Jet Stone

Helps Grief, Has Magical Properties & Powers

➤ By Liz Oakes

Jet stone helps to relieve pain and embodies strong magical powers. It is highly protective and has a good grounding energy.

For anyone who is working with magic or the elemental forces, it is absolutely a required stone as it is very protective. 

It is a stone of sympathy that provides emotional support with its nurturing calming energy that helps to release negative energy.

Jet StoneJet Stone

It has excellent metaphysical properties for healing grief and was traditionally used in mourning jewelry.

It has been in use since ancient times and traditional stories say that if you find any old jet jewelry take great care as it can retain negative energy. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Interesting Fact: The ancient stone properties relate to legends that say that it is able to retain energy and this is difficult to remove.

This ability to hold ancient memories is what gives it the ability to assist those who wish to use this aspect of its energy. 

It is both a base chakra and earth star chakra crystal and a good grounding stone that helps the release of negative energy.  

It helps one to draw upon the earth energies and channel this where one desires.

Why Would You Use Jet? Crystals For Grief

Jet is an excellent crystal for grief as it helps you to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially if it happens unexpectedly.

While both loss and the resulting grief are natural processes that are part of life, it can be hard to move forward at these times.

JetJet Egg

It is a powerful stone to help you when you are experiencing grief, as it has a good energy to encourage you to feel better after you have lost a close loved one such as a partner.

It is a powerful psychic protection and grounding crystal and helps you to release negative vibrations that are causing deep unhappiness.

It makes a strong connection within the energy fields of both the earth chakra and the base or root chakra. 

Metaphysical Properties Of Jet Stone

In the past Jet was known as a stone of magic, as it embodies a perfect combination of protective vibrations with a strong grounding energy.

It aids the release of negativity and unreasonable fears, and is known to convert negative energy into positive usable energy that can be utilized to help your life.

This black crystal will help you at at times when an abundance of negative energies seems to be overwhelming you.

Jet StoneJet Stone

It is said to be a stone of good luck, so this may help you if you have been experiencing tough times recently.

They are highly beneficial stones to use for meditation work as it has a positive effect within both the solar plexus and third eye chakras. 

It resonates strongly within the solar plexus chakra, where it enhances inner strength and can help to boost your personal power. 

Keeping it on your body can be helpful to assist you in a number of ways.

This includes its action to stimulate the growth of your intuitive ability, as well as boosting psychic experiences and the birth of new psychic gifts.

Healing Properties Of Jet Stone

Jet crystals have some wonderful healing properties and is an excellent stone to combine with other stones when doing crystal healing.

It is an excellent stone for pain relief as Jet's supportive energies act as an energetic filter that helps to clear the aura of impure energies that may have been causing physical pain.

Its energy helps to seal the auric field and may put a stop to energy leaks and ward off malevolent entities trying to penetrate your energy field.

JetJet From Whitby

It is a good stone for pain relief that has been known to alleviate muscle pain and migraine headaches.

It releases any overabundance of negative energies that may be causing health issues including causing stress, depression and mood swings.

Shop here for Jet Stone. It is a good stone for emotional healing as it has a lovely calming energy that is said to help emotional issues.

In addition they are excellent crystals for deep depression that may also help to ease mood swings and anxiety.

Its energy at the base or root chakra is known to be helpful to aid women's health issues including helping the healing of menstrual cramps and to soothe labor pains.

How To Use Jet Stone: Wearing This Crystal

Natural Jet Stone is easy to carve as its quite soft, but it needs to be a master craftsmen who carves it, as its easily cracked.

Regardless of this aspect, you can obtain pieces of Jet made into jewelry quite easily. It has many helpful attributes that makes it a good stone to wear.

It is a good grounding stone that assists the release of excessive high vibration energy, which flows down through the base or root chakra to the earth chakra and Mother Gaia. 

Jet pendantJet Pendant

It works within the lower chakras to aid the release of negative behavior patterns, and helps you to let go of negative thoughts, so is extremely helpful to wear on the body.

