Golden Yellow Danburite

Very High Vibration, Aids Spiritual Growth

➤ By Liz Oakes

Golden Yellow Danburite is a lovely bright yellow crystal that has an extremely high vibration and embodies a powerful energy to aid your life.

The meaning of stones like these is associated with their action to help you to solve problems, and may help you to think more clearly.

They easily connect you to the soul star chakra and this is a wonderful aid to assist your spiritual growth.

Yellow Danburite wide 1Golden Yellow Danburite

They have a strong vibration that makes them advantageous to use in meditation to assist you to make a deeper connection to beings in the higher realms.

Their metaphysical properties help you to make a stronger connection to the spiritual realms.

Their vibration has a similar action to the other colors of Danburite, and may activate the higher etheric transpersonal chakras, right up to the fourteen level, which is known to assist enlightenment.

They are powerful used in meditation when their energy may assist you to gain guidance from Spirit and the angelic kingdom. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Why Would You Use Gold Danburite?

Also called Agni Gold Danburite as the word agni is said to come from a sanskrit word that means fire, as it is said to connect with The Great Central Sun.

Like most yellow crystals Golden Danburite also makes a good connection within the solar plexus chakra.

This chakra is well known for stimulating self confidence, personal power and self esteem as well as boosting gratitude and will power.

Golden Yellow Danburite

The color of these stones brings to mind the brightness of sunshine which may  uplift your senses and bring feelings of joy and happiness. 

They are good crystals to encourage emotional healing as the brightness of the energy within this chakra can trigger improved emotions that can gladden your heart.

Who Should Use Yellow Danburite? 

Gold Danburite has a good energy that helps to stop a chattering mind, so if this is a problem that you experience you may benefit from using it. This can aid you to get deeper into meditation. 

Once you have reached the area of the higher realms, you may find that their energy assists you to connect with angels and beings from other dimensions.

This is also a good crystal for improving sleep and this aspect of its energy also makes it a good crystal to use if you are suffering with insomnia.

These crystals are also known to be helpful to enhance lucid dreaming. So if you wish to boost your ability to lucid dream, keep one on your bedside.

Keep one under your pillow to both enhance your ability to sleep better and to assist lucid dreaming.

Yellow Danburite 6-500

Yellow Danburite is also known to assist you in a number of other ways including their advantageous action as crystals for patience.

They are beneficial crystals to relieve fear and worry as well as helping you to let go of angry or resentful feelings.

They are good crystals for problem solving that may also assist you to solve problems that you have been having difficulty resolving.

They may also aid you at times when you are experiencing grief or sadness from the loss of a loved one.

Danburite Spiritual Meaning: Powerful Meditation Stone 

Like many other high vibration stones, the most beneficial use for this yellow crystal is to use it when you are meditating.

They are strong stones for Spirituality and they have a good action to aid you to contact teachers or Spirit guides that are waiting to work with you, and they are known to enhance the birth of enlightenment.

When holding it in your hand, its energy moves fairly easily throughout the body but in particular it makes a good connection within the third eye chakra.

Its energy is gentle and quite pleasant, and rather than making the type of forceful connection that some third eye chakra stones do, it quietly stimulates this chakra.

Golden Yellow DanburiteGolden Yellow Danburite

Within the third eye, this crystal has an effortless action, as it easily boosts your visionary abilities, aiding you to to develop clairvoyant gifts.

Their spiritual meaning relates to how they connect with the Divine, bringing an increase of wisdom and greater understanding of your Spiritual path.

Using this lovely golden variety of Danburite in meditation is highly beneficial as it quietens the mind and allows you to move easily into the higher realms.

If you pay attention, you will find that it easily connects you upwards to the crown chakra then into the higher etheric transpersonal chakras including the soul star chakra.

These inspiring stones have a unique action to elevate you to an area in the higher realms where you may experience the delight of hearing etheric music known as "The Music of the Spheres".

Also from these higher chakras comes a beautiful stream of light and warmth and a strong energy of what is called Christ consciousness, that can uplift the soul.

A flow of golden light from the higher realms easily makes it way down through the crown chakra and then spreads through the entire body.

How Will It Help You? Wearing This Crystal

Wearing a piece of one of these yellow crystals is highly beneficial, but Gold Danburite jewelry is quite uncommon.

The alternative to jewelry is to place a piece in your pocket or use a macrame crystal holder to easily keep it on your body.

Golden DanburiteGolden Danburite

There are many benefits from keeping a piece of this golden yellow stone on your body as having it close is advantageous to stimulate your energy field.

