Golden Yellow Labradorite

Balances Masculine-Feminine Energy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Golden Yellow Labradorite has the golden solar energy and has a masculine vibration, and is a stone to use to balance your masculine and feminine energy.

It also has a strong energy to aid you to discover your life purpose, and reason for being here.

Place one of these crystals under your pillow to ensure that you will wake up in the morning feeling eager to get on with what you have planned for your day.

This crystal works within the solar plexus chakra to assist you to better manage your personal power. 

Yellow Labradorite wide 2Yellow Labradorite

It is a golden crystal, so may be helpful to boost manifestation. 

Its energy helps to strengthen your creative gifts, so put a piece in your pocket if you need to give your creativity a boost. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Yellow Labradorite is especially powerful when combined with lovely Rainbow Moonstone, the premier stone of the feminine vibration and the stone of the Goddess.

Why Would You Use Golden Yellow Labradorite? 

Golden Yellow Labradorite gives you the wonderful attribute to connect you to the Great Central Sun.

It has a male solar tone, and from the Great Central Sun comes the qualities of assertiveness, self confidence and physical vitality.

This marvelous quality is a highly valuable asset, as it aids you to let go of things that hold you back.

It helps you to embrace the new qualities that come through from using this golden yellow crystal.

Golden LabradoriteGolden Yellow Labradorite

This stone is a premier manifestation stone and if used consistently, it may manifest into your life what you give your attention to.

It is most important that you keep your predominant mental attitude positive while using it.

If you wish to manifest money into your life, this is one of the stones that will aid you.

By using it in combination with the seven laws of attraction you may bring whatever you desire into your life.

If you appreciate the value of using this crystal, and add into the mix a strong attitude of gratitude, and love, you will succeed.

These bright yellow crystals have a good energy to assist you to discover what the aim of your life might be and if you have a true calling.

Sometimes we spend time thinking about this without taking action, and this may be out of fear that we could walk the wrong path.

Yellow LabradoriteYellow Labradorite

These crystals aid you to find your life purpose and this stone could be used in meditation to assist you to learn what your purpose or reason is for being here. 

This is a wonderful crystal to use when you are doing a crystal meditationIt will calm your emotions and help you to better see the direction of your life.

How Will It Help You? Excellent Meditation Stone

When using it in meditation, it may assist you to find out why you are here at this time and what your true calling might be.

This bright yellow stone will help to center your energy into the solar plexus, and may bring its powerful attributes to you, to aid you to utilize the powerful energy of this chakra.

A powerful way to use this stone is in meditation is to hold your Golden Yellow Labradorite in your hand as you allow yourself to go into relaxed inner awareness.

Use one of the yellow crystals to guide you into a state of deep meditation, and allow yourself to take a journey to the realm of the Great Central Sun.

Bytownite Golden LabradoriteBytownite Golden Labradorite

This is a place in the etheric realm, located within the nucleus of the spiritual universe.

Once there permit yourself to go where you may be led, as you let go of control. 

Allow this stone's energy to take you to a place where you will be surrounded by angels and other Divine beings, and can begin to connect with the angels.

Reach out to the beings in spirit and ask for help, including asking about steps to take to achieve your true calling or life purpose.

There are quite a few ways to use Golden Yellow Labradorite.

Use them in meditation to stimulate outstanding qualities within you, including clarity of mind and expanded thinking. 

This beautiful bright golden stone has the ability boost courage, revitalization and awakening to new ideas. 

Golden Yellow LabradoriteGolden Yellow Labradorite

Golden Yellow Labradorite is of course bright yellow, so it is also a premier manifestation stone. 

This is a stone that epitomizes the power and strength of the solar plexus or power chakra.

The reason that the solar plexus chakra can also be called the power chakra, is that from it comes the strength and the power needed for your life to flow smoothly.

Wearing Yellow Labradorite

Lovely yellow Labradorite rings are a powerful way to use this stone.

Any golden Labradorite jewelry will work best if kept as close as possible to the area of the solar plexus chakra.

It is a beautiful crystal so is a lovely stone to make into jewelry.

Lovely bright yellow Labradorite pendants are another idea, as they may be worn just above this chakra, but they are not very common.

Yellow LabradoriteYellow Labradorite

As long as you keep the energy within your aura, they will be effective. A small stone in your pocket will work well too.

Advantages of wearing this stone is, that it will enhance your creativity, aid clearness of thinking, heighten confidence and introduce essential life force energy.

This stone will also help to heal any issues within the liver and spleen, and will aid with detoxification.

This is a lovely stone to add to your collection, as it assists you to manage your personal power as it embodies the golden solar energy.

Bytownite Golden LabradoriteBytownite Golden Labradorite

This stone has a masculine vibration, that will balance your male-female energy.

Keep a piece of Yellow Labradorite under the pillow and it will aid you to wake more refreshed, and keen to get into the new days activities.

Where Is It From? Golden Labradorite Properties

This stone is a form of Labradorite that is a lovely clear transparent yellow color.

Its name is the same as the beautiful blue and green Labradorite stones, but it looks entirely different.

It does not have the labradorescence of the other type of Labradorite that you see in lovely bluish green colors.

Some of the Bluish Green Labradorite stone may have golden colors or flashes through it.

That type of crystal is known as Gold Flash Labradorite, but is a different stone to the one I am discussing here.

The largest deposits of Yellow Labradorite are found in Mexico, and it has also been found in China, Mongolia and the United States. 

It can form as tabular crystals and is often used to make stunning jewelry.

This crystal is also commonly called Bytownite, Oregon Sunstone as well as Golden Labradorite, as it is a beautiful clear golden yellow color. 

Due to the fact that it goes by various names, you will also find it selling as Bytownite and even sometimes as Oregon Sunstone.

 My Final Thoughts

Using this crystal is truly a beautiful and life changing experience.

It will infuse you with a feeling of reverence, love and gratitude for all that the Divine gives to you.

It has the capacity to enhance your creativity, so if you wish to be more creative this is another reason why you might choose to use this stone.

This lovely golden crystal has beneficial healing properties that work on the organs within the region of the solar plexus, so is helpful to aid healing of kidney and bladder problems.

Best Crystals To Use With Yellow Labradorite

What are the best crystals to use with Golden Yellow Labradorite?

There are a number below that combine well with them.

If you feel you have a need to balance your male-female energies you may like to combine Yellow Labradorite with other crystals that harmonize your energy.

This includes Sphalerite, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli and Rhodochrosite.

If you are working on discovering your life purpose and need some help to do this, these stones can be paired with other stones that aid the process.

Other crystals that can help you with to find your life path and purpose includes Melikaria, Natrolite, Eudialyte and Astrophyllite.

Other strong crystal energy stones may also benefit by being combined with it, including Danburite, Stellar Beam Calcite, Datolite and Scolecite.

This stone has a strong male aspect, so it is powerful to combine it with the stone of the Goddess, the Moonstone.

A powerful way to use this stone, is to wear a lovely pendant made from Rainbow Moonstone.

Moonstone is a beautiful stone to wear, both for its beauty and to integrate and balance the masculine and feminine energies within you.

Golden Labradorite has a strong male tone and the combination with this stone is highly desirable.

This marvelous yellow stone may be used to combine with crystals that have strong and overwhelming energy, that have the potential to agitate and overpower you.

Stones that have a high vibration, such as the high crystal energy stones Moldavite, Phenakite, Natrolite, Heulandite and Herderite are more easily integrated when use in combination with Yellow Labradorite.

To strengthen its vibration to manifest increased money, combine it with Yellow Apatite, Brazilianite, Uvarovite Garnet or Sphene also known as Titanite.

Zincite activates all of the three lower chakras, and when combined with Yellow Labradorite it will center the energy in the solar plexus or power chakra.

It also combines well with Vesuvianite aka Idocrase, Amber, Vanadinite and the multi-colored Labradorite Crystal.

It is powerful combined with Orange Zincite or Pietersite, as using these together may assist you with personal power issues.

Golden Yellow Labradorite or Bytownite Meaning And PropertiesGolden Yellow Labradorite or Bytownite Meaning And Properties

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