Kambaba Jasper

Look Like They Have Eyes! 

➤ By Liz Oakes

Kambaba Jasper has an energy will help you to look deeply into what you give your attention to.

The swirling pattern within them may give you the impression of the appearance of eyes. This may help you to handle emotions that are generated by what you see. 

They are good crystals for patience as their vibration may encourage you to be able to tolerate any delays in what you are waiting for.

This sedimentary stone is said to help with plant growth and are a great stone to boost good health.

Kambaba JasperKambaba Jasper

Sometimes things that happen in your day to day life can upset or put pressure on you, and can make you feel stressed, anxious or tense.

These crystals are well known for how they calm your nerves at traumatic times and have a good action to release negative energy.

It is also known as a magical and mystical stone that may aid spells to work better and may also assist you to make contact with those in spirit.

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Where Is Kambaba Jasper Stone From?

Kambaba Jasper comes from the South Africa Rift that runs from South Africa to Madagascar.

They are found in the west-central area of the Bongolava region of Madagascar, which is an island nation off the east coast of Africa where lots of stones we know and love originate from.

They are an ancient stone that are made up of sedimentary material, and their color is commonly dark green with black swirls in it.

Their mineral make-up is a combination of microcrystalline quartz and feldspar, and they may also contain amphibole and cristobalite minerals.

They contain fossilized stromatolite algae that appears as round black circular orbs of petrified algae in the stone with a green circular centre, like eyes!

This is a blue-green algae that commonly occurs in various shades of green, from lighter to darker green, which you can see in the images.

They are also known as Kambaba Stone, Crocodile Jasper, Green Stromatolite, Green Stromatolite Jasper and simply Green Jasper even though it is not a type of jasper.

Kambaba Name Meaning

Meaning of Kambaba in nameNo one is really sure what the name of this stone comes from. It may merely be a trade name created by the miners of the stone.

Various sources say different things and I have read that the meaning of its name relates to the name of a river that is located close to where it is found.

A lot of writers say it's name relates to Cheitharol Kambaba, which was a chronicle of the kings of Manipur, a state of north-eastern India. But this may simply be a guess as there are no records that back this up.

Kambaba StoneKambaba Stone

These stones are sometimes confused with a similar looking stone known as Nebula Stone.

Nebula Stone has a totally different mineral make-up, and has totally different properties. It is now uncommon and almost impossible to obtain these days, although collectors may still have pieces.

Why Would You Use Kambaba Jasper?

Kambaba Jasper is a beneficial root chakra stone that creates a strong connection down to mother earth.

It is an excellent grounding stone that connects you easily to mother nature to create emotional balance and stability.

It helps you to release negative energies that you may be holding on to, that need to be released.

Kambaba JasperKambaba Jasper

Its action to release negative feelings related to a situation in your life, helps this base chakra stone to enhance inner strength, willpower and self assurance.

It has a deep connection that brings positive energy and inner peace by its vibration within the heart chakra, to foster feelings of unconditional love.

This is a stone of peace that resonates within the heart chakra and brings a strong calming and soothing energy to your life.

It may be helpful to assist you when a close tie with your partner breaks down and you are overcome by negative thoughts and feelings.

At those times when you experience a broken heart or feel emotional despair from a fractured relationship, their energy may enhance your inner strength.

They are good crystals for self love, so at times when you are distressed they may help to uplift you and may stimulate enhanced self esteem.

This is a quite powerful stone that may help you to release associated negative emotions caused by difficult situations you are undergoing.

How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

These unique green stones have a number of good healing properties that resonate within the entire body.

Kambaba stone is purported to boost your life force energy with their healing energies, so are a good stone to use for crystal healing.

They are known to be beneficial healing stones that are a good choice to assist issues within the physical body.

They are worthwhile crystals to prevent negative thinking and are known to strengthen the teeth and jaw.

Kambaba JasperNatural Kambaba Stone

At times when you are experiencing emotional trauma and at times of stress and tension they may encourage peaceful feelings.

They are said to be a good healing stone to aid the immune system and the circulatory system and may help skin disorders and aid cellular growth.

They are good stones for emotional healing as they have an advantageous energy to calm the emotions and soothe your nerves.

They may help specific health issues within your internal organs including in the gut and may help acid reflux and nausea.

How To Use It? Wearing This Crystal

One of the best ways to use it in order to obtain the best results is to wear it during the day. This is an easy way to keep it in your energy field.

It is a highly protective stone that is also known to be a stone of good luck or good fortune.

It is a good idea to obtain jewelry made from it if you can, but this is not always possible.

Kambaba Jasper EarringsKambaba Jasper Earrings

So a good alternative is to place a piece of this stone in a cloth bag in your pocket or use a macrame crystal holder.

It is easy to obtain a macrame crystal holder, and this is a good investment as you can change the stones in it when you wish to use a different crystal.

Who Should Use It? My Final Thoughts

They help to align the physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies with the entire auric field which may bring stability and balance to your thinking.

This is an excellent stone to use in meditation as it aids spiritual healing and may boost psychic gifts.

They have a strong action to connect with the spiritual world, and are known to help you to develop mediumship or channeling abilities.

Mediumship is about making contact with those who are in spirit. Stones with a clear eye formation may help you to look into the spiritual world to obtain information.

If you are working with your magical gifts they are known to boost magical and mystical workings.

It is a well known as a stone of magic, and is said to help you to create more potent spells.

Kambaba JasperKambaba Jasper

In summary: The vibration of these stones may encourage spiritual growth through their action to bring spiritual energy into the body.

They are said to be good crystals for patience and may also be helpful when you are investigating past lives.

Their deep-rooted spiritual energy is helpful at times when your thinking is clouded by excessive thoughts that won't stop.

They are good crystals for overthinking that help to stop the ongoing thoughts that may cause you to feel unsettled, and may help you get clear answers.

They are known to help you to let go of the fear of change, and they have a good energy to enhance positive thinking and may boost abundance and prosperity.

Best Crystals To Use With Kambaba Jasper

What are the best crystals to use with Kambaba Jasper?

An increase of patience is so beneficial isn't it? If you are generally an impatient person, use this stone in combination with other stones that stimulate an increase of patience.

There are a number of stones that can help you to be more patient including  Labradorite, Tigers Eye, Morganite, Vatican Stone or Chrysocolla.

To boost its energy to aid you to develop your mediumship ability, there are quite a few other stones that are powerful to boost channeling ability.

Specific crystals that may be helpful for this purpose includes Novaculite, Shattuckite, Merlinite or Sugilite.

If you have been using these crystals to help you to discover information about past life situations you may have been involved in, you may find that using other stones for this purpose may be helpful.

Other stones to pair them with includes Lapis Lazuli, Covellite, Kurnakovite, Dream Quartz, Black Onyx or Menalite.

Kambaba stones are advantageous to use when you are feeling anxiety or stress. To increase the energy to assist your stress you can use them with other crystals for the same purpose.

There are quite a few stones listed in my article about crystals for stress, and all of these will be helpful to aid you to feel better if you are feeling tension or anxious.

Some of the crystals from the list includes Pargasite, Kunzite, Lithium Quartz and Polychrome Jasper, which is known as the supreme nurturer.

These stones are known for their action to boost mystical and magical workings so they are becoming more popular among those who use magic to improve their life.

If you want to increase the help that these stones give you, combine them with other magical crystals.

Some of the other stones that will also help the growth of magical gifts includes Chalcopyrite, Mordenite, Prophecy Stone and Labradorite.

More Pictures Of Kambaba Jasper or Stone

Kambaba Stone
Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper
Kambaba Jasper

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