This black gem is a Capricorn birthstone, and has a rather unusual vibration as you can often feel an electric charge when you hold a piece of the natural crystal in your hand.

In the past it was made into rosary beads and is known as an organic gemstone as it originated as organic matter.

Who Should Use It? 

Jet encourages personal control of your life especially if you feel someone else wishes to tell you how to live your life.

It has an strong energy as a protective stone that was worn as an amulet in the past to protect wearers from evil.

It is also a good stone for home protection that can be placed anywhere that you feel could be at risk, and is useful for front door protection, so keep that in mind.

It is beneficial to assist you when you are experiencing grief, when it may be helpful to keep a piece on your body.

This unusual black stone has strong metaphysical properties that aid the release of old emotional attachments and this includes those that relate to unresolved past life situations.

Where Is It From? Meaning Of Jet

The meaning of the name of this stone relates to the French word 'jaiet'. Jet stone is also called Black Amber, Lignite or Gem Lignite.

It is a type of lignite that is a precursor to coal.

Jet stones are part of the group of stones called organic materials, and these also include petrified wood, amber, kauri gum and coral.

It was created naturally in the earth over millions of years by the burial of wood put under high pressure.

The extreme pressure over time first created fossilized wood then later it became Jet.

It is an unusual stone that is quite unlike many other rocks, as it is very lightweight, as well as being warm to the touch. 

Used Since Prehistoric Times

It has been used since prehistoric times when pieces were gathered from the beaches along the north-east coast of Yorkshire in England and made into light weight Jet beads.

It has been used for centuries to make beautiful gemstone jewelry, although it is said to be hard to work with, even though the stone is quite soft.

This stone has been found in a number of places, with much of the finest quality jet found around Whitby in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

It also comes from Spain, France, Germany, Russia and areas of northern Europe as well as in India, Turkey, China and the United States.

Jet Stone History

In the past Jet stone was used by the Vikings who created protective amulets from it as it was known as a stone of protection against evil entities.

It has been used for a long time, possibly as far back as the neolithic period as it has been found in ancient burial mounds.

It can also be used these days as a protective stone against those giving you the evil eye.

It has been used for centuries to make beautiful gemstone jewelry, although soft Jet is said to be hard to work with compared to the hard Jet stone, and this depends on where it comes from.

Jet PendantJet Pendant

These black crystals became popular in the Victorian Era in Britain, as Queen Victoria made it mandatory for all of the English court to wear black after the death of her husband Prince Albert.

Queen Victoria wore mourning jewelry made from this black stone, and as the people of the court were expected to follow suit, this meant that it became quite popular.

Many beautiful pieces of Victorian mourning jewelry were made from the stone in Victorian times.

Whitby Jet From Yorkshire UK Is Well Known

Whitby in Yorkshire England is one of the most famous jet deposits. It is well known as it was in Whitby that a 4,000 year old piece of Jet jewelry was found by archeologists.

This stone does come in a few shades of black, with the stone from Whitby being extremely dark.

It is from its very dark color that the saying 'jet-black' comes, as it is a deep glossy color black when polished.

JetJet From Whitby

These stones were created over millions of years from wood that was fossilized.

Although the Whitby Jet stone is a deep black color, stone from other places may be dark brown, depending on the wood from which it was created in the earth.

It is easy to buy smaller pieces of jet with some being made into tumbled stone as well as pieces that are polished to make into beautiful jewelry.

Kundalini Awakening

These black crystals embody a vibration within them that helps to stimulate the rise of kundalini energy within the physical body.

Kundalini awakening is a highly spiritual process that often creates spiritual enlightenment, but it must not be taken lightly as some people have bad reactions to it.

This process relates to the rise of the kundalini energy which moves up the spine from the base or root chakra via the spine to the crown chakra.

It moves through each of the chakras stimulating each of them until it emerges at the crown chakra, where it can connect with the higher vibrations of the etheric chakras.  

How Will It Help You? 

