Zincite Meaning Properties and Powers

Energizes Your Entire Chakra System 

➤ By Liz Oakes

Zincite energizes your entire system and manifests your desires by creating significant and powerful stimulation of all chakras.

Its energy is an impressive aid for manifestation, but it must be used in small doses. 

It has an unusual and very potent energy. As soon as you hold the stone in your hand, most of you will feel its energy, and make contact with it very quickly.

This wonderful healing crystal is a impressive stone to use, for those who have been working on their higher chakras.

Zincite wide 3Zincite

It is especially useful if you have neglected to do much work within the lower chakras.

If you have been mainly working with developing your spiritual or psychic gifts, it is easy to ignore the lower chakras.

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Where Is It From?

It has been found predominantly in Poland, as well some crystals in Italy and the United States. The Polish stones are very beautiful, and were formed within their zinc smelters.

Although they are not really natural crystals, their metaphysical properties are often more powerful than the true natural crystals that form within the earth, as they are so concentrated.

Rare deposits of natural Zincite occur in combination with stones such as Calcite, Willemite and Franklinite. 

Specimens of some colors of zincite are very small, so the pictures shown here are not representative of the size of the stone, and its why some pics are a little out of focus.

The color of the stone may be brilliant red, some rare yellows, bright orange, brown, green or orange-yellow, with the orange colored stones like the one pictured above, being the most common.

Why Would You Use It?

Zincite crystals are usually very small, yet they have a strong energy. Even though they are little, they are still very powerful.

This is a potent stone with powerful metaphysical properties, and is also a crystal known to stimulate and enhance your creativity.

These crystals will energize both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, to open you to high frequency energy, which it then brings back down to the lower chakras.

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Orange ZinciteZincite

This process happens quite quickly, in only a few minutes. It is powerful for manifesting your visions from your third eye, which is where you form ideals in your imagination.

They must be used in moderation, to avoid negative symptoms caused by overuse.

Sometimes you can get too much of a good thing, and in this case it is best to be cautious in your use of it.

It is a powerful stone to assist you, if used for small periods of time, on a regular basis, and this applies to all colors of this crystal.

If you have found that using Zincite has caused a build-up of anger, you can use Yellow Apatite with this stone, as this may help to release it.

How To Use It

The orange crystals will gently help to allay the symptoms of women who have difficulty with menopause symptoms, and may help you to adjust to the changes in your life.

If you desire to rekindle sexual urges, increase passion, you may choose to use this potent stone to assist with any problems in that area including to help issues related to the prostate gland.

Zincite is easy to buy and can help to clear energy blocks anywhere in the chakra system, allowing a better flow of energy within the entire system.

Green ZinciteGreen Zincite

Exercise the power of this crystal to manifest those things that you have been imagining.

As you use this stone you may set free your imagination and bring all of the things that you most desire into your life.

Through the sacral or navel chakra, this stone may aid the reproductive area and the endocrine system. This powerful stone increases energy and excitement for life, and will enhance creativity.

 Wearing This Stone

While pendants made from this stone are not common, you can find it mixed with other minerals, including the naturally occurring mix of Zincite, Willemite and Franklinite.

Zincite, Willemite and Franklinite PendantZincite, Willemite and Franklinite Pendant

It is best to limit the amount of time you wear it, as it can be very stimulating.

If you want help to manifest an increase of money or other positive effects you want in your life, combine it with either Golden Labradorite or  Heliodor.

It is a powerful tool for using to manifest those things you wish to bring into your life.

One effective method that is an excellent action to incorporate with this stone, is to use it in combination with the seven laws of attraction.

It is best to begin using it for smaller periods of time, as excessive use can over-stimulate the heart chakra. This may cause flushing, excessive anger and other painful symptoms.

Who Should Use It?

Through the power of this stone's strong energy, that can stimulate your imagination it may enhance your creativity.

Use these visions that you have conceptualized within your higher chakras by using your imagination.

As they are brought down into the chakras that govern the physical, you may allow yourself to bring them into the reality of your existence.

Yellow ZinciteYellow Zincite

This is where the strong energy of creativity that this stone embodies may aid you. 

While it is not a comfortable stone to use for long and takes a bit of getting used to, this is a powerful experience!

It is a potent aid for spiritually grounding you and it will ground you down through the earth star chakra very quickly.

It will then return up the body and after stimulating the base or root chakra, sacral chakra and the solar plexus or power chakra.

It will move the energy up, through the heart chakra and link to the higher chakras.

Best Crystals To Use With Zincite

Peridot crystals are lovely light green stones that are great to use for manifestation, as they carry the frequency of increase.

Peridot combines well with the energy of this crystal. As mentioned this is a strong stone for manifestation.

It may be particularly effective to combine one of these crystals with one of the golden solar plexus chakra stones.

These include Yellow Citrine, Amber and Golden Yellow Apatite.

If you desire to make your personal and spiritual transformation accelerate, combine one of these crystals with the potent green healing crystal Moldavite, for an amazing vibrational healing result.

For increasing your life force energy, use it with Cuprite. Used with Magnetite or Lodestone, you may be aided to magnetize those things you desire to come into your life.

Use it with Selenite Crystals, to clear any negative energy in your system more easily.

It is helpful to combine it with base or root chakra stones, especially stones such as Red Garnet, Red Jasper, Diopside and Ruby Stone. 

Zincite is closely related to Sphalerite, and you can combine any color of these crystals with this stone.

To specifically enhance your creativity combine it with Orange Carnelian, Orange Creedite, Cerussite, Eudialyte, Cassiterite or Vanadinite.

Combine it with bright Orange-red Crocoite, Orange Carnelian, Orange Calcite or Iron Pyrite, to stimulate male sexual energy.

Zincite is closely related to Sphalerite, and you can combine any color of these crystals with this stone, or combine it with Cerussite, as this combination aids the energy of Cerussite to bring change and transformation into your life.

To boost the vitality this stones brings, combine it with Green Apophyllite or with Axinite.

More Photos Of Zincite: Orange Green & Yellow

Zincite SpecimenZincite Specimen
Yellow Zincite
Zincite Specimen
Zincite Meaning Properties and PowersZincite Meaning Properties and Powers

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