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

They are good crystals for helping those who are aging as they assist you to have the patience needed to find solutions to issues related to aging.

This may be for yourself or family members. Keep a piece in the area where you or an aging loved one spends time to help these stones to benefit you.

Spiritual Meaning And Metaphysical Properties

The Spiritual meaning of this stone is interesting as its name would lead you to believe it's energy is related to the Vatican and the church doctrine.

But its name only pertains to it being the stone that buildings were made from.

So why did they choose this stone? The stone polishes up nicely so you can see why some people thought it looked like marble.

It definitely has a strong spiritual energy but it has no specific relationship to the teachings of Christ.

These stones are excellent to use for meditation as they help you to make a deep spiritual connection to the Divine.

Vatican Stone will keep you safe on your spiritual journeys as they have a strong protective energy that is easily felt, and this protection is evident as you move within the spiritual realms.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

You may notice obvious spirals within many stones and this encourages the expansion of its vibration within your energy body and aids the release of karma.

Within the third eye chakra they also are known to boost psychic abilities and may enhance intuition, mental telepathy, psychic visions and clairvoyance.

This energy expansion may also support your understanding and mastery of ancient wisdom and insights that Spirit shares with you.

If you choose to use it at the third eye chakra, this may increase its action to set you free from past life obsessions or soul imperatives you were unaware of.

How Will It Help You?

These unique stones have a number of powerful properties including helping to release negative thoughts and trigger the growth of positive energy.

They are good base chakra stones that connect you to mother earth and create a strong grounding action.

By bringing the positive growth within your life to your attention, they help to enhance emotional release and aid spiritual growth.

They are known to be excellent crystals for patience that may encourage you to keep going when you feel that what you desire may never happen.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

They are a wonderful stone that embodies a spiritual power that is beneficial to use regularly in meditation to activate the crown chakra.

Their energy boosts your personal spiritual power as it aids you to easily connect with the spiritual realms.

They stimulate the throat chakra and the solar plexus chakra where they work to strengthen your self confidence and personal power and enhance stability.

They are advantageous crystals for good luck and may enhance the level of good fortune within your life.

Use of Crystals Like These For Healing

Vatican Stone is a unique and quite beautiful stone that has a positive energy that is beneficial to use for crystal healing.

Pieces that have a circular design will encourage their energy to spiral outwards, and this is said to assist the breathing process.

They are also said to aid the release of energy blockages from within your energy field that may be causing health problems.

They are strong crystals for spiritual healing that aid karmic cleansing through the action of this powerful energy flow that may also boost your inner strength.

These unusual stones have a strong energy to help both physical and emotional healing.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

They have good healing attributes that will help you in a number of areas, but will particularly assist degenerative problems.

They are helpful healing crystals for you to use to aid aid issues within the physical body as well as helping emotional trauma.

The use of crystals like these for healing problems related to emotional problems is powerful, as they are highly beneficial to assist emotional healing.

They are good crystals for weight loss that may be kept on the body to help you to let go of negative energy causing you to retain weight.

These stones are also recognized for their healing action for problems of the immune system and are specifically known to help a sore throat.

They are a very calming stone and are purported to be good crystals for aging, and may assist you if the aging process is causing you stress.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

These crystals are known as a new age stone and they are popular with the spiritual community due to their unique metaphysical properties.

Like many black crystals they are a protective stone that stimulates the base chakra to aid grounding.

These unusual stones are known to bring good luck and may assist you to be open minded and responsive to allowing new ideas during periods of change.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

In summary: They bring positive growth and an increase of inner peace to your life, and encourage the expansion of good fortune in your life.

They are good crystals for stress and tension and may help you if you are unable to cope with stress, anxiety or depression.

They resonate within the crown chakra and bring energy and light down from the higher realms into your energy field which helps the release of karma.

They have a highly spiritual energy and are an excellent choice to use regularly in meditation as their vibration spirals out into your auric field which is very powerful to help you to use the energy.

They are helpful to encourage the growth of psychic gifts that are waiting to be activated, including mental telepathy, clairvoyance and intuitive ability.

Best Crystals To Use With Vatican Stone

What are the best crystals to combine with Vatican Stone?

These stones have a good third eye energy and like most crystals that activate this area, work to boost psychic visions and clairvoyant abilities.

To strengthen any gifts related to this chakra, you might find it helpful to use them with other third eye chakra stones, including Atacamite, Satyaloka Quartz, Charoite and Blue Sapphire.

Satyaloka QuartzSatyaloka Quartz

These crystals help you to be open minded and to permit yourself to put up with new ideas that are not necessarily in line with how you think.

When it is necessary for you to accept the need to tolerate other views, but may find this difficult to do, use them with other stones that assist you to put up with views that are different to yours.

Using them with other crystals for tolerance may be helpful and this includes Aquamarine, Septaria, Colemanite or Hornblende.

If you are suffering from problems related to the emotional body, you may need to find a new ideas to enhance emotional release.

Pairing these stones with other crystals that aid emotional healing may be helpful to boost your life force energy and release negative energies that are holding you back.

Crystals for emotional healing to pair with these stones includes Tigers Eye, LepidoliteLapis Lazuli and Ussingite.

The ability to be patient at times when those things you desire to happen are slow in coming is extremely beneficial.

If you need help to tolerate delays even when its hard, add in some more crystals for patience to give you the ability to keep going at these times.

Some of the stones to pair with Vatican Stone to boost your patience includes Chrysocolla, Kambaba Stone, Dumortierite, Strawberry Quartz or Septaria.

Vatican Stone
Frosterley Marble

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Vatican Stone Promotes Patience and ToleranceVatican Stone Promotes Patience and Tolerance

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