At times when you are experiencing stress or tension, having a piece nearby or on your body will be very helpful.

If you can't find jewelry made from this stone, keep a piece in your pocket, or obtain a macrame crystal holder so that you can wear it on your body.

Where Is It Found? Golden Yellow Danburite Meaning

The name of this stone varies. Some places call it Yellow Danburite but it is also known as Golden or Gold Danburite.

The name Danburite relates to the original place that the white and clear crystals were found in Danbury Connecticut in the United States.

Since then the white and pink colored stone have been found in other locations, including in Madagascar, Southern Africa, Russia, Myanmar, Tanzania, Mexico and the United States.

The bright yellow variety of Danburite mainly comes from Southern Africa and while it is not uncommon it is rarer than the other colors of this stone.

Note: that it can be found in some of the other places that the white or pink stone comes from.

Golden DanburiteGold Danburite

The stone from Africa is known as either Agni Gold Danburite or simply Gold Danburite.

The African Danburite crystals are bright golden yellow stones and are said to be more powerful than pieces of yellow Danburite from other locations.

Their mineral make-up is calcium borosilicate, and this stone varies in that it occurs in the massive form rather than like the prismatic crystals that other Danburite occurs in.

Note: a lot of the gold stone selling in crystal stores is from Africa and it does not usually have the wedge shaped appearance you see in the white and pink stone.

 Healing Properties: My Final Thoughts

Golden Danburite crystals have excellent healing properties that may be used by crystal healers to assist healing of the physical body.

The energy of Yellow Danburite may heal the muscular structure of the body and they can trigger an effective healing action that helps to clear allergic conditions. 

It also has a strong cleansing and detoxifying action, as it works through the liver to remove unwanted toxins that can cause disease and they are said to help psychosomatic illnesses.

If difficulty with sleeping is your problem, holding one in each hand should allow you to calm the mind chatter of a busy day and slip into restful sleep.

They are also good crystals to aid stress and tension, and they are known to balance the weight of the body.

Yellow DanburiteYellow Danburite

In summary: these crystals have a good action within the crown chakra to help the way the brain works.

They are strong soul star chakra crystals that are powerful to use in meditation to boost your connection to beings in Spirit and to aid spiritual growth.

Their energy may help aid you if you are studying as it assists you to have greater understanding of what you are working on.

Their vibration is known to aid karmic soul healing and they help you to release any type of old karmic issues from past lives that may have prevented you from making good life choices in this life.

Best Crystals To Use With Yellow Danburite 

What are the best and most beneficial crystals to pair with Golden Danburite? 

There are a number of powerful stones that work well when paired with these golden crystals to strengthen their action to aid you to connect with angels.

This includes Seraphinite, Tanzanite, high vibration Green Datolite and Beryllonite which are all good angel crystals.

As these golden yellow stones have a very high level of crystal energy, pair them  with other high vibration crystals to boost the overall energy available to you

There are quite a few crystals that resonate within the higher chakras and when used with these stones can have a powerful action.

Particular crystals you might choose for their powerful energy includes Moldavite, Green Heulandite, Natrolite and Phenacite.

If you wish to use Golden Danburite for boosting your ability to lucid dream, you might find it helpful to pair it with other crystals that have a good energy to aid this process. 

Placing them together in the bedroom to boost your ability to lucid dream may help to create the desired outcome.

Using it with Scolecite, Dream Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Sugilite or Seraphinite will make the experience of lucid dreaming even more profound.

To aid you to make a deeper connection with the golden light and to Christ consciousness, use these Golden crystals in meditation with other stones that connect to the highest realms.

Crystals such as Sphene also called Titanite, Golden Topaz, Stellar Beam Calcite and Nirvana Quartz, also known as Lemurian Scalar Quartz have an excellent action to bring through the golden light from the higher transpersonal chakras.

These are excellent crystals to assist you to get deeper into meditation especially if you find that when you settle down to meditate that the voices in your head refuse to quieten.

In this case you may benefit by pairing them with other crystals that assist deep meditation such as Stilbite and Mordenite which are powerful zeolites that will quickly stop those voices.

Other strong stones you might choose includes Prehnite and Mariposite which will also aid you to quickly reach a deeper state.

If you wish to learn about the White or Pink Danburite stones there is an in-depth page with more about these colors. Read more by clicking on the image below.

The picture shown below is unique in that it is a piece of White Danburite with a druzy coating, possibly quartz.

Pictures Of Golden Yellow Danburite

Yellow Danburite
Yellow DanburiteYellow Danburite

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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