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Written By Liz Oakes

Wavellite have a beneficial energy to assist you to make decisions, because they help you to see all parts of a situation, and to be aware of all perspectives.

They are helpful to use when you are working on past life issues, and are known to heal associated past life problems that may surface at the time you are doing past life research.


These beautiful wheel or fan shaped minerals have a unique energy that spirals energy out into the etheric body, clearing negative energy as they go.

These attractive green crystals have a quite unusual shape and a beneficial vibration that will boost intuition, and is known to enhance lucid dreaming and psychic dreaming.

This is a lovely healing stone, that it is said to aid detoxification and help to balance the level of white blood cells in relationship to red blood cells, and may speed up healing of the skin.

Where Is It From? Wavellite Meaning

The meaning of the name Wavellite relates to it being named after William Wavell, the Englishman who discovered this stone. They have been found in Britain, Bolivia, Australia and the USA. 

They are an aluminium phosphate mineral, that occurs as a secondary mineral in low grade metamorphic rock. Their shape is generally in a lovely wheel or fan shaped form.

While their color is commonly green, they also occur in shades such as yellow green, brownish green, white, brown or colorless. Their form may be botryoidal, stalactitic or acicular.

While single prismatic crystals have been found they are very rare. These unusual crystals form as needle like crystals that are hemispherical or radial shaped structures, that are quite beautiful.

They actually occur as ball shaped clusters and it is only when the balls are opened that you can see the unusual circular or fan shaped habit of these stones,  clearly seen in images here.

Although in the past they were known as rare stones it is now becoming easier to obtain them. While they are not common stones, they can be found at most good crystal stores.

Why Would You Use It? 

These beautiful stones have a number of excellent metaphysical attributes, and in particular are beneficial heart based crystals that can assist you in a number of ways.

They have a quite powerful action to activate the higher heart chakra where their vibration stimulates feelings of love, compassion and forgiveness.


They emanate a strong emotional healing energy and are also highly beneficial to assist you when you are working on making complex or difficult decisions.

This is especially true when you are seeking better work or career related alternatives. Their energy is also known to assist the solving of relationship issues.

By enhancing your ability to make good decisions and to see the bigger picture, and being aware of the peripheral or obscure reasons for your choices you might end up discovering a better option.

Who Should Use It? How To Use It...

Using these quite interesting stones in meditation can be helpful for a number of reasons, including their action to strengthen and enrich your intuitive abilities with their strong third eye energy.

The vibration of these stones stimulates the third eye, which helps to fine tune your intuitive gifts and may also help the birth of psychic abilities which you may not have been aware of.


They have a highly advantageous energy to boost your psychic ability, and perhaps this relates to the surprising and quite unique manner in which their energy flows.

The energy takes the shape of the embodied coils within the stone, spiraling its energy out through each of the levels of the etheric body, and helping to clear any negativity it finds as it travels.

When using them in meditation, hold them at the center of the body in the region of the heart chakra, then simply relax and allow yourself to flow with the energy.

Their energy may enable you to clear issues that you need to let go of in order to move forward in a new or better direction in order to develop your gifts.

They also have a good action to assist you to experience precognitive dreams and they are also known to help with developing lucid dreams and psychic dreaming.

For this purpose keeping a piece in the bedroom may be beneficial. As their energy is soothing they may also ease stress which could be helpful to aid you to go to sleep more easily.

 How Will It Help You? Healing Properties

These unusual stones embody a quite powerful vibrational healing power and emit an excellent energy that can easily be utilized to assist healing.

They have a number of beneficial healing properties as they help to encourage healing energy to move from the etheric body or auric field into the body where it is needed.

Their energy is helpful to ameliorate issues that are related to the flow of blood around the body, are also known to aid detoxification and may help skin disorders including dermatitis.

Other issues that it may help includes assisting to balance the level of white blood cells in relationship to red blood cells, and they also have a soothing and calming effect which may help to relieve stress and tension.

How To Use It... Wearing This Crystal

Wavellite is an Aquarius birthstone and while jewelry made from this stone is not common, if you feel its energy will benefit you, you may like to track down a piece.

These unique green crystals are beneficial to wear on your body as they will assist you when you have been having trouble making a decision about an issue that seems challenging.

Wavellite PendantWavellite Pendant

As the vibration of these stones can help you to see the circumstances surrounding the situation from a number of perspectives, this may assist you to decide which action to take for your greatest good.

An alternative to wearing jewelry made from this stone is to put a piece in your pocket or on your desk if you work in the same place every day.

You could also obtain a macrame crystal holder so that you can keep a piece of this stone on your body more easily.

My Final Thoughts

These unique stones are also known to help issues that may have originated in a past life, so they are beneficial healing crystals for you to use when doing past life investigation.

This is because their vibration helps to reduce any stress that may occur that is related to working through upsetting situations in past lives and may clear related trauma as well

WavelliteWavellite Spiral Close Up

In summary: these unique stones resonate within the higher heart chakra, bringing an increase in love compassion and forgiveness.

Use in meditation to boost intuition and stimulate psychic gifts and help you to make better decisions and use for past life investigations.

Place in your bedroom to enhance lucid dreaming and psychic dreaming, and as they they have a soothing, calming energy that relieves stress, you may also find you sleep better.

Combining It With Other Stones

These stones have a good energy to help with decision making, but if you feel you need extra help, you could combine them with other stones that might help you to decide what to do. Stones you could use with them includes Tigers Eye, Fluorite or Mookaite.

If you would like to enhance your ability to lucid dream there are quite a  few other crystals that you might use with this stone to assist you to experience lucid dreaming. Specific stones you might choose includes Angelite, Covellite and Danburite.

To boost the action of this stone to develop your intuition, combine it with other stones that will also help you to become more intuitive, such as Agrellite, Stilbite, Blue Barite or Picasso Marble aka Picasso Stone.

These crystals are known to have a good action to assist the healing of disorders of the skin, including dermatitis. If you feel you could use some help to heal skin issues, it may be beneficial to use it with other stones for that purpose, including Moss Agate, Dumortierite, Apophyllite or Crazy Lace Agate.

More Pictures Of Wavellite


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