The Jet stone spiritual meaning interests many people who are on the spiritual path as they may experience kundalini awakening.

It is commonly part of the spiritual journey but be aware that forcing it can lead to health issues so take care before deciding to do this.

Jet Stone Magical Properties Meanings & Uses

It is a strong stone of protection, and this may help you to feel reassured when you are using this for doing spiritual work. 

Please read the article on kundalini awakening to learn more, to help you to decide if this is what you want to do.

My Final Thoughts

While it is hard to know for certain, I have read that Jet can retain emotional energy, so be wary of wearing old mourning jewelry.

Best to look for new pieces that were made recently. It may be best not to wear pre-loved Jet jewelry as it may have retained the energy of the previous user.

Even though there were many beautiful Jet jewelry pieces made in the past, as mentioned above, you may not want to wear them.

In summary: Jet stone has highly beneficial emotional healing powers, and it may assist you to feel greater self love.

It is a good idea to keep it on your body as it aids you to accept yourself and your actions.

It is easy to get a macrame crystal holder if you are unable to get jet jewelry.

Best Crystals To Use With Jet Stones

What are the best crystals to combine with Jet Crystals?

These are useful stones to help you if are suffering from muscle pain, and you may also benefit by combining them with other stones that also give pain relief.

Specific crystals for pain relief that you might use combine with them for this purpose includes Emerald, Black Tourmaline, Malachite or Blue Calcite.

To aid healing, you could combine these stones with others that also have an organic origin, such as Amber, Petrified Wood, Coral and Kauri Gum. 

Jet also works well in combination with any member of the Amethyst family, such as the lovely Purple Amethyst, deep Black Amethyst, Vera Cruz Amethyst and Chevron Amethyst.

These stones are well known for their energy to assist you to deal with feelings of grief.

Other stones that are also helpful to aid you during difficult times when grief is overwhelming you includes Aquamarine, Jeremejevite, Green Diopside and Stilbite.

The energy of these stones have been recognized for hundreds of years as their magical vibration is fairly easy to feel.

If you are working to develop magical or mystical gifts use them in combination with other stones with a good magical energy such as Maori Greenstone, Heliodor, Chalcopyrite or Labradorite.

Jet has a strong protective vibration, which has been been in use since ancient times. It may be beneficial to boost the energy of other psychic protection stones.

Use it with any other protective stone as they will benefit by being combined with Jet stone.

This includes Smoky Quartz, Prophecy Stone, Fire Agate, Black Amethyst, Black Tourmaline or Black Jade, which may all benefit from the energy of Jet crystals.

Jet stone is one of the crystals that is well known for its action to ground your energy to earth.

There are a number of other grounding stones that you may also like to use to ground your energy including Black Diopside, Shamanite Black Calcite, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline or Hematite.

This is one of the stones that will awaken your kundalini energy, but if you wish to make this happen please read about it first in my article about kundalini awakening.

There are a number of stones that can be used for this purpose and all work well together, including the most well known and effective stone Serpentine, as well as Tigers Eye, Cuprite or Almandine Garnet.

Jet stones have a good energy to stimulate the base or root chakra.

If you wish to increase the energy in this area there are a number of excellent base chakra stones including the grounding stones above.

Additionally there are a number of other stones including the lovely red stones (the color of the base chakra) such as Red Tourmaline also called Rubellite, Ruby, Red Spinel or Spessartine Garnet.

To assist their magical action, combine them with a cluster of clear quartz also known as rock crystal.

Rock Crystals can be programmed with an affirmation to assist the process along.

If you are not sure about how to program crystals, check out the article about how to program crystals to learn more.

To boost the way this stone works within the third eye chakra, use it with any of the more powerful crystals that stimulate this chakra.

This includes Sodalite, Iolite, Unakite, Turquoise and Amethyst, as all of these crystals have a good effect to assist the birth of psychic gifts.

Jet From WhitbyJet From Whitby
Jet Stone Magical Properties Meanings & UsesJet Stone Magical Properties Meanings & Uses